WW II, a British focus  



Memories of Mr. George Rodgers

The Search for Tom Rodgers

Tom Rodgers My sincere thanks and gratitude to the following :-

My Nephews, Trevor and Alan Wylie for instigating the search and for all their help in printing the written work and chauffeuring us in France.

Fred Cottier who put us in touch with Andy Steedman.

Andy Steedman who put me in touch with 'Dusty' Miller and Luke Bowden

Jim "Dusty Miller for all his help in obtaining my brother's Dunkirk Medal and diploma and for putting me in touch with C.S.M. Martin McLane whose letters gave me an insight into the battle and also the position where my brother was killed.

Lukey Bowden (Wood), my brother's long lost friend who saw him killed and who revived some long lost memories of him.

Monsieur Faivre and his team, Philippe Averdant, Laurent Soyer, Alfonso Da Silva Maia, Vincent Tessier, (Association de Recherche Historiques et Arche Ologiques Militaries), without whom we would not have been able to trace brother Tom's grave.