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4rd County of London Yeomanry
September 1939 To July 1944

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January 1943 CO: Lt Col HB Scott MC
Jan 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1/1/43 BOMBA
Expect to move on the 3rd.
2/1/43 NTR
3/1/43 Scout cars and Echelons moved at 0830. Tanks being loaded onto transporters and expect to move midday. Driving rain and heavy traffic; halted for the night after 105 miles, just short of SLONTA. Rain and high winds all night; some men accommodated in a house.
4/1/43 Moved at 0800, some vehicles bogged off the road. Congestion at BARCE HILL. Halted at 1530hrs for the night at BARRACA between BARCE and TOCRA. Everyone housed.
5/1/43 Moved at 0800hrs, through TOCRA and BENGHAZI. Halted midday at BHEMINES and halted for the night at SIDI ABD EL AATI, 30 miles short of AGEDABIA.
6/1/43 Waited for the Tech Adjt to arrive with two new vehicles drawn from OFP BENINA. Moved without him at 1130, short halt for lunch at AGEDABIA, halted for the night at MERSA BREGA.
7 /1/43 Moved at 0715, breakfast at AGHEILA and arrived in 22nd Armd Bde dispersal area on ) track 15 miles West of MARBLE ARCH at 1700hrs.
8/1/43 NTR
9/1/43 CO moved with recce party by A track to 30th Corps area SIRTE. Some tanks on transporters reported at MARBLE ARCH last night.
10/1/43 Army Commanders conference at Corps HQ for COs and above.
11/1/43 Recce of Bde dispersal area Y5555. Bde HQ, 11 Fd RA arrive by O and A tracks.
12/1/43 A Echelon reach dispersal area in the morning. Tanks arrived by transporters by main road at SIRTE and proceed on tracks to dispersal area. 3 Cruisers and 2 heavies still out.
13/1/43 One 2pdr and 2 Grants still missing. Tank strength - Sherman 8, Grant 20, 6pdrs 15, CS 6. Some bombing and machine gunning from the air during the night at a distance from us.
14/1/43 Moved at 0830, 5 RTR leading, 4 CLY right, 1 RB left. Due South, then astride O & A tracks across WADI TAMET and WADI CHEBIR. Halted for the night at 1730hrs 15 miles South of BUERAT, after a slow march of 60 miles. Much heavy going and many B vehicles stuck in sand.
15/1/43 Moved shortly after first light at 0745 due West 11 miles to X.5975 (SONDA). Halted at 1000 hrs in Army Reserve. A little shelling in the distance; a few A/Tk and field guns reported on line UMM ER RAML with some infantry wired and dug-in. no news of New Zealanders and 7 Armd Div on our left or 51 (H) Div on our right front.
16/1/43 Moved at 1230 on bearing 280 degs. Heavy arty barrage by 51 HD during the night; enemy appeared to be withdrawing last night. Crossed WADI ZEM ZEM in single file, causing delay. Leaguered after 34 miles at S.1787 South of GEDDAHIA Landing Ground. At last light 8 Armd Bde were reported in contact with enemy rearguard 10 miles NW of us. Large enemy concentration reported by Tac R in WADI SOFREGGIN.
17/1/43 Moved due North at first light to GARA ASSET 20 miles East of SEDADA, passing West of GEDDAHIA LG. Halted at 0945hrs. Enemy reported about TRUORGA LG on coast road.
Own tank strength 44. Moved again at 1330 on bearing 350 degs to GABR DRORZOR, then North and turned West into WADI SOFREGGIN. Leaguered for the night in the wadi at S.0746. Tac Army up with us. BIR DUFFAN reported clear and friends on left are about BENI ULID. On right 51 HD have reached TAUORGA LG.
18/1/43 Moved at 0800 on bearing 345 degs towards ZLITEN. Halt at midday and carried on to 10 miles South from which point demolition explosions in the town and along the coast road could be seen. Turned on to 300 degs, passed through an oasis of date palms and olive groves and halted at 1600hrs, after 3 miles. No enemy seen, Tac A report MET still moving West.
19/1/43 Recce parties sent out parallel to coast road and West; going intersected by deep wadis. 51 HD halfway between ZLITEN and HOMS; 12th Lancers approaching CUSSABAT; 8 Armd Bde reported 30 miles South of TARHUNA. Tac R show some guns and digging-in area HOMS-CUSSABAT, but little MET or movement behind the line. Road HOMS-ZLITEN heavily mined and blown in many places, progress of infantry slow. Light rain last night and early this morning.
20/1/43 1 RBs entered HOMS last evening. Small enemy detachments holding line HOMS-CUSSABAT-MARCONI-TARHUNA. 8th Armd Bde reported 20 miles South of TARHUNA. 4 Armd Bde striking West towards GARIAN. 5 HD moving to HOMS by coast road today. 22 Armd Bde to move behind them by the same route, starting 1830hrs using the moonlight. Brigadier Roberts left to command 7 Armd Div, handing over to Col Newton-King.
21/1/43 Tac R last evening reports very little movement of MET behind GARIAN-TARHUNA-HOMS. Fires and large explosions in TRIPOLI and MET nose to tail on coast road West of TRIPOLI.
This morning HD are 15 miles West of HOMS, 7th Armd Div NW of TARHUNA and 2nd NZ Div directed on AZIZIA. HD advance 10 miles last night; 22nd Armd Bde is to move in single file along coast road at 1300hrs to a dispersal area a few miles East of HOMS.
Tank strength: 6 Shermans, 19 Grants, 12 6pdrs, 6 CS. Fighting strength 34 and 532. Much congestion on coast road at detours round demolitions. Arrived and leaguered 4 miles West of HOMS at 1630; no vehicle casualties.
22/1/43 5th RTR, Tac Army and Tac Bde moved at 0800 directed on TRIPOLI. 51 HD reached CASTLE VERDE at first light. Remainder of Bde moved at 0900 on Codeword BLUE TRAIN, very slow progress due to demolitions on pass down to CORRADINI and the wadis around CASTEL VERDE. Arrived and dispersed on CASTEL VERDE aerodrome at 1630hrs. 5 RTR some miles forward, report more demolitions and some shellfire holding them up. RB sent forward with carriers. At last light detachments of HD with Valentines moved up.
23/1/43 At 0530 11th Hussars reported to have entered TRIPOLI. 5 RTR passed demolitions behind infantry during the night without fighting and reached destination on the outskirts at 0640hrs. Remainder of Bde moved at 0800; demolitions slight, reached dispersal area 1300hrs at L.6262 on CASTEL BENITO road about 5 miles from the city.
24/1/43 Enemy reported now at ZUAIA and BIANCHI with 4 Armd Bde in contact. We remain here until enemy have fallen back as far as a line SW from ZUAIA, then move to ZANZUR on coast road, coming under 7th Armd Div. 2nd NZ Div and 8th Armd Bde come into Corps reserve at CASTEL VERDE, HD will lie South of TRIPOLI and provide working parties for the docks.
25/1/43 ZANZUR now likely for several days. Brig Hinde takes over 22nd Armd Bde with Col Mitford (1 RTR) 2/ic.Fighting strength 34 and 544;Tank strength 25 heavy, 18 Cruiser.No leave in the city.
26/1/43 Enemy now on a line SABRATHA and SW. preparations to begin courses and training in this area.
28/1/43 First leave parties into the city. Enemy line now West of SABRATHA.
Fighting strength 32 and 542. Capt IB Aird and Lt MA Ritchie in Italian Military hospital.
29/1/43 Visit of General Martel during the morning.
30/1/43 Rehearsal of Church Parade and march past at 1st RB HQ.
31/1/43 Parade service at 1100hrs and march past, General Montgomery taking the salute. Our armoured car patrols crossed the Tunisian frontier inland yesterday.

