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Memories of Arthur Smith, by Pauline Crane

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My Wartime recollection.

My fathers name was Private Arthur Smith, 5828084, Fouth Suffolks, he joined in 1939. He was a Japanese prisoner of war, sadly he died on the 13th March 2000.
In his effects we found the following letter which I managed to copy, I am sure my father always meant to write to some of the men in the letter but never got round to it. We his family would like to thank them on his behalf for all the hope these men gave the Japanese prisoners of war, my father also lost his brother in the prison camp but we have never been able to find out where he is buried his name was Walter Smith. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Pauline Crane

To the Guys Below                               31st August 1945

When this is being written I am at SAIPAN and am preparing for that 16-hour trip up to your location.
Hope we find you alright as our gas supply is a problem.
Don't know how soon you will be out of your hole, but believe me our sole purpose is to drop you supplies and say hello in some form or another.
Hope I don't come too low and blow your shingles off.
If any of you fellows are in the States I would appreciate a card from any of you telling me where you are from.

My Address is


1713 Greenlauf Drive
Royal Oak
Michigan. U.S.A.

I am the pilot of this job and would like to hear from one or more of you.
On behalf of our group my crew and myself hope you are well and home soon.

This box is from the gang in the B.29
You guys are welcome to these. They are not much but they will help. Edward Terry S/2/c U.S.A LEXINGTON.
Be back tomorrow with supplies. Good Luck (V.T.I.)

Fleet is already in Tokyo Harbour. They are making landings today and commencing official occupation". It shouldn't be to long now... Good Luck Lt (j.g.) R.A. Legate. V.B.F.I
Any of you from Oregon? If so look me up, l am from Oak Grove.

Sorry l can't drop you anything --These darn fighters are too small.
Landing started in TOKYO HARBOUR. Hope you get home soon and luck" H.G. Barzyk V.B.F.I Moran Detroit U.S.A

Hope this stuff will help you a little. There should be two more planes in a minute to drop you stuff. C.S.Wright A.M.M. 2/0 1502 Woodland Ave N.S Pittsberg. E.J.W???? A.P.M. 2/0 3117 92ND St. Jackson Heights. New York Ens. R.C. Sell Jr. Box 253 Petersburg. Texas

With the compliments of Lt. W.C. Karr.A.M.M. i/c R.J. DRAKE A.R.M.i/c N.V. TENNISON. From illinois, Okis and texas respectively "Wish we could do better" Best of luck and Happy Eating from the Boys of Air Group N.Y.