WW II, a British focus  



Memories of S A Logan

My father was an air gunner on Consolidated B24-J Liberators and Avro Hansons with 53 then 547 squadrons. They flew out of St Eval in Cornwall, St David's in Wales and Rejkavik in Iceland that I can recall. He has told me many stories but two are of quite an interest. Unfortuantely I do not know the years as to when these occurances took place (sorry) My father died in Feb 96 and I have only just recently starting using the Net so I cannot clarify the dates.

The first occured whilst he was out over the bay of biscay and while flying through a break in the cloud he saw a Wellington flying below them off the port wing, however what made him a little surprised was that the propellers were not moving but the plane was certainly going forward. On returning to the base for debriefing, he told them what he had seen and a senior officer was sent for and my father was told that he had never seen this plane. He later found out that the aircraft had been fitted with one of the first jet engines to be tried. I wonder if anyone could tell me if they know of this event either from a ground crew or one of the crew who flew the said plane.

Another story happened whilst he was out over the arctic circle hunting U-boats, they flew through some cloud and came across a U-boat sitting on the surface, my father and his crew thought they had found an easy target but when they attacked they were absolutely pelleted with 88mm shells, aparantly this was one of the first subs to have been fitted with them and it took alot of convicing the debriefing people that they had seen what they had seen.