February 1943 CO: Lt Col HB Scott MC
Feb 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
2/2/43 Air raid on harbour area 2000hrs.
3/2/43 Rehearsal for inspection by the Prime Minister. A vehicles stay in position overnight.
4/2/43 Reveille 0530. On parade in CORSO SICILLIA at 0830. Prime Minister arrived at 0930, inspected 51 HD on the sea front, then 22 Armd Bde; followed by march past of 51 HD at 1045.
5/2/43 NTR
6/2/43 Inspection of stores and equipment by Lt Col Stanford RAOC.
7/2/43 Ordered to move by transporters to ZUARA area, completing move by 10th Feb.
8/2/43 Despatched 22 heavies and 9 Cruisers by transporter this morning to ZUARA.
9/2/43 Loaded the balance of tanks (10 Cruisers). Address by GOC Eighth Army in Miramar Theatre.
10/2/43 The first party of tanks and the A Echelon arrived last evening at the dispersal area 12 kilos South of ZUARA. Heavy rain last night.
11/2/43 Moved at 0900 in single file along the road to EL UOTIA, 35 miles SE of ZUARA.
KDG patrol line runs East to West as far as FUMM TATAUIN; a composite regiment of 8 Armd Bde and 131 Bde are approaching BEN GARDANE.
Tank strength: 22 heavies, 19 Cruisers (including 12 6pdrs).
12/2/43 Range firing held up by sandstorm and bad visibility. Capt Skelton returned from a recce in scout cars across the TUNISIAN frontier.
13/2/43 Arabs report BEN GARDANE clear of enemy. B Sqn firing, visibility good.
14/2/43 Moved at 0800 to SIDI TUI by way of track through SANYET LEBBADA. Distance 65 miles; going off track was soft and sandy. Took up Bde battle positions on arrival at 1500hrs. No reports of enemy from BEN GARDANE area. Close leaguered at last light.
15/2/43 Moved at 1330 on 352 degs to TAGHELMAT. Going lumpy and sand very soft. Mines reported on the track and in the village. 131 Bde moved through the village directed on BEN GARDANE. We made no contact with the enemy. Leaguered 15 miles South of BEN GARDANE.
Tank strength: 5 Sherman, 16 Grant, 19 Crusader.
16/2/43 No move all day - in Div reserve. Enemy on NE - SW line 10 miles West of BEN GARDANE. Free French moving North along track to Fort TATOUIN. RBs carriers sent West on a 'goings' recce to BIR ES SLUGHI and GASR MORRA - ground very bad.
17/2/43 Enemy reported at MEDENINE. ZARZIS clear.
18/2/43 Moved at 0830 by way of OGLET MAMRAT, skirting BEN GARDANE, to MEFATIA, arriving 1400hrs, distance 42 miles. No tank casualties. Took up battle positions facing 280 degs. Relieved composite Regt of 8 Armd Bde, 131 Bde and 1 RTR astride the main road 3 miles NW of MEDENINE.
19/2/43 Moved by moonlight in single file along the main road to a dispersal area 6 miles short of MEDENINE. Enemy reported to be holding high ground astride the main road 3 miles NW of MEDENINE.
20/2/43 At first light Bde led by 5 RTR moved NW to skirt the town and cut the road behind the enemy. Ground very broken by wadis and exposed to enemy observation. Some shelling; 5 RTR met some fire on approaching the road, but got astride it at 1400hrs. A Sqn with eight 1 RB carriers took over from C Sqn at last light and formed a road block facing both ways. C Sqn destroyed two German lorries, one 20mm Flak/A.Tk gun and took 8 Luftwaffe ground staff prisoner on the road.
21/2/43 A Sqn had a quiet night, reporting only the sounds of demolition at a distance. Enemy have fallen back during the night about 10 miles. A Sqn remained in observation all day, being relieved by B Sqn at last light.
22/2/43 131 Bde reached to observatory on Pt 270 West of METAMUR. B Sqn remained forward all day. Major Silvertop MC, left the Regt to take over command of 3 RTR. Major The Viscount Cranley MC took over as acting 2i/c. Capt IB Aird was named as Sqn Leader of C Sqn vice Major The Viscount Cranley.
23/2/43 Remained in the same position all day, halfway between MEDENINE and MARETH about 3 miles North of the road. Withdrew the Sqn forming the road block in the morning. Capt PMR Scott assumed of C sqn when it was heard that Capt IB Aird had caught pneumonia. Practically no change in the positions of the enemy. Had an order in the morning to send 3 NCOs, 3 Gunners and 5 driver mechanics to the 1st Army. All had to have a knowledge of the Sherman M4 and were drawn from A & B Sqns; they were sent off at midday.
24/2/43 Remained stationary all day. Recces were made to the North, NW and NE of our position for a passage over the WADI OUM EZ ZESSAR, which is almost impassable. Capt RB Brown left for Cairo, prior to going to England for an eight week course on Tank Technology. Capt GG Skelton became Adjutant in his place.
25/2/43 Still in same position. 51 Highland Div are now well up on our right up to the coast. Last night 1 RTR moved to the South of the road.
26/2/43 Remained in same position all day. Little change in the disposition of the enemy. Increased air activity; an ME109 was shot down and fell within a few hundred yards of C Sqn. Pilot picked up by 12 Lancers. A report of enemy tanks in the evening came to nothing.
27/2/43 The Bde moved at 0800 to a position astride the road from METAMEUR to TOUJANE, about 5 miles WNW of MEDENINE, facing a little North of West. 4 CLY on right of road and 5 RTR on the left; 1 RTR in reserve, behind 5 RTR. Remained in battle positions at night as there is nothing between us and the enemy. We are at 15 minutes notice; intention: to occupy current battle position, to move forward and counter-attack any enemy advance directed North or South of our present position, which is called the MOORE position, and to recce the whole area between the MOORE position and the hills as far West as possible.
28/2/43 No movement during the day; little enemy movement reported.
RSM Fuller, who had been RSM since the Regt's formation, died at midday of a cerebral haemorrhage, which came upon him as he was digging his truck in. He was buried at 1530hrs on the South side of the road, about 2 miles West of METAMEUR, just behind our present positions; he died within 10 minutes of feeling anything wrong.
A listening patrol of four scout cars near the crossroads about 7 miles West of METAMEUR heard nothing of interest during the night.

