WW II, a British focus  


It's funny, how one can lie,
and remember things of days gone by.
And in perhaps one short minute,
recapture a past year and all thats in it.

It's funny, how a quiet room, gives chance to ponder,
Leading one's thoughts back though time to wander
Perhaps a tune or even a funny phrase,
will recall something that happened in bye-gone days.

Everyone stores up things that have past,
some are forgotten, others will always last.
But a soldier who has been to war,
has in life's memory book, something more.

"Something" that can only be,
in the memories of men, like you and me.
"Something" that is born midst shot and shell,
develops and grows in times of bloody hell.

This "comradeship" as it is known by us,
of which we never make much fuss.
Is this "something" which in our minds was set
in lands where many are lying yet.

And so I remember from the start,
the lads I knew, now far apart
my soldiering is finished, I leave it all behind,
but that "something" comes with me in my mind

- Written by Troop Sgt. Ronald Tee
56th Reconnaissance Regiment
78th Battleaxe Division
British 8th Army

let us never forget....