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War Diaries

The 11th Hussars, (Prince Albert's Own)
September 1939 To March 1946

Humber Mk III, circa 1942
Missing:-1942, February to August missing.

January 1942 CO: Lt Col WI Leetham
Jan 42 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own)
1/1/42 C Sqn.
No movement seen during the night, except for local movement in the enemy column and AA fire at 0100 hours which was thought to be the Axis celebrating the New Year.
0640 – 2Tp Paton moved to take up position at BIR SEBICA.
0700 – 1Tp Lamb reported enemy column in BIR SECICH area unchanged but later they commenced digging operations.
0715 – 2Tp reported 4 enemy MET moving NE up the AGEDABIA – ANTELAT track. These MET came on NE and at 0730 hours were moving up a ridge which was bringing them behind 1Tp. Lamb saw them and engaged, destroying 1 MET with 3 officers and 6 ORs, all of whom were captured. The remaining 3 MET turned back and were chased by Lamb’s 2 ACs. Paton moved towards them from the West, and, Forward and Rear Link (who were watching the operation) closed in from the North. After a slight battle, the lorries were rounded up and totalled 12 ORs and 3 lorries, which were handed over to the RA. There were several important documents – namely Order of Battle and Plan of AGEDABIA – captured with the officer by Lamb.
0830 – 5Tp Ballingal had moved to 2Tp position at BIR SEBICA and Paton moved to a position of observation at X3830 to get observation on AGEDABIA area, which Lamb could not get as he was observing enemy column.
1300 – 4Tp Peacock relieved 1Tp who came into SHQ. During the afternoon visibility became bad owing to dust storms, but considerable numbers of MET were observed South and SE of AGEDABIA, totalling 250. Part of these were seen to move East during the late afternoon.
1800 – 2Tp and 5Tp came back to SHQ which leaguered in the same position.
4Tp remained in observation 1 mile North of day position.

A Sqn.
SHQ with Sainthill Column moved at first light to X3431 to find 6 M13’s on the northern slopes of X3027 position. These were shelled back as were Infantry who attempted to make recce sorties during the morning. 1Tp was observing them from a position 1 mile South of SHQ and 3Tp was attempting to move round the SE flank of the X3027 position to see what the enemy had in behind. He reported 40 MET including 13 M13’s at the SE corner of the X3027 position and remained in position of observation of them during the morning.
Brigadier Campbell DSO came up during the morning and put us in the picture. Four Columns working South to our East:-

  1. Colonel J Boulton,
  2. Colonel Purdon,
  3. Colonel Currie,
  4. Colonel Wilson and 12th Lancers feeling South on their front.
Reid Column was coming in from the East further South. On our front the position remained the same throughout the day.
4Tp Mr Palin Evans relieved 3Tp in the late afternoon and 2Tp Sgt Mullins relieved 1Tp Mr Petch.
2Tp considered that enemy OPs were dressing themselves as Bedouins, he engaged and stated that they retired like good Aryans and not like nomads of the desert.
An unfortunate accident occurred while 3Tp were returning to SHQ. Thy were engaged by a 2pdr gun belonging to Northumberland Hussars at 400 yards range. One shell entered the car below the small Besa and hit LCpl Luke in the shoulder and smashing the car. Sgt Hutchinson also received minor wounds. Thank god neither of them was reported as being bad. LCpl Luke apparently wanted to talk to me on his set to tell me that he could take it. This I knew already. Luke was evacuated immediately and Hutchinson brought his Tp to SHQ which I had gone out to meet, but returned when I heard that he was coming back. His car was a bad mess inside and surprising that they were not both killed. There is too much “quickness of the trigger” by the inexperienced and anyway by now they should know the Humber ACs at this range.
4Tp and 2Tp remained in their position for the night and SHQ moved back 4 miles to X3434 with Sainthill Column. 5Tp Mr Poston was away all day collecting new cars, his own becoming impossible through using excessive oil. Sgt Hutchinson evacuated and Sgt Bailey takes over what is now a 2 car Tp. Hutchinson the best Troop Sgt Commander that I have ever seen.

B Sqn. In reserve all day.

RHQ. Nothing to report.

2/1/42 C Sqn.
No movement seen during the night.
5Tp Ballingal moved to normal position of observation at BIR SEBICA.
0730 – 4Tp Peacock in observation at BIR ES SEZICH was shelled and one AC received a direct hit, turret being blown off and car badly damaged but towable. Tpr Stewart was wounded in the head and leg but Tpr Woodhead and Cpl Combes miraculously escaped.
Only local movement reported during the day until 1715 hours, when 6 M13 tanks moved out NE from 3027. They were engaged by our artillery and 2 tanks destroyed.
1800 – 3Tp Nash who had relieved 4Tp Peacock remained in same area for the night, Ballingal came into SHQ who leaguered in same position.

B Sqn.
The Sqn moved at 0900 hours to relieve A Sqn who were operating in conjunction with a column of artillery and Infantry commanded by Major Sainthill, Coldstream Guards. The Sqn moved to area X3534 and 5Tp proceeded 5 miles South. 3Tp proceeded 1 mile to the SW of SHQ. The enemy artillery were fairly active and 5Tp were constantly prevented on getting observation on the enemy in area BIR EL UESCECA. He did report 20 men and 2 or 3 MET in that area during the day.
Our artillery intermittently engaged a hilltop in area X2327 on which men were seen moving. At approx 1600 hours about 100 men were seen standing on a ridge SW of BIR EL UESCECA and at 1647 hours 6 enemy tanks were seen moving NE towards SHQ who were slightly in advance of a Tp of artillery.
The tanks were about 2 and half miles away when first seen and were moving very rapidly. They got to a position about 800 yards in front of the guns where two of them halted, the remaining 4 turning NE towards another Tp of guns about a mile away. All this time the tanks were being engaged by 25pdrs. The 4 tanks overran this second Tp of guns, one of the tanks being knocked out, the remaining 3 tanks turned North and carried on for another mile. SHQ were retiring in front of these tanks which halted, 2 of them retiring, the remaining one remained stationary. Just before dark this last tank turned towards the first Tp of guns where it was engaged over open sights and knocked out.
The Sqn leaguered with Sainthill Column in area X3437 with 3Tp and 5Tp remaining in observation to the South and SW.

A Sqn.
Sqn with Sainthill column moved from X3434 to X3431 and found the enemy in the same position as yesterday but not showing themselves. 4Tp found very soon that they had extended their eastern flank and could not regain their position of observation he was in yesterday as he bumped into enemy heavy ACs and A/Tk guns and was shelled. This occurred on several occasions, enemy OPs were in ACs, one of which was a Humber with a large Swastika flag placed over the spare wheel.
At 1000 hours Major Wainman arrived with B Sqn to take over from us. Mr Dier took over from Mr Palin Evans and Sgt Parker from Sgt Mullins. Observation from the eastern flank was by now extremely difficult.
Sqn moved into an area in close proximity to RHQ at X3541. In the evening 6 M13 tanks penetrated the line of B Sqn and 3 of these came as far North as X3338. They were seeking the whereabouts of our tanks (they would have to go a fair distance), 3 were knocked out by our artillery. On account of this I asked whether we could move 5 miles further back in order to do jobs unhampered by the idea of always having to pack up quickly. Permission was obtained.
A letter was received from John Cookson apologising for the shelling of Sgt Hutchinson, apparently those responsible were Rhodesians and brand new.

RHQ. Nothing to report.

3/1/42 C Sqn.
0640 – 1Tp Lamb moved to BIR SEBICA position.
0715 – 3Tp Nash at BIR SELICH position reported enemy were less than the previous day. He could only see 5 MET and some men. These were engaged and withdrew SW and he pushed forward 3 miles to 2828, just as he arrived he was attacked by an Me 109. He suffered no serious damage other than 5 punctures and wireless batteries damaged. Enemy appeared to be fewer in numbers in AGEDABIA area but still held strong posts running from 2030 SE. Enemy air was again active, the landing ground at AGEDABIA being used for the 4th day in succession.
1400 – nothing of importance to report other than local movements. 5Tp Ballingal relieved 3Tp. Nothing of importance in the afternoon other than 2 large enemy guns located about 1227.
The enemy appeared to be holding a defended line running from 2023 to 2030 then NW to 2434.
1800 – 1Tp returned to SHQ and 5Tp remained out in observation.

A Sqn.
Sqn moved back 5 miles to X3848. The day spent in gun cleaning and maintenance etc. there was plenty of water and Babe and I had stripped down baths. We killed 3 sheep which were divided up amongst the Sqn and proved a change from Bully.

B Sqn.
At 0719 hours 5Tp reported 20 MET moving NW and at the same time these were engaged by artillery from Purdon Column which was operating on our left. These MET subsequently proved to be friendly. 5Tp then pushed on SW but kept coming under fire from enemy artillery in the area X2715.
In the meantime the ridge 2 ½ miles to the SW which had been held by the enemy the previous day appeared to be clear and 3Tp, pushing on, confirmed this.
At about midday 1Tp relieved 5Tp and 2Tp relieved 3Tp. 1Tp then moved to BIR ES UESCECA and 2Tp to a position about 3 miles to the NW. both these Tps reported about 20 MET with Infantry dug in in area X2715.
During the afternoon C Sqn reported 3 ACs moving East towards 2Tp and these were engaged by our artillery. 1Tp was twice shelled out of position and consequently lost observation of the enemy at about 1700 hours. 2Tp was also shelled out of position and also lost observation.
During the day our artillery made several attempt to shell the enemy position but the range was too great.
Sqn leaguered in area X3229 with Sainthill Column, 2Tp remaining in observation about 3 miles to the SW.
RHQ. Nothing of importance to report.

4/1/42 C Sqn.
0640 – 1Tp Lamb moved to BIR SEBICA position of observation.
1030 – 5Tp Ballingal reported no change in his area except that the enemy defended line appeared lees in number of MT and Infantry.
0830 – 2Tp (McHardy who had arrived the evening before to replace Paton who had gone back sick with piles) moved to relieve 5Tp in BIR SECICH position, 5Tp came back to SHQ.
Nothing of importance to report during the day except movement up and down the AGEDABIA – BECANDAH track and local movement on the defended line in AGEDABIA town area.
1800 – 4Tp Peacock returned to SHQ and 2Tp stayed out in observation.

A Sqn.
Sqn at 3848. The day spent as yesterday. I went with LCpl Maxwell to RHQ, also Harry Petch and Sgt Lovett.Maxwell was asleep on sentinel. A clear cut case of which he does not realise the seriousness. He has deteriorated as a soldier as he was extremely promising.
A bullock was killed and we drew more water from the BU FETTAH well. I had a captured German wireless set fixed into my car which proves a great boon, and seven of us, Babe Roberts, Harry Petch, John Poston, Pete Paton, Mr Palin Evans, John Turner, Brewin and self listen to the 8 o’clock news. Turner and Brewin doing their work well acting as Gunners on cars, responsible for gun cleaning and helping with the cooking. Perhaps a hard school but they have not the experience yet to command Tps, or even cars. Peter Palin Evans improved out of all knowledge and is now a good Tp Ldr – very bold and cool.
We listened to propaganda by Lord “Haw Haw” Joyce and as Peter said it is dangerous material and cleverly exploited. Heard on one German broadcast that Delmi Seymour Evans and Pip Watson were PoW, thousand odd (ours) from Bardia, perhaps LCpl Cordery and Pollard there.

B Sqn.
4Tp proceeded to BIR EL UESCECA. At first light 2Tp returned to his position of the previous day where he reported 5 of the MET in area X2715. The light was bad and as it improved he was able to see 18.
4Tp attempted to have a look over the ridge but was shelled every time he got into position. Shortly afterwards 2Tp was shelled out of his position.
At 1100 hours 5Tp relieved 2Tp and he was shelled further back still.
5Tp and 4Tp remained in observation during the rest of the day but were unable to get into good positions owing to the enemy artillery.
The Sqn leaguered in the position of the previous night. 5Tp remaining out on the track about 3 miles to the SW.

In same position, nothing of importance to report.

5/1/42 A Sqn.
Sqn at 3848. The day, which was extremely cold and windy, was spent in finishing off the maintenance on cars, guns etc. and in general tidying up.

C Sqn.
0640 – 4Tp Peacock moved to BIR SEBICA position and reported visibility bad but that he could see local movement in the enemy defended line. McHardy reported no movement seen.
0800 – 2Tp McHardy was shelled but no damage done.
1300 – 1Tp Lamb moved to relieve 2Tp who came into SHQ.
1600 – 1Tp was shelled and had to move slightly.
1730 – movement on the defended line noticed between 1827 and 2228 and slight movement in the town area.
1800 – nothing further to report.

B Sqn.
5Tp wireless broke down during the night and 1Tp was ordered out at first light to contact him, which he did. 1Tp then proceeded to BIR EL UESCECA but was unable to see over the ridge owing to enemy artillery and therefore took up a position on a ridge about 2 miles to the East where he remained all day.
In the meantime 5Tp had moved to a position about 3 miles NW and shortly after 3Tp arrived to relieve him.
5Tp moved West and observed considerable MET in the AGEDABIA area and then returned to 3Tp where both Tps were fired on by a British 2pdr which was in enemy hands.
This A/Tk gun then moved South and attacked an OP party of Purdon Column. 3Tp was not in a good position of observation during most of the day but in the afternoon he moved SW and reported 6 MET in area X2715.
Some movement each way was observed by SHQ on the AGEDABIA – BELANDAH track. 1Tp remained on the track 3 miles to the SW during the night and the Sqn leaguered in the usual place.

RHQ.In reserve.

6/1/42 C Sqn.
No movement seen during the night. Sandstorm blew all night.
0640 – 5Tp Ballingal left for BIR SEBICA position.
0700 – Sandstorm started again and visibility all day was nil. 1Tp Lamb at BIR SECICH and 5Tp at BIR SEBICA position remained out all day but could see nothing.
1745 – 5Tp returned to SHQ. 1Tp remained out in observation.

A Sqn.
Sqn at X3848. Orders were received for the Sqn to move at 0800 hours to take over from C Sqn. We therefore moved into area X2438 and at 0930 hours were in close proximity, but unable to see C Sqn owing to a high wind and sandstorm. By 1000 hours we were with C Sqn but visibility had dropped to 50 yards and it was decided by Major Payne Gallway and Major Lawson that it was not feasible for patrols to contact each other and certainly not possible to hand over patrols. Sqn therefore remained in C Sqn area and, as the day certainly needed cheering up, 2 bottles of Port were partaken of by Babe, Van and self and a luncheon made of plum pudding.
During the afternoon there was heavy rain and it was decided that C Sqn would remain on their positions until the following morning.
Sqn spent a miserable night with heavy rain. Electrical storms had rendered wireless impossible during the day, distances of 300 to 400 yards could often not be reached.

B Sqn.
A very windy night and by 0700 hours severe sandstorm was blowing. 1Tp remained on the track, 5Tp proceeded to high ground 3 miles East of BIR EL UESCECA and 2Tp proceeded to area NW of BIR EL UESCECA. Visibility was bad during the day, down to 20 yards at the worst times. No contact with the enemy.
Rain commenced at about 1630 hours when 4Tp relieved 1Tp. The Sqn leaguered in the usual place with 4Tp in observation on the track 3 miles to the SW. A very wet night.

RHQ.Still in same position. Nothing to report.

7/1/42 C Sqn.
Paton returned from RHQ with the Echelon on the previous afternoon.
0640 - 2Tp Paton moved to BIR SEBICA position.
0730 – 1Tp and 2Tp reported that they could see nothing so both patrols pushed forward.
2Tp reached AGEDABIA and reported no movement seen. Shortly afterwards he blew up two of his cars on mines, no casualties, but the two cars damaged and untowable.
1Tp pushed forward and found enemy line empty but encountered enemy minefield. He got through part of this and encountered another one.
Meanwhile A Sqn patrol arrived to take over from us and Lamb started to return to SHQ and on the way got petrol stoppages and while trying to mend it broke one of his fingers in the engine cover and had to be evacuated.
Paton meanwhile was surrounded with mines and could not move until the RE’s arrived, which they did at about 1430 hours. Meanwhile he was trying to make one runner out of his two disabled cars. This he did at 1715 hours having changed a complete front axle, this being done by the Tp alone, Paton started to join SHQ. He proceeded 6 miles from AGEDABIA and then halted for the night and rejoined the next day.

A Sqn.
SHQ moved at first light to X2438 to contact C Sqn SHQ and at the same time 1Tp Mr Petch and 5Tp left to take over from C Sqn patrols.
Sqn were to work under Colonel J Moubray and Advance SHQ at his HQ reported that during the night that foot patrols had reported that the enemy, during yesterdays sandstorm, had vacated the whole of the AGEDABIA position and at 0300 hours C Sqn patrols were reporting enemy. They were therefore ordered to push on SW to catch them up.
5Tp met C Sqn 1Tp in the middle of the enemy minefield which was successfully negotiated and Mr Poston pushed on to X1423 and saw 40 MET astride the main road at X1023.
Meanwhile 1Tp had crossed the AGEDABIA aerodrome and were contacting Mr Ballingal of C Sqn. Mr Petch skirted the village and joined Mr Poston. Mr Petch was then ordered to proceed 1 mile North and see if the enemy position extended in any way westwards. But a few minutes later reported his own car being blown up on mines. Tpr Page was slightly wounded and Mr Petch slightly shocked and cut. He had by this time picked up a wounded Hurricane pilot of the SAAF. He was ordered to stop and evacuate his AC which was irreparable. Advance HQ was by this time moving with 3Tp in attendance to join Sainthill Column at SIDI HAMAR and rear SHQ was moving to BIR UESCECA. SHQ joined Sainthill at 1400 hours having negotiated minefields.
1Tp was ordered to join rear SHQ but dropped off the wounded pilot at Sainthill enemy route. 5Tp Mr Poston was in observation of 60 MET at X1023 and was joined there by an OP of Sainthill Column. The enemy position which contained 2 88mm guns came under our fire at 1430 hours and we continued shelling throughout the afternoon.
Mayfield and Mowbray Columns advancing from the North were held up by minefields in the AGEDABIA area.
Rear SHQ at BIR UESCECA were heavily dive bombed at 1500 hours and unfortunately Thomas Short and Howells were killed. They were 1st and 2nd drivers of the petrol lorry and were approx 75 yards from their vehicle when a 500 lb bomb fell within 10 yards of them. They both died instantaneously and were buried at BIR UESCECA in the same grave. Vehicles were extremely well dispersed and only 10 or so in all. God knows why they were picked as a target for a concentrated attack by Ju 87’s.
After replenishing Rear SHQ moved to X2318 and at last light Advance SHQ met them there. We leaguered close to Sainthill Column. 5Tp was out for the night and helped a foot patrol of Coldstream Guards who had been ordered to obtain a prisoner from the enemy at X1023. Foot patrol on arrival at the position reported that the enemy had gone. They returned to 5Tp who were waiting for them with their transport at X1423.

B Sqn.
At first light 4Tp proceeded on to the ridge SW of BIR UESCECA and 3Tp to a position NW of the BIR. As the light improved neither Tp was able to see any enemy and it was believed they must have retired.
Both Tps therefore moved forward followed by SHQ. 5Tp was ordered to proceed to BELANDAH to report that clear.
At 1145 hours SHQ reached SIDI EL HAMAR where a concentration of 50 MET was observed at X0723 on the main road running SW from AGEDABIA. A further party of enemy MET was observed SW of this.
On information from Support Grp that BELANDAH was clear 5Tp returned to SHQ. In the meantime 3Tp had moved on to the SW and on reaching the area SIDI HAMEIDA reported 2 enemy ACs to his NE, these moved SW towards them and he moved West for 1 mile where he encountered 4 enemy tanks moving North. Later on in the afternoon 3 enemy ACs got to the East of 3Tp and he was forced East slightly.
During this time 4Tp had moved South to the area C1589 and reported considerable movement to his South. This later turned out to be Currie Column.
During the afternoon SHQ moved 3 miles South and watched Sainthill Column engaging the enemy on the main road. Sqn withdrew at last light, 3Tp remaining in position about 7 miles to the SW.

RHQ.Nothing of importance to report. In the same position.

8/1/42 C Sqn.
0600 – no movement seen during the night.
Sqn remained concentrated at X2539 and at 1400 hours moved to join RHQ at BIR UESCECA arriving there at 1630 hours, leaguering there for the night.

A Sqn.
Advance SHQ moved to X1927 with Sainthill Column. As the foot patrol reported last night the enemy had left their position. 3Tp Sgt Bailey (Sgt Hutchinson still being sick with his leg wound) was ordered to recce to the main rd W9810 and 4Tp Mr Palin Evans to X0517 while 5Tp Mr Poston came SW down the main rd. 4Tp and 5Tp met in area X0517 without seeing any enemy but shortly afterwards 3Tp reported 4 lorries on the road at W9808 and men working. This turned out to be a position in a defile and the men probably laying mines.
4Tp was ordered to cross the road to the West and observe his position from the North. In so doing he got one car hopelessly bogged and an hour later another was in the same condition. The cars were immobile except for winching out. 2Tp Sgt Mullins was sent out to replace him.
3Tp ran into an enemy AC and A/Tk gun patrol in area X0505 while trying to work round South of the enemy position and as this therefore became impossible he returned to the area W9808 and observed from there.
At this point the road ran through a cutting for about 2 miles with a high ridge on the East side which the enemy held. Observation from the North or MW was impossible for ACs because of the going and the South not feasible because of enemy patrols. Therefore 3Tp’s position was the only one possible. Enemy appeared to have 88mm dual purpose gun. 2Tp was ordered to X0405 to observe from the South for any movement and he reported a gun in action firing South at X0003 and the AC A/Tk patrol at X0300.
4Tp was by now returning to SHQ having been helped by 1Tp to remove all the kit from the car. Sainthill fired no shots at the enemy but ranged on my patrol until stopped by me. 3Tp was visited by an OP but he said that the visibility was too bad.
The BBC reported that the Scots and Coldstream Guards were pursuing the enemy relentlessly. This has not been the case so far. SHQ spent the night at X0813, 3Tp and 2Tp moved 1 mile East and spent the night in those positions. Now we have only four operative Tps and Sgt Bailey has today broken a front shock absorber. The going is terribly bad and one must expect high vehicle casualties.

B Sqn. Sqn in reserve.
RHQ. No movement seen during the day. In same position.

9/1/42 C Sqn.
0630 – Sqn concentrated at BIR UESCECA.
1000 – RHQ moved on 4 miles West. Sqn remained in present position.