March 1943 CO: Lt Col HB Scott MC
Mar 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1/3/43 Same position all day, NTR
2/3/43 We moved at 1900hrs NW to the WELLINGTON battle position, on the East side of the MEDENINE-MARETH road, about 8 miles NW of MEDENINE and about 1 mile East of the road. The Div Commander addressed the Colonels and Sqn Leaders of all the regiments in the Bde, at Bde HQ at 1645hrs. It is thought possible that the enemy might attack at any time. Two regimental groups from the 8th Armd Bde arrived in the evening in an area 5 miles North of MEDENINE, also two Bdes on NZ Div were due up during the night to the MEDENINE area. The 201st Guards Bde took over our MOORE battle position. Operation Order N0.2 dated 2nd March comes into operation.
3/3/43 Remained under cover all day, with a look-out to North. Present position is behind the 154th Highland Div. Good cover amongst the olive trees and in wadis. Little enemy activity reported. Local recces made by Sqn and Troop Leaders.
Present tank strength: 8 Shermans, 15 Grants, 12 6pdrs, 5 CS.
Heard today that SSM H Smith C Sqn, SSM GT Spriddell A Sqn and Sgt CJ Button HQ Sqn had all been awarded the MM.
Three small German infantry attacks on the Highland Div in the North were thought to be feint attacks.
4/3/43 No change during the day; remained in our covered positions. A certain amount of movement of enemy MET and tanks to the South reported by Tac/R, behind the MATMATA hills. In the evening two ME109s, returning from a raid behind our lines, collided; one pilot fell within 300 yards of the scout cars, having failed to bail-out, and was buried by them. The pilot of the other came down by parachute and was captured by C Sqn. Two other ME109s were also shot down out of this raiding party.
5/3/43 Remained in same position all day. Few reports of ant enemy activity. The Army Comd forecasts an attack at dawn on the following day.
6/3/43 At dawn the anticipated attack developed with heavy shell and mortar fire. The Regt moved to the WELLINGTON battle position, with 1 RTR on our left, overlooking the road, and 5 RTR in reserve behind. The Germans advanced from the HALLOUF pass and the TOUJANE road, and from behind DJEBEL ER REMTSIA in several groups, each with 15-30 tanks. Very early there were reports that several had been set on fire, presumably by the anti-tank screen, which stretched all around that flank.
In the evening it was reported that 55 tanks had been knocked out, of which 31 had been burnt out. The enemy captured some ground from 131 Bde, but that was all recovered during the evening. The Regt did not change its position all day and had no chance to shoot. 1st RTR claimed two in the evening. 5th RTR did not move from their reserve position. In the evening A Sqn moved on to the 1st RTR's left, but had no targets within range. By last light there were still two or three concentrations of enemy West and SW of MEDENINE, but if anything there was a slight tendency westwards.
7/3/43 At first light we took up the same position as yesterday, A Sqn remaining on the left of 1 RTR. There was much less MET, fewer tanks reported and the bulk of the enemy seems to have withdrawn into the foothills and further westward. During the day the few elements of the enemy left below the hills withdrew into them. We remained in our battle position but nothing to report. It is estimated that 35 tanks were knocked out yesterday.
8/3/43 Remained in battle position all day - enemy force has withdrawn. The Army Commander came up to our position to get a view of the ground, while the Brigadier recounted the battle. Official figure of enemy tanks knocked out is now 52. In evening moved back into the wadi where we were during the days preceding 6th Mar, and under cover of trees.
9/3/43 NTR. Army Comd addressed all officers, Lt Col and above, at 30 Corps HQ - reviewed battle of 6th March; results highly satisfactory.
10 - 11 NTR, remained in same position.
12/3/42 Handed over all our CS tanks, one 6pdr and one Grant to the Notts Yeomanry (8 Bde); the Grant was subsequently handed back two days later. These CS tanks were all drawn at BOMBA early in January; in fact, of the 18 Crusaders drawn that day all but three are still with us, of these three one ran on a minefield and the other two both had freak breakdowns. It shows great credit to Sgt White and the C Sqn fitters to have kept the remaining 15 Crusaders on the road for such a mileage and for so many weeks.
13/3/43 NTR
14/3/43 Moved in the evening to a position about a mile NE of the BLOCKHOUSE, protecting the left flank of 201 Guards Bde, who have taken up their position West of Wadi HACHCHANA. (See Op Order No.3 dated 10 Mar).
15/3/43 Very quiet all day. Practically no enemy movement observed; such movement as there was only indicated by dust.
16/3/43 Stayed in same position all day; recces to the West carried out by Sqn Leaders. 201 Guards Bde attacked the HORSESHOE in the evening.
17/3/43 LO arrived from Guards Bde about 0330hrs, asking that we should have a Sqn, or Sqns, just East of the road by BIR BSIR by first light. The Guards had met a number of unexpected 'S' minefields and had been heavily mortared while going through them. The Grenadiers had reached their objective, SIDI GUELAH, but the Coldstream, to their South, had been only partially successful, owing to their heavy casualties. The Scots Gds had reached their objective in the reserve position. By first light we had C Sqn in position by BIR BSIR and a troop of B Sqn Shermans a little way behind in support. This troop later moved up with C Sqn and another Grant troop took its place in reserve. The Guards position was untenable, owing to the large number of mines, which had destroyed several of their vehicles, and to the fact that they could not get a vehicle anywhere near themselves. In the morning they withdrew under a smoke-screen to a position about a mile East of the main road; they have the Black Watch on their right and our Crusaders on their left. Tonight the 6th Queens are going to join up with their left.
18/3/43 Before first light A Sqn took up C Sqn positions near BIR BSIR. Small enemy infantry activity seen all day. Considerable amount of shelling whenever one of the tanks showed itself.
19/3/43 B Sqn took up the BIR BSIR position before first light. Much of the same activity as on the previous day, also a certain amount of shelling. At 2315 we moved back to near Bde about 3 miles East of TADJERA KHIR. The 5th RTR took over our positions and duties with the Guards Bde. We arrived in the new area about 0100 20 March. Our new area is about 3 miles South of the position we left on the 14th March.
20/3/43 Now at 3 hours notice. Battle for the MARETH LINE begins today. NZ Div, with 8 Armd Bde, KDG and Free French left this area on 14th March to go South, West and then North, up behind the MARETH hills; they hoped to get to the GABES area today. No news of them has come through yet. 50 and 51 Divs are attacking in the North this evening. We are now in 10th Corps and in reserve, ready to be pushed through when there is a gap at GABES.
21/3/43 NTR
22/3/43 Sent an LO to 131 Bde. Moved about 4 miles further North to be in a position to support 131 Bde. Made recces to North and NW. last night the 50th Div gained all their objectives West of WADI ZIGAOU. A certain amount of shelling aimed at the mediums behind us fell in our area; Lt Allen and 3 ORs were wounded by shrapnel, none very seriously.
23/4/43 Moved at 1100 to a position about 1½ miles further East and at dusk moved back again to just short (East) of our position last night and yesterday. Sent an LO to 201 Gds Bde - our role is now to support the 131 and 201 Bdes, West and NW in the event of a counter-attack. The NZ Corps is reported by the BBC to be near EL HAMMA, due West of GABES, and the Americans to be East of MAKNASSY.
24/4/43 Remained in same position all day. Comparatively quiet. We have had to withdraw all our forces to the South of the O ZIGAOU.
25/3/43 Moved at 1000 back to our wadi near the WELLINGTON battle position, where we were on 5th March. At last light A Sqn came under command 1st RB, who are going on a night move to an area just East of DJEBEL REMTSIA to ascertain if the enemy still hold DJEBEL REMTSIA, as there is some doubt on this point. No definite news today about the NZ Div or the Americans.
26/3/43 A Sqn had a certain amount of shooting at small groups of men and to give covering fire to the carrier patrol of 1 RB; otherwise NTR.
27.3.43 In the afternoon the rest of the Regt moved up to within 4 miles of DJEBEL SAIKRA, which is a feature near the TOUJANE-METAMEUR road, South of REMTSIA. A Sqn successfully engaged three A/Tk guns and an MG post. The RBs gained their objectives and took about 100 POW, all Italians from the PISTOLA Div. Much trouble with mines; one scout car and one Armd 15cwt blown up.
28/3/43 A sqn rejoined the Regt. We lay up in the same area in the wadis. The enemy is thinning out in the MARETH-ARRAM area and by evening they were reported clear.
29/3/43 Still lying up in the same area - warning of possible move early morning of 30th Mar.
30/3/43 The Bde moved in the morning to an area about 9 miles West of MARETH. Moved in line ahead, 4 CLY Grp leading. Distance of 22 miles.
31/3/43 Moved again at 0700 in same formation to an area 5 miles SE of EL M'DOU, a move of 11 miles.
Tank strength: 19 Shermans, 11 Grants, 12 6pdrs and 1 CS.

