WW II, a British focus  



Memories of Dave Thomas

"On Oct 27th 43, the 504 combat team moved by truck to Castella Alife, Italy. It became apparent the time that the objective would not be the assault of any mountain position, but to make general advance toward Isernia, about 25 miles due north. Two days later, the 504th launched an epic attack through the mountains that was to carry them 22 miles ahead of the 5th army on their left and the 8th army on their right. Driving north toward Gallo, in a battle that proved for the most part to be one of physical stamina interspersed with sharp patrol engagements, the 504th crossed the Voturno, entered the rail center of Isernia, cleared Colli, Macchia, Fornelli, Cerro, and Rochetta, and 15 men from h company doggedly fought their way through mine fields to reach the s ummit of Hill 1017- the 5th army objective and key point of the entire sector." My father was one of those men.