A Sqn.
Sqn still in area X0813, 3Tp in area W9808, 2Tp in area X0405. Enemy still in position on ridge on East side of main road from W9907 to W9801. Guns appeared to be in position at each end and at the southern end the enemy had AC patrols. It was seen that the observation from the North by OPs was impossible and therefore it was suggested to Major Sainthill that a troop of 25pdrs and gun the enemy light opposition from their position so that our OPs could gain high ground and so get some observation. A curious warfare where 25pdrs have to be used for this kind of work, and one would give all one had for a few tanks.
The operation was fairly successful and by 1500 hours the enemy ACs and A/Tk guns had moved West. 2Tp therefore gained the enemy observation point, and a very fine one it was too. The enemy AC patrols had moved West but could not be engaged again as it meant moving the guns which was thought not to be possible.
At this time 5Tp relieved 2Tp and 1Tp had relieved 3Tp. The situation on the 1Tp position was static and OPs could not gain positions of observation. Colonel J Mowbray Coldstream Guards, moved up to the position of the Sainthill column and SHQ was asked to remain with him. This is always inconvenient as one becomes too far behind one’s patrols. SHQ in area X0510 and 1Tp for the night 2 miles East of W9808 and 5Tp at SIDI HAMEDA.

B Sqn.
Sqn in reserve all day.

The enemy seems to be evacuating. RHQ moved South to BIR EL KESCAESA. They remained on the hill above the BIR for one night. Bde HQ passed RHQ and moved further along the track.

10/1/42 C Sqn.
Sqn remained in same position, sandstorm blew most of the day, cold.

A Sqn.
SHQ at X0813. Enemy appeared still to be holding a rear guard position from W9707 to W9801. 1Tp could not therefore advance and again OPs were very much at a disadvantage. They appeared to need manpack sets and then they could operate further from their vehicles or in country inaccessible to MT.
5Tp Mr Poston was told to feel forward SW but seeing vehicles in the area X0035 he went South to investigate and 1 ½ miles NW from that place one of his cars was blown up on a mine. Tpr Cahill had an eye injury. This was at approx 1000 hours and at about this time also 1Tp Mr Petch was feeling forward on the line of the main road, the enemy having evacuated their position. He reached area 8598 but by this time, 1030 hours, a sandstorm was blowing and visibility was 500 yards.
3Tp Sgt Bailey had been ordered to relieve 5Tp who was busy dismantling his blown up car. 3Tp was stopped as visibility would not guarantee finding 5Tp. Everything came to a standstill and perhaps nature again helped the enemy as the situation was a boon for a forced withdrawal, impossible for one following up a withdrawal.
Lt White, OME 11th Hussars, arrived from RHQ during the sandstorm. At 1500 hours the storm had somewhat abated and Mr Palin Evans was sent out with Mr White to unstick the 2 cars which had been bogged two days ago. They had been gone only half an hour when there was a large explosion and we heard by wireless that the recovery lorry had hit a mine in the middle of the main road. No casualties to personnel but extremely bad luck at the AC had already passed over this mine, which was buried right under the Macadam surface. This party returned.
3Tp was despatched at 1600 hours to relieve 5Tp. SHQ and Mowbray moved 1 mile North where the night was spent.
A particularly bloody day. Managed to reform 2Tp and Mr Palin Evans took this over from Sgt Mullins who was sent back to have his eyes seen to as he had been suffering from frantic headaches. 4Tp, less Mr Palin Evans, went back to Echelon, their cars residing in the bog.

B Sqn.Sqn in reserve.

RHQ.To catch up Bde HQ we moved SW to X2516 in the morning and stopped on high ground.

11/1/42 C Sqn.
0800 – Sqn moved to join RHQ. Very cold.
0900 – Sqn joined RHQ and moved to contact A Sqn on BIR CHASCELET which we did at 1300 hours. From there Sqn moved to S9082 and 4Tp Peacock moved to B7577 and 5Tp Ballingal moved to B8070.
SHQ moved to 7078 and contacted Buster Column of Coldstream Guards. A Sqn were on our right and Support Grp on our left.
1700 – Peacock at B7577 could see 2 enemy guns at B6580 engaging him and Buster Column at B7878.
1800 – Ballingal and Peacock leaguered in their position and SHQ moved ½ mile SE and leaguered there. Nash was left at B9082 to contact the Echelon and bring it up to SHQ, which he did and they arrived at 2300 hours having covered 20 miles from RHQ.

A Sqn.
Mowbray force now divided into 3 columns. Major Ingledew in the North working the line of the main road. Capt Forbes column in the centre and Capt Luard in the South.
1Tp Mr Petch came into contact with the enemy in W6891 and found hem holding another rear guard position.
3Tp Sgt Bailey was ordered to recce to BIR UMMBEIRA and thence westwards. 3Tp came into contact with enemy AC screen at W7084 and was held up.
4Tp Mr Palin Evans had already been despatched to relieve 1Tp and by 1215 hours he had taken over. As there appeared to be a big gap between 4Tp and 3Tp, 5Tp was ordered to clear the ground between those two. The gap in front of that was never very big but looked bigger because of the approx alignment of the metalled road on the map.
By 1251 hours 5Tp had contacted 4Tp and was then ordered to return to SHQ.
At 1400 hours 3Tp reported a gun position in area 6984, and enemy OPs working from ACs. These targets could not be taken on as our guns were not firing far enough up. The same situation was occurring in the North.
By 1553 hours OPs from Luards Column had contacted 3Tp and by 1627 hours enemy in 6984 area were being engaged and moved off in a SW direction.
4Tp had become tired of the inactivity on their front. The trouble being that our 25pdrs would have to come down a very forward exposed slope to get into action, and so therefore when AC stalking surprised 3 in their rear which made off at 1700 hours. In this fluster 3 more made off but thought better of it and came back. Mr Palin Evans had two cars with bad gun stoppages and so unfortunately had to retire.
3Tp had reached W6981 and reported no movement seen. The enemy still held the unchanged position in the North, and had not changed all day. C Sqn in the South made no contact with the enemy.
3Tp and 4Tp dropped back 2 miles for the night and SHQ was at BIR CHESELEK.
We heard that our Doctor had died in TOBRUK from head injuries which he received when jumping from a truck during a Stuka raid about a month ago. Very bad luck as he was a charming man (Kellog). Also heard that my “write ups” for awards had been forwarded from Guards Bde. They were mentioning Harry Petch, John Poston and Sgt Hutchinson. I hope they get something as they certainly deserve all that is going.

B Sqn.
The Sqn and RHQ moved 15 miles SW during the morning to area C0595 and spent the remainder of the day there.

After contacting Bde RHQ moved on SW to BIR EL AANMA and halted for the night.

12/1/42 C Sqn.
0645 – 5Tp Ballingal pushed forward West but after going 2 miles one of his ACs broke down and the fitter had to be sent. 1Tp Suggitt (who had taken over command since Lamb had gone back with a broken finger) was sent to take 5Tp place and 1Tp pushed forward to X 6568 where he saw 30 MET at BIR SESRA.
4Tp Peacock moved forward to X6073 and reported no movement seen.
0715 – SQMS Moore and B2 Echelon left for RHQ but on there way ran into a minefield at GHETANNIA area and 2 lorries were destroyed but no casualties.
0800 – SHQ contacted Buster Column and remained with them all day. During the day there was nothing to report except local movement amongst the 30 MET.
1000 – 5Tp having been repaired by the fitter contacted 1Tp and then moved South to contact Currie Column which he did at 1430 hours at B6560. He then moved to X7668 to get petrol and commenced to rejoin SHQ, which he failed to do, and leaguered by himself just short of SHQ.
1800 – Suggett reported the 30 MET moving West. He remained in the same area for the night. 4Tp was withdrawn to SHQ.
1900 – Sgt Horrocks and B2a Echelon arrived under the guidance of SSM Scrivener from RHQ after having covered 24 miles from RHQ making a total of 33 mile from Echelon HQ.
2000 – Nothing further to report.

A Sqn.
3Tp and 4Tp returned to their position of observation with OPs from Forbes and Ingledew Columns. B Sqn was ordered to take over from us but started the operation by moving into the GHETANNIA minefield where they blew up one AC, at the same time C Sqn Echelon had entered the minefield returning from the Sqn and blew up 2 lorries. Mines in the last 4 days claim from us all – 4 ACs and 2 lorries also one breakdown lorry. These mines are impossible to see after the sandstorm of 2 days ago.
3Tp had by now got in South of enemy elements and at 1150 hours reported himself in an excellent position at W6381 from where he could see all movement to and from the enemy position, along the road to SIGHEIGA he could also see the MARSA BRIGGA area.
During the course of the afternoon 41 lorries left the position and 5 entered it. 4Tp was watching the position from the East, he was relieved by a Tp from B Sqn at 1600 hours.
SHQ had moved to BIR UMM SCEIBA to meet Major Wainman, leaving a link with Colonel Mowbray who himself moved to SCEIBA at 1400 hours.
At 1430 hours Major Wainman arrived.
At 1700 hours 3Tp reported an enemy gun position at W6387.
At 1730 hours 3Tp was relieved by B Sqn. As there was no chance of him reaching SHQ that night, he was ordered to spend the night with B Sqn.
SHQ returned to rear SHQ at BIR CHESRELEK and came into reserve.

B Sqn.
In the morning the Sqn was ordered to relieve A Sqn who were working in conjunction with 4 columns composed of Coldstream Guards and Royal Artillery.
At 0915 hours the Sqn moved SW but hit a minefield in the GHETANNIA area and Lt Wingfield Digby’s car was blown up but no damage to the crew. It was necessary to make a detour and at about 1400 hours A Sqn HQ was contacted at BIR UMM SCEIBA. A Sqn had 2 patrols out, both of which were in touch with the enemy. C Sqn were operating on the left of the Sqn.
1Tp proceeded to B7790 just South of the road and 3Tp to area about 2 miles East of BIR EL GINN.
1Tp could see Infantry moving about on the hilltops North of the road and 3Tp reported about 30 vehicles on the road in the BREGA Blockhouse.
SHQ and the Btn HQ of the Coldstream Guards moved 5 miles SW during the afternoon.
In the evening one of our columns engaged the enemy North of the road but came under heavy artillery fire from the enemy.
1Tp and 3Tp remained out for the night and SHQ leaguered with the Btn HQ.

RHQ went to CHEMAIN to join A Sqn. Shortly after arrival 9 CR42’s straffed the 60 pdrs close to our position. No attempt was made on RHQ who put up a heavy barrage. The next day was a very bad sandstorm and was spent in the same place.

13/1/42 C Sqn.
No movement seen during the night.
0645 - 2Tp McHardy moved out to recce BIR GINN which he reported no movement seen at 0800 hours. He then moved to B6375 and remained in observation there.0715 – 1Tp Suggett reported 15 MET in the BIR ES SUERA area, he remained there in observation.
1500 – 4Tp Peacock moved to relieve Suggett who came into reserve.
1600 – 2Tp moved forward 5 miles and reported no movement seen.
2000 – 2Tp and 4Tp remained out in same position.

A Sqn.
Sqn in reserve. 2Tp returned early and the day was spent in thinking of good food. The rations were very bad and have been throughout, no imagination on somebody’s part. Plenty of bulk but no variety. We heard that the Colonel had got the DSO which is a fine show.

B Sqn.
As the light improved 1Tp was able to see a few men on the hilltop on the North of the road. 3Tp was able to see a few vehicles and Infantry in the BREGA Blockhouse area.
At 0900 hours the Sqn Ldr carried out a recce of the area and determined that the maps were very inaccurate.
At midday 5Tp relieved 1Tp and 4Tp relieved 3 Tp then pushed forward NW and took up a position in area B5777. During the afternoon he reported 300 – 400 Infantry and approx 30 vehicles in the BREGA Blockhouse area.
Before being relieved 1Tp pushed forward 3 miles to area B5889 and reported 20 Infantry in area B6593. These were later engaged by our artillery and they moved North.
4Tp and 5Tp remained out during the night and Sqn leaguered in the same position as the previous night.

14/1/42 C Sqn.
0700 4Tp Peacock and 2Tp McHardy reported the situation the same as the previous day.
0800 – 2Tp moved West 5 miles then South to B5869 from where he could see enemy movement between BIR ES SUERA and EL BARALMAI also between SUERA and SIDI MOHAMMED SCERIF.
1045 – SHQ moved to B6366.
1100 – 4Tp moved a little South to B6264 and could see 10 enemy MET in BIR ES SUERA area and also a line of Infantry running SE for 2 miles from the BIR.
1600 – Situation remained the same. Slight enemy movement and local movement amongst the 10 MET in SUERA area.
1630 – Column of 40 MET seen moving SE at 4766. This column turned South at B5065 and disappeared from sight.
1800 – 5Tp Ballingal relieved 2Tp who came into reserve.
1830 – 4Tp and 5Tp remained out for the night.

A Sqn.
Sqn in reserve at BIR CHESREREK. In the morning Peter Palin Evans went and recovered the 2 cars that had been bogged. This took the whole day but he returned successfully and beaming as usual having been stopped by RE’s from going into another minefield.
Harry Petch to a Court Martial on LCpl Maxwell who got away scot free. The Sqn moved at midday to be closer to RHQ. Position 3 miles NW of BIR SCEIBA.

B Sqn.
3Tp reported the situation unchanged in the BREGA Blockhouse area. 5Tp was unable to see any enemy in their area and pushed on slightly West and then moved North across the road.
At midday 1Tp relieved 5Tp and 2Tp relieved 4Tp.
At 1430 hours SHQ moved 8 miles SW to BIR EL GINN area.
During the afternoon 1Tp reported 4 vehicles, 20 men and 1 gun 2 miles East of the Blockhouse. The enemy around the Blockhouse were engaged by our artillery in the evening. 2Tp had a good point of observation but he was given away by our artillery.
1Tp and 2Tp remained out all night and the remainder of the Sqn leaguered in the BIR EL GINN area.

RHQ moved SW, avoiding minefield. The day was spent in maintenance. Very little activity. Sqn leaguered in the same position.

15/1/42 C Sqn.
0730 – situation was the same as on the previous day.
0830 – 1Tp Suggett moved to relieve 4Tp Peacock at B6242 who came into reserve.
During the day there was no change in the situation. Normal amount of movement in BIR ES SUERA and BARRACHEIN area.
1800 – No change in the situation. 1Tp and 2Tp remained out for the night.

A Sqn.
Sqn in same position. A bad sandstorm raged all day, maintenance done when possible. The evening was better. Ken Alexander and Tony Crankshaw came over, plus their dinner, and had it with Babe and I, they also spent the night with us.

B Sqn.
A bad sandstorm. 1Tp and 2Tp reported the situation unchanged. 2Tp had taken up a position about 2 miles South of his previous position as 2 guns were sent out to that position before dawn and it was decided to leave that view point entirely for the OP.
A troop of 6 pdrs took up a position 1 mile East of SHQ and engaged the enemy in the Blockhouse at 1000 hours. The sandstorm developed and visibility became bad.
1300 – 3Tp relieved 2Tp and 5Tp relieved 1Tp. Forward SHQ moved about 2 miles North during the day.
The Sqn leaguered in the usual position with 3Tp and 5Tp out all night.

16/1/42 C Sqn.
No movement seen during the night.
0730 – Situation the same as on the previous day.
0830 – 2Tp moved to relive 5Tp who came into reserve. 1Tp remained in the same position.
No change during the day which was one of poor visibility owing to a sandstorm.
1800 – No change in the situation, 1Tp and 2Tp remained out for the night.

A Sqn.
Sqn in same position. I was summoned to the colonel in the afternoon. He told me that all Armd Car units were to be moved from this part of the desert and that the Carriers were to take over our work. This was good news as the country we were in was unsuitable for our cars. My Sqn was to stay with the Guards Bde until the Carriers arrived. I thought this was unfair, and said so, as this Sqn had been a month longer in the field during the summer. The Colonel said he would consider it.

B Sqn.
A bad sandstorm all day. 2Tp relieved 3Tp and 4Tp relieved 5Tp. Nothing was seen of the enemy till the evening and the situation in the Blockhouse area seemed to be the same as previously.
Sqn leaguered in the usual place with 2Tp and 4Tp out all night.

17/1/42 C Sqn.
0730 – No change in the situation. 4Tp Peacock moved to relieve Suggett who came into SHQ.
0930 – 2Tp McHardy captured a German staff car and 1 OR which was one of a party of 2 cars which appeared from the NW. the other car escaped although it came under heavy fire.
1800 – situation unchanged.

A Sqn.
Sqn in same position. I saw the colonel who told me that he had decided that B Sqn should stay up in this area. C Sqn and ourselves were to give them 2 cars each. The colonel and I went up to see Bill in the morning, Peter was also there and a Sqn Ldrs conference took place.

B Sqn.
2Tp and 4Tp reported the situation unchanged at first light. At midday 1Tp relieved 2Tp and 3Tp relieved 4Tp. No change in the situation all day. Our artillery shelled the enemy at intervals during the day to which the enemy replied.
Sqn leaguered in the usual place with 1Tp and 3Tp remaining out all night.

18/1/42 C Sqn.
No movement seen during the night.
0700 – 5Tp Ballingal relieved McHardy who came into SHQ.
1200 – B Sqn took over patrols and the Sqn moved to RHQ and spent the night there.

A Sqn.
Sqn in the same position. In the morning I was told to move my Sqn to the Echelon area. B Sqn men arrived to take over our cars. Sqn moved at 1430 hours and reached Echelon area where we replenished and then moved on another 5 miles. Night was spent at SIDI HAMEIDA.

B Sqn.
At approx 0900 hours orders were received that the Sqn was to come under orders of the Guards Bde and was to relieve C Sqn.
1Tp and 2Tp were therefore called in and the Sqn reached C Sqn HQ at approx 1330 hours. 5Tp proceeded to a position 3 miles South of ES SUERA where he could observe an enemy Infantry position extending South from the bog. 4Tp proceeded to a position about 3 miles NNW of SUERA where he could observe a considerable number of enemy vehicles scattered over the area West of the bog and extending North towards the BREGA Blockhouse. C Sqn then moved back to RHQ in reserve.
Lateral communication was established between the Sqn and 7th Support Grp who were operating on the left, but, in the evening a message was received from him stating that they were going out of the line the following morning.
During the late afternoon 4Tp came under artillery fire thought to be enemy tanks and was forced to retire.
5Tp reported the presence of an enemy camp to his West. Capt Luard’s Column, who were situated about 1 mile to our South, engaged the enemy till last light.
4Tp and 5Tp remained out all night and the remainder of the Sqn withdrew approx 1 mile in a NE direction and leaguered for the night.

19/1/42 C Sqn.
0845 – Sqn marched to ANTELAT and remained there for the night.

A Sqn.
Sqn moved at first light via BIR UESCECA, BU FETTAH, ANTELAT to Zt MSUS. After the heavy rain of the last fortnight, cars were stuck several times. Zt MSUS was reached about 1700 hours. It rained for a considerable part of the journey. The night was spent close to the aerodrome.

B Sqn.
At first light 4Tp reported several enemy vehicles moving in the area about 2 miles to his West. 5Tp reported no change in the situation since last night.
At 0900 hours the Sqn Ldr visited 4Tp and a more suitable position was found approx 1 mile NNE of his former position. The light was extremely good and approx 500 MET could be seen on the West side of the bog.
At midday 1Tp relieved 5Tp and 2Tp was ordered to relieve 4Tp. 2Tp however met with difficulty in the boggy ground. Ran a big end on his wireless car. 3Tp therefore relieved 4Tp.
No change in the situation for the rest of the day.
Orders were received from the Guards Bde that a thorough recce of the ground was required. Large maps of the enemy were therefore made. Owing to the inaccuracy of the maps, a Surveyor was also asked for by the Sqn in order that the positions could be correctly adjusted.
At last light 1Tp reported small arms fire in his area but no movement seen.
The Sqn less 1Tp and 3Tp leaguered in the normal place. Attempts to establish W/T communication with the Support Grp on our left were made during the day but with no result.

20/1/42 C Sqn.
0900 – Sqn marched to ZMEUS and arrived there at 1200 hours and remained there in rest.

A Sqn.
Sqn at Zt MSUS. I went early to contact 30th Corps to find out where we were expected to go. Saw the AGG who told me Trevor was with the Royals and that he knew our pitch. He had arrived from Cairo with a load of NAAFI kit. Contacted him and then returned to Sqn where I found the Colonel at RHQ. By this time it was pouring with rain and I led RHQ and the Sqn to their position. This was found at about 1430 hours in really torrential rain. We situated ourselves in a very pleasant position with C Sqn and RHQ. Good shelters were erected for each Troop. It was a joy to be able to turn the W/T off and have little responsibility. We have done 8 weeks continually in the first line.

B Sqn.
Both 1Tp and 3Tp reported no change. The light was bad and all the MET of the previous day was not visible. 2Tp relieved 3Tp at 0700 hours and 5Tp relieved 1Tp at midday.
During the morning Brigadier Marriott (commander Guards Bde) arrived and had lunch at SHQ.
During most of the day a fairly severe sandstorm was blowing and no further contact with the enemy was made. 5Tp reported hearing the usual small arms fire in his area at last light.
2Tp and 5Tp remained out all night and SHQ leaguered in the usual place.

RHQ left for Zt MSUS in the rain and it rained practically continuously until we reached the aerodrome. Here we were forced to wait until the area was found. Then everyone attempted to dry themselves and their bedding. The Echelon was out and remained out for the night. Our area was next to the Royals and Major Smail was there with the NAAFI lorries.

21/1/42 C Sqn.
Nothing to report.

A Sqn.
A conference at RHQ. The Colonel and Peter to Cairo, I am to send Babe and John T. I could not go because Peter goes and Harry did not want to go. He and John P’s urgency seemed more that Peter Palin Evans, we planned to organise a trip to the hills also shooting matches etc.
Four of my cars go into LRS today. Babe and John T busy making arrangements for their trip. I have said that Sgt Bailey can go with them to obtain stuff for the Sgts.
A fine day, I collected wood, read and wrote, and walked round the Troops in the evening, who appeared comfortable, rightly pleased with their kit.