April 1943 CO: Lt Col HB Scott MC
Apr 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1/4/43 No move and little news all day - the enemy is holding a line about 15 miles North of GABES, the WADI AKARIT and the high ground West of it, the DJEBEL TEBAGA FATNASSA and the DJEBEL EL ROUMANA.
2/4/43 A Sqn moved off at 0645 to join 154 Highland Bde, who are on the coast NE of OUDREF, to come under their command for the attack on the present enemy line, expected to take place shortly.
3/4/43 The rest of the Regt moved at 0730 to an area about 2 miles West of OUDREF, a distance of 24 miles, to be nearer A Sqn. A warning order arrived to say that B Sqn would probably go to 69th Bde (50 Div), in the same role as A Sqn with the 154th Bde.
4/4/43 During the day orders were being continually changed. By evening it was decided that A Sqn should support 69 Bde and a composite Sqn of half each of B & C Sqns, commanded by Major PMR Scott, to support 154 Bde. The 69th Bde was attacking between DJEBEL TEBAGA FATNASSA and DJEBEL ROUMANA, and 152 Bde attacking DJEBEL ROUMANA itself, the Indians on the left of 69 Bde and 154 Bde on the right of 152. There was an anti-tank ditch between DJEBEL TEBAGA FATNASSA and DJEBEL ROUMANA. And also one running from DJEBEL ROUMANA NE. these had to be gapped by the REs and lanes cleared through the minefields each side. As soon as possible the two Sqns were to be passed through to counter any enemy attack on our infantry.
5/4/43 During the afternoon A Sqn and C Sqn (composite B & C) moved to the assembly areas of their respective Bdes.
6/4/43 The attack on the line began at 0415 with an arty barrage. The first objectives were gained in all cases and many hundreds of POWs were brought in, mostly Italian. A Sqn got across their A/Tk ditch at about 0830hrs; two tanks were set alight by an 88mm on the other side and two others lost tracks from mines in the lanes through the minefields. C Sqn got across their ditch at about 1200hrs, losing some tanks to an 88mm which could not be located. Lt Ritchie and Sgt Marshall, both of C Sqn, were killed instantaneously by a sniper. About 1600hrs enemy infantry formed up to attack Pt 112, (North end of DJEBEL ROUMANA) and East of A/Tk ditch, supported by 6 tanks; this was not pressed home.
At the end of the day Lt Ritchie had been killed, Capt Jarvis and Lts Enderloin and Garnett wounded, Sgt Marshall killed and 11 ORs wounded; several are unaccounted for, but it is confidently hoped that they will turn up.
3 Shermans were burnt out, 5 heavy tanks were on minefields with track off, 2 had their guns put out of action and 4 were knocked out but not burnt, leaving 16 heavy runners. The Cruisers had the one and only Close Support knocked out, one 2pdr burnt out, one for fitters and two 6pdrs for fitters.
By last light we withdrew the tanks and leaguered about 2 miles from DJEBEL ROUMANA, SE of it. The day seemed to have gone well on the whole and no major counter-attack developed.
7/4/43 At first light A Sqn moved to the same position as at last light last night. There was only small arms fire to be seen and many more Italians gave themselves up. We could then move forward to the edge of the high ground overlooking the plains to the North, 4 CLY left, 1 RTR right and 5 RTR in reserve. There was much MET movement to the NE and C Sqn was sent in pursuit. About 400 Italians were collected from one bunch of lorries, mostly PISTOLA Div, also a few Germans, including 4 officers, from 164 Div. In the second lot about 1000 POWs. About 1600hrs we came upon tanks, guns and infantry, including at least 1 Mark IV on a ridge running NE - SW about 8 miles due West of SKHIRRA. Leaguered about 8 miles SW of SKHIRRA.
8/4/43 Moved due North at 0700, advancing 14 miles, two up as yesterday, 4 CLY left leading. After about 4 miles saw MET travelling from West to East across our front. Much of this was captured, including several guns (field and A/Tk), mostly Italian.
Continuing, very slightly East of North, the next opposition met was in area of crossroads 10 miles NNW of SKHIRRA - much MET, several tanks and field guns; most pulled out fairly quickly, but we were held up just North of the East-West road by 88mms, A/Tk guns and tanks in very good hull down positions. Leaguered in that area. Lost one Crusader II to a Mark IV and two Crusader IIIs to an A/Tk gun. The country gave excellent cover for defence and the enemy screen were most difficult to find until you were on top of them.
9/4/43 Moved off at 0600, 4 CLY in reserve, 1 RTR left leading and 5 RTR right leading. Slight opposition was met in the morning about 10 miles West of MAHARES. This was moved and at 1600 we heard that there was a large concentration of MET at EL AGAREB (the road junction 12 miles due West of SFAX). The orders were to push on there as fast as possible, but 2 miles SW of it a strong screen was met of A/Tk guns, one or two 88mms and a few tanks on a high ridge. There were many trees and as the light was soon fading we did not succeed in penetrating it, but leaguered in the area. Advance 30 miles.
10/4/43 Moved at 0600, Bde moving two up with 4 CLY in reserve. Continued along centre line for about 16 miles until about 8 miles NNW of SFAX. Before 1200hrs it had been reported, by a local inhabitant, that the enemy had left SFAX at 0400 this morning. Made no contact with enemy. 1 RTR and 5 RTR sat astride the roads running NW and NNW from SFAX and were in position by 1145hrs.
Remained in position all day. Enemy was reported to be North of EL DJEM. Expect to stay here at least 3 days. Moved about 3 miles in the evening to close up to the rest of the Bde.
12/4/43 Expect now to be here a week. SOUSSE and KAIROUAN reported to be in our hands this morning. As much maintenance as possible is being done on all the tanks. Later in the evening we were given a warning order of a move on the morrow to an area about 5 miles South of KAIROUN.
13/4/43 Bde started to move at 1000 in single file along the roads. Moved NW along the main TEBESSA road and then due North through SIDI AMOR to an area about 6 miles South of KAIROUAN - total distance 86 miles. Arrived at Bde concentration area at about 2030. Only one vehicle dropped out, a 6pdr which will have to be evacuated. At 0600hrs today we came under 10th Corps.
14/4/43 Remained in same position all day and carried out as much maintenance as possible. Expected to be here for a few days, but in the evening given a warning order that we would move on the following day.
15/4/43 Bde moved at 1100 through KAIROUAN and to an area about 24 miles due North of it. Total distance 42 miles; moved in single file along the road and arrived at concentration area about 1700hrs, about 5 miles North of EL ALEM.
16/4/43 Little definite news of the enemy on our own side - enemy holding the ENFIDAVILLE line as expected.
17/4/43 Did not move during the day. Several ships reported by Tac/R in the morning in GULF of TUNIS and round the CAP BON peninsular; cruisers, destroyers, submarines and smaller craft. No ships in GULF of TUNIS reported in the evening.
18/4/43 NTR
19/4/43 Bde moved forward about 8 miles to an area about 4 miles SE of DJEBIBINA. The 5th RTR are protecting the left flank of 131 Bde, who are attacking North tonight, roughly along the P.15 easting. The Indians are attacking on their right and the NZ Div on their right. 1st RTR and 4 CLY are in reserve to ward off any counter-attack from the North or NW. the 131st Bde had reached their second objective by midnight.
Tank strength today: 7 petrol Shermans, 7 diesel Grants, 6 6pdrs and 4 2pdrs.
20/4/43 Infantry gained all their objectives yesterday and ENFIDAVILLE is in our hands. NTR on our front, only minor enemy activity reported. One Sherman and one Grant arrived from workshops.
21/4/43 Quiet day for us; remained in wadi under cover all day.
22/4/43 NTR. 1st Army attacked this morning between MADGEZ EL BAB and BOU ARADA at 0400.
23/4/43 NTR.
24/4/43 NTR
25/4/43 Easter Day. Held Church Service in morning. Still in reserve.
26/4/43 Lt Rose went to recce a route up the coast East of ENFIDAVILLE and the main road. Still a screen of A/Tk guns and strong infantry positions in front of us, with little change in the last 6 days, except that it is thought possible this afternoon that they are thinning out. Many mine laying parties have been observed by 11th Hussars and explosions from road demolitions. 1st RTR took over from 5 RTR during night 25/26 and 5 RTR came into reserve behind us; we moved forward a little into area vacated by 1 RTR.
27/4/43 Moved in the afternoon to a Bde concentration area about 6 miles SW of ENFIDAVILLE, to await "further offensive operations".
28/4/43 NTR
29/4/43 Major The Viscount Cranley MC, now 2i/c, was ordered to report later in the day to 8th Bde, to assume command of the Notts Yeomanry. Major AA Cameron MC becomes 2i/c and Capt R Aird takes command of A Sqn. 2 petrol Shermans and 2 2pdrs arrived from FTDS.Tank strength now 12 Shermans, 8 Grants, 7 6pdrs, 6 2pdrs.
30/4/43 The Div General came round the Bde in the morning. Whilst explaining to the Colonel the plan for an attack we were to make with the New Zealanders North of ENFIDAVILLE, on 2nd May, the G1 of Div rang up to say we were joining the 1st Army and moving that afternoon or the following day. Transporters arrived in the evening and the tanks were to load at first light on 1st May. The Ai Echelon and all wheeled vehicles moved off, as a Bde, at 2030 in the evening. They went on the route KAIROUAN-OUSSELTIA-MAKTAR-LE KRIB. The 7th Armd Div, Guards Bde and 4th Indian Div are all moving round to the 1st Army to form a new Corps, together with the 1st Armd Div, who are already there, and 26 Armd Bde, under the command of Lt General BG Horrocks.

