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North Irish Horse
September 1939 To June 1946

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January 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Jan 42 North Irish Horse
1/1/42 Westbury
T/Major RC Newton relinquished temp rank of Major.
6/1/42 Capt AEW Gaston appointed Staff Captain at HQ 34 Army Tank Bde wef 22/12/41.
T/Major GA Gundry (16/5th Lancers) joined Regt from 94 Armd Div.
12/1/42 T/Major JA Coey relinquished command C Sqn.
T/Major GA Gundry assumed command C Sqn.
Lt CA Crofton appointed 2i/c B Sqn.
23/1/42 Lt (QM) MT McDonald MBE posted to War Office.Lt (QM) F Marks joined from 23rd Hussars and appointed Lt Quartermaster.
26/1/42 2Lts F Francis, DR King and P Medley joined Regt from 101 OCTU.
28/1/42 Advance party of Regt moved to ‘B’ Lines, Osbourne St George, Wiltshire.
31/1/42 Main body of Regt moved to Osbourne St George.

February 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Feb 42 North Irish Horse
10/2/42 Osbourne St George.
Major JA Coey posted to HQ Movement Control, North Western Ports.
20/2/42 Capt P Welch appointed Gas Officer.
Capt CA Crofton appointed PAD Officer.
22/2/42 2Lts S Walker PS Bolshaw posted to 56th Trng Regt to join draft RWGXO.
25/2/42 Tpr Kent tried by FGCM on charge under AA 12(1)(a).
26/2/42 Sentence on Tpr Kent six months detention with one month remitted.
All fighting troops, plus necessary admin, moved to AFV Ranges CASTLE MARTIN, Pembrokeshire, to carry out range practices with Churchill tanks.
27/2/42 Capt RC Newton posted to 61st Trng Regt.

March 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Mar 42 North Irish Horse
6/3/42 Osbourne St George.
Capt WH Ketchell granted paid acting rank of Major wef 1/1/42
7/3/42 2Lt WAP Crowe posted to 54th Trng Regt for draft RWHAH.
2Lt TM Batchen posted to 57th Trng Regt for draft RWHAO.
Regt returned from AFV Ranges.
14/3/42 2Lt JPS Vowles posted in from 103 OCTU.
17/3/42 Capt Pomeroy posted to HQ Movement Control, North Western Ports.
18/3/42 Capt MH Waters RAMC, ceases to be attached this unit as RMO.
22/3/42 Lt GR Millar RAMC, attached for duty as RMO.
24/3/42 Lt CA Crofton granted paid acting rank of Capt wef 10/2/42.
2Lt JAG Briggs granted paid acting rank of Capt wef 21/2/42.
Lt JE Byrne posted to 34 Army Tk Bde as Liaison Officer.
Lt-General Martel CRAC visited the Regt.
27/3/42 2Lts JA Ballantyne, P Godwin and WD Symington posted in from 103 OCTU.

April 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Apr 42 North Irish Horse
1/4/42 Osbourne St George.
Capt CM LeClair MC, relinquishes temp rank of Capt on ceasing to hold appointment of Tech Adjt.
T/Capt RW Hewitt posted to this unit from 102 OCTU to take over appointment of Tech Adjt.
12/4/42 Capt MH Waters RAMC re-attached from 127 Lt Fd Amb as RMO.
13/4/42 T/Capt GP Russell granted acting rank of Major wef 10/2/42
17/4/42 The Earl of Shaftesbury visited the Regt.
25/4/42 Tpr Abbott T tried by FGCM under AA 15(1).
26/4/42 2Lts DR Whittet, GC Browne and FA Norris posted in from 101 OCTU.
30/4/42 Tpr Abbott found guilty and sentenced to 84 days detention. Confirmed by Bde Comd on 29/4/42.

May 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
May 42 North Irish Horse
6/5/42 Osbourne St George.
Tpr Keville WA, tried by FGCM under AA 11 and 40.
10/5/42 B & C Sqns proceeded to Devon for training in co-operation with infantry – B Sqn with 9th Warwicks and C Sqn with 103rd Marine Bde.
Findings of FGCM on Tpr Keville promulgated. NOT Guilty under AA 11 but GUILTY under AA 40. Sentence of 28 days detention.
24/5/42 B & C Sqns proceeded from Devon to PERRANPORTH Cornwall for further training with infantry until 31 May 42, on which date they returned to Regt.