B Sqn.
SHQ heard considerable movement during the night but it appeared to be a long way off.
At 0700 hours 4Tp relieved 2Tp.
At 0800 hours the enemy commenced very heavy shelling in the area of our columns and 4Tp located 6 guns near the road SW of BREGA.
At 0800 hours Sgt Emery proceeded 4 miles North to Major Forbes (Coldstream Guards) column to meet Brigadier Briggs (commander of a Bde in the 4th Indian Div) who wished to make a recce of the SUERA position.
At 1000 hours a report was received from the Guards Bde that 20 tanks were moving East from the Blockhouse on the North side of the road. The Sqn was asked to send a patrol to this area but it was considered that the distance (of very bad going) was too great.
At 1055 hours a report was received that 25 tanks and 40 MET were moving East at B6559, about 4 miles SE of 5Tp. 5Tp was in touch with some Infantry carriers of 1st Support Grp on his left but they were unable to throw any light on the situation.
Reports of the northern enemy party were scarce but it appeared that there were approx 60 tanks moving East and in view of this 4Tp was ordered to move back 2 miles.
1Tp was also sent out 5 miles in a SE direction to endeavour to get contact with the southern enemy about which no further reports had been received.
At 1119 hours 4Tp reported 100 MET stationary on the road immediately West of BREGA Blockhouse and at 1140 hours he reported a further 100 vehicles in the same area. He had not however seen any enemy tanks which as it transpired later, had moved rapidly and got in behind us.
It was realised then that the enemy must have got past us both on the North and the South and 4Tp and 5Tp were both ordered to move in a NE direction. SHQ also moved back NE.
At 1200 hours reports were received that the enemy North and South columns had got as far as 75 Grid. They were by now a considerable distance behind us.
At 1256 hours 1Tp who had broken a front spring on the W/T car located 9 enemy tanks B7380 and at 1316 hours 4Tp reported 15 tanks at B7890. 3Tp was ordered to relieve 1Tp and 5Tp was ordered to a position midway between 1 and 4Tp.
At 1330 hours 1Tp reported 25 tanks moving NE a B1860. 5Tp had been held up by bad going and it looked as though the tanks could get between him and 1Tp.
Shortly after this 1Tp reported that the 25 tanks were being engaged by one of our columns and they turned West out of sight into dead ground.
At 1430 hours 4Tp reported 30 tanks and 400 MET moving East at B7592, these tanks also being engaged by one of our columns.
It was thought at this stage that this was the eastern limit to the northern party, but a few minutes later SHQ could see considerable numbers of vehicles about 3 miles to the NE, with shells landing further to the East.
At 1540 hours 4Tp reported a total of 60 tanks stationary in his area.
At 1558 hours 5Tp reported the same 60 tanks about 1 mile to his NNE.
At 1605 hours the Sqn Echelon under TSM Dyson who were at X1505 (about 10 miles East of SHQ) reported being engaged by tanks. It was then definitely realised that the leading enemy northern party had never been seen by us and must have moved East along the road before 4Tp had arrived on the scene.
By this time SHQ had joined up with HQ of the Coldstream Guards who confirmed the information about enemy tanks to the NE and 2Tp was ordered to proceed North to M ES SAMHUIA to try and gain contact.
At 1640 hours 4Tp reported approx 25 tanks to the East of 1Tp and 5Tp. Consequently 3Tp was unable to reach 1Tp. These 25 tanks must have been the same party which 1Tp had seen previously, but owing to the broken spring had been unable to maintain contact. They had apparently moved South and then East unbeknown to him.
2Tp in the meantime was in touch with a few tanks in the SANHUDIA area and during this time 4Tp reported the northern enemy party of 60 tanks moving South from the road and he was forced to retire slightly.
At last light all Tps were ordered to rejoin SHQ which was then 2 miles West of GHETANIA. 2, 3 and 4 Tps rejoined but 1Tp and 5Tp, who had joined up, found themselves completely cut-off by enemy tanks, so it was decided that they should try and get round them after dark.
At 1900 hours orders were received that the entire force, including the Sqn, was to retire 15 miles during the night.
However, owing to 1Tp and 5Tp being very short of petrol it was found not practical to go as far as this and the Sqn therefore moved 7 miles during the night to a position about 4 miles East of GHETANIA.
1Tp and 5Tp met with the greatest difficulty trying to get through the enemy. At one period all their vehicles were stuck in the sand with the enemy tanks 200 yards away. They were forced to abandon 2 cars during the night with mechanical defects and one stuck in soft sand. They travelled a distance of 30 miles before they got clear of the enemy.
After the initial report in the morning, no further news was heard from 1st Support Grp on our left and there was no idea as to their position.

A fine drying day. The Colonel decided to go to Cairo with Major Payne Gallway and the Adjutant. A report came in the evening that the enemy were advancing towards AGEDABIA but it was not considered serious.

22/1/42 A Sqn.
Babe and John P leave at first light or nearly, anyway I was still in bed. From collected rain water in the WADI I had a fine bath. Tony Pepys came over from the Royals and we had an hours talk, and drank sherry. The afternoon was spent quietly. In the evening Trevor and Ken visited and then when getting dark went on over to Corps. In the evening we were put at 3 hours notice to move. It appears that there has been some sort of enemy advance in the South. I attempted to go to RHQ but got slightly lost.

B Sqn.
At first light 3Tp moved North to observe the main road, 4Tp went into position about 4 miles to his SW and 2Tp 2 miles to the South of 4Tp.
At 0850 hours 3Tp reported large numbers of enemy vehicles moving East along the road and 2Tp reported 70 or 80 vehicles to his West.
The columns of the Guards Bde were in action to our NE against enemy vehicles on the road SW to AGEDABIA. Wireless touch had been lost with 1Tp and 5Tp during the night but at 0800 hours communication was established and they stated they were about 20 miles to our South.
SSM Kitchen took down a petrol lorry and met them after 10 miles, the ACs were very short of petrol, one car having only ½ gallon left.There was still no news of 1st Support Grp on our left and it was therefore decided to move the Sqn back slightly.
At about midday it was learnt that the Guards Bde were withdrawing to the line of BELANDAH – AGEDABIA track.
During the morning 3Tp estimated that a total of 700 MET were moving East along the road. 2Tp and 4Tp also reported approx 150 MET moving North towards the road.
At about 1400 hours the Sqn commenced to retire to the track which was reached at about 1630 hours. 2Tp and 4Tp consequently lost contact with the enemy but 3Tp remained in observation of the road during the withdrawal and reported considerable movement during the afternoon.
On reaching SIDI EL HAMAR 3Tp broke a spring and 4Tp went North to relieve him. The Sqn joined up with HQ Sqn Coldstream Guards at a point about 2 miles SE of BIR ES UESCECA after dark and leaguered there for the night. The Echelon under TSM Dyson was waiting at this position when the Sqn arrived.

The Colonel and party left early and Capt Roberts and Lt Poston left as well. In the evening news came that the enemy were in AGEDABIA and we were on 3 hours notice. A lot of cars and lorries were put into workshops and Major Smail was in command of the Regt.

23/1/42 A Sqn.
Tony Crankshaw came round while I was still in bed and told us we were to be ready to move as soon as possible. C & A Sqns formed a composite Sqn, two Tps of C and three of mine. Peter, Harry, Hutchinson and C Sqn (Peacock and John B), Van Burdon doing 2i/c to me.
After reorganising we were ready to move by 1000 hours and we were ordered to move South down the ANTELAT track. The situation was pretty obscure. We had some vehicle trouble before long, it appears that when one rests for a few days vehicles rug-up completely. Tasks of Tps had to be intermittently exchanged and eventually after a certain amount of who was friend and who was foe, the light AC element of the latter were met by Sgt Hutchinson’s Tp about 8 miles North of ANTELAT.
At 1200 hours it was found that part of the 7th Support Grp were East of the track 10 miles North of ANTELAT. This column which contained four 25pdrs and twelve 2pdrs had already engaged four 8 wheeled ACs and driven them back. A light enemy screen held the high ground overlooking ANTELAT, but Mr Petch’s Tp had at one time a foothold on this ground and engaged enemy MET, recovering 4 of our men who had been taken prisoner.
Mr Palin Evans Tp was in position at X4695 and Sgt Hutchinson was at X6865. The former reported approx 150 MET in the ANTELAT position and probably more behind the ridge. All Tps tasks were made extremely difficult because of large numbers of our own B vehicles which were moving North throughout the early afternoon and which came to all appearances from the enemy lines. Pomfret’s 25pdrs never got into position to shell the enemy during the day. His OP was originally to Mr Petch’s Tp who were outside the road 6 miles North of ANTELAT and from there to Mr Palin Evans.
We were worried as we had heard no word of B Sqn who had been with the Guards Bde away down in the South.
In the late afternoon the 2nd Armd Bde, who had fought a running battle with enemy tanks all the way North from BU FETTAH, moved into the area East of ANTELAT. 1Tp Mr Petch and 4Tp Mr Palin Evans maintained their position during the night. Sgt Hutchinson returned to SHQ who spent the night at X6278.

B Sqn.
During the night orders were received that the Coldstream Guards were going to hold the line of the BELANDAH – AGEDABIA track facing SW at first light. It was known however that there were considerable numbers of enemy tanks to the North of BU FETTAH. 5Tp was therefore ordered to a position South of BELANDAH. 4Tp to a position about 4 miles to his NW and 2Tp to a position overlooking AGEDABIA.
2Tp reported 300 – 400 MET in and around AGEDABIA and during the morning these moved NE towards ANTELAT and North up the road towards BENGASI.
At 0900 hours orders were received that the Coldstream Guards were to retire North to ANTELAT but their Echelon had not arrived from the previous night and it was found necessary to wait for petrol.
At about 1000 hours reports were received that SAUNNU was occupied by 700 vehicles of the enemy and in view of this the Coldstream Guards were directed on SAUNNU instead.
It was 1400 hours before we eventually moved. 3Tp acted as left guard, 5Tp was right flank guard and 4Tp was rear guard. 3Tp encountered an enemy column shortly after starting but avoided it by turning East.
After proceeding 10 miles the head of the column encountered 50 enemy tanks which were engaged until dark. At the same time 5Tp reported a large enemy column of approx 100 vehicles with 5 or 6 tanks moving North about 4 miles to our East.
All columns were ordered to move to a position 10 miles NE of SAUNNU, the Sqn was ordered to lead the Coldstream Guards HQ to this position. On darkness enemy Verey lights could be seen going up all around and all cars took a course which would lead South of SAUNNU.
All Tps were called in and refuelled and the march commenced about 2130 hours. The march was uneventful and enemy leaguers occasionally fired. 30 miles were covered and the Sqn then leaguered for the night in the correct position.

In the morning orders were received to move to ANTELAT area as the enemy were there. Much reorganisation was needed. A & C Sqns were combined and RHQ moved down the track to X7594 and the Sqn made contact. The Regt was under 1st Armd Div and wireless contact was made with them in the afternoon and they moved to our area in the evening.

24/1/42 A Sqn.
1Tp and 4Tp were in the same positions. Soon after first light the former was able to move a few miles further South on to a ridge overlooking ANTELAT itself and reported the situation there apparently the same as yesterday, although fewer vehicles could be seen.Sgt Hutchinson was sent out to his position of yesterday and contacted the Bays. As the approaches to ANTELAT, the NE and East were covered by the Bays, Sgt Hutchinson was withdrawn. The OP from Mr Palin Evans remained a while longer and then returned to Mr Petch and shelled the ANTELAT area from 0900 to 1000 hours.
At 0910 hours Mr Palin Evans had reported 100 men in threes, marching West from ANTELAT. These were probably prisoners taken by the enemy.
B Sqn (Major Wainman) came on the air during the morning and reported all OK except for a few cars which had to be abandoned.
At 1100 hours advance SHQ (Major Lawson) and Capt Burdon moved to contact the Bays which they did and found Brigadier Briggs at that position. The plan was rather obscure. SANNU was reported no movement seen. 10th Hussars had suffered heavy tank casualties the day before.
9th Lancers were to the East of the Bays and Guards Bde were NW of SANNU. It appeared that the enemy had the initiative.
Advance SHQ moved to 1Tp and saw a small enemy force consisting of 20 MET including 3 A/Tk guns operating North of ANTELAT. This force behaved with great tenacity and skill and appeared to quite unworried by 6 tanks of the Bays and the 25pdrs with them. They carried out their recce and withdrew after seeing what strength the Bays were in at any cost to themselves. They were extremely brave.
During the afternoon Mr Palin Evans Tp was ordered to work round the rest of the ANTELAT position to discover what force the enemy were in. this recce was well carried out. 150 to 200 MET were seen but no tanks. The enemy were not, as reported, using the ANTELAT aerodrome and Mr Palin Evans had several skirmishes with light enemy patrols.
Sgt Peacock relieved Mr Palin Evans and Mr Ballingal relieved Mr Petch at 1600 hours. Position during the evening was unchanged and no enemy tanks showed themselves during the day.
SHQ spent the night at X5873. Pomfrets force came under the Bays at 1700 hours. Mr Ballingal and Sgt Peacock were out for the night. B Sqn were today operating to the East of our line of observation.

B Sqn.
At first light Tps were sent out on a 2 mile radius to sort out the situation. The enemy were seen and all the columns of 22nd Bde were located. It was thought that RHQ, who had been in reserve at MSUS, would be in the area and it was decided to try and establish W/T contact which was made at about 0900 hours. Orders were then received from RHQ to take up a position of observation on the left of A Sqn. As a result 3Tp proceeded about 3 miles NE of SANNU, 4Tp 4 miles NW and 5Tp 5 miles WNW of him.
4Tp met Colonel Harvey of the 10th Hussars who was trying to locate his Bde HQ. Shortly after this 4Tp reported mechanical trouble on his own car and 2Tp relieved him. All Tps reported that columns of the 1st Support Grp were operating in the area.
2Tp pushed forward and reported an enemy position about 2 miles NW of SAUNNU but he was then shelled and forced back.
There was considerable Stuka activity against the 22nd Guards Bde column in the area of SHQ. At least 4 raids being made. The Echelon arrived during the afternoon as petrol was getting very low.
In the evening 3Tp reported a column of approx 50 vehicles moving North in the SAUNNU area. A troop of the Royals arrived and SHQ stated they had been ordered to get in touch with us.
All Tps rejoined SHQ for the night.

The Div came to RHQ and codes were given and the Regt began to operate normally. Lt Horsford was acting Adjt in the forward link. RHQ remained by Div all day and at night. In the afternoon Stukas came down the track, strafing, but did no damage and 2 were shot down later. The night passed quietly.

25/1/42 A Sqn.
At 0700 hours Mr Ballingal reported that there had been movements of the enemy during the night from ANTELAT to a position 6 miles down the SAUNNU track. At 0715 hours he reported a large enemy column of about 120 vehs moving North on Zt MSUS track. There was another column formed up facing East, no tanks were seen in this column.
By 0815 hours the column had reached the high ground 4 miles North of ANTELAT and Mr Ballingal was forced to withdraw slightly.
Rear SHQ had been ordered to move back North along the track. At this time Pomfrets column was seen to be moving in close proximity of Advance SHQ. Pomfret was contacted and the enemy pointed out to him and his 25pdrs engaged the column who were advancing, led by a staff car. Pomfrets column now became involved at closer range with the enemy and the 25pdrs withdrew followed by the 2pdrs.
Mr Ballingal had moved to the East flank of the enemy and gave exceptionally good reports on them. Sgt Peacock was watching this column from the West. There was no northwards movement on his front.
At 0900 hours Mr Ballingal reported a tank battle to the East of him. This was to be explained later, and to be expected as the Bays were in that area. The enemy tanks however, which had come from SANNU, drove through the Bays who moved North.
Mr Ballingal saw that he was likely to be cut-off and started moving NW, stopping to pick up a disabled tank crew. He was by this time under heavy tank fire but he was still passing information with great coolness and accuracy.
At 0915 hours he reported one of his cars knocked out and proceeded to pick up the crew. A few minutes later, he reported himself as certain to be in the bog and passed extremely coolly his last information, then reported his own car hit, that he was destroying his papers and that the tank crew with him had dismounted and surrendered. His conduct throughout deserved the highest praise and he was unbelievably cool.
Contact with the enemy was lost for a few minutes but Sgt Hutchinson was ordered to pick up the centre of the enemy column while Mr Petch found the head. Sgt Peacock remained where he was.
Pomfret column had ceased to operate and Advance SHQ travelled on the West flank of the enemy column.
By 1000 hours the situation was:- the enemy now had two columns, one travelling North to Zt MSUS containing 250 MET and 20 tanks, the other travelling NE with 500 MET and about the same number of tanks. B Sqn was shadowing the latter.
The column heading due North for Zt MSUS met little, or no, opposition and stopped for nothing, with 20 tanks leading them. The idea apparently being to produce chaos, which they did, and not become involved on route.
At 1115 hours Mr Petch reported that the enemy tanks were on the Zt MSUS landing ground. Our own troops had retired North and East. The Sqn was to the West of Zt MSUS.
Mr Petch continued in observation of the enemy and Sgt Hutchinson moved up and did the same. Sgt Peacock had seen no signs of enemy except the elements in his area. He was ordered to withdraw and join SHQ. He was shadowed North by enemy ACs.
Mr Petch reported the enemy column moving NE at 1300 hours. He and Sgt Hutchinson were ordered across the wadi and keep contact. They attempted this but were driven North by mobile A/Tk guns. They also reported further enemy columns coming into Zt MSUS from the South and they were therefore both ordered to withdraw West.
Zt MSUS was a fair shambles. Dumps burning and MT and tanks and ACs in Ordnance Parks. W/T touch with RHQ was now non existent as RHQ and B Sqn had withdrawn East.
It was therefore decided to move West down the track to SCELEIDIMA and then turn North. Sqn less Sgt Hutchinson and Mr Petch moved North from X6814 and reached BIR BALACH at 1600 hours. Sqn halted there until 1730 hours to wait for the two Tps who were still wending their way around enemy columns.
At 1730 hours Sqn complete except for Mr Ballingal’s Tp commenced to move the 55 miles to BIR EL GERRARI. The enemy situation was quite unknown but skirting all enemy leaguers to the North, the trip was carried out uneventfully and the destination reached at 0030 hours.
RHQ was out of touch with Div and we had no orders for tomorrow. However we were in touch with the Royals and we formed a plan to watch the enemy from the North for any advance in that direction, and the Royals to observe from the East.
Trevor Smail now commanding, the Colonel being on leave, although himself far from being well.

B Sqn.
Orders were received during the night that the Royals were coming in on the left of A Sqn and that the Sqn was to go into reserve. Until, however, touch had been made between A Sqn and the Royals, the Sqn was ordered to send out a patrol to a position about 6 miles NW of SAUNNU and 4Tp was detailed for this duty.
At about 0900 hours SHQ was ordered to proceed NW to a position closer to RHQ and at 0930 the Sqn less 4Tp commenced moving NW.
At the same time 4Tp reported 25 enemy tanks moving North at X6670. He was ordered to keep contact with the eastern flank as A Sqn was reporting their head.
The course of the Sqn was altered to strike the BALAT ABD EL HAFID lake at the southern extremity and the Sqn would moved from that position in either an easterly or westerly direction according to the position of the tanks.
Unfortunately when the lake was sighted it was apparent that the Sqn was too far to the West and was 2 miles North of the southern end on the western side. The Sqn therefore turned East towards the lake. By this time 4Tp reported the enemy tanks to be in the area X8082 moving North, fast. At the same time a report was received that an enemy column had moved NE from SAUNNU.
It was decided to move 2 miles South to the bottom end of the lake and operate on the eastern side. 5Tp who was doing rearguard reported the leading elements of the enemy column about 1 ½ miles to his SW. during this time 4Tp had not been able to keep up with the enemy and, as it looked as though he would not be able to get round the northern end of the lake, permission was asked of RHQ if he could break contact and move to the South of the lake. This was granted but he had hardly commenced moving when SHQ encountered the above mentioned force to the South of the lake. 4Tp was therefore ordered to find a gap across the middle of the lake which he did.
The remainder of the Sqn dropped back in front of the enemy column which was moving in a NE direction. 5Tp operating at their head and 3Tp on their East flank. The enemy fired a few shells. The column consisted of 25 tanks and about 600 MET. Brigadier Reid’s Column was visible to the East of the lake and 1Tp was ordered to contact him and acquaint him of the situation and this he did. Brigadier Reid, having only 3 guns left, did not engage and he retired to the NE, 1Tp remaining with him.
The enemy still continued advancing NE at a fairly rapid rate and after about 5 miles 5Tp reported he was having considerable trouble with one of his ACs. 2Tp therefore relieved him. The enemy halted on reaching BEZ ZMARIZ where their head appeared to be engaged by some of our own troops.
Their tail had concentrated up on their head and they presented a fine target for either air or artillery. A few minutes later considerable artillery fire could be seen at the tail. This it transpired later was Colonel Purdons (RB) column.
At about 1500 hours orders were received from RHQ to break contact with this column and to rejoin RHQ in the North. A Tp of Royals arrived at the same moment and they took over observation of the enemy.
At the same time, part of the enemy column about 100 strong commenced moving East and it therefore appeared as though there might be some difficulty in getting to the North of the enemy. 2Tp remained in observation of the enemy whilst the remainder of the Sqn moved about 10 miles East and then North, crossing the head of the enemy column 2 miles in front. 2Tp was called in and the Sqn joined up with RHQ 6 miles West of GERRARA shortly after dark.

No change in the situation.

26/1/42 A Sqn.
At first light Mr Palin Evans moved to T1040 and Sgt Hutchinson to T2040 and started moving South. It appeared now that there had been no northward movement of the enemy from their concentration in area T track T0720. SHQ moved to T3050 and on route found the Luard column, positioned them, and sent them off to CHARUBBA. We also found a brand new staff car belonging to Wyne of 2nd Armd Bde Staff. His documents were also left in it. The car will do fine for Trevor who wants one. Sam White our OME collected it and it was at once put into commission.
Mr Palin Evans and Sgt Hutchinson were both moving South and contacted light enemy patrol elements on the 30 N/S Grid line.
At 1130 hours SHQ moved to T 1244 where a tank workshops was found. The amount of kit left behind in the last few days by our troops is past all belief. We shall never win the war if this state continues, and men and officers go entirely unpunished for their gross negligence. LCpl Mitchell put one A15 on the road within 30 minutes and we will take this back tonight. We also collected as much water as we wanted and an uncased charging engine. B wants one.
During the morning Peter Palin Evans Tp engaged a small column of 7 vehicles, killed the officer and the column dispersed in confusion. From the back of the last lorry jumped 7 men. These were collected and proved to be men of ours taken yesterday by the enemy.
At midday I heard that the SAAC Regt was to take over our piece of line. One of theirs certainly arrived during the afternoon and sailed in to attack us. We did not return their fire and they soon realised their error.
Bob Reeves Morris’s Sqn picked up John B and his Tp complete this morning. I await the story of his escape with interest. Sgt Peacock went out in the afternoon to take over from Sgt Hutchinson.
We skirmished with the enemy throughout the day, difficult as they were in our vehicles the whole of the time, but returned many of them South in clouds of dust. No enemy in a major way from the North but no doubt they are having a marvellous time at our dumps and they are certainly sending out small parties destroying our abandoned vehicles.
Sqn concentrated at last light, the 4th SAAC having taken over. We moved to T3050 with 1 tank, 1 Humber AC and 1 Dingo all of which Mitchell had fixed up during the day. He is a most brilliant mechanic and worker. Arrived at 2030 hours and RHQ arrived an hour later, Trevor a very sick man.