Appendix A
69 Infantry Brigade

8 April 1943
Copy to HQ 50 Div

     I wish to express my appreciation of the admirable work of the Squadron of your Regiment which was in support of my Brigade during the attack on the Wadi Akarit position on 6th April 1943. The timely intervention of your Squadron was the turning point of the Battle, and it is deserving of much credit.

      The Squadron Leader displayed outstanding determination, skill and power of leadership in the handling of his Squadron.

69 Inf Bde

Appendix B [written in manuscript]

7 Armd Div
11 Apr 43

My dear Lunsy[?]      I enclose a letter I have received from the Corps Commander with sufficient copies to send on to each Regt., concerned.

     I have already told you how pleased I was with the way these two Regt fought - particularly Harry Scott who bore the brunt of the fighting on the 6th.

Yours ever,

G.W.E.J. Erskine

Appendix C

Main Headquarters,
30 Corps
8 April 1943

     I am writing to thank you and congratulate you on the magnificent support given to the infantry by the 4th CLY and the 1st Royal Tanks during the battle for the Akarit position.

     I realise that the role allotted to both these Regiments was very arduous and difficult. Both Regiments achieved their purpose and stopped the enemy from breaking through with his tanks in his counter-attack. Your task was particularly difficult owing to the ground, where you had to operate on a forward slope.

     All ranks of the infantry have expressed their admiration for the work done by these two Regiments and for the efficiency and gallantry with which they competed with anti-tank guns and minefields.

I am sorry that both Regiments suffered tank casualties in this fighting. It was however an essential part of the success of the operation and I hope you will convey to them my grateful thanks and admiration for their gallantry and endurance. I hope they will have good fighting and good hunting in their more legitimate role in which they are now occupied.

       Yours ever

       (sgd) OLIVER LEESE

Maj-Gen GWEJ Erskine, DSO,
7th Armd Division.

