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The 11th Hussars
September 1939 To March 1946

Morris model CS9/LAC, of the 11th Hussars

1939 CO:
3/9/39 MATRUH
Regt less C Sqn in bivouac. C Sqn, less one Tp were at SIDI BARRANI, one Tp at SOLLUM (2Lt Crankshaw)
4/9/39 Lt Turnbull returned to Regt from appointment as ALO.
7/9/39 C Sqn returned to Regt. 1 Tp A Sqn (Lt Friend) proceeded to SIDI BARRANI.
17/9/39 1 Tp B Sqn (Lt Loch) relived 1Tp A Sqn at SIDI BARRANI.
1/10/39 1 Tp A Sqn (Sgt Petch DCM)relieved 1 Tp B Sqn at SIDI BARRANI.
5/10/39 1Tp A Sqn returned to Regt from SIDI BARRANI.
21/10/39 Major JM Blakiston, Lt Hon CWH Allenby, Lt JSA Humphries and 2Lt Lord Crichton Stuart joined the Regt.
9/11/39 HM The King graciously consented to become Patron of the Regiment’s Old Comrades Association.
16/11/39 2Lts Trayner, Spickernell and Dier, RTR were attached to the Regt.
17/11/39 2Lt PDS Lauder rejoined the Regt from sick leave in the UK.
2/12/39 Regt proceeded by road to MAADI S Camp. All ORs comprising ‘details’ at Helmieh rejoined.
21/12/39 Lt P Arkwright rejoined the Regt after terminating his appointment as ADC to the Governor of Bombay.
28/12/39 Lt DPJ Lloyd returned to Regt from appointment as IO at HQ LAB. He was succeeded by Lt Humphries.

11th Hussars

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