A line was established running NW & SE with the Royals in the South. B Sqn had returned the night before. RHQ moved NW to T2852 to get in the centre. one Hurricane out of 6 machine gunned RHQ and hit a petrol lorry without setting fire to it.
Orders were received to take over the northern end of the line and the 4th SAAC arrived in the area. B Sqn remained to guide the Echelon and RHQ moved 5 miles to join A Sqn. The Echelon did not arrive that night.

B Sqn.
During the night orders were received that the Sqn was to regain touch with the BIR ZMARIZ party with the Royals on our left and A Sqn on our right.
1Tp, 2Tp and 3Tp therefore moved West at first light. Colonel Purdons column, which had been seen breaking through the previous day, was encountered moving East about 4 miles West of SHQ and they later came into SHQ.
Visibility was bad during the day but isolated enemy recce parties were observed by all Tps in the area East and NE of BIR ZMARIZ, one of these parties engaged 2Tp with small arms fire.
As the light cleared in the evening about 400 MET could be seen in the ZMARIZ area. All Tps rejoined SHQ at last light. SAAC Regt arriving to take over that bit of the line. Orders were received that the Sqn were to await the arrival of the Echelon, and then move NW for about 12 miles and join RHQ.
By midnight however, as the Echelon had not arrived, it was decided to leaguer for the night.

27/1/42 B Sqn.
The Sqn moved about 13 miles NW at first light and joined up with RHQ. Orders were then received to the effect that the Sqn was to operate to the SW of EL CHARRUBA with A Sqn on the right and a SA Regt on the left.
4Tp therefore proceeded to the area of the two cisterns S8462 with 5Tp about 5 miles to his SE. 5Tp reported approx 50 vehicles moving North at S7544, about 7 miles to his South. These subsequently disappeared. Tps were called in for the night and the Sqn leaguered in the AISILAN area.

In the morning RHQ moved up the track towards CHARRUBA taking with it one A15 salvaged by the Sqn. They passed through the Guards Bde and halted at T0476 at midday. Rain and sandstorm. We were close to Div and Major Smail who was sick went to Liaison Officer. The night was spent. The Echelon arrived and all replenished.

28/1/42 B Sqn.
At first light 1Tp proceeded to the double cistern area and 3Tp to the area to his SE. during the morning a report was received stating that there was a large enemy column moving North in area S6040. 1Tp proceeded about 10 miles West to investigate but was unable to confirm although he saw a large column of smoke considerably further to the West.
Both Tps returned to SHQ at last light and the Sqn leaguered in the usual place.

In the morning RHQ remained in the same place but moved to B Sqn at S9664 in the afternoon, arriving at dusk.
A quiet night but news of tanks to the South attacking the Scots Guards.

29/1/42 B Sqn.
During the night orders were received that on the following day A Sqn would operate on our left in the area BIR GARUNIS. The Sqn was ordered to do flank guard to the 1st Armd Div which was supposed to be moving South from CHARRUBA to engage the enemy in the MSUS area. 4Tp proceeded to the cistern area, 2Tp to the SE of him and 5Tp to the SW of him.
During the morning a report was received that an enemy column was moving East towards EL CHARRUBA from EL ABIAR. 1Tp was therefore ordered to go out to investigate. He reached SIDI AZAMUT and reported no movement seen and was recalled.
All Tps were called in at last light and orders were then received that the Regt was to move to BIR TENGEGER, a distance of approx 70 miles. The Regt left at 2300 hours, B Sqn leading, and by 0430 hours had covered 50 miles.

In the same place. The doctor sent out to A Sqn and Lt White arrived from CHARRUBA. Major Smail went to Div and returned with orders to move to TERGEDER area. The start was delayed by orders to send patrol to ABIAR track which was eventually cancelled and the Regt moved at 2300 hours.
A good march through the night with good going. Two halts were made and the Regt arrived intact at 0800 hours, passing through the Royals area.

30/1/42 Day spent in resting.
31/1/42 B Sqn.
It was decided that owing to the bad condition of the ACs, to form a composite Sqn and Major Lawson found 2 Tps under Lt Horsford and Sgt Parker. The remainder of the Regt in B vehicles moved back to BIR HACHEIM under Major Alexander.

11th Hussars 1942, February to August missing.

Period September 1st to October 15th.
For he most part of this period the Regt was operating below the SOMAEA escarpment with patrols forward of the MAGRA area. On the last night of August, Rommel’s push began and the enemy came through the minefields North of HIMEIMAT. Although during the next few days the 11th Hussars established no contact with the enemy we withdrew to conform with the line of the 4th Light Armd Bde. RHQ fell back on the first night from MUNQUAR AFRAN to the neighbourhood of the BLACK HILLS. The next few days would have passed quietly enough as the Regt was not in contact, but Me 109’s were active over the Sqn, their crowning achievement being the destruction of Colonel Leetham’s staff car and kit. On the following day, September 4th, Colonel Leetham went back to Cairo and Major Smail took over command of the Regt. Soon afterwards Colonel Leetham flew home to take up a post in England. At this time the following changes also took place:-
  • Major Wainman from B Sqn to 2i/c,
  • Major Alexander from RHQ to a very secret job in Palestine,
  • Major Grant Thorold from Adjt to C Sqn,
  • Capt Crankshaw from PAE to General McCreary to Adjt,
  • Lt Stewart from IO to PAE General McCreary,
  • Capt Roberts from Base to B3,
  • Capt Dier from B3 to 4th Armd Bde, as temp Major,
  • 2Lt Brown from LO at 4th Armd Bde,
  • 2Lt Moore from A Sqn to B2a,
  • 2Lt Frisbee from Base on joining to RHQ AA Tp,
  • 2Lt Williamson on joining to A Sqn,
  • 2Lt Stephen from A Sqn to B3.

Until mid September, when the Germans had fallen back on the MUNASSIB – HIMEIMAT – RALAT line the Regt was playing outside left to the 8th Army and saw little of the game. We were then relieved by the 6th SAAC Regt and moved to take over the line between MUNASSIB and the SOMARA escarpment, having under command 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry, less one Sqn. The Regt was thus enabled to renew its acquaintance with Lt Col Lord Allenby and Major Wiggin. For this period we came directly under the command of 7th Armd Div and RHQ were at 438868, and a good enough position until Bde axis for 4th Light Armd Bde was laid through the centre of it and a bad position when the 51st Highland Div used it for training purposes. The congestion being almost intolerable.

There was little activity during this time though travelling was complicated by minefields. RHQ had many visitors including officers from the 2nd and 13th Lancers and the Scout Tp of the Wiltshire and Warwickshire Yeomanry Regts in Dingos.

At the end of September the 11th Hussars reverted to 4th Armd Bde and were relieved for three days by the newly arrived Household Cavalry Regt. We then went on schemes to practice the work of columns. 11th Hussars column under command of Lt Col Smail consisted of RHQ and A Sqn 11th Hussars, A Sqn 4th Hussars (Capt O’Brien), M Bty 3rd RHA (Major O’Brien Butler), D Coy 1st KRR (Capt Cosden) and the usual smaller units.

The column joined up NW of GABALLA and prepared to move at 0200 hours. Fortunately the LO detailed for the job, failed to find us till nearer 0400 hours so the night march was fairly short though not entirely orderly. When the column reformed at daybreak it pushed in the direction of AMRIYA and attacked an imaginary landing ground during the afternoon. An atmospheric storm put an end to radio communication and the scheme was declared closed. On the next day we returned to the starting point, practising formations as we went. The night was spent in the Echelon area near QARET SHIRAB and then RHQ and A Sqn returned South to the SOMARA area, RHQ being at 437229 with the Echelon near EL SAYDADA.

With only one Sqn in the line, the opportunity was taken to re-fit and give leave to as many as possible. There was little ground activity though occasional tank sorties were made by the enemy and reported by us, but the air situation became acute. Groups of two, four, five or nine Me109’s made repeated attacks on the forward troops, on the Sqn HQ at MAGAR and on RHQ. There were several men wounded and even desperate digging failed to prevent a few vehicles from being shot up. These included one of the American Volunteer Ambulances, 2 Scammel breakdowns, the Signal Sgts truck and several punctures in RHQ and more of the same further forward. The new AA Troop under 2Lt Frisbee was formed, consisting of 1 Breda gun, 1 German 20mm and 1 twin MG flak truck, this generally put up a good volume of fire and was a comforting addition to RHQ.

In an effort to fox the Me’s RHQ withdrew NE for 3 miles on the 16th and set about digging itself in once more. During September to October 15th period, SSM Beedham, like several others, caught diphtheria and his place was taken by Sgt Emery and later Sgt Whittaker. “X” Troop Royal Signals lost the services of Sgt Walker and Cpl Smith whose stay with RHQ had been a successful one as with C & A Sqns.

Officers Serving With the Regt in the Field October 1942.


Lt Col AT Smail CO
Major W Wainman 2i/c
Capt JAN Crankshaw MC Adjt
Capt HC Roberts OC RHQ Sqn
Capt H Petch DCM Technical Officer
2Lt EK Brown B2
2Lt RH Moore B2a
2Lt DRJ Stephen B3
2Lt RV Frisbee AA Tp
Lt (QM) E Chardwick MBE  
Capt T Wright RAMC  
Lt VC Gabbitass RAOC  
C Sqn.
Major RMHM Grant Thorold Lt HF Hutchinson DCM
Capt WV Burdon 2Lt OM Wentworth Stanley
2Lt GJ Lovett 2Lt JDA Woodhouse
2Lt HWJ de Wend Fenton  
A Sqn.
Major JCAD Lawson MC Capt JA Friend
Lt PN St.C. Palin Evans Lt JW Peacock DCM MM
Lt JB Turner 2Lt The Viscount DAW Stewart
2Lt DAF Willianson  
B Sqn.
Major J Turnbull Capt T C’B Horsford MC
Lt RE Wingfield Digby Lt AC Le H Cockbain
Lt RR Lockett 2Lt NWL Pring
Officers Serving Away from the Regt in the MEF.
Colonel E Forrestier Walker OBE MC 10th Army
Lt Col NHN Wild “A” Force Middle East
Major Verelst APM Haifa
Major K Alexander 9th Army
Major HS Cayzer Sqn Ldr, 7th Training School
Major W McG Cunningham MC PA General Alexander
Capt FW Ward 2i/c Armd Car Training Sqn.
Capt A Reid Scott ADC General Wavell, India.
Capt GEC Dier MC 4th Light Armd Bde
Capt JW Poston MC PA General Montgomery
Capt PF Stewart PA General McCreary
Capt AJ Newsome AFU Staff
Lt RA Rapp Sick
Lt JW Garradd 4th Armd Bde.

September 1942 CO: Lt Col AT Smail
Sep 42 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own)
1/9/42 C Sqn.
At 0600 hours the Sqn was ordered to go to RUWEL EL GAMUS but were told to halt when they were at 456851.
The Sqn was put under the command of Colonel Corrett DSO MC, who had a column of two Coys of 60th KRR and two Btys of 3rd Field Regt, but later on this was cancelled and the Sqn were ordered back West a little way to 444844.
2/9/42 C Sqn.
At 0630 hours the Sqn was ordered to send out 2 patrols with the object of recceing position of the enemy northwards between ABUD WEIS and QARET EL HUMAR. 1Tp shr McHardy received orders to move West and go up the pass West of MUNQAR RALAT. 4Tp Lt Wentworth Stanley was sent up the escarpment just West of QARET SOMARRA and get into position to observe the area round HIMEIMAT.
SHQ moved westwards and were attacked by 4 Me109’s; no damage was done although the Forward and Rear Link cars were narrowly missed by some AP shells.
0930 – 1Tp had nearly reached the top of the pass and at 0947 hours reported 30 Infantry at 874251 also 1 MET at 871252.
0955 – 1Tp at 872247 reported 2 OPs at 871251.
In the meantime 4Tp had one car badly stuck just South of QARET SOMARRA which held them up.
1008 – 1Tp reported 3 MET had joined the Infantry, who were digging in at 874251.
1158 – 1Tp reported that 1 MET had gone North and that there were now 50 Infantry digging.
1245 – 1Tp reported 1 truck with 6 men walking about at 864250.
1247 – 4Tp had reached a position at 887245 and reported a large concentration of MET South of DEIR EL RAGIL.
1305 – 4Tp reported 12 MET stationary at 883252 and 3 MET moving East from 886250. Later on they went to 880252 where they were joined by 7 MET.
The B1 Echelon plus 2Tp and 3Tp were now South of MUNQAR AFRAN but forward HQ were about 3 miles to their West. They were attacked and strafed by 6 Me109’s. Lt Lovett’s car was set on fire but his men quickly put it out, no damage being done to it but Tpr Pinfold was slightly wounded in the face and hands. Several cars were hit which caused some punctures.
1433 – 1Tp reported 2 MET moving West and approaching the Infantry position, he then reported 2 more MET moving North up the pass from Pt. 219. Shortly afterwards 1Tp was told to come back to SHQ.
1532 – 4Tp reported 3 tanks moving SW at 881249. They later disappeared in that direction.
1655 – 4Tp was ordered to return to SHQ who were moving back to RHQ at 444844. Both 1Tp and 4Tp had done a good recce.
4/9/42 C Sqn.
In reserve, nothing to report.

B Sqn.
1Tp in position at 428852 and 4Tp at 430846. 1Tp moved to a better position at 425842. Nothing was reported all day.
1800 – 3Tp relieved 1Tp and 5Tp relieved 4Tp and remained out all night. Major Wainman left the Sqn to take over 2i/c of the Regt and Capt Dier came as 2i/c the Sqn.

5/9/42 B Sqn.
3Tp in position at 428852 and 4Tp at 430846.
1600 – 3Tp was ordered to get in touch with 12th Lancers patrol to his North which he did at 889245. He remained with him till evening and returned to 425852 for the night.
1800 – 1Tp relieved 5Tp at 426845. No enemy reported all day. SHQ was bombed by Me109’s three times during the day but no damage was done.
6/9/42 A Sqn.
SHQ 436836. During these two days 2 patrols were maintained. One at RAS EL BAQAR and the other in area 425842. There was nothing of importance to relate during these two days.

B Sqn.
1Tp in position at 426845, 3Tp moved up into a position at 889245 which was just South of the 12th Lancers patrol.
0745 – 3Tp reported 25 MET in the HIMEIMAT area.
1000 – 2Tp relieved 3Tp at 889245.
1046 – 2Tp reported 7 MET moving North at 889245.
1100 – 2Tp went to 886242 to cover the 12th Lancers left flank and 1Tp moved forward to 888235.
1400 – 2Tp reported some MET at 881246 which our guns were shelling, but the shells were falling short. When told, the gunners got in amongst them and the MET withdrew NNW.
1600 – SHQ, 3Tp, 4Tp and 5Tp moved to 431846.
1700 – 2Tp reported 1 vehicle at 881247. 1Tp and 2Tp stayed out all night. We had a Tp of C Sqn 4th SAAC Regt attached to the Sqn and they went with 2Tp. They were armed with a 37mm gun, and a German flak gun.

7/9/42 A Sqn.
Patrol line moved West. Patrol now maintained at 876226 and another at RAS EL BAQAR as, from there it was possible to watch as far South as the 215 northing, which was our responsibility.
SHQ moved to MAGHRA and sat taking the waters in the oasis, nothing to report.
A Jeep Tp was formed under 2Lt Turner, who returned yesterday from Cairo, and from 2Tp. This was to fill the gap caused by shortage of cars, and also it was considered that longer recces in this area could be satisfactorily performed by this Tp.

B Sqn.
2Tp in position at 886242 and 4Tp at 888235.
0645 – 2Tp reported 4 tanks and some MET round the bottom of HIMEIMAT to the East and South and some guns shelling West from there.
0700 – 2Tp reported 5 MET moving South at 880246.
0710 – 2Tp moved West for 2 miles and reported 5 vehicles at 878243. On his way back to his normal position he was shelled.
All day 2Tp reported local enemy movement round HIMEIMAT.
1600 – 3Tp relived 4Tp at 888235. 2Tp and 3Tp remained out all night.

RHQ moved West to NE of MUNGAR AFRAN, within a mile or two of the leaguer area as it had been before the push of Sept 1st. this move was necessitated by the withdrawal of the enemy to HIMEIMAT and the fact that the Sqns were now patrolling the MAGRA area once more.

8/9/42 C Sqn.
1400 – the Sqn left to take over from B Sqn. 2Tp Lt Hutchinson went to a position SE of the ACACIA TREES at 883234. 4Tp Lt Wentworth Stanley took over from B Sqn patrol at HQAR MIAGUD. SHQ were just West of MUNQAR AFRAN. No movement seen.

B Sqn.
2Tp at 886242 and 3Tp at 888235.
0700 – 2Tp reported usual MET and movement round HIMEIMAT.
0715 – 2Tp reported 2 ACs and 1 Portee at 881243.
0730 – 2Tp was heavily shelled for 15 minutes owing to some of our tanks coming up to his position.
1000 – 2Tp was relieved by a Tp of the 12th Royal Lancers.
1500 – Sqn relieved by C Sqn and moved to 437837 with all Tps in.

9/9/42 C Sqn.
Lt Wentworth Stanley 4Tp reported an enemy OP just East of HIMEIMAT at 881250. He also reported a line of Infantry and MET stretching from 880925 North to 87962530.
0743 – Lt Hutchinson 2Tp reported 5 MET moved se to 87722425 where the men dismounted. One MET remained there and 4 MET moved West towing guns to 877242. One lorry towing a gun moved off NE.
0759 – Lt Hutchinson reported one large vehicle and one small truck at 88112428. Later on there was 1 large vehicle (either a tank or AC), one small AC and 1 Portee.
The Colonel visited the Sqn and also went round the Tps.
1730 – Lt Wentworth Stanley 4Tp picked up 2 natives and one donkey.
No movement seen remainder of the day.

A Sqn.
As for the 8th. 4Tp Lt Palin Evans at 876226. Sqn Ldr visited him.

B Sqn.
Remained in rest all day and that night.

10/9/42 C Sqn.
1125 – Lt Hutchinson 2Tp reported 5 men walking North at 876236. Two cars were sent out and these men turned out to be the crew of a Wellington which had raided TOBRUK and had to make a forced landing South of EL DABA. They had been walking for about 36 hours and were pleased when they realised who we were.
The 6th South African Regt relieved the Sqn at about 1200 hours as the Regt was ordered to take over from the 12th Royal Lancers and KDG’s further North.
The Sqn moved off in the afternoon to a position by RHQ and later moved to SE of RUWEL EL GAMUS.

A Sqn.
During the morning we heard that we were to be relived by 6th SAAC Regt. The Sqn arrived at 1530 hours. Relieving patrol took 3 hours to go 6 miles to relieve 4Tp. Handover completed after visit of OC 6th SAAC who had lost his map. Sqn moved by 1830 hours and spent the night in area 430840, 4Tp arriving at 2100 hours.

B Sqn.
The Regt moved to take over the line North of the Escarpment.
1600 – moved to 464854 for the night. Capt Horsford arrived to take over 2i/c from Capt Dier.

The Regt was relieved by 6th SAAC and that night moved East to the BLACK HILLS and GAMUS area where it leaguered.

11/9/42 C Sqn.
The Sqn moved in the morning to EL FATNUNIYA which was reached at 0900 hours and remained there the rest of the day.

A Sqn.
Sqn moved at 0630 hours to 470850 and halted for breakfast. From there to area EL FATNUNIYA arriving at 1300 hours. Sqn Ldr visited RHQ, 12th Royal Lancers and KDG to arrange to take over on the next day. Cars were also to be taken over from 12th Lancers and 2Lt Turner went to get 5 of these. Night spent in area 445868.

B Sqn.
Moved to 445867 and remained there all day and night.

Regt moved NW to QARET SHIRAB and came under command 7th Armd Div to patrol from MUHAFID to QOR LABRAN.

12/9/42 C Sqn.
0830 – Sqn moved to a place just SE of QARET EL HUMAR. The 12th Royal Lancers were there and the Sqn proceeded to take over from them making SHQ at 427855. 3Tp (Sgt Chambers, Lt Lovett’s car having broken down) took over the Northern patrol at 885248. They were shelled proceeding to this position. 1Tp Sgt McHardy took over the centre position at Pt. 215 888246 and 4Tp Lt Wentworth Stanley took over the Southern position at QUR EL LABAN, being heavily shelled whilst doing so.
1220 – all reliefs complete.
1415 – 3Tp Sgt Chambers reported 4 tanks and 1 Portee at 866242. Later on he reported 2 men standing on one of the tanks and one man outside and also 2 men climbing the NW slope of HIMEIMAT.
1830 – seven shells fell in area of 3Tp position.
1922 – 3Tp reported 2 men at 880251 walking SW.
1930 – 3Tp at 880251 reported 3 MET moving West also 4 tanks and 1 PV at 883252.
1940 – 3Tp reported 2 lorries and 1 AC moving North from HIMEIMAT.
2000 – no movement seen.

A Sqn.
At 0630 hours the Sqn complete moved to area 430876 to contact Major Hellyer’s Sqn of KDG. 1Tp were despatched from there with a guide and took over at 885255. There was also a 12th Royal Lancer patrol in that area.
B1 remained at 430867, advance SHQ moved to contact Major Shan’s Sqn of 12th Lancers at 427864, accompanied by 3Tp Mr Peacock and 4Tp Mr Palin Evans. These Tps took over patrols at 885258 and 888252.
The enemy hold the high ground from HIMEIMAT along the line of the track North to MUHAISSIB with a tank screen by day and fairly active artillery. In the nights the Infantry become responsible; they appear to sleep by day. The area under the escarpment from 879252 to 872252 hold 80 to 100 MET. The HIMEIMAT area about 40 MET and about 15 tanks in patrols of 2 or 3 to protect the front.
The tasks of Patrol Leaders is extremely difficult as the whole area is full of derelicts, from the German advance of 10 days ago. Also in the DEIR EL RACIL area are upwards of 150 German vehicles of all types mostly destroyed by our bombers. Our front is lightly held while the Armour re-groups. 4th Light Armd Bde in the South, Consett Force in the centre and 44th Div in the North. 51st Div in reserve at ALAM EL BUEIB area and 22nd Armd Bde in the area to the South of them ready to operate to their South.
C Sqn are with 4th Armd Bde, A Sqn on Consett Force front and one Sqn of Derbyshire Yeomanry to our North. This Sqn is under command 11th Hussars who come directly under 7th Armd Div. One Tp of Derbyshire Yeomanry came under command of the Sqn today, Tp Ldr 2Lt Amos. The Tp spent the day getting to know their position and the enemy in front of them.
The southern position is extremely bad and will have to be changed. The centre, Sgt Trumper, very exposed and comes in for a great deal of strafing, from 2 groups of 105’s. The Northern position is fairly good with a satisfactory vision to the West and the SW. advance SHQ remained in area 422364 and B1 in area 885255.
Patrols reported a total of 12 tanks during the day. 30 MET in the HIMEIMAT area and 60 to the West under the escarpment. Sqn Ldr visited Lt Colonel Consett in the evening. Patrol withdrew East of the most westerly minefield for the night.