May 1943 CO: Lt Col HB Scott MC
May 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1/5/43 By 0700 all the tanks were loaded except for 10 Crusaders. Two more Shermans and two Crusaders arrived as we were loading. Moved off about 0900 and went through KAIROUAN and FONDOUK spending the night a few miles SW of SBEITLA. Mileage 106 miles.
2/5/43 Moved off at first light; travelling via KASSERINE, THALA, LE KEF and leaguered about 5 miles North of LE KEF. During the journey yesterday an Indian drove across the road and into the transporter towing Major R Aird's tank, the wheels were knocked crosswise and the tank and transporter overturned; one member of the crew had his leg broken, the rest escaped with minor injuries. Mileage 104 miles.
3/5/43 Completed our journey. Mileage 30 miles. Bde concentration area is about 10 Km NE of LE KRIB, near the main TUNIS road.
4/5/43 Collected 9 diesel Shermans and prepared to move on tomorrow. 6 new officers posted to us, they are now at LOB.
5/5/43 Bde moved at 1330 NE, along two roads, 4 CLY on the northern one, which is the main TUNIS road. Spent the night near SLOUGHIA, having passed TEBOURSOUK on our left.
6/5/43 The attack began at 0300 with an arty barrage; 4th Indian Div attacking on the left and 4th British Div on the right. When they had captured their objectives, 7th Armd Div passed through the Indians and the 26th Armd Bde through the British. Moved forward NE, astride the main TUNIS road, the road exclusive to 22nd Armd Bde. The Bde moved one up, 5 RTR leading, 1 RTR right reserve, 4 CLY left reserve. Two tanks were put out of action by mines, these being the only mines we encountered. Met slight opposition from tanks and A/Tk guns, but nothing very determined; one OR killed. By 1600 hrs we reached the high ground by DJEBEL ACHOUAR and made a firm base. One Btn 131 Bde came in evening and took over the position. A & C Sqn shot up some MET and about 20 POW were taken. 26 Bde were level with us South of the main road by the evening.
7/5/43 Moved on at first light to high ground NE of St. CYPRIEN, which was reached without any serious opposition. B Sqn cut the road NE of DJEDEIDA, having one tank knocked out by 50mm and themselves accounting for 3 A/Tk guns and bagging several MET; more than 100 POW were taken, including several officers, all German and very demoralised. By 1600hrs the 11th Hussars were in the outskirts of TUNIS and 1 RTR and 5 RTR were sent in to help with the hundreds of POW; there was small arms fire, but it had quietened down by dark. One Sqn was left to protect the left flank of 131 Bde, the rest of the Regt moved onto high ground overlooking TUNIS and leaguered. Very heavy rain during the night.
8/5/43 At first light we moved North to go to the West of the DJEBEL AMAR, 1st RTR went between DJEBEL AMAR and DJEBEL NAHAL, and 5th RTR went along the coast via LA GOULETTE. Where the road goes North from the main DJEDEIDA - TUNIS road, just West of DJEBEL AMAR, we encountered a strong point, which knocked out 2 of A Sqns tanks, killing 2 ORs and wounding one.
After putting down fire on it, we took about 200 POW and there were four 88mms there and five 20mm A/Tk guns. Several thousand POW were taken in TUNIS and on the road North. Embarkation seems to be proceeding from PORTO FARINA. By noon we were up to the river line at PROTVILLE, where the bridge was blown up just in front of 1 RTR. C Sqn and two troops of B Sqn forded the river and took about 100 POW by the ford and shot up two more 88mms on the other side, also some MET and three 20mm A/Tk guns. The BBC announced on the news that the 22nd Armoured Bde were the first into TUNIS.
9/5/43 Took up same positions at first light as occupied at last light. Across the other side of the river, making their way NE across the plain, were seen very many enemy in very open formation. The attached battery of 5 RHA, K Bty, put down harassing fire to hold up their progress while C Sqn forded the river MEDJERDA and rounded them up; between four and five hundred were collected, also about fifty were collected from the West bank of the river by the ford. At noon we had orders to concentrate by the main road in an area South of DJEBEL AMAR, and our positions were taken over by 131 Bde.
It is likely that we may sit here for a week or more. A leave party was allowed to go into TUNIS, where they met with a most cheering welcome.
10/5/43 Regt today is at 4 hours notice as Duty Regt - one Armd Regt and one Btn of 131 Bde is to be at 4 hours notice in a rota - our operational role has otherwise ceased and the order is "maintenance, reorganisation and rest".
11/5/43 50% of the Regt was allowed into TUNIS, which was still 'en Fete', the remainder were busy preparing the tanks for the Div Commander's inspection expected to take place on 13th May.
12/5/43 50% of the Regt on leave in TUNIS again.
13/5/43 Bde moved to BOU ARADA area, via DJEDEIDA, TEBOURBA, MEDJEZ EL BAB, TESTOUR and EL AROUSSA; started moving at 0715 in new position by 1700.
14/5/43 One leave party per Sqn went to TUNIS for the day.
15/5/43 NTR
16/5/43 Handed over 4 petrol Shermans to 1st Army.
17/5/43 NTR
18/5/43 The remaining tanks, (8 diesel Shermans, 5 diesel Grants, 5 6pdrs, 5 2pdrs, 1 CS), left at 1730hrs to go to GAFOUR, where they are to be loaded tomorrow morning and start on their journey to the TRIPOLI area.
19/5/43 Preparations for moving tomorrow.
20/5/43 Head of Bde moved at 0700 and we moved from our area at 0900; leaguered for the night 10 miles South of KAIROUAN after 86 miles.
21/5/43 Continued on at 0800 via SIDI AMOR, AGAREB, MAHARES and for the night near OUDREF (155 miles).
22/5/43 Continued on by Y track, which by-passes GABES, MARETH and MEDENINE running parallel to the main road, and comes on to main coast road East of MEDENINE. Leaguered for the night 10 miles West of BEN GARDANE (123 miles).
23/5/43 Continued on by PISIDA, ZOUARA, SABRATHA and to OLIVETI for the night (116 miles).
24/5/43 Continued on by TRIPOLI, TAUORGA and CASTEL VERDE to an area about 4 miles East of HOMS (104 miles) where we are to stay for an unknown period. Arrived in area about 1930; the Regt is laid out so that each Sqn has a frontage on the sea-shore within 100 yards which is a very good bathing beach.
25/5/43 The day was spent in preparing for reorganisation, training etc.Official notification through that Tpr McEntaggert, who was the man wounded on the transporter journey on 1st May, died of his injuries on the same day.
Of the 11 men who went to 1st Army at the end of Feb, 3 returned on 23rd May; Cpl Gambles, Cpl Jacobs and Tpr Leader. All except Sgt Inman and Sgt Wilson had been with 17/21st Lancers. Tpr Hamilton had been killed in action and Tpr Smith died of wounds, three more missing in action.
26/5/43 NTR
27/5/43 Great efforts are being made within the Div to provide entertainment for the troops. Lt BWG Rose is Bde Entertainment Officer, Capt TD Sorby Regimental Entertainment Officer, Lt M Gladstone Regimental Sports Officer and Capt GG Briggs Regimental Recreation & Discussion Officer. The Sqn B vehicle drivers of petrol and ammo, formally attached to HQ Sqn, were posted to HQ Sqn today.
We heard today that four of our men - Cpl Anderson RW (HQ Sqn), Tpr Foote E (C Sqn), Cpl Watts (A Sqn) and Sgt Van der Linde (B Sqn) - who were all taken prisoner in Dec 1941, have been repatriated to England from Italian POW camps.
28/5/43 Daily leave to HOMS started today.
29-31 NTR

Appendix A

Message Form

To: All Units
From:  22 Armd Bde     Originator's No. Z 990     Date: 9 May

Operational Role 7 Armd Div ceases 0600hrs 10 May. Formations and Units will remain concentrated present areas tasks maintenance, reorganisation and REST. 22 Armd Bde and 131 Bde will maintain one armoured regt and 1 Bn at four hours notice remainder Div at 24 hours notice. Up to 50% of strength of units may be in Tunis during hours of daylight. All troops will be in leaguer area by 1900hrs. All informed.

Appendix B

Message Form

To: 4 CLY, 1 RTR, 5 RTR
From:    22 Armd Bde     Originator's No. S 70    Date: 10 May

Ref Z 990 of 9. Roster of Regtl Gps at 4 hours notice as follows:- 4 CLY Gp 10 May, 1 RTR Gp 11 May, 5 RTR Gp 12 May. In that order for subsequent days until further notice.