June 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Jun 42 North Irish Horse
1/6/42 Osbourne St George.
2Lts Moore, Godwin, Vowles, Symington and Williams posted to 61st Trng Regt for draft RWFKA.
5/6/42 A/Major Russell granted temp rank wef 10/5/42.
2Lts Sinclair and Thomas promoted W/S Lt wef 23/5/42.
7/6/42 Regt commenced move on change of station, and also to participate in 2 Corps Exercise SCORPION. Road party departed to new camp at Thetford Norfolk. Road and rail parties departed to participate in exercise.
8/6/42 Remainder of Regt (less rear party) moved out.
12/6/42 Thetford
Capt Crofton attached, pending posting, to GHQ, RAC Battle School, Barnard Castle.
17/6/42 Arrival at new station of portion of Regt on Ex SCORPION.
2Lt WEW Montgomery posted to 57th Trng Regt. Remains attached to Gds Armd Div for experimental work.
21/6/42 Regt takes part in Ex ELVEDEN from 21st to 24th June.
22/6/42 Commencement of new routine. Work 7 day week with one complete period of 24 hours off, on such days as will not interfere with exercises.
26/6/42 2Lt RSH Sidebottom promoted Lt wef 23/5/42.
2Lt ES Robinson promoted Lt wef 30/5/42.
28/6/42 2Lt AKE Finch Noyes promoted Lt wef 28/6/42
29/6/42 War Office UM received ordering the mobilisation of the Regt to be completed by 28th July 1942.

July 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Jul 42 North Irish Horse
1/7/42 Thetford
2Lt T Zissu posted to 57th Trng Regt for draft RWKFA.
5/7/42 Regt given operational role in conjunction with 34th Army Tk Bde; provide mobile column for anti-para role.
10/7/42 Regt moved to take part in Eastern Comd exercise LIMPET being held from 10th to 19th July.
Lt RJ Adams granted 28 days leave.
12/7/42 2Lt Hutchinson posted in from 101 OCTU.
13/7/42 2Lt Behr posted in from 103 OCTU.
2Lt PMB Pope admitted to hospital as a result of injuries sustained whilst riding WD M/C on Ex LIMPET. Not yet known whether injuries will interfere with future efficiency.
20/7/42 Lt CM LeClair MC granted 42 days Notice leave.
23/7/42 Draft of 15 ORs received from 57th Trng Regt.
28/7/42 Advance party and tanks left for CASTLE TOWARD, DUNOON, for practice in combined training at the Combined Training Centre.
29/7/42 Draft of 19 ORs from 55th Trng Regt.

August 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Aug 42 North Irish Horse
1/8/42 Thetford
A & HQ Sqns fired Besa, Bren, TSMG, revolver and grenade practices on FROGHILL ranges.
2/8/42 Commencement of combined training at CASTLE TOWARD. C Sqn moved to Scotland to train 2nd to 9th August. A Sqn 9th to 16th. RHQ Fighting trained with first 2 sqns.
B Sqn move to Scotland was cancelled at the last moment due to re-org of 34 Army Tk Bde.
3/8/42 2Lt Pope struck off strength having been over 21 days in hospital.
2Lts T Templton and DR Whittet posted to 57th Trng Regt Warminster.
4/8/42 Capt DA Leslie RAOC attached as OME i/c LAD vice Capt AJ Hall in hospital.
6/8/42 Major GA Gundry posted to 27th Armd Bde.
Capt CA Crofton posted to School of Infantry wef 6 July.
7/8/42 Lt RJ Adams struck off strength on resigning commission.
10/8/42 Regt did field firing at ORFORD Range – 2pdr, 6pdr and 3” howitzer practices

11/8/42 Lts WG Lavery, RD Norton, RJ Griffith and ES Robinson granted paid acting rank of Capt wef 25/5/42.
14/8/42 Regt fired AA practices on STIFFKEY range.
18/8/42 Lt AKE Finch Noyes granted paid acting rank of Capt wef 6/7/42.
19 –20 Regt carried out A/Tk rifle, Bren and rifle practices on BRANCASTER range.
21/8/42 Further AA practices on STIFFKEY range.
Lt M Montgomery posted to HQ Sn Area, NID as Staff Captain.
26/8/42 Lt CA Crooks taken on strength on transfer from Royal Artillery.
27/8/42 One troop of C Sqn demonstrated to 76 Div Battle School, showing a troop attack with one platoon of inf.
29 –30 Tests of individual training held on gas, gunnery, first aid, map reading and tank compass.
31/8/42 Lt CM LeClair struck of strength on resigning his commission.
FGCM held on WS/Sgt Dobson under AA 15(1). Found guilty and awarded Severe Reprimand and forfeiture of 4 days pay.