B Sqn.
Remained in reserve in the same place.

13/9/42 C Sqn.
0600 – no movement seen.
0630 – 2Tp Lt Hutchinson relieved 3Tp Lt Lovett at position of the northern patrol, 3Tp then relived 1Tp Sgt McHardy at Pt. 215, 1Tp then relieved 4Tp at QUR EL LABAN who returned to SHQ.
0646 – 1Tp reported 2 MET moving about at the base of HIMEIMAT and were shortly joined by 1 more MET.
0706 – 1Tp reported 2 MET approaching HIMEIMAT, these MET later turned NW.
0725 – 1Tp reported 4 MET moving up ridge of HIMEIMAT.
0825 – 1Tp reported 8 Stukas flying East.
1031 – 2Tp reported 3 tanks at 881251.
1145 – 3Tp reported 5 MET at Pt. 165.
1220 – 3Tp reported 5 MET halted and 1 MET moving and later 2 guns at 880253.
1314 – 3Tp reported movement behind HIMEIMAT and at 879250 I MET burning.
1815 – 2Tp reported 2 tanks moving West out of sight and at 880257 2 MET moving SW.
1912- 1 Tp reported 3 MET at 881245 moving West and later approached HIMEIMAT from the South.
1930 – 3Tp reported 8 MET at 880250 moving North.
2000 – no movement seen.

A Sqn.
1Tp 3Tp and 4Tp in the same positions as yesterday. 4Tp had the misfortune to hit a mine at first light but did little damage.
1Tp Sgt Trumper came in for a great deal of artillery attention from gun position at 879257 (four 105’s and one 75mm) and from 880260 (three 105’s). there are also guns operating from positions 2000 yards West of HIMEIMAT. The light is only good until about 1000 hours and by that time patrols had seen the same amount of tanks and MET as yesterday.
Lt Col Smail and Lord Allenby visited advance SHQ at 1150 hours and at that time there arrived also the Free French column Commander and Lt Col Consett.
1300 – it was decided to change the patrol position of 4Tp and it was decided that a position at 891252 was more advantageous even though slightly further back.
Major Wainman visited SHQ in the late afternoon. Nothing further of note occurred during the day. Advance SHQ had moved to 424865 to be in touch with Major Northey’s HQ. Tps leaguered behind the minefield, 4Tp with the southern gap protectors and 1Tp and 3Tp together at one of the more northern gaps. SHQ and B1 and reserve Tps behind the second minefield.

B Sqn.
0800 - Moved to 442869.

RHQ moved West to EL FATNUNIYA. In this area sandstorms and flies, especially after the recent fighting an unending curse.
Capt JAN Crankshaw took over as Adjt from Major RMHM Grant Thorold.

14/9/42 C Sqn.
0600 – No movement seen.
0630 – 5Tp Sgt Keen relieved 2Tp Lt Hutchinson on the northern patrol, 2Tp relieved 3Tp Lt Lovett at Pt. 215 and 3Tp relieved 1Tp Sgt McHardy at QOR EL LABAN who came into SHQ.
0645 – 1Tp reported at 880250 2 MET at foot of HIMEIMAT.
0646 – 3Tp reported at 882252 1 tank moving West.
0930 – 2Tp reported at 883252 1 tank moving West. At 883251 5 tanks and 1 MET. Between 881255 and 881252 men standing at intervals. 15 minutes later at 883251 there were men walking about amongst the tanks.
1212 – 2Tp reported 879258 4 guns firing, believed to be 105’s. At 879256 1 gun ranging.
1444 – 2Tp reported at 873251 1 MET moved SE and later at 876249. Also 1 tank came from West of HIMEIMAT and towed away a light car moving West out of sight behind HIMEIMAT.
1758 – 2Tp reported 882254 8 MET moving South and possibly West. Later on 3 of these MET moved SE to 883257.
1900 – 2Tp reported at 883253 three MET halted. At 884253 two MET halted. At 883254 three MET moving East.
1928 – 3Tp reported 2 tanks left of Escarpment Post at 881242 and now moving North.
2000 – No movement seen.

A Sqn.
Sqn Ldr with 5Tp 2Lt Lord David Stuart and 6Tp 2Lt Amos D’Yeo left night leaguer area at 0630 hours. 5Tp to take over from 1Tp and 6Tp to take over from 3Tp. This take-over was completed by 0900 hours.
There was no change in the situation. 13 tanks were seen and the usual amount of MET in our area. 5Tp and 6Tp did extra well this being their first run out on this type of front which is ideal work for ACs.
At 1600 hours 2Tp 2Lt Turner took over having collected 3 12th Royal Lancers cars from 4Tp at 891252.
There was nothing unusual to report during the day. The three Tps leaguered each at a minefield gap with patrols of 60th KRR.
SHQ in close proximity to Major Northey’s night position in area 430866. Major Cayzer and Major Dunlop visited SHQ in the late afternoon.

B Sqn.
Remained in reserve and carried out some training.

15/9/42 C Sqn.
0600 – No movement seen
0630 – 4Tp Lt Wentworth Stanley relieved 5Tp Sgt Keen who relieved 2Tp Lt Hutchinson who relieved 3Tp Lt Lovett who returned to SHQ.
The usual movements of tanks and MET were reported throughout the day.
1634 – 5Tp reported at 882251 4 tanks stationary and being shelled. Later they went off in a westerly direction.
1849 - 5Tp reported at 883253 1 tank, moving North and being shelled.

A Sqn.
2Tp, 5Tp and 6Tp to normal positions at first light. There appeared to be a decrease in MET, but as the light improved this was not the case, and things became normal.
Tanks however showed themselves less, and only 6 were reported during the morning. There was the usual amount of shelling from both sides during the morning with the enemy in the best position of observation and the light always in their favour.The situation appeared as follows:- A small amount of enemy tank patrols were forward of the enemy Infantry position on the line of our old minefields and just East of it. Guns, generally 105mm, operated from the HIMEIMAT area and from area 880260 and 879257, becoming very active if patrols become inquisitive. 80 plus MET were reported under the escarpment from 872252 to 878252 and some movement from them NW and vice-versa.
Patrols withdrew at last light to minefield gaps.
Advance SHQ spent the day at 423864 and withdrew at last light to rear RHQ and B1 at 431867.

16/9/42 A Sqn.
At first light 2Tp, 5Tp and 6Tp to normal positions. On leaving the minefield gap at 899255 5Tp picked up a German deserter who gave a very open mouth to his questioning, he may have been planted.
5Tp and 6Tp were relieved by 3Tp and 4Tp. Major Aspinall 13th Lancers went out with 4Tp Mr Palin Evans.
At 0900 hours 1Tp Sgt Trumper relieved 2Tp in the southern position.
No tanks were reported the whole of this day and it appears the enemy have entirely withdrawn them leaving the front to artillery and OPs by day and Infantry by night. Except for the lack of tanks, MET seen were in normal positions and the same numbers. Patrols were again heavily shelled if the became inquisitive.
During the afternoon the enemy used a 150mm gun ranging up past SHQ to the gap at 429866. This gun in the morning had been trying to locate our Medium guns.Whilst withdrawing to night position SHQ was bombed by 109’s, near misses and no damage.
17/9/42 A Sqn.
Troops as for yesterday except that 6Tp Mr Amos D.Yeo replaced 1Tp in the southern position. A very quiet day. No tanks seen and no change in the enemy disposition. An Indian Army Major was taken out by the Sqn Ldr to 4Tp position, Major Aspinall returning. Sqn Ldr to RHQ. Normal night position. SHQ spent the day in position of Rear HQ and B1.
0600 – 3Tp left for the Northern patrol and 4Tp had trouble with 2 of his cars in bad going by the centre position. By 1000 hours 1Tp had taken over the centre and 4Tp the southern leaving 1Tp car with big end failure for evacuation. 5Tp broke a half-shaft on the way in, Harry had a busy day collecting casualties. Visibility was poor. Slight local movement reported. Occasional shells.
1900 – one MT and 2 ACs left ex post and went home NW by normal route.
18/9/42 A Sqn.
At first light Tps went out to their day position.
4Tp carried out a recce from his position 885258 to 882260 and came into close proximity of an enemy party consisting of one 155mm gun, 12 MET, a Portee, 1 W/T truck and 2 Jeeps. He also reported other MET in the NUNAISSIB depression. The enemy were surprised and so was Mr Palin Evans, it was not until he was withdrawing that he was engaged by the enemy. It appears that the enemy can hide a great deal of kit in this depression without being seen.
2Tp Mr Turner relieved 3Tp and 5Tp relieved 4Tp. While in the South 1Tp relieved 6Tp.
At 0900 hours the new 7th Armd Div Commander, General Harding, with Lt Col Smail came out to Advance SHQ at 423864. This party then went out and visited the Southern patrol positions. 5Tp Viscount Stuart explained the area, ground and what he could see to the General in veteran style.
Nothing to report from the enemy whose dispositions remained the same. At 1830 hours 2Tp was bombed by 109’s and LCpl Firth was slightly wounded by shrapnel and one car slightly damaged.
A slight increase of enemy MET movement in the evening and 2Tp was engaged by heavy machine gun fire at a range of 3 miles.
19/9/42 A Sqn.
5Tp took over the North and 2Tp took over the centre with 3Tp South.
0930 – the 6th SAAC Regt was bombed.
0945 – gun flashes were reported at 878250.
1830 – three 109’s bombed and strafed 2Tp. No damage or casualties.
20/9/42 A Sqn.
4Tp to the North, 5Tp centre and 2Tp South, 3Tp came in.
0845 – 2Tp reported 3 guns believed to be 75mm at 879250.
1010 – four 109’s dropped bombs and strafed. No damage.
21/9/42 A Sqn.
1Tp North, 4Tp Centre and 5Tp South, 2Tp came in. bad visibility early on – a few MET round HIMEIMAT. Slight artillery activity in the North.1900 – 4 ACs were seen to leave escarpment post. Quiet day.
22/9/42 B Sqn.
Sqn moved up to 432868 ready to take over from A Sqn next morning.

A Sqn.
3Tp North, 1Tp Centre and 4Tp South.
1045 - 3Tp was shelled by 105’s. No damage.
1235 – 3Tp was bombed by 109’s. No damage.
1750 – men seen at 879250 and 879251. Infantry positions here with Bty position slightly West.
1930 – escarpment patrol returned NW.

23/9/42 A Sqn.
2Tp in North, 3Tp Centre and 1Tp South.
0830 – one large and 2 small ACs at escarpment post.
1230 – 10 MET going South from 876250 and local single MET movement.

B Sqn.
Sqn took over from A Sqn. 1Tp went to 887256 and 2Tp sent out to 892252. SHQ and remainder stayed at 432868. The forward and rear link moved forward to 424865.
A column of 1st KRRC were at 424866 with whom we were in close touch. During the day the patrol at 887256 reported small enemy movement both of men and MET all along his front.
Our role was to observe the enemy on our front from the 250 Northing to the 258 Northing. In the case of an enemy advance we had to observe the enemy and block two gaps in one of our minefields at 426865 and 426863.
At night the patrol at 887256 withdrew to 890255 to help a party of KRRC who were guarding a minefield gap there. The patrol at 892252 went to 890252 to do likewise at another gap.
No movement seen during the night.

24/9/42 A Sqn.
5Tp North, 2Tp Centre and 1Tp South.
0900 – visibility poor, no change.
1250 – 105 shells fell near 890244, could not see where from.
1925 – just North of HIMEIMAT a large explosion followed by clouds of grey smoke and white verey lights, probably and enemy vehicle went over one of our mines left in that area.

B Sqn.
During the period 24th Sep to 3rd Oct two patrols were maintained at 88256 and 892252 with the Tps relieved every morning, staying out at night.
SHQ remained at 432868. Every day both patrols reported local enemy men and MET movement on the front.
The patrol at 887256 used to get shelled during the day and occasionally had to move its position about 100 yards. 3Tp Mr Digby having the worst day on Oct 1st when the 44th Div attacked MUNASSIB, and the enemy became more interested in the patrol than usual.

25/9/42 A Sqn.
0645 – very thick mist, visibility 20 to 50 yards, cleared by 0730 hours.
1710 – a long way NW of us vehicles and possibly tanks seen moving.
1910 – our artillery was active in area 878257 causing a fire. Nothing further to report.
26/9/42 C Sqn.
1Tp Sgt McHardy to northern position, 4Tp 2Lt Wentworth Stanley to Centre and 5Tp Sgt Keen to southern position.
Single vehicles reported during the morning in 879250 area.
In the morning Lt Hutchinson went on leave and 2Lt Woodhouse took over 2Tp. Major Grant Thorold took over the Sqn and went round the patrol positions with Major Cayzer who later went on to RHQ.
28/9/42 C Sqn.
2Tp Lt Woodhouse to northern position, 3Tp to Centre and 1Tp South.
At 0710 hours 3 vehicles were seen moving SE at 878245, they went into dead ground.
At 0740 hours 1Tp who were still in the Centre were shelled.
There was a certain amount of enemy shelling all day, at 0830 area 885245, at 0925 hours area 888247, at 0930 886245, at 1200 area 887243.
One vehicle of the enemy patrol at the escarpment 882242 was visible at 0900 hours. This vehicle was visible for the rest of the day.
The usual few vehicles and men were seen in the HIMEIMAT area and along the ridge running West. Me 109’s were again active in the area during the day.
29/9/42 C Sqn.
5Tp Sgt Keen, 2Tp and 3Tp moved out to the usual positions.
One tracked vehicle was seen moving SE at 879244, this was followed by another and at 0730 hours both were in position at the escarpment.
The usual shelling and bombing took place during the day.
30/9/42 C Sqn.
5Tp moved to the centre and 2Tp to the South. 3Tp returned to SHQ.
Usual small parties of vehicles and men were reported throughout the day.

October 1942 CO: Lt Col AT Smail
Oct 42 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own)
1/10/42 C Sqn.
1Tp Sgt McHardy moved to North relieving 4Tp who went to centre and 5Tp moved on to the southern position, 2Tp returned to SHQ.
Three Tp Ldrs of the Household Cavalry Regt who had spent the previous day and night at SHQ went round the patrol positions. There was heavy mist until 0830 hours and visibility was bad.
The usual enemy patrols around the escarpment were seen by the 6th SAAC Regt who were on our South but were not seen by our patrols.
0850 – there was a big scplonn at 877250. Vehicles in small numbers were seen in this area all day.
1045 – 5Tp reported 1 vehicle which appeared at 880241 and then moved North. It was believed to be an AC.
At 1300 hours 2 vehicles were seen at 882244, and at 1440 hours 1 vehicle moved into dead ground at 882243.
Me 109’s were fairly active and 1Tp were bombed at 1420 hours. The Sqn Ldr visited 1Tp during the morning and Capt Burdon took their rations to them in the evening. Visibility was again bad during the evening.
2/10/42 C Sqn.
3Tp Lt Lovett moved to Northern position, 1Tp to the Centre and 4Tp to the South. Visibility was fair.
The enemy escarpment port patrol could not be seen but at 1200 hours was reported to be there by the 6th SAAC Regt.
At 1313 hours 1Tp reported 3 vehicles moving NE at 882243, this was confirmed by 4Tp. They turned East and at 1340 hours reached 885243 where they were engaged with artillery fire. Now identified as 2 Honey tanks and one 8 wheeled AC, they came as far as 886243 before turning round and retiring West. They returned to their usual position at 882242 and went out of sight.
There was movement during the day of single vehicles along the ridge between 874250 and HIMEIMAT.
The Colonel visited the Sqn during the day. Two Tp Ldrs of the Household Cavalry Regt with their ACs went to the Northern patrol position in the evening.
3/10/42 C Sqn.
2Tp 2Lt Woodhouse took over Northern patrol, 3Tp moved to Centre and 1Tp to the South. One Tp Ldr of the HCR with AC went out with 2Tp who only took 2 ACs of his own. The other Tp Ldrs of the HCR moved on to the Centre and Southern patrols. 1Tp and 3Tp both sent back their third cars to SHQ.
There was a great deal of activity by 109’s between first light and 0930 hours, but none for the rest of the day.
There was the usual activity along the ridge, running over the 250 grid from HIMEIMAT. There was an extremely bad dust storm in the afternoon and during the evening 2 HCR cars went out to each position to join their Tp Ldrs. 1Tp, 2Tp and 3Tp each sent back another car to SHQ, remaining themselves with HCR Tps.
There was a wireless silence from 2100 hours onwards.
4/10/42 C Sqn.
The Tp Ldrs left out rejoined SHQ by 0900 hours. Sqn moved at 1600 hours to RHQ area 438868. The Sqn Ldr and 8 ACs, without car commanders, remained there to take part in a scheme.
The remainder of the Sqn moved back to the Echelon area.

A Sqn.
From Sep 25th to Oct 4th the Sqn was in reserve at 439869. The time being taken up in extensive training and careful checking of vehicles and equipment.
The Derbyshire Yeomanry lent the Sqn a Daimler AC to the Sqn for a short period and classes were held on this vehicle and the 2pdr gun. The 1st RB also gave 6pdr classes to 10 men of the Sqn.
The recce Tps of the Wiltshire and Warwickshire Yeomanry were also instructed during this period.
Attention was also given to the instruction of Tp Ldrs in Column Warfare which appeared to have become important.

B Sqn.
We were relieved by Major St George’s Sqn of the HCR. For four days before this we had had some of his Tp Ldrs out on patrol with our Tps.
1100 – the hand over was complete and the Sqn was concentrated at SHQ. The Sqn had to supply 8 wireless cars for communication, so these went off with the Sqn Ldr and Mr Cockbain who went out on the scheme.
1500 – the rest of the Sqn went under Capt Horsford to the B3 area.

5/10/42 C Sqn.
Capt Burdon, 2Lt Wentworth Stanley, SSM Lamb and 21 ORs went on leave to Cairo. Those who were not out on the scheme remained in the Echelon area.

B Sqn.
Sqn remained in the B3 area and three composite Tps were organised and the rest of the men went on leave. The cars that were not used were left with the B3 with only one driver per car.

8/10/42 C Sqn.
A, B & RHQ Sqns moved down to the MOGRA area and A Sqn took over the line South of the 850 grid from the 6th SAAC Regt. C Sqn remained in the Echelon area.

A Sqn.
The Sqn moved to MAGHRA and took over from 6th SAAC Regt in area 890228. Patrols were maintained at RAS EL BAQAR also at 875229 and 884234. 1Tp Sgt Green, 2Tp Mr Turner and 5Tp viscount Stewart took over these patrols.
6th SAAC stated that the mosquitoes to be extremely bad.

B Sqn.
The Regt moved South to the MOGRA area to take over from the 6th SAAC Regt. The Sqn of SHQ and three Tps under Sgt Matheson, Sgt White and Mr Cockbain moved to 445847 where they arrived at 1700 hours and stayed the night. Mr Pring’s Car was sent out to SOMRA as a link between 4th Armd Bde and the Regt but was not very successful.

9/10/42 C Sqn.
Sqn moved to 451841 where it remained in reserve.

A Sqn.
Patrols as for the 8th.
In the afternoon the colonel visited the Sqn and Capt Friend and Mr Peacock proceeded on leave to Cairo. Tps had nothing to report all day.
Tps and SHQ were worried considerably by the mosquitoes during the night.

B Sqn.
At 1100 hours the Sqn moved to 440844 where we were in immediate reserve by RHQ; A Sqn being in the line.

10/10/42 C Sqn.
Sqn in same position and still in reserve.

A Sqn.
4Tp Sgt Fitzpatrick (Mr Palin Evans doing 2i/c), was at RAS EL BAQAR. 3Tp and 5Tp relieved 1Tp and 2Tp. Nothing to report all day.

B Sqn.
Sqn remained at 440840 in reserve. Made up to five Tps again and got six new Mk III Humbers in exchange for our old ones.

12/10/42 C Sqn.
Leave party returned and the Sqn reorganised into five Tps. A total of nine new HAC Mk III were received.

A Sqn.
Tps in their position but nothing to report all day.
SHQ was harshly dealt with by 109’s (bombers) 3 times during the day at 1000 hours, 1400 hours and 1700 hours. The attack at 1400 hours lasted for 30 minutes and 9 109’s took part. This was a fierce attack and the Sqn was lucky to have only two men wounded. Cpl Addis slightly and Tpr Rose fairly seriously. No B vehicles were damaged. ACs were hit but none penetrated except that of Cpl Addis. It would appear that the enemy fighters use the Southern Sqn as a practice ground for their young pilots. They improve slightly. The Sqn shot down a 109 which landed in the area of ACACIA TREES. Enemy planes later bombed and destroyed this machine the pilot was picked up by 2 Heinkel recce machines.

13/10/42 C Sqn.
Sqn moved to 440844 where it remained in reserve.

A Sqn.
Sqn was relived by Major Turnbull’s Sqn during the morning. The Sqn moved via RHQ to EL FAIYAD which was the Echelon area.

B Sqn.
Sqn moved to 892228 to take over from A Sqn. 2Tp moved out to 876230, 1Tp to 887236 and 4Tp Mr Pring to 890222. By 1200 hours the take over was complete.
1600 – 2Tp was heavily bombed and strafed by 109’s, no damage.
1630 – 1Tp reported 2 heavy tanks coming down the escarpment at 880240. These tanks moved SSW straight for 2Tp who had to withdraw to 880228. When the tanks got to 2Tp original position they stopped and then withdrew North.
1845 – SHQ and Echelon moved 3 miles East. 1Tp and 2Tp remained out and 4Tp returned to SHQ.

14/10/42 C Sqn.
Sqn in reserve.

A Sqn.
Oct 14th to 22nd.
At 1200 hours on the 14th Mr Palin Evans and Viscount Stewart set out for Cairo with 12 Humber ACs and 35 ORs to draw new Humber ACs and for leave.
Capt Friend returned by 1400 hours from Cairo after a motor accident on route. He and Sgt Trumper unhurt but Tpr Fearn slightly hurt. Major Lawson proceeded to Cairo at 1500 hours.
During the period to the 22nd Troop training and W/T training was carried out by the Sqn which consisted of only three Tps. Mr Peacock attended Div minefield gapping scheme. On Oct 21st the men returned from leave in Cairo with new ACs.