June 1943 CO: Lt Col HB Scott MC
Jun 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1/6/43 Daily leave to TRIPOLI started today - 35 men are allowed to go each day.
2/6/43 Handed in one jeep.
3/6/43 We were notified that L/Cpl Taylor (B Sqn), who has been missing since 6th April at WADI AKARIT, is in the 100 General Hospital, BNAF.
Handed in one jeep.
4/6/43 Regimental parade as dress rehearsal for GOC's inspection on 7th June. Football match against 11 Hussars, which we lost 3-2. CO's inspection of all B Vehs, except Fitters. LAD and Signals.
5/6/43 CO's inspection of Fitters, LAD and Signals B vehs.
6/6/43 NTR
7/6/43 The Army Comd addressed all officers of 10 Corps in MIRAMAR cinema; he outlined the closing phases of the North African battle from the capture of TRIPOLI onwards.
8/6/43 The Regt was inspected by Major General GWEJ Erskine, GOC 7 Armd Div, at 0915. After the inspection he addressed all ranks and thanked them for what they had done in the past; he forecast future operations before the end of summer and said that we were on a high priority for re-equipping.
9/6/43 The Bde commander inspected all B vehs during the morning and seemed well satisfied. There was a Regimental concert in the evening and a very good show was produced. A very well built stage had been made by the Regtl carpenters.
10/6/43 The Bde commander inspected all tanks during the morning. We played 5 RTR in the Divisional knock-out football competition and were beaten 1-0 in a strongly contested game. Major AA Cameron started on a tour of the battle-fields between TRIPOLI and the WADI AKARIT, to explain them to five Australian officers from the Aust Armd Div attached to 7 Armd Div.
11/6/43 NTR
12/6/43 NTR
13/6/43 The CO, Lt Col HB Scott DSO has been posted as 2i/c 22 Armd Bde, with the acting rank of Colonel whilst so employed.
14/6/43 Major Cameron returned from his tour.
15/6/43 NTR
16/6/43 In view of enemy landings by parachute at BENGHAZI, an In-lying Piquet was established, consisting of 1 Sgt, 1 Cpl and 10 men, under command of the Orderly Officer. They are armed with Thompson SMG and sleep near the ROR, to be awakened by the guard in the event of landings in the Div area, of which warning is to be given by Verey lights.
17 - 18 NTR
19/6/43 Information has been received that Sgt PH Barrett and 5 men of B Sqn, missing since 6th Apr at WADI AKARIT, are POW in Italy, and that Cpl Bowering (C Sqn), wounded in the same action, died of wounds.
A draft of 16 men today joined the Regt.
20/6/43 The whole Regt (except men detained for duty or for other reasons) left for a point West of TRIPOLI for inspection by HM The KING. Moved at 0714 via HOMS to the 24 kilo stone on the TRIPOLI-ZUARA road.
21/6/43 HM The KING drove past the Regt, lining both sides of the road, at about 1630, and spoke a few words to Major AA Cameron MC, who was acting as CO. The Regt returned to the HOMS area directly afterwards, arriving about 0300 on 22nd June.
22/6/43 NTR
23/6/43 Lt Col HB Scott DSO relinquished comd of the Regt on taking up the appointment of 2i/c 22 Armd Bde, and was succeeded by Lt Col The Viscount Cranley, MC.
24/6/43 NTR
25/6/43 Six Crusader II and five Crusader III tanks were returned to ACP Tp Base.
26 - 29 NTR
30/6/43 During the past week eleven Sherman III tanks have been taken over from the 46th RTR, three Sherman III and three Sherman II from 1st Armd Div.

July 1943 CO: Lt Col The Viscount Cranley, MC.
Jul 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1/7/43 NTR
2/7/43 Visit of GOC Div, arranged for today, now cancelled. New Regtl concert "Ferryboat Serenade" was received most enthusiastically.
3/7/43 Notified that Sgt Moore RA and Sgt Kirkley JN, both B Sqn, have been awarded the MM.Received 4 Shermans from 2 Armd Bde.
4/7/43 One Sherman received from 8 Armd Bde but handed over to 1 RTR.
5/7/43 Owing to the intense heat it is decided to make hours of work earlier. Reveille now 0500 and start of work 0600, finishing training at 1030.
One Sherman received from HQ 22 Armd Bde.
6/7/43 Six men posted away to OCTU.
7 - 8 NTR
9/7/43 Divisional Sports Meeting held today at LEPTIS MAGNA and won quite easily by 22 Armd Bde.
10/7/43 Notification of awards of decorations received today. Col HB Scott received Bar to DSO.
Major AA Cameron MC, awarded DSO.
Capt PMR Scott MC, Bar to MC.
Cpl VD Samuel, MMCpl D StC. Allison, MMEleven Sherman III received today and one Grant I and one scout car sent away.
QMS(T) Lievesley HQ, posted away for commission.
11 -12 NTR
13/7/43 Two Grant II transferred to HQ 22 Armd Bde. Cpl Stratton AE, posted to OCTU.
14/7/43 Strict anti-malarial measures will be carried out in future, to ensure that all ranks become 'mosquito minded', in view of the fact that future operations will probably be carried out in highly malarious areas.
15/7/43 Four Sherman II transferred to Royal Scots Greys.
16/7/43 NTR
17/7/43 Two jeeps sent to 10 Veh Coy and 6 M/C received from 7 Armd Div Veh Park.
18/7/43 Notified that Major DJC Hill-Wood has been awarded the MC.
19/7/43 Information received today that TPR R Allen (HQ Sqn), who was wounded at MEDENINE, is off DI List. Battleworthy tanks now being supplied more rapidly; 10 Sherman III, 7 scout cars and 5 3-ton lorries received today.
20/7/43 Final of inter-troop netball competition, champions are 2Tp A Sqn.
21/7/43 NTR
22/7/43 Notification that Major AA Cameron DSO MC, will leave to take over command of 3 CLY. Major Hill-Wood MC, will take over duties of 2i/c, Major FR Sutton MC, takes command of C Sqn, Major IB Aird B Sqn and Capt GG Skelton HQ Sqn with the rank of Major. Lt KH Hiscock takes over duties of Adjutant with rank of Capt.
23-24 NTR
25/7/43 Three Sherman III and five carriers received today. Four more NCOs posted away to OCTU.
26/7/43 NTR
27/7/43 A lecture was given by Major General GWEJ Erskine DSO, at LEPTIS MAGNA, in which he explained the campaign in Sicily and brought out lessons to be learnt from the operation so far.
Final of Div Basketball competition - B Sqn was beaten by C Sqn 1 RTR after a very fast game under bad conditions.
28/7/43 Six jeeps and one utility received from 7 Armd Div Veh Park.
29/7/43 Regimental hockey team knocked out in 2nd round of Div tournament by 5 RTR.
30/7/43 All 1st drivers and commanders practised loading and off-loading from LCTs moored in HOMS harbour.
31/7/43 NTR

Appendix A

Nominal Roll of Officers on Strength July 1943

Substantive RankHigher acting or temporary rankName & InitialsCorpsPresentIf not present with unit, state how employed
MajorT/Lt ColViscount Cranley MCRACYes 
CaptT/MajorHill-Wood MC " " 
" " FDR Sutton MC " " 
" " R Aird MC " " 
" " IB Aird" " 
" " GG Skelton " No METC
LtT/Capt Sorby " Yes  
"" P MacColl " " 
"" PMR Scott MC " "  
"" Jarvis MC " No METC
""Bedbrook " Yes 
" " Burke " "  
"" AR Smith " " 
" " GG Briggs " "  
" A/Capt BWG Rose " " 
" " KH Hiscock " "  
"   G Milford-Cottam " "  
"   HM Percy " "  
"   M Gladstone " "  
"   A Baillie " "  
"   W Garnett " "  
"   J Philip Smith MC " No RAC Depot
"   FR Underhill " Yes 
"   MD Seaward DCM " "  
"   HG Allen DCM " No RAC Depot
"   CP Haseler " Yes  
"   JSW Simmonds MM " "  
"   CJ Lawson " "  
"   AE Cook " "  
"   AE Gordon " "  
"   AE Shepherd-Wellesley " "  
"   FD Mortimer " "  
Officers Attached from Other Corps
Capt  Rev CH Startup RAChD   Chaplain
"   HJC Mortimer RAMC  MO
"   MD Whitworth REME   EME
Lt   D Coloun RAC  From 22 Ar Bde