September 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Sep 42 North Irish Horse
1/9/42 Thetford
T/Capt P Welch promoted A/paid Major wef 6th Aug 42.
Lt PCM Sinclair promoted A/P/Capt wef 6 Aug 42.
4/9/42 2Lts J Maxwell, RE Perioli & HE Irwin posted from RAC OCTU.
2Lt GE Gardiner posted in from RA OCTU.
6/9/42 The Regt transferred from 34th Army Tk Bde to 25th Army Tk Bde.
2Lt AE Hazel reported for duty from RAC OCTU.
8/9/42 Regt took part in Ex CONQUISADOR on the 8th and 9th.
T/Major the Lord O’Neill appointed 2i/c wef 3rd Jan 1942.
12/9/42 Regt on Ex BLAZER.
15/8/42 2Lt JF Armitage promoted W/S Lt.
Drafts for first line reinforcements joined the Regt from 108th, 109th & 143rd Regts RAC.
19/9/42 2Lt JW Denny posted from RAC OCTU.
20/9/42 Regt participated in Ex BASIS.
23/9/42 Regt took part in Ex YUGO on 23rd & 24th.
24/9/42 Regt changed to War Establishment 11/33A/5 (since renumbered 11/154/1)
26/9/42 Regt took part in Div scheme YOHO.
2Lt F Medley posted to 25th Army Tk Bde.
First drivers and gunners proceeded to AFV RANGES MINEHEAD.

October 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Oct 42 North Irish Horse
10/10/42 Thetford
2Lt WH Townson posted from RAC OCTU.
12/10/42 Regt returns from MINEHEAD.
13 – 14 Ex TOC H.
19/10/42 Capt ER Robinson vacates appointment of IO and assumes position of Liaison Officer.
2Lt P Francis appointed IO.
2Lt MP Williams appointed Admin officer.
24/10/42 Ex WATCHFUL.
30/10/42 Ex AUTUMN.

November 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Nov 42 North Irish Horse
10/11/42 Thetford
25 Tk Bde Ex TATTOO.
11/11/42 Tpr E O’Reagan tried by FGCM under AA 8(1), guilty 42 days detention.
15/11/42 Lt CT Crooks and 2Lts Townson, Tuckey,, Behr, Hutchinson, Denny and Hazel posted to 61st Trng Regt for draft RWOKK.
16/11/42 Detachment of 110 personnel despatched for agricultural work – beet pulling.
Regt moved, with Bde to GLEVERING HALL, WICKHAM MARKET, Suffolk and came under command of 54 Div.
18/11/42 2Lt RPM Mann posted in from RAC OCTU.
20/11/42 All personnel went through Battle Inoculation practice.
21/11/42 Tpr Brown NP tried by FGCM under AA 24(2) and found Not Guilty.
23/11/42 Capt JG Stratton assumes command of HQ Sqn and granted rank A/Major.
Major GP Russell relinquishes command of HQ Sqn and temp rank of Major.
Capt WM Mackean appointed Adjt.
Capt WG Lavery appointed 2i/c A Sqn.
Capt JAG Briggs appointed 2i/c HQ Sqn.
24/11/42 Draft of 76 ORs posted to 33 Army Tk Bde.
28/11/42 Second detachment of 90 personnel despatched for agricultural work.
30/11/42 2Lt AD Wilson posted from RAC OCTU.

December 1942 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Dec 42 North Irish Horse
Lt RH Bowering appointed Tech Adjt and promoted A/Capt wef 15 Nov.
15/12/42 Capt ES Robinson appointed Recce Officer C Sqn.
Capt WG Lavery appointed LO.
Capt RG Griffith appointed 2i/c A Sqn.
28/12/42 Regt received Warning Order for embarkation for Overseas Service.
30/12/42 Tpr Casey W, tried by FGCM under AA 12(1)(a). found Not Guilty of Desertion but Guilty of Absence without leave and sentenced to six months detention.

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