B Sqn.14th Oct to 18th Oct.
During this period the Sqn kept the three patrols out at 876230, 887236 and 890222 during the day. During this period the only enemy patrols seen was a normal tank patrol of Honeys at 882242 with some Infantry. Also occasional MET were seen at 880241. On the 16th we were told to verify a report of 150 MET at 878242. 4Tp went to 876236 where he could see them and then returned to his normal position.

15/10/42 C Sqn.
In reserve in area 440844. RHQ in area 436839 were bombed twice by Me 109’s, the second time the planes flew over the Sqn and were engaged.
16/10/42 C Sqn.
In reserve.
17/10/42 C Sqn.
In reserve.
18/10/42 C Sqn.
The Sqn moved at first light to take over from B Sqn. 5Tp Sgt Lawrence to the Northern position, 1Tp Sgt McHardy the Centre and 3Tp Sgt Christmas the southern position. SHQ at 424839 and the B1 and reserves Tps at 430861.
Two 109’s circled SHQ at about 0900 hours (B Sqn were still there) but they took no action and went off and machine gunned the B Sqn Tp still at the Southern position and then onto the centre and gave 1Tp a burst.
The usual enemy patrols at the escarpment port were seen and reported, it consisted of 2 Honey tanks. Odd vehicles and men were seen in area 880242.
The Sqn leaguered at 428838, 3Tp coming in and 1Tp and 2Tp staying out for the night.

B Sqn.18th Oct to 19th Oct.
During this period the Sqn were heavily bombed and straffed by 109’s. An average of 5 attacks being made per day, divided evenly between the patrols and SHQ. Three ACs were knocked out, two in 3Tp Mr Digby and one in 5Tp Mr Copeland. Also the charging lorry was knocked out and the ambulance, when it was waiting at SHQ. All these were got back to SHQ.
3Tp had three men wounded, Cpl Stewart, LCpl Palmer and Tpr Whittington, all three only slightly wounded.
5Tp had 1 man killed, Tpr Sadd and 1 man wounded, LCpl Peckett.
Each time the attacks were made every available gun was let off but without any visible result.
On the 19th the Sqn was relieved by C Sqn.

19/10/42 C Sqn.
5Tp stayed at the Northern position, 2Tp Lt Hutchinson relieved 1Tp in the Centre and 4Tp 2Lt Wentworth Stanley went to the Southern position.
The enemy escarpment port patrol was seen and also a few off vehicles in that area. RALAT pass was bombed by our planes in the afternoon.
Sgt Lawrence’s car was machine gunned by a single 109.
Sqn leaguered in the same position, 4Tp coming in and 2Tp and 5Tp remaining out for the night.

B Sqn.
The Sqn were relieved by C Sqn and at 1200 hours moved out to sit in reserve just by RHQ at 443845.

20/10/42 C Sqn.
3Tp Sgt Christmas took over the Northern patrol, 2Tp remained in the centre and 1Tp Sgt McHardy went to the South. Two Honey tanks were seen at the escarpment port.
At about 1230 hours our fighter bombers bombed the North end of RALAT position and started a large fire.
At 1530 hours 3 Me 109’s bombed B1 Echelon. There was a large number of our fighters in the sky at the same time but they failed to do any good. Only one attacked and he was damaged by the 109’s. Sgt Lawrence’s car received a direct hit from a bomb which knocked off the water can and headlamp and marked the mudguard but failed to go off.
Two vehicles were seen to leave the escarpment port just before last light and go West. The Sqn leaguered in the same place, 1Tp coming in.

B Sqn.
Sqn in reserve in the same place and got heavily smitted once more. The petrol lorry went up also A Sqn charging lorry which was lent to us and our 15cwt office truck was rendered useless. There we no casualties.

21/10/42 C Sqn.
3Tp remained in the North, 4Tp relieved 2Tp in the centre and 5Tp went South. One Honey tank and another vehicle were seen at the escarpment post.
At 0830 hours 4 Me 109’s dropped bombs in the HUMAR area and 3Tp was machine gunned by two of these on their way home, puncturing 3 tyres on LCpl Whitehead’s car.
At 1100 hours 4 109’s bombed and machine gunned the B1 Echelon and reserve Tps. 2Tp came in for the chief attention, one radiator being damaged and some tyres punctured. The 15cwt office truck was also damaged.
Shortly afterwards Major General Harding visited the Sqn with the Colonel.
At about 1530 hours the 4 109’s appeared again and machine gunned SHQ. The forward link was badly damaged and the rear link had all its tyres punctured and most of the external fittings blown off. Luckily no one was hurt.
In the evening 2 109’s bombed and strafed 4Tp but caused no damage. The Sqn leaguered in the same position.
22/10/44 C Sqn.
The Household Cavalry Regt took over the front. The Sqn moved to the B Echelon area at EL FAIYADA where it was made up with ACs and later to 443861 where it spent the night.

A Sqn.
0800 - Major Lawson with Major Turnbull and Mr Palin Evans arrived. Capt Friend was attending a conference at RHQ. By 1500 hours the Sqn, who had drawn new cars and reorganised tps, were ready to move.
1530 – Sqn moved North up the escarpment to area 439866, under Capt Friend. Major Lawson had gone on ahead to contact Colonel Corbett Winder and Brigadier Roberts, 22nd Armd Bde.
Sqn spent the night in area 439866, less 5Tp Sgt Lovett and 1Tp Sgt Thumper who had difficulties on route.

B Sqn.
The whole Regt moved to the central sector ready for the big push. The Sqn moved up to 439863 next door to RHQ at 1400 hours, arriving at 1700 hours to be greeted by our friends the 109’s who for a change dropped their bombs on someone else and all got shot down for their pains.

23/10/42 A Sqn.
Sqn was concentrated by 1000 hours. 2Tp Mr Turner and 3Tp Mr Peacock with Mr Palin Evans and Major Lawson went to contact 44th Div Recce Regt (colonel Corbett Winder) whit whom they were to work during the attack which is to start tonight.
The Sqns of 44th Div Recce are responsible for gapping enemy minefields and each Sqn is to make 2 gaps 400 yards apart, in the January and February minefields in area 882255. This gap from the North will be called hereafter January 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 and February 1 – 2 – 3 – 4.
2Tp and 3Tp were to operate with the Sqn responsible for gapping January 3-4 and February 3-4 while two Tps of the Derbyshire Yeomanry under command of 11th Hussars were to be with the Sqn operating at January 1-2 and February 1-2.
Mr Palin Evans with 2 HACs from his Tp was to act as link and co-ordinator with Brigadier Roberts, 22nd Armd Bde.
Advance SHQ was to act as a further co-ordinator and give instructions and advice as necessary. Once penetration had been made, the Tps on the gaps were to act as gap control posts and general conformation bureaus.
1900 – 44th Div Recce Regt with 11th Hussars Tp and with 22nd Armd Bde and 4th Armd Bde moved through our own mine fields into concentration area 885254.
2200 – The attack on the minefields commenced. Penetration and clearing of mines was made by Matilda tanks with a mine clearing device.
2330 – 44th Div Recce Regt W/T broke down and 11th Hussars and Derbyshire Yeomanry Tps maintained communication between assault troops and Bde and Div.

B Sqn. 23rd to 30th
During this time the Regt were in reserve and we sat in the same place listening to the opening barrages of the push which were terrific.
During this time the Sqn were ready to go to the 4th Armd Bde if they needed us when they got through the minefields. They failed to get through so we were not required.

24/10/42 A Sqn.
0200 – January minefield was clear and gapped and assault had moved on to February. The Greys and 5th RTR passed through January into a position 1500 yards from February. 3Tp Mr Peacock moved with assault troops to February and 2Tp Mr Turner remained on the West side of January. Assault troops were not able to penetrate February during the night.
All troops were under continual heavy and accurate fire and the work done by 2Tp and 3Tp and the two Tps of the Derbyshire Yeomanry was beyond praise, their information and the communication they maintained was at all time excellent and the Div Commander has since stated that without their work the success of this first night would not have been possible. Mr Palin Evans at Bde was tireless and his work was again of the highest standard.
One car from Mr Peacock’s Tp, L/Sgt Dobson, was blown up by a mine and had to be evacuated, the crew returned to Mr Palin Evans. Derbyshire Yeomanry Tps lost 2 cars, one evacuated after a very near shell miss, and another hit by A/Tk fire. The second making its own way to Derbyshire Yeomanry SHQ. No Derbyshire Yeomanry or 11th Hussars casualties during the night. The 44th Div Recce Regt suffered fairly heavy casualties.
Situation at first light. 2Tp at January 3-4, 3Tp East of February 3-4 and Derbyshire Yeomanry Tps placed in the same way. It became apparent that February could not be bridged until the following night. Greys and 5th RTR remained 1500 yards to the East of February, and 3Tp and a Tp of Derbyshire Yeomanry were given the order to withdraw from February. 2Tp and the other Tp of the Derbyshire Yeomanry were to remain at January gaps.
It was during this withdrawal, and while approaching January 1-2, that Mr Peacock was killed. He was hit while he was in his AC turret by an A/Tk shell fired from the NW. he died immediately and was buried 300 yards SE of the South Bedford gap. A very fine, bold leader holding the DCM and MM and a fine 11th Hussars. His loss in the Regt and in the Sqn is deeply felt.
The day was spent in resting and getting the men meals, under some shellfire and bombing. SHQ had been situated at 424864.
1000 – Major Lawson went up to see Mr Palin Evans and picked up Brigadier Roddick on route. Plans were made for the operating of the troops for the assault in the night Oct 24/25th and it was decided that advance SHQ should travel with Mr Palin Evans, or at least move up to him.
Major Lawson returned to 424864 after sending one of the Derbyshire Yeomanry Tps back, as only two Tps were needed for the nights work as only 2 gaps were to be made in February.
Half an hour after arrival at SHQ Mr Turner, by W/T, reported that Mr Palin Evans had been killed while sitting by the side of his AC resting at 1400 hours. He was hit by a piece of shrapnel from a shell that landed within 15 yards, he died within 5 minutes. He had joined the Sqn on September 3rd 1941 and had become a magnificent Tp Ldr, and was a fine and admirable character greatly loved by his Sqn. His loss and that of Mr Peacock are irreplaceable.
1500 – Major Lawson moved up to take over from Mr Palin Evans, being stopped on the way to attend a conference at Bde at 1600 hours.
The plan for the night. 1/6th and 1/7th Queens to penetrate minefield and form a bridgehead on the western side, to be followed at once by 44th Div Recce Regt and RE’s who were to make the minefield gaps, two Tps of 11th Hussars to be with Sqns of 44th Div Recce Regt as last night. Gaps tonight to be known as February 2 and February 3. 5Tp Sgt Lovett and 4Tp Sgt Trumper were allotted to these gaps, gaps to be 400 yards apart. After penetration 22nd Armd Bde and 4th Armd Bde to go through into battle position on the West side. Major Lawson and a car under Cpl Turner to travel with Bde HQ, attack to start at 2100 hours with artillery barrage on selected targets – these being gun positions plotted during the day. Last night artillery barrage was of the creeping type, preceding the Infantry as they advanced.
Capt Friend brought Adv SHQ up to Bde HQ after replenishing. Rear SHQ remaining 424864 and he himself was nearly hit by a shell as he took his first whisky and water.
1/6th and 1/7th queens met strong opposition from enemy SA fire but penetrated the minefield. Difficulty also experienced by the RE’s lifting the mines owing to accurate and heavy shellfire. On both nights 44th Recce Regt and RE’s performed their jobs with great bravery and dash.
25/10/42 A Sqn.
0200 – Bde HQ moved up past 22nd Armd Bde and 4th Light Armd Bde to February minefield to see what the situation was. Both lanes were reported cleared and ready for use. Bde Commander himself watched his troops passing into the gaps. 1Tp and 5Tp performed their roles admirably.
0215 – Gaps were under extremely heavy shellfire, and this continued throughout the night. There was also considerable heavy A/Tk and SA fire from enemy in close sniping positions. On reaching the West end of the lanes the foremost tanks came under heavy A/Tk fire from 88mm and 47mm guns – some tanks were knocked out.
22nd Armd Bde and 4th Light Armd Bde were therefore stationary on lanes from 0200 hours to 0500 hours under heavy shellfire. It was therefore decided that the penetration to battle position on the West side of February was not possible, and that to cover February from between January and February was all that could at present be done. 1/6th and 1/7th Queens suffered heavily.
The plan however had been successful as 7th Armd Div has only in fact been used as bait, to draw and keep some of the Panzer troops from the North where the main attack was made and where we penetrated successfully the enemy positions.
0800 – the Sqn was given orders by Brigadier Roberts to withdraw their task being finished. Sqn concentrated at 484864. This had not been an AC role but all Tps involved had done their jobs well and with some skill.
1400 – Sqn complete moved to the area of RHQ at 438863 and came into reserve.
26/10/42 A Sqn. Oct 26th – 30th
Sqn in reserve in area 437863. The time was spent in reorganising Tps and in training. Lt Wingfield Digby came to the Sqn from B Sqn and Capt Friend returned to Cairo on route for England where he is to take over AC training Sqn at RMC. He has spent all his 7 years soldiering in A Sqn except for 9 months on General Norrie’s Staff. He will be missed enormously by all ranks of A Sqn. Capt H Petch DCM took over 2i/c of the Sqn. Troops on 30th October were commenced as follows:-
    1Tp Sgt Trumper
    2Tp Mr Turner with Mr Williamson under instruction
    3Tp Sgt Longmate
    4Tp Mr Wingfield Digby
    5Tp Sgt Lovett.
31/10/42 A Sqn.
The Regt with A Sqn leading moved to the ALAM EL HALFA area at 1600 hours and arrived there at 1815 hours having passed through the Albert Gate gap in the ALAM EL HALFA minefields and defended positions. The whole of the 7th Armd Div moved to the North today, leaving no armour in the South. The enemy having moved his armour from the South to the North after having realised that the penetration of his minefields in the South was not to be the position of the main thrust. His appreciation before the battle showed that he thought the main thrust would come from the South. Therefore the actions on the January and February minefields, although maybe costly, had kept in the South a sufficient amount of his armour to allow the assaults in the North to be successful.

B Sqn.
The Regt moved up to the North with the 7th Armd Div ready to go through the gap when made. The Sqn moved at 1500 hours to 437885 where we spent the night.
On the way up we went through our minefields at LANCASTER GATE and the kit going through this small gap was something fantastic. If it had not been for our complete air superiority we would never have got through. There was wireless silence during this move.

November 1942 CO: Lt Col AT Smail
Nov 42 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own)
1/11/42 A Sqn.
After breakfast the Regt moved to concentration area of 22nd Armd Bde in the area of EL IMAYID station and orders were given out for the move up to the front tomorrow morning. A fairly complicated move as it requires the use of three tracks, Sun, Moon and Star. The concentration of MT in the area was fantastic, no vehicle being more than 20 to 30 yards from the next and there was no more room. Any move had to be carefully timed and worked to programme. A Sqn moved on the southern track, Star. The Regt spent the day in the EL IMAYID station area and moved at last light to the head of tracks as allotted to Sqns.

B Sqn.
In the morning we moved up to just East of the BOMBAY road where we came under 22nd Armd Bde but remained in touch with the Regt.
In the afternoon we formed up at the head of 22nd Armd Bde at IMAYID Station with 1Tp and 2Tp on the Star track which was South of the railway, 5Tp and SHQ on the Moon track just North of the railway and 3Tp and 4Tp on the Sun track which was the MATRUH road.
We spent the night there in that formation with wireless silence. Our task was to act as advance guard to the Div through El ALAMEIN and on by marked tracks through the enemy minefields which had been taken by the Infantry, and then due West to a point South of DABA where the Div was going to turn North towards DABA.

2/11/42 B Sqn.
Moved off at 0600 hours for EL ALAMEIN. A very cold and dismal morning. Arrived ALAMEIN at 0830 hours where we stopped and had breakfast. So far wireless silence.
At 0930 hours saw the Div Commander who said everything was going well and we moved on again at 0945 hours with all wireless open. The tracks were very congested so progress was slow with frequent stops.
After many halts we arrived at 875296 where we stayed the rest of the day. 1Tp and 2Tp were on their track 2 miles to the South and 3Tp and 4Tp half mile to the North. We were surrounded by more kit than I have ever seen with about 10 yards between vehicles and mines in those gaps. The tracks running through the place were heavily used and very dusty so many vehicles which used them covered everyone with dust. A truly nasty position.
At 1500 hours 3Tp and 5Tp were sent out forward to try and discover what was happening. 5Tp went to area 865293 and 3Tp to 865295. Neither Tp could really find out much as there were a lot of our tanks and guns in that area an no one quite knew what was happening.
3Tp blew one of his cars up on a mine and had to leave it with the crew with some A/Tk gunners out for the night.
There was quite a lot of enemy shelling in both the areas where the Tps went to, but not directed against them in particular.
Both Tps returned to SHQ for the night. 1Tp and 2Tp remained on their track for the night and 4Tp remained on his.
Everyone was ordered to sleep in slit trenches as we were a magnificent bombing target and also within shelling range but in spite of this everyone spent a peaceful night.
3/11/42 A Sqn.
Sqn in area 878293 until 1600 hours. The Sqn Ldr went to RHQ during the morning, who was sitting in the middle of a mine field with vehicles periodically going up around them. Heard of the successful breakthrough of two Sqns of the Royals under Majors Hamilton Russell and AIMERY, who had done considerable damage to enemy MT behind his front line.
The enemy by now had been driven back from his main defended lines and has lost a considerable amount of equipment in these first 7 days of battle, he has also lost heavily in tanks, 1st Rifle Bde accounted for 50 and upwards in a brilliant engagement two days ago. The time for the breakthrough has come.
At 1600 hours the Sqn moved forward to the western end of Star track into the Two Bar track and into the area 870295 and then moved 2 miles North to contact the Regt with B & C Sqns. The Regt to remain concentrated tonight, and the 22nd Armd Bde with 4th Light Armd Bde behind them to move out into the open country at first light tomorrow morning.

B Sqn.
The Colonel arrived up to us at 0745 hours in the morning and we were told to send out 2 patrols to the same area as they had gone the day before to do the same job. 5Tp went out to the same area and 1Tp went out to 3Tp’s area. We also managed to get a Scammell from 22nd Armd Bde and 3Tp took it out and recovered his blown up car.
The two Tps that had gone out found it just as hard to get any information as it was the day before. They sat out there the whole morning with the crowd, being shelled and occasionally bombed.
At about 1500 hours the Sqn Ldr attended a conference at RHQ who had moved up close and the Sqn were ordered to move to 865298 and then SW down a line of cairns to the 80 Grid and thence due West to a point SW of DABA and then up North to the road West of DABA.
At 1630 hours the Sqn moved out to 865298 having called in all the Tps except 1Tp & 5Tp who were to meet us there. About this time Tpr Williams, Sgt Matheson’s Driver/operator, was wounded in the back by a shell and so had to be brought back to the ADS which was next door to where we had been sitting, so it was some time before 1Tp rejoined the Sqn.
While the Sqn was moving 5Tp were ordered to look for the line of stone cairns which he failed to find. The Sqn arrived at 865298 and found shells falling all around and what appeared to be a battle going on just to the West. After being there for about 5 minutes the rest of the Regt arrived and people were sent out to look for these cairns but everyone failed to find them, the force of war being too great.
Just before dark 1Tp rejoined the Sqn and the whole Regt leaguered for the night at 865298. Bt this time everyone was longing to get out into open country as for the past 10 days we had been hemmed in by thousands of vehicles and innumerable minefields.

4/11/42 A Sqn.
0100 – Regt moved into close leaguer with 22nd Armd Bde with orders to move at first light. An artillery barrage of upwards of 400 guns was firing over our heads throughout the night so sleep was not easy.
With C Sqn doing advance guard and B Sqn right flank protection and A Sqn close recce, 22nd Armd Bde moved forward at first light. This move was not to cease until the enemy defensive position at EL AGHEILA were reached on the 25th November.
At approx 0730 hours C Sqn reported a column of enemy 500 MET of all arms moving slowly West from 856294. This column was engaged and in turn halted to engage 22nd Armd Bde. C Sqn moved slightly NW and 1Tp, 2Tp and 4Tp moved up to observe the column of 500 MET which later proved to be the remnants of the TRIESTE Div who had apparently without orders, moved back thus exposing the whole of the enemy southern flank. A gap had therefore been made and through it poured columns throughout the day. 22nd Armd Bde continued to engage the enemy who were being forced slowly West.
At 1200 hours the Sqn was ordered to move down the telegraph lines to area 857286 and from there to feel West and also to get observation to the South so that warning would be given of any enemy breaking away from that direction. 3Tp Sgt Longmate, 5Tp Sgt Lovett and 2Tp Mr Turner were given that task.
At 1300 hours in the area of BIR EL ABD Sgt Longmate reported enemy Infantry positions, and later with two Sqns of a South African Recce AC unit these positions were attacked. The enemy who were Italians and had no form of transport fired a few shots and then surrendered. More that 1000 prisoners were taken as well as many A/Tk guns and artillery.
Meanwhile 1Tp Sgt Trumper had reached 857280 and had encountered a minefield running East and West. He therefore moved West along it and reported MET moving West to his South. 5Tp Sgt Lovett was at 854285 and he also reported small numbers of MET moving West to his South. SHQ moved to 856283.
At 1630 hours 3Tp Sgt Longmate in area BIR MUKHEISIN engaged a column of 20 MET. He put out of action an enemy Breda gun, destroyed 3 lorries, captured 12 lorries and 120 prisoners.
At 1700 hours the Sqn was ordered to rejoin 22nd Armd Bde and by 1745 hours had reached them in area 850288. At last light 22nd Armd Bde ended a battle in which 7 or 8 enemy tanks were destroyed and 4 or 5 heavy A/Tk guns. Sqn was concentrated by 2000 hours and the night was spent with 22nd Armd Bde.

