WW II, a British focus  



Memories of Gregg A. Collins

A Diary Entry by my Grandfather During the height of WW2. He was the Personal assistant to Brigadier General F.G. French.

Monday dawned grim and cheerless. We were back again to the grim realities of life. On Saturday evening we had walked over into the town, had a few drinks at the Military Hotel, and for a fleeting couple of hours we were the masters of our own beings. It is surprising how, with the aid of mine friend Alcohol, ones inner yearnings and worries appear to be greatly diminished,came the gentle light of Sunday morning, and we looked forward to at least a half a day of rest and self complacency.

But, this is Monday. How often in civilian life has this aggravating little phrase run through our minds. Each has had his own peculiar relaxation, gardening, golf, football, hiking; a thousand and one little thrills have been crammed into that period between "Saturday dinner time" and Monday morning. Life is singularly strange,- often have I, when hanging on to a strap on the 8:27 had a desire and longing to brush aside all business responsibilities and dive into the country lanes of rural England where the noise and bustle of commerce is unknown, where instead of commercial magnates haggling over merchandise we can lie back and listen to the birds in springtime singing their simple songs of love.

Alas, the possibilities of these alternatives have been stripped of us. We are in His Majesties Army, and one would fain still be running for the 8:27 and strap hanging all the way, one would wrestle with commercial problems with vigour, eagerly we would sit at the front of wisdom whilst magnate fought with magnate over the proverbial mass of pottage.

But now we are in a sterner conflict. We are pledged and avowed to fight even to the death if necessary to protect England, and after a weekend of semi-relaxation our duties begin all over again, for this is Monday.


He lived to be 92 and was quite successful in the post-war time. I miss him very much and think and read of him very often.
God Save The Queen,
Gregg Collins esq.
Cleveland , Ohio