WW II, a British focus  



Memories of Guy B. Moore Sr.

In the early 40's, crewmembers from several British ships were sent to a place called Crabtree Park, near Raleigh, NC, USA. This is no longer on the map and is now located in Umstead Park, a 5000 acre park just out from Raleigh. The camp was built by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps, one of President Franklin Roosevelts programs. The CCC as it was know was disbanded and the barracks were in the 5th Naval District (Norfolk, Virginia). Sailors came to Crabtree and stayed for while and then returned to their ships. Some of the ships that I can recall (I am 7l and was just a teen ager at the time) - I keep thinking Astoria (but can not find any record of it) One of the Sailors from that ship was William P. Bath, ll Hall Street, Bristol, England - I remember him because he became a good friend of my family. Other ships were the aircraft carriers Illustrious, Formidable, submarine Regent, and several small ships, like trawlers - one was the Senator Duhamel, the crew came and went and then shortly afterward, survivors came - I seem to recall that there were l7 survivors. This small ship was sunk off the coast of North Carolina, not sure how, I head collision, mine, torpedoe - don't think anyone knows. I have pictures of crew members from one of the carriers and the Duhamel, plus other photos of men who were at Crabtree. A Forest Ranger at Umstead, formerly Crabtree, is trying to contact anyone who might have been at Crabtree or a relative of someone. I can pass on any information to him. Please let me know if I may provide anything else. One last thought, I received letters from Betty Brown , Cecily Cottage, Ipswich, England for awhile - one of the sailors gave me her address, he may have been a brother or father, do not remember. If still living, she shouldbe near my age - 7l.