B Sqn.
We were told last night that the whole Div was going the same route as the Regt starting at 0300 hours with 22nd Armd Bde leading and the Regt in the rear.
At 0200 hours the Regt moved over behind Div with B Sqn in the rear. When we arrived we were told that we would not be starting until 0600 hours, so everyone immediately dossed down again.
At 0300 hours a huge barrage started just behind us and the noise was terrific but we all managed to sleep all the same.
At 0600 hours the Div moved off but by 0800 hours we had only done 1 mile.
At 0815 hours the Regt were ordered to move due West through TEL AQQAQIR owing to the bad going in front and the rest of the Div would follow. The Regt moved with C Sqn leading, A Sqn on the left and B Sqn on the right. B Sqn moved with 2Tp on the right front, 5Tp right centre and 3Tp right rear.
Having gone just across the SIDI RAHMAN track the Regt ran into the enemy. 2Tp reported 3 lorries at 857298 and also 3 tanks to his West. The Regt halted and waited for the 22nd Armd Bde to come up and engage. 2Tp kept reporting various bits of enemy to the North and NE of SIDI HAMID which was the enemy’s main position being observed by C Sqn.
5Tp remained in observation to the North and 3Tp to his NE while SHQ stayed about 2 miles West of the SIDI RAHMAN track.
We stayed like this until 1400 hours. 2Tp pushed West a little until engaged by an 88mm and had to withdraw.
At 1400 hours we were told to withdraw our patrols and move to 859291 where we would contact 10th Armd Div who we were to be attached to. We proceeded to this area but could see no sign of 10th Armd Div anywhere. The Sqn Ldr swarmed around the area until dark and contacted masses of people who appeared to be coming through the area but no one had seen any sign of 10th Armd Div.
Just before dark the Echelon arrived to replenish the Sqn.
At 1900 hours we managed to get into wireless contact with the people to whom we were attached. We discovered they were doing a night march so arranged to meet them. We arrived at the meeting place at 2330 hours and waited for them.
About 2345 hours our friends told us that they had hit some bad going and got all mixed up and were staying where they were for the night and we were to join them in the morning so we dossed down where we were.

5/11/42 A Sqn.
The break through having been made and the enemy having started to withdraw, the task for this day was to move to the DABA area at 830310 and cut off the enemy remaining to the East. This, yesterday, had included the 90th Div whose flank had been turned.
A Sqn acted as advance guard to 22nd Armd Bde, 5Tp Sgt Lovett, 1Tp Sgt Trumper and 4Tp Mr Wingfield Digby being the advance Tps. A position a few miles to the SW of DABA was reached with little or no opposition. Five M13’s capitulated to 5Tp while 1Tp after a short engagement encountered and accounted for a further two M13’s. 2Tp captured 1 lorry and 9 German prisoners.
By 0930 hours the leading Tps had observation on the main road and reported enemy MET moving West, packed nose to tail. It was realised that the enemy were now not merely withdrawing but were getting away as fast as they could and three Bde groups were ordered to move West as quickly as possible, 4th Bde directed on FUKA, 22nd Bde directed to area P.175 5748317 and 1st Bde to an area West of MATRUH, thence to CHARRING CROSS. At 1000 hours therefore 22nd Bde turned and moved West down the 30 Grid.
By 1400 hours again meeting no opposition Bde was in area 790300, which area 4th Bde had already reached and were engaging and being engaged by enemy holding the escarpment between 780310 and 710310.
Tps encountered a mine field funning North and South from 782309 to 782295, and considerable time was wasted in finding a way through this field (which actually proved later to be a dummy). 5Tp and 3Tp captured in this area 60 to 70 German prisoners and 5 or 6 MET. Many of these prisoners were members of the Luftwaffe.
By 1500 hours A Sqn and C Sqn had recced routed through the minefield and by 1730 hours Sqn had moved on too the area 770303 where Sqn halted for the night.
Many groups of dismounted prisoners, both German and Italian, had been met during the day and these were merely given the order to move East which they quite happily complied with. The enemy has also left much MT and equipment behind him and several tanks were seen merely immobile through lack of fuel.

B Sqn.
Moved off at 0645 hours and contacted friends 1 mile to our SW at 0700 hours. Discovered that they were the 8th Armd Bde and they were directed on to CALAL Station and that we were to do advance guard. 1, 2 & 3Tps were immediately pushed out to the front, 1Tp on the right, 2Tp centre and 3Tp left. SHQ then went and contacted the Brigadier who turned out to be Brigadier Custens. The whole process of taking up positions was very difficult as the Bde did not halt and the whole thing had to be done at high speed.
At 0900 hours the 3 leading Tps began running into the enemy who were going West as fast as they could. 2Tp had a very eventful morning. He ran into an enemy column which was moving West and before he knew it he was right amongst them. The column consisted of a lot of lorries, a few ACs and some guns. During this little party 2Tp managed to knock out two 8 wheeled ACs, one 88mm A/Tk gun, one 105mm gun and a few lorries.
3Tp on the left saw a few derelict tanks and MET but nothing else. He was brought to the help of 2Tp when the latter was engaging the second AC.
1Tp on the right was on the tail of this column pushing it on the whole time but was unable to get really to grips with it.
At 1000 hours 4Tp arrived at CALAL Station and was very soon joined by some A/Tk guns from the Bde and at 1030 hours the whole force arrived. 4Tp was sent 4 miles East along the railway to watch for anything coming from DABA.
2Tp took up a position 811313 watching the South and 1Tp went 6 miles West along the railway to watch the West while SHQ remained in the area of CALAL. 3Tp was recalled to SHQ, 5Tp was sent North to the road to contact 3rd RTR and then to push East along the road.
Both 4Tp and 5Tp reported enemy to the East both on the road and the railway.
At 1200 hours about 20 German and Italian tanks attacked CALAL from the East along the road and railway forcing both Tps to withdraw. A spirited battle ensued in which all the enemy tanks were knocked out in 20 minutes without loss to ourselves. During this battle two Mark IV tanks got behind 4Tp who was in a nasty position until for some unknown reason the crews of these 2 tanks baled out.
After this 4Tp and 5Tp pushed back to their positions and remained in observation. 3Tp was having a little difficulty in rejoining SHQ as he was off his course but he came in at 1500 hours.
At 1530 hours we were ordered to rejoin the Regt and by 1630 hours the whole Sqn were concentrated except for 2Tp who we were going to pick up. The Sqn moved at 1630 hours to CAMUSA where we picked up 2Tp. We then moved due West Tp 787302. Just before we got there 5Tp, who were leading, ran into a party of enemy who fired on him with A/Tk guns. He withdrew out of it and the Sqn moved round them to the South. 5Tp had one car hit and Tpr Brown was wounded in the back and Cpl Petrie in the little finger. The Sqn fetched up with RHQ by 2100 hours at 775297.

Various orders received during the night as to where 7th Armd Div was to be directed and soon after first light 7th Armd Div moved to TALLET EL IZZIA with the object of cutting the road West of DABA. A Sqn advance guard and C Sqn right flank guard.
On arrival at TALLET EL IZZIA 7th Armd Div were directed on EL GAMUSA where 9th Armd Bde were found to be in action.
7th Armd Div turned South and experienced considerable delay in getting through an enemy minefield area 797294 which later proved to be a dummy.
The Regt less A Sqn leaguered with 7th Armd Div in area 793296 with A Sqn 6 miles West.

6/11/42 A Sqn.
Sqn moved at first light directed on the area of the high ground at Pt. 175 748318 with 22nd Armd Bde following behind. SHQ moved to area of 745316 and 1Tp and 3Tp went to positions of observation facing North at 740317 and 749316. 22nd Bde was by 1000 hours in position at 753313. 2Tp Mr Turner and 4Tp Mr Wingfield Digby were ordered to area of BIR ALI OMAR so that they might get observation on the road. They reported at 1100 hours MET moving West down the road into MATRUH and at 1130 hours a column of MET approaching the road from the SE. this column was likely to pass close to them so they held their ground waiting to see what it was composed of and if it was a target for ACs. It contained all arms. As the 22nd Armd Bde was in no position, through lack of fuel, to engage this target, 2Tp and 4Tp attacked its tail and captured 15 or more lorries and 120 prisoners and destroyed others.
Meanwhile at 1300 hours 3Tp reported an enemy position at 748318 running West to 743317, this he reported contained 7 tanks and A/Tk gun positions. 1Tp probed the western extremity of the line and found it to end at 743317 and heavy A/Tk guns at its western extremity. 2Tp and 4Tp had at 1400 hours been ordered to withdraw.
At 1600 hours the 22nd Armd Bde, in a heavy rainstorm, attacked the enemy position reported by 3Tp. This was found to contain upwards of 20 tanks. A successful battle was fought and 12 enemy tanks were destroyed and about the same number of A/Tk guns. 22nd Armd Bde suffered no casualties.
Sqn concentrated and moved in the pouring rain to join RHQ and the Bde Group in the area of 748318. The rain had turned the sand into mud and at 2230 hours Sqn halted close to RHQ with everybody soaked to the skin. A miserable night was spent, with no question of sleep.

B Sqn.
The Sqn moved off at 0645 hours as advance guard to 22nd Armd bd. The Sqn moved on a three Tp front with 1Tp left, 5Tp centre and 2Tp right. Directly we moved off we started running into columns which in the end all turned out to be friendly which made things very difficult in the half light.
At 0853 hours the Sqn arrived in area 754309 and 2Tp was sent out to observe to the North and 5Tp to the NW and 1Tp to the West.
At 0930 hours 2Tp reported an enemy position in area 750324 with at least two 88mm guns which fired on him. 2Tp remained in observation of this position all day while the 22nd Armd Bde engaged them and finally drove them out in the evening. 2Tp was kept on the move all day by the enemy shelling which drove him off all the good observation points.
At 1030 hours an enemy column which later turned out to be the 90th Light came slap into the rear of 22nd Armd Bde, right through it and disappeared North almost before anyone knew what was happening. 2Tp found himself in the middle of this and had to withdraw to the flank quickly.
At 1200 hours 4Tp was sent to 773321 to have a look at a landing ground and 3Tp was sent to 776321 to look at another. 5Tp was sent to 759309 to watch to the South and SE.
At 1400 hours 3 & $Tps arrived at the landing grounds and reported both unoccupied and in good condition with some German wrecks around. About this time it began to rain heavily and both Tps became bogged. 3Tp managed to get a tank to pull him out and returned to SHQ at 1600 hours.
4Tp was hopelessly in and the breakdown had to go out to him but could not get him out that night so he remained where he was with the breakdown.
At last light 1Tp and 5Tp rejoined SHQ which then moved to join RHQ at 745317. After many Verey lights had been put up we reached them at 2100 hours in the pouring rain. 2Tp who was to meet us there had meanwhile become badly bogged and had to stay out all night.

7th Armd Div were directed on Pt. 175 and moved at first light. C Sqn were ordered to MINQAR QAIM. A Sqn acted as advance guard to 22nd Armd Bde.
An enemy column was encountered in area 749315. This later turned out to be 15th Panzer and they were later engaged by 22nd Armd Bde. 18 enemy tanks were knocked out to the loss of one Stuart and 1 Crusader.
During the day B Sqn were ordered to recce landing grounds at 777325. Heavy rain commenced at about 1400 hours and continued all night.
Regt less C Sqn leaguered with 7th Armd Div in area 749317.

7/11/42 A Sqn.
After 18 hours of continual heavy rain it was impossible for vehicles to move until 1200 hours and tanks were being used to extract wheeled vehicles from the mud. The enemy was still withdrawing West as quickly as they could and having failed to reap them in the MATRUH area it was decided to try for SOLLUM. 22nd Armd Bde was therefore to attempt to reach that place with the least possible delay.
Route to that area along the 30 Grid line and West. Charging lorry and one HAC had to be left owing to mechanical breakdown. A Sqn were still doing advance guard to Bde.
The night was spent in area 720300 with 3Tp, 2Tp and 1Tp were further West as a screen.

B Sqn.
The Sqn spread out near RHQ at first light. Some of the cars got stuck as the ground was very boggy.
At 0700 hours 2Tp arrived at SHQ having been pulled out by a tank. 5Tp was sent out to 739316 to watch to the West. The rest of the Regt remained in the same place waiting for the Echelon. While we were here we were given a lorry with 12 Infantry, to carry and look after any prisoners which we caught.
During the morning 5Tp reported various MET and a few small columns to his West which were all moving West. During this time 4Tp had been pulled out and was on his way to us.
At 1300 hours the Echelon arrived and we replenished. The 22nd Armd Bde, A Sqn and RHQ moved off at 1400 hours to QUAIM. We moved off at 1500 hours to catch them up.
By dark we had not caught them up so we halted for the night at 720310. 3Tp was having a bit of trouble getting to us so 5Tp was left at 730313 with some petrol to meet 4Tp and bring him in. 5Tp arrived at SHQ at 1900 hours with 4Tp and also Lt Lovett of C Sqn with his Tp and the breakdown.

Ground very soft and many vehicles stuck. 7th Armd Div moved at 1400 hours to BIA ABU SHAYIT and thence SW to 723304 where the Regt leaguered with 7th Armd Div.
The intention of 7th Armd Div at this point was to move West along the 300 grid to MADDELENA and thence North to cut the road West of CAPUZZO.

8/11/42 A Sqn.
An uneventful day. The Sqn remained as advance guard to Bde with 3Tp, 2Tp and 1Tp as forward screen.
The night was spent in the HAQFET QATRANI area.
2Lt Lord David Stuart rejoined the Sqn from Cairo where he had been ill following a burn on his hand from a time at MAGHRA when his car had been set on fire by Me 109’s.

B Sqn.
The Sqn moved off at 0700 hours to catch up with RHQ who were also on the move at that time.
At 1130 hours we caught them up at 677300 where they had halted. We were told to do southern flank guard to the 22nd Armd Bde but close in. we did this for the rest of the day with 1Tp, 5Tp and 2Tp out on the flanks.
We spent the night with the whole force at 625302. All Tps were in.
RHQ.The Regt continued as advance guard to 22nd Armd Bde and moved during the day to HAQFET QATRANI. Progress was slow owing to shortage of petrol.

9/11/42 A Sqn.
It was decided yesterday evening that two Sqns, 11th Hussars with RHQ were to move in advance of Bde and reach a position to the South of CAPUZZO as soon as possible to report on and harass the enemy as much as possible with ACs. C & A Sqns were to go with RHQ and B Sqn to remain with Bde.
At first light therefore, C, A and RHQ Sqns moved West along the 300 Grid as far as 560300 where they turned NW and proceeded to EL BEIDA at 494334, reaching this point at 1500 hours. During this stage of the journey 2 HACs and B1 petrol lorry had to be abandoned owing to mechanical breakdowns.
A Sqn passed into Libya at the exact point where a composite Sqn commanded by Major Lawson had crossed into Egypt in March 1942, that being the rear party of the Regt to leave Libya after the second MSUS Stakes in Feb 1942. Thus for the fourth time the 11th Hussars passed into Libya in the van of all other troops. On this occasion the 4th SAAC Regt was 15 minutes behind. They were directed on EL ADEM.
From EL BEIDA the Sqn moved to 488357. 4Tp Mr Wingfield Digby to 489263 and 5Tp Viscount Stuart to GABR EL GERRARI, the former with the task of seeing if the OMARS were ocuppied and the latter with the task of working North to CAPUZZO.
At 1630 hours 3Tp working North along the wire engaged 2 enemy ACs at Trig point 195 493551. These hastily withdrew North.
At 1630 hours also the Sqn had been spotted by enemy air and with no air support it was obvious that they would trouble us considerably. Even the CR42’s were seen again during the afternoon and these had not been on view for nearly a year.
At 1700 hours 5Tp reported a column of 30 MET moving South from CAPUZZO towards SIDI OMAR and at 1720 hours he was given the order to attack and 4Tp proceeded to his help. The column appeared to wish to surrender. The white flag was hoisted but on 5Tp’s approach the enemy having dismounted A/Tk guns opened fire.
At 1745 hours 5Tp and 4Tp withdrew but not before they had destroyed one AC, one lorry and one MC as well as inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. These two Tps spent the night in the area of BIR DEHEUA while the Sqn leaguered in area 488357.

B Sqn.
RHQ, C & A Sqns left at 0400 hours to cross the wire and recce towards BARDIA. B Sqn was left behind to look after the RHQ B1 and act as advance guard to 22nd Armd Bde.
The Sqn moved at 0700 hours in front of the Bde with three Tps up, 4Tp right, 5Tp centre and 3Tp left. We carried on going due West, halting for breakfast at 0900 hours.
1Tp was sent on to recce Fort MADDELENA and 2Tp was sent to look at the gaps in the wire at BP 68. The Bde were to move to QARET AZZA and thence to BP 68. 5Tp was left out in front and 3Tp and 4Tp were called into reserve.
At 1100 hours the Bde moved on and halted for the night at 531308. 1Tp reported no movement seen at MADDELENA at 1500 hours and rejoined SHQ just before dark. 2Tp reported 5 small gaps at BP 68 unmined at 1700 hours and returned to SHQ at 2000 hours having picked up Lt Wentworth Stanley of C Sqn who had been left in a broken down ambulance with jaundice. He was brought in and sent straight off to the ADS.

Owing to the shortage of petrol for 22nd Armd Bde the Regt, less B Sqn, was ordered ahead to recce area SIDI OMAR – CAPUZZO.
The Regt moved at 0500 hours and reached Pt. 196 at 1400 hours. Slow progress owing to breakdowns of B vehicles. The frontier was crossed at EL BEIDA. Unfortunately two CR42’s observed the Regt crossing the wire. A Sqn pushed North to SIDI OMAR and RHQ and C Sqn leagured at 475345. The GOC 7th Armd Div spent the night with RHQ.

10/11/42 A Sqn.
At first light 4Tp came into a position of observation at 492361 and reported no enemy in SIDI OMAR. 5Tp moved to area Pt. 201 and also reported no movement seen. 3Tp left SHQ who had moved to 480360 to relieve 4Tp and 2Tp moved to area GABR LACHEM.
2Tp in that area, at 0900 hours, intercepted 3 lorries which they captured with about 20 Germans prisoners.
1Tp at 1100 hours moved to area BIR EL MARAA so that he could observe the traffic moving West from CAPUZZO. Enemy aircraft were very active and the Sqn was attacked at 1300 hours by Me109’s and CR42’s at 1500 hours it was again attacked by seven 109’s. this attack lasted for 25 minutes, the enemy bombing with bouncing bombs from a low level and also machine gunning. In this attack 2Lt Viscount Stuart was killed and Tpr Cahill, his driver-operator was wounded. The Viscount Stuart had joined the Sqn on July 15th, he was a fine and extremely promising Tp Ldr and much liked by his men. He will be greatly missed by this Sqn. He was buried close to BIR GIBNI 376354 by Major Wainman and the doctor, Capt Wright. Three lorries were also destroyed in these attacks.
At 1615 hours the Sqn Ldr of C Sqn at Libyan OMAR reported a column of enemy containing from 20 to 30 tanks moving West along the 355 N/S grid. Because of this it became necessary to with draw 1Tp, 2Tp and 3Tp South of this line. SHQ and 25 dismounted men on the fitters lorry moved to 476348. The enemy column halted at 470355 at 1715 hours and 1Tp, 2Tp and 3Tp observed it from the South.
At 1745 hours 1Tp was withdrawn. 2Tp and 3Tp were given the task of watching and listening to this column during the night and were ordered to move with it – if it moved.
The Sqn spent the night with C Sqn in area 480348. Up until 2349 hours the column had not moved and lights had been seen from it. 22nd Armd Bde by last light had reached area of GASR EL ARID. 2Tp and 3Tp moved in close to the enemy column for the night.

B Sqn.
We stayed in the same place until the Echelon arrived which they did at 1300 hours. In the morning Lt Pring went sick with jaundice and had to evacuated. Sgt Smith took over 4Tp.
At 1400 hours the Bde moved to BP 68 and thence to 484333 and thence to 484336 where we stayed the night. B Sqn acted as advance guard and during this move 2Tp saw an enemy column moving NW at 490343 which was also being reported by A Sqn who had been in that area all day.
That night we were joined by RHQ and 4Tp had to go out with an ambulance to C & A Sqns Echelon about 4 miles and he got in about 2300 hours.

The Regt was ordered to observe on the line SIDI AZEIZ – SHEFERZEN. It was anticipated that 7th Armd Div would join up with the Regt in the evening.Enemy air was very active and many attacks were made.
At 1600 hours a column of 60 enemy vehicles was observed moving West at SHEFERZEN. RHQ and C Sqn appeared to be directly in the enemy line of march and they moved South. 7th Armd Div reached 483343 at last light and RHQ joined them.

11/11/42 A Sqn.
22nd Bde moved before first light and the sound of the tanks moving may have covered up the sound of the enemy moving away as by first light there was no sign of the enemy column. (the shadowing of enemy columns at night with ACs is an extremely difficult task). 2Tp and 3Tp were sent to the North to attempt to again pick up the enemy.
22nd Bde moved direct to CAPUZZO with B Sqn as advance guard. This was taken over by A Sqn at 490365 and B Sqn was given another role. 1Tp and 3Tp moved in front of Bde and 4Tp moved out to the eastern flank. 2Tp reached area of 490380 and reported a column of 150 MET including tanks moving NW. this may have been the one that disappeared during the night. 2Tp captured one lorry and ten prisoners.
0930 – Bde had reached CAPUZZO area and enemy were leaving that place. They were engaged and some damage was done to them but it was only very much the tail end.
0945 – A large force was reported moving West from SOLLUM, 4Tp however was able to identify them as 4th Light Armd Bde and prevented a battle between these two Bdes. 22nd Bde then moved on in pursuit towards BARDIA. 1Tp and 3Tp came into contact with the enemy rearguard position South of the BARDIA outer defences. This was engaged.
1200 – B Sqn were reporting MET pouring out of BARDIA westwards towards TOBRUK and screaming for artillery with which to take them on. This was not forthcoming and most of the enemy escaped.
It had been essential that the enemy were harassed from BARDIA as soon as possible in order that they should not destroy the water supply. For that reason 22nd Bde was directed towards BARDIA and not further West to cut off the line of retreat. Throughout the whole pursuit difficulties of supplies had naturally effected the movements of our troops and the speed of this pursuit had been governed by the speed of the supplies. 22nd Bde with A Sqn moved to SIDI AZEIZ and halted there.
Yesterday the car of Viscount Stuart was abandoned at BIR GIBNI. Sqn spent the night close to 22nd Bde in the SIDI AZEIZ area.