August 1943 CO: Lt Col The Viscount Cranley, MC.
Aug 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1 - 2 NTR
3/8/43 Ten 3-ton lorries received today.
4/8/43 Reorganisation under new War Establishment of new trades of Gunner Mech and Gunner Operator. Bde shooting competition won by 5 RTR.
5/8/43 NTR
6/8/43 Owing to possibility of malaria, Mepacrine tablets will now be taken regularly.
7/8/43 NTR
8/8/43 One Grant sent to R Scots Greys; two 15cwt water cisterns received.
9-10 NTR
11/8/43 Corps Comd visited B Sqn on the ranges and watched a demonstration of indirect firing. The demonstration went perfectly and the Corps Comd congratulated the crews.
12/8/43 All vehicles will be camouflaged with mud coloured basic paint and black disruptive patches.
13/8/43 One scout car, 3 Shermans, one Scammel and six carriers received today.
14/8/43 Further promotions effected today to bring numbers of NCOs up to the new WE.
15/8/43 NTR
16/8/43 Two breakdown truck received.
17/8/43 Information received that Lt S Pennington is now off the SI List and will probably be sent to UK shortly.
18/8/43 One carrier and 3 M/C received.
19/8/43 NTR
20/8/43 Four lorries sent away to 7 Armd Div Veh Park.
21/8/43 Sickness has increased in the Regt since our stay here. At present about 10% of the Regt are receiving attention for desert sores, colds and mepacrine reaction.
22/8/43 NTR
23/8/43 Two Daimler scout cars received.
24/8/43 Bde swimming sports held today. 5 RTR won on the last event, after we had been holding the lead until that time. The Brigadier presented the prizes.
25/8/43 One White scout car and one ambulance received.
26-27 NTR
28/8/43 Issues of fresh meat are now being regularly received after a very long period of tinned meat. 4 solo M/C received.
29/8/43 As the recce element, under Capt BWG Rose, consists of 17 vehicles, it will be known as the Recce Sqn, and will be divided into 3 sections.
30/8/43 NTR
31/8/43 A most interesting talk was given today by Major O'Sullivan MC, 1 RTR, on conditions in Germany and his escape from POW camp into Switzerland.

September 1943 CO: Lt Col The Viscount Cranley, MC.
Sep 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1 -2 NTR
3/9/43 The National Day of Prayer was marked by a voluntary church service at Bde HQ, which was attended by a large number from this unit. The invasion of Italy by the 8th Army commenced this morning.
4/9/43 All anti-malarial precautions, with the exception of the application of mosquito cream, will now be enforced and for this reason, shorts will not be worn at any time.
5 - 7 NTR
8/9/43 The CO commenced an inspection of all vehicles, both A & B, in the Regt. The capitulation of ITALY was announced this evening.
9 -14 NTR
15/9/43 Orders received to prepare to move tomorrow, to pass the SP at 7 Armd Div Veh Park at 0830. Tanks loaded onto transporters at HOMS ready to move off tonight if possible.
16/9/43 Wheeled vehs moved off passed SP at 0830 and arrived in assembly area, TRIPOLI, at about 1230. Transporters started to arrive at 1600 and were all in by 1900.
17/9/43 Remained in assembly area. Local leave allowed into TRIPOLI. At six hours notice to move to marshalling area.
18/9/43 Instructions received at noon for serials 64-70 to proceed to marshalling area. Tanks proceeded directly to DEL MAHARI wharf at 2130.
19/9/43 Echelons moved from marshalling area to wharves at 0600. About 1000 hrs LSTs arrived and commenced loading. By 1430 all loading was complete and we moved out of harbour at 1630. Convoy consisted of 10 LST escorted by 3 small corvettes; proceeded slowly. Weather calm. No enemy air activity.
20/9/43 At sea. Calm weather. Men's quarters and food very good. Ships are new USN craft.
21/9/43 Weather calm and sunny. Passed through MESSINA STRAITS at 1500. No enemy air activity.
22/9/43 Calm but misty in the morning. Approaching SALERNO many other convoys sighted moving towards coast. Reached anchorage 1100. Periodic shelling by the enemy. Not possible to land untill 1800. Reached Regtl area near BATTIPAGLIA at 2200. Remainder of Regt continued arriving throughout the night.
23/9/43 Stand by to move at 0800. Main attack North of VICTRI put in by 46 and 56 Divs at 0300. Remained in same area. 18 vehs still to disembark.
24/9/43 Same area. Stand by at 4 hours notice. 46 Div gained limited objectives. Remainder of personnel and vehs arrived. 3 ORs fell ill and were left at TRIPOLI.
25/9/43 Same area. Notice to move reduced to 2 hours, but increased again to 4 hours during the……..
Remainder of September Missing.

October 1943 - Missing

[This includes the crossing of the river VOLTERNO which started on the night 12/13th Oct. At the crossing point the river was some 240 feet wide and 6 feet deep, with a 9mph current, between banks some 15 feet high. Using waterproofed Shermans, 4 CLY were across by the 17th after the REs had managed to get the Div bulldozer across and levelled the bank at the far side. By 22nd Oct, both the British 10th Corps and the American 6th Corps were across and advancing on the next obstacle - river GARIGLIANO.]

November 1943 CO: Lt Col The Viscount Cranley, MC.
Nov 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1/11/43 Still in billets at ALBANOVA and AVERSA.
2 -4 NTR
5/11/43 Message from GOC that the Div is shortly going to UK. Commenced handing over kit to 5th Canadian Div.
6/11/43 Still in same area and instructing Norfolk Yeomanry in D&M and wireless on the Sherman tank.
7 - 12 NTR
13/11/43 Visit from GOC, who explained that not all the Div will be able to go home on the first convoy.
14/11/43 Advance party sent to SORRENTO to arrange billeting, sport and recreational facilities.
15/11/43 NTR
16/11/43 5 Canadian Armd agree to take over all B vehs and wireless equip.
49 tanks and 5 scout cars handed over to 2FTDS.
17/11/43 A & B Sqns moved off at first light to SORRENTO. Four tanks handed over to 46 RTR.
18/11/43 Remainder of Regt moved to SORRENTO area. Good billets obtained in very pleasant surroundings.
19/11/43 Concentrated effort by all ranks to improve condition of kit and standard of marching and saluting. Drill and route marching every morning, and educational lectures and entertainment arranged for other periods.
20/11/43 NTR
21/11/43 Leave and boating parties being arranged, and it is hoped to run trips to the ISLE OF CAPRI shortly.
22/11/43 Condition of kit and standard of saluting has enormously improved. The Brigadier expressed his satisfaction when he visited the Regt.
23/11/43 Leave camps for ORs arranged at AMALFI and SALERNO, and for officers at AMALFI and RAVELLO.
24-30 NTR

December 1943 CO: Lt Col The Viscount Cranley, MC.
Dec 43 4th County of London Yeomanry
1/12/43 Still in billets at SORRENTO.
2 - 12 NTR
13/12/43 Advance party sent to transit area CASORIA to prepare temporary camp.
14/12/43 All heavy baggage set to docks at NAPLES.
15-17 Owing to shortage of transport it is impossible to convey the Regt to the transit area in one trip, so small parties are being ferried over a period of 3 days. Information received that Capt P MacColl has been awarded the MC.
18/12/43 Remainder of RHQ move to CASORIA.
19/12/43 Ship's advance party proceeded to docks at 1500 and went aboard at 2100. Accommodation allocated.
20/12/43 Main party marched from CASORIA at 0400. Ship loaded by 1400. Sailed 1600.
21/12/43 At sea. Calm.
22/12/43 Calm and cloudy. Passed CAP BON at 1530.
23/12/43 Calm. Docked at ORAN at 1500.
24-25 Remained at ORAN.
26/12/43 Pulled out of harbour at 1500.
27/12/43 Put to sea again at 0730.
28/12/43 Passed GIBRALTAR during the night.
29/12/43 Action stations sounded for unidentified aircraft. False alarm.
30/12/43 Course mostly West. Sea moderate.
31/12/43 Course more to the North. Sea calm.

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