The Order Van Orange Nassau


The Order Van Orange Nassau was established in 1892 by the Queen Regent of the Netherlands, Queen Emma for the rewarding of Dutchmen and foreigners who have deserved well of the state or society.

The Order is awarded in varying degrees with badges, but the medals of the Order are made of gold, silver or bronze worn from a ribbon which is orange with edges of Nassau blue, the colors being divided by narrow stripes of white.

extract from: The Fredricton Gleaner, dated 20 Dec. 1945


On 11 June 1940, Queen Wilhelmina established a bronze cross for award to officers, N.C.O.s and men of any of the Netherlands' fighting forces, as well as to those of the Merchant Navy, and to civilians, who distinguish themselves by acts of gallantry or leadership in the presence of the enemy. It may also be awarded to foreigners who, in so doing, further the interests of the Netherlands.

The cross, which corresponds to the British D.S.C., M.C., D.S.M., and M.M., can be given for a single outstanding act, as well as for bravery and enterprise in action over a period. The reverse has the sprays or oak and laurel in the center outside the date '1940.' and on the four arms the inscription 'Trouw-aan-Konin-gen-En-Vaderland.' If awarded a second time an Arabic figure '2' is worn on the ribbon.

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