WW II, a British focus  



Memories of Liz McKellar

I was born in London England in 1935, and the war started in Europe in 1939, I was 4yrs old, and lived for 6yrs during the bombing of London, with intermittent evacuation to the country, where thousands of children were taken from their home sometimes without notice, for safety's sake as we were the next generation. When we returned for a short time depending on the bombing conditions, lots of children found their parents were gone, and so were their homes. Many times I spent in air-raid shelters, sometimes spending days in the sub-way, as that was usually a safe place to go. The thing that bothered me the most were the anti-air craft guns, that were stationed, on practically every corner, the ground shook like an earthquake, for hours and hours. My brother and I watched the search lights on the enemy planes, being shot down, and the pilots parachuting out. There was an enemy concentration camp down the street where they housed the captured pilots, surrounded by double barbed-wire, and Doberman dogs walking the barbed wire. All children had to carry gas masks, mine was like a Mickey Mouse mask, and brother's was Donald Duck, as there was always the threat of chemical warfare, so we had drills, and thought it great fun. And here 50yrs later, they are talking about chemical war-fare, nothing seems to change.

When the American landed in England, I never meet such big kind and giving people as the American G.I.'s. You could ask them for anything, and they would always find something in their pockets. Regardless of the "Powers that Be", if it were not for the Americans, I would not be here to write this letter, and finally get a chance to say, Thanks.