B Sqn.
B Sqn orders were to act as advance guard to the Bde until A Sqn could take over the role and then we were to make straight for BARDIA and try and secure the wells.
At 0700 hours we moved off with three Tps up, 2Tp left, 1Tp centre and 5Tp on the right. We acted as advance guard until 485364 when A Sqn took over and the Bde changed bearing for CAPUZZO. We then directed ourselves on BARDIA with the intention of getting to 507389 and then for 2Tp and 4Tp to go North and try and get in from the South and 3Tp and 5Tp.
After handing over to A Sqn we moved with the same three Tps up with 3Tp on the right flank and 4Tp on the left flank. On our way we found quite a few enemy leaguers which we went very close to. In fact 2Tp went right through one until he saw an A/Tk gun waiting for him and then he came out of it. None of these leaguers appeared to know if we were friend or foe and left us strictly alone.
By 100 hours we had arrived at 307389 just North of the railway down which we had seen a train going West flat out but we could not catch it. When we halted we found quite a lot of enemy stuff about half a mile to our West but they appeared to ignore us so we ignored them. By this time 22nd Armd Bde had got up to the southern defences of BARDIA so only 5Tp was sent there and when he did get there he found a lot of our tanks sitting there doing nothing.
2Tp and 4Tp were sent to overlook the road at 509398, they had a bit of difficulty getting there as a German column was going the same way as them, trying to get onto the road, and it was protected by two Mark IV tanks who kept driving the Tps off. When this column had gone 2Tp got onto the top of the escarpment overlooking the road and 4Tp took up a position to his South covering his rear and to the West. 2Tp reported that enemy kit was pouring out of BARDIA to the West along the road nose to tail. The kit consisted of large guns of all types, A/Tk guns and lorries.
The Brigadier did his best to send something up to deal with all this kit but by the time anything could be got up this stream had finished. While this was going on 3Tp was despatched to smarten up the enemy to our immediate West who had stated to move off West. When he got close enough to engage he was fired on by 3 A/Tk guns so he had to come out of it and the enemy got away.
2Tp was now ordered to get onto the road and follow up the retreating column and 4Tp to move NW along the escarpment. 5Tp was recalled and told to get on the road and help 2Tp. SHQ moved NW. 4Tp moved along the escarpment but he could not get into contact with the column. 2Tp got onto the road and the first thing he picked up was a German ration lorry, full. He then followed on down the road collecting odd lorries and prisoners and also capturing a 75mm SP gun. By this time 5Tp was up helping him.
At 1600 hours all Tps were recalled to SHQ. By this time 2Tp and 5Tp had reached the 487 easting grid where they were held up by mines and a 105mm. Also 5Tp was strafed by our Kittyhawks but no damage. The Sqn leaguered with RHQ at 494394.

7th Armd Div was directed on CAPUZZO with the object of supporting 4th Armd Bde who were advancing up the HALFAYA PASS. A Sqn acted as advance guard with C Sqn observing line GHIRBA – SHEFERZEN. B Sqn recced towards BARDIA.
7th Armd Div moved North to BIR RAFAA and thence NE to BIR HAFID.
An enemy column North of CAPUZZO was engaged and retired North. 7th Armd Div moved North and then West to 490390 leaving 1st RB in BARDIA to secure the water points. B Sqn were ordered to move West along high ground overlooking the road.
The Regt leaguered in area 490390. The above mentioned column appeared to be the tail of the enemy force.

12/11/42 A Sqn.
22nd Bde moved at 1400 hours with A Sqn as advance guard to the area of BIR EL HALEIZIN. 2Lt Brodie joined this Sqn from Cairo. Tomorrow the Bde moves on to EL ADEM.

B Sqn.
At first light 1Tp was sent out 3 NE, 4Tp 3 miles North and 3Tp 3 miles NW for local protection.
At 0700 hours the Sqn was ordered to take over from 1st RTR on the road at 494405. 1Tp and 3Tp were sent to that position on the road with our Infantry lorry and SHQ with the remaining Tps moved to 497403.
At 1100 hours the Sqn were ordered to push West with a patrol on the road. 1Tp and 3Tp were pushed along the road and 4Tp was sent along the 406 grid line between the 2 escarpments. 1Tp and 3Tp passed a lot of kit left in the road, most of it being lorries and burnt out tanks. SHQ followed on behind 4Tp. After going for about 6 miles 4Tp said he could not cover the ground between the escarpments so 2Tp was pushed up to run along the top of the northern escarpment. When 1Tp had reached the road off the main road to GAMBUT he was sent to look at the aerodrome and 3Tp was pushed on to TOBRUK. By this time 4Tp had fallen behind owing to the bad going in his area and he was called in to SHQ and 2Tp directed on to BELHAMED to gain contact with C Sqn who were on our left. 1Tp got to GAMBUT and found nothing on it but wrecked German aircraft and was sent due West along the northern escarpment to the AXIS By Pass.
At 1500 hours 3Tp got to where the AXIS road leaves the main road and he recced a landing ground in that area and then pushed on to TOBRUK. He came in sight of the defences at 1600 hours. There were a few men and lorries in the defences and a large A/Tk gun just to the South of the road. After he had been watching for 15 minutes a 105mm started opening up on the road and forced 3Tp to withdraw out of sight. He remained in observation until last light and reported the defences lightly held.
In the meantime 1Tp had reached the AXIS track and he was directed on to the SE corner of the defences but only got 2 miles when he was recalled owing to the darkness. SHQ spent the night by a German railhead at 434414 where a lot of useful things were found by Mr Lockett and Copeland who went foraging. 3Tp on his way in ran into a collection of 40 SA Natives who had been prisoners in TOBRUK and they had found an Italian cellar and were so drunk that Sgt Smith and a lorry had to be sent out to help 3Tp. When they were brought into the leaguer they turned it into a madhouse. All Tps were in that night and Sgt McHardy’s Tp from C Sqn spent the night with us.

C Sqn were ordered to push along the railway to 456404 and B Sqn along the main road towards TOBRUK.
RHQ followed C Sqn. A Sqn remained with 22nd Armd Bde to act as advance guard.
RHQ and C Sqn leaguered in area 435402.

13/11/42 A Sqn.
This morning B Sqn entered TOBRUK and were the first troops in the place. A Sqn with 22nd Bde moved with 1Tp, 2Tp and 4Tp in advance to EL ADEM and thence to Trigh point at 395405.
During the last 2 days the Bde has not been in touch with the enemy who have been moving extremely fast – we have the luck to be always an hour too late – but it must be remembered that the enemy have been always travelling on the road while our troops have been on the desert. Again the enemy have been falling back on their supplies, we have had to have ours brought up to us.
22nd Armd Bde tanks had completed their track mileage long before this offensive started. At any rate we have kept at all times the enemy on the move.
The night was spent with the Sqn concentrated at 395405.

B Sqn.
5Tp was sent out to the main road to see if TOBRUK was still held and 1Tp went to the South East corner of the defences. Both Tps reported no sign of any movement on the defences and at 0800 hours 5Tp, having removed a barrier and driven through some mines were the first to enter TOBRUK. The Tp then pushed on to try and get out the other side but progress was slow owing to the fear of mines which were laid on either side of the road and a few on the road itself. There appeared to be a lot of kit left untouched in the town and when they arrived about 1 mile from the western defences they were held up by mines and also they discovered 50 Germans loading their kit onto one MC and sidecar, which would not run, and about to push it to DERNA. Great optimists and full of energy.
As 5Tp were entering TOBRUK 1Tp was running West along the southern defences reporting them clear. When he hit the EL ADEM road he went up with some RE’s to the main road to help clear mines. Unfortunately the NCO in charge was killed by a booby trap so 1Tp sat and waited for more to come up and eventually the 131 Bde came in and 1Tp returned to SHQ.
At 1000 hours SHQ moved down the AXIS track to EL ADEM leaving 3Tp at the railhead until some Infantry arrived to stop the natives looting.
At 1600 hours 5Tp managed to get out of TOBRUK to the West but was then told to rejoin the Sqn and he had to come back through TOBRUK owing to mines on the ACROMA track.
3Tp rejoined SHQ which moved to RHQ at 395405. All Tps in that night.

B Sqn continued advance into TOBRUK and C Sqn to HARMAT.
RHQ, A & B Sqns leaguered near 22nd Armd Bde in area 395405.

14/11/42 A Sqn.
Today the Sqn had the task of recceing the TRIGH ENVER BEY through the GAZALA minefield. This was done and the Sqn less B1 and 2Tp went as far as the ROTONDA MTEIFEL at trig point 9853. The TRIGH CAPUZZO through the minefield in square 3541 was found to be un-mined.
Sqn returned to 395405 via Knightsbridge arriving at 1600 hours. The Knightsbridge battlefield is astonishing and appears not to have been touched since the June battle. Derelict vehicles in hundreds as far as the eye can see.

B Sqn.
Sqn stayed with RHQ and carried out some much needed maintenance during the morning and everyone had a good wash.
In the afternoon 2Tp and 4Tp had to go out and start marking tracks. 2Tp picked up a truck load of Redcaps and started marking the TRIGH CAPUZZO and got as far as KNIGHTSBRIDGE before he was recalled to SHQ. 4Tp likewise picked up some Redcaps and started a track running to the South of HACHEIM. He had got 15 miles before he was recalled.
SHQ with all Tps stayed the night in the same place with RHQ. That night the Colonel told us that a 11th Hussars column was being formed on the next day with the intention of going South of HACHEIM then West to cut the road South of BENGHAZI. The column was to consist of 11th Hussars, 1 Bty 4th field Regt, 1 Coy RB’s, 1 Tp A/Tk guns and some RE’s. the Colonel had to be ready to move at 1200 hours.

Regt was ordered to mark tracks to West through old KNIGHTSBRIDGE minefield. RHQ did not move.

15/11/42 A Sqn.
The Regt with a battery of 25pdrs, eight 6pdr A/Tk guns, RE’s and a Coy of RB’s are to move to Zt MSUS to occupy the landing ground, and thence to operate against the main road between BENGHAZI and AGEDABIA. The Royals with a similar column are to proceed to ANTELAT and from there to operate on to the road. The Colonel is to command the 11th Hussars column, which has an unfortunate tail of 250 RASC vehicles. A Sqn now has 16 ACs.
1200 – Regt with A Sqn leading moved to Pt. 151 at 382374 and thence West, and halted in the area U.7318. 5Tp Lt Williamson consisting of 2 HACs came along behind with the LAD and 60 RASC lorries that had been left behind. 4th Armd Bde with 4th SAAC Regt are working to the North along the line of the main road through the DJEBEL.

B Sqn.
From 0800 hours onwards the column started forming up and all air dispersion went for a ball of chalk and by 1100 hours there were 200 vehicles milling about in a very small area but luckily the Luftwaffe had temporarily packed it in.
At 100 hours the Sqn got into position which was concentrated travelling behind A Sqn who were advance guard and just in front of RHQ. The Colonel started at 1200 hours and went to 382375 and then changed course to due West. The Colonel travelled on until 1730 hours where we all stayed the night.

A column under command of Lt Colonel Smail consisting of:-11th Hussars1 Bty 4th Field RegtB Coy RB1 Tp A/Tk guns2 Tps AA guns1 Tp RE’swas formed.
This column also had a 2nd Line RASC convoy and was self contained for 4 days. The object was

  1. To secure MSUS landing ground
  2. To secure SOLUCH water point.
  3. To cut BENGHAZI – AGEDABIA road.

The column moved off at 1200 hours and halted for the night in area U7518 (61 miles).
16/11/42 A Sqn.
The Regtl Group moved at 0630 hours. A halt had to be made for 3 hours from 1200 hours to allow the LAD and 5Tp with the 60 lorries to catch up. Throughout the morning there was heavy rain and many RASC lorries became stuck. Travelled 7 miles during the day.
Sqn spent the night with RHQ. No information from the North, bombing was seen to the North and this later turned out to be enemy column travelling parallel but to the North being bombed by the RAF.

B Sqn.
The Sqn moved out at first light ahead of the column as our task was to push on as fast as possible for MSUS. This we did in pouring rain until we halted at 1400 hours owing to being so far in front that we were almost out of communication.
Nothing was seen during the day except a Humber AC which we found was one of B Sqn’s abandoned in our last push.
We spent the night at ??? and while closing in Mr Lockett’s car broke its front axle when the ground gave way under it and it had to be abandoned.

Column moved off at first light. Fairly heavy rain and the 3rd Line RASC lorries which had accidentally attached themselves to the tail of the column were frequently stuck.
Column halted for night in area T5512 (75 miles).

17/11/42 A Sqn.
The Regtl group moved at 0630 hours, A & C Sqns with the Regt and B Sqn on ahead to Zt MSUS. Halted at 1200 hours, 8 miles SE of Zt MSUS. B Sqn had by this time reported MSUS clear of enemy, but 3 ACs to the West of the place moved off quickly to SCELEIDIMA on the approach of B Sqn.
B Sqn were heavily strafed from the air several times during the afternoon. Their forward Tp reported SCELEIDIMA held by the enemy.
1430 – 1Tp Sgt Trumper on close recce to the group was machine gunned by 109’s. LCpl Horwood was badly wounded in the arm. He was quickly brought in and given a blood transfusion and will be sent back tomorrow.
General Harding, 7th Armd Div arrived during the late afternoon and so did the Royal column under Colonel Pepys.

B Sqn.
At 0635 hours Sqn moved on in front of the column to Zt MSUS. 0915 – 2Tp came in sight of N0. 2 Landing Ground finding a lot of wrecks but no sign of recent occupation.
0925 – 5Tp came to No. 1 Landing Ground and also a minefield running round MSUS Fort which had been laid by us. 5Tp then pushed through a gap in the minefield and took up a position North of MSUS just North of the SCELEIDIMA track. 4Tp was sent out NE of MSUS but was then recalled after going 4 miles.
1200 – SHQ and 3Tp & 4Tp were strafed by 7 Me109’s but suffered no damage or casualties.
1215 – 1Tp was sent through MSUS and down the track to ANTELAT for 9 miles.
1230 – 2Tp reported 3 ACs but then lost them and did not see them again.
1300 – Sqn was ordered to recce SCELEIDIMA. 2Tp was sent straight along the track, 5Tp was sent West, North of the track and then down to the track to sit covering 2Tp rear. 1Tp was brought up NW to sit on the track.
1600 – 2Tp reported he was in sight of the fort at SCELEIDIMA and could see a small amount of movement of men.
1600 – SHQ, 3Tp and 4Tp moved along the track towards SCELEIDIMA.
1700 – SHQ was bombed and strafed by 7 109’s. the petrol lorry was burnt, the RE White Scout car and the Infantry lorry disabled. There were no casualties. The Sqn spent the night at S7118 all Tps being called in having found SCELEIDIMA held.

Column arrived MSUS area at midday (35 miles). B Sqn secured landing ground. Enemy Me109’s very active and made several attacks.
The GOC 7th Armd Div arrived during the afternoon followed by a similar column under command Royal Dragoons.

18/11/42 A Sqn.
A certain amount of bombing and strafing during the morning, one bomb from a 109 within a yard of Capt Petch’s car, Major Lawson was slightly wounded in the leg.
0900 – 3Tp Sgt Longmate left to take a petrol lorry and a doctor to B Sqn. The RAF bombed and strafed the MAGRUM landing ground in the forenoon. This had good effects and eased the situation at Zt MSUS.
Two car crews under Cpl Gullick and Cpl Murray returned to the EL ADEM area by RASC lorry their cars having become immobile, one by strafing (lack of tyres) the other by mechanical problems.
During the morning the Sqn moved to the escarpment area around BELHASEN and had some success there against the enemy, capturing prisoners and also an M13 assault tank.
At 1500 hours 11th Hussars group with A Sqn moved to area 5590 arriving at 1730 hours. 2Tp Mr Turner took a convoy back to Zt MSUS containing prisoners and an ambulance etc.
At 1900 hours 11th Hussars group and the Sqn moved to BIR BELHASEN and the nigh was spent 1 mile East of that place.

B Sqn.
0645 – 3Tp and 4Tp were sent out to recce SCELEIDIMA further. 4Tp to get as close as possible and 3Tp to sit on the track and cover his rear. 2Tp went South of SCELEIDIMA to try and work up to it.
0700 – 4Tp was fired on by a Breda covering the track and was later strafed by a Me109 and was withdrawn owing to Tpr Oakes being slightly wounded and all tyre punctured. 3Tp took his place and reported local movement round the fort and a few MET South of it.
1100 – 2Tp reported a column of 15 MET, five M13 tanks, five ACs and one 75mm gun moving South from SCELEIDIMA along the bottom of the escarpment which runs South from the fort. 2Tp fired on this column from the top and brought it to a halt. He was then joined by a Tp of C Sqn who also smartened it. The colonel then moved into the C Sqn area to collect the men who scattered from the lorries when fired on.
1500 – 2Tp saw 3 German ACs approaching him from SCELEIDIMA. These cars stopped and observed him for some time and then disappeared North.
1600 – the 3 ACs again appeared with a 6pdr Portee and started chasing 2Tp. They managed to get to his East so he had to drop down towards C Sqn South.
The ACs and Portee chased 2Tp for 6 miles during which time they were firing on him and a Tp of C Sqn who 2Tp had picked up on the way. The chase stopped at last light and 2Tp stayed the night with C Sqn.
During the day 3Tp managed to rescue an American pilot who had been brought down over SCELEIDIMA and he also reported the place held up to last light. 3Tp joined SHQ at 6212 for the night.

B Sqn were directed on SCELEIDIMA, C Sqn on BELHASEN. The column was bombed several times during the morning and moved of at midday to X5295. The enemy appeared to be withdrawing South along the foot of the escarpment so the column moved 10 miles West to area X5295 after dark with the object of intercepting in the morning.

19/11/42 A Sqn.
1Tp Sgt Trumper and 4Tp Mr Wingfield Digby into position of observation on the escarpment at first light. Some rain during the morning - we had been soaked to the skin a great many times in the last fortnight. Still no confirmation of the enemy to the North so that to move to cut the road with a force of this size is a difficult job, and the decision at what time to do it is also difficult. Royals reported ANTELAT lightly held.
At 1030 hours C Sqn moved down the escarpment to the area X 3099 and 11th Hussars group with A Sqn following them wen down at 1300 hours. By 1400 hours C Sqn reported MET moving South to the main road from MAGRUM. A & B Sqns Tps reported SOLUCH no movement seen.
The MET seen by C Sqn definitely appears to be the tail end of an enemy column – many vehicles were on tow. This appeared to be a target for us, but orders were received for the Regt to proceed to BENGHAZI.
SOLUCH was reached at 1700 hours in torrential rain, again many vehicles were being stuck. We were ordered to cut the road at GHEMINES during the night. We were given 2 A/Tk guns and 2 Platoons of RB’s.
GHEMINES was reached at 2330 hours after a march along a very muddy track. 4Tp Mr Wingfield Digby entered GHEMINES and reported no movement seen and moved 2 miles North towards BENGHAZI.
SHQ spent the night in GHEMINES which had yesterday been bombed by Liberators and smelt of death.

B Sqn.
0645 – 1Tp moved out to see if SCELEIDIMA was still held and 5Tp went to the South of it. 2Tp left C Sqn to contact 5Tp to give him orders from the Colonel.
0900 – 1Tp reported he thought SCELEIDIMA unoccupied and by 1000 he was in it but held up by mines. 4Tp went out to help him with the RE’s that we had with us.
1000 – 5Tp was ordered to push down the escarpment and go straight to SOLUCH which he did.
1015 – 2Tp arrived at SHQ having seen 5Tp.
1300 – 1Tp was through SCELEIDIMA and pushing on to SOLUCH.
1300 – SHQ moved to SCELEIDIMA and on towards SOLUCH and was pushing North when he got one of his cars badly bogged. 1Tp had also arrived and moved to a position 2 miles NE of SOLUCH. SHQ was following on when 4Tp got bogged and 3Tp. The going was one large bog.
1700 – SHQ arrived at SOLUCH and contacted RHQ where we stayed the night. 5Tp had to abandon his car and 3Tp both his which left the Sqn with four Tps of 2 cars with 3 in SHQ. 4Tp with the personnel of 3Tp arrived in SHQ at 2000 hours that night.

Column moved to X4794 at first light. Heavy rain and bad visibility caused a long delay before B Sqn could report SCELEIDIMA clear. C Sqn were then directed on MAGRUN and SOLUCH.
The column moved to S2703 with the object of cutting the road in the MAGRUN area but on arrival there orders were received to move to BENGHAZI. This meant leaving a column of 40 enemy vehicles at MAGRUN. This column was the tail of the enemy force.
Heavy showers all day and going very heavy. Many vehicles stuck. Column halted for the night at SOLUCH. A Sqn cut the road at GHEMINES but no enemy seen.

20/11/42 A Sqn.
Moved at 0700 hours North along the main road to BENGHAZI, 4Tp leading. No mines on road, the enemy having so lately used it. Collected 30 to 50 prisoners on the way and 1Tp Sgt Trumper entered BENGHAZI at 1030 hours. A Sqn being the first troops into the town which was in a pretty shambles having been wrecked by Liberators and then by the Germans. The town had been completely evacuated and in the hands of the Arab population who were madly looting.
1000 Indian and Cape Bay prisoners of war were found there and about 70 whites most of whom were hospital cases. The main hospital was left in good condition in the hands of one RAMC captain. The town was closed to outward traffic.
1Tp piquetted the DERNA road, 4Tp the AGEDABIA road. B Sqn entered at 1230 hours and RHQ soon after them.
A Sqn spent the night on the outskirts of the town on the DERNA road. Sgt Longmate found it necessary to shoot a drunken (John Haig) Arab who was firing on the crowds with a revolver.

B Sqn.
0645 – moved out and joined the Colonel and moved up 15 miles NW with them towards BENGHAZI.
0900 – The Sqn was sent on to BENGHAZI to help A Sqn who were nearly there. 4Tp sub-unit had packed up so Sgt Smith with his car joined 5Tp thus leaving us with three Tps. The Sqn hit the road just North of GHEMINES and moved straight up to BENGHAZI and contacted A Sqn at 1130 hours.
1145 – 5Tp was sent to BENINA aerodrome to see if it was OK. His car was blown up on a Teller mine and Tpr Cunningham was wounded. 1Tp went out and took over from 5Tp who came back to SHQ.
2Tp spent the day trying to prevent the natives from looting. The Sqn spent the night under some very nice stone shelters just outside BENGHAZI on the BENINA road. 1Tp came in and 2Tp remained on the road.

A Sqn moved at first light North up the road and entered BENGHAZI at 1000 hours. The column moved to UM SEFAA and thence West to the main road entering BENGHAZI during the afternoon.
Approximately 1000 Indian and SA native prisoners were found. They had no food or water. Heavy looting of arms, food and clothing by the natives was going on. Roads were therefore picketed and all loot confiscated.

21/11/42 A Sqn.
3Tp Sgt Longmate left at 0700 hours with a party of RE’s to clear the road towards BARCE and after proceeding 6 miles North they met a party from 4th Armd Bde of 4th SAAC Regt doing the same job working South.
At 1030 hours Colonel Reeves Moore with his Regt entered BENGHAZI followed by 4th Armd Bde.
The day was spent in locating dumps, maintenance, washing etc. Sqn moved to a new position for the night.

B Sqn.
21st – 23rd
The Sqn remained at BENGHAZI under the same shelters which were very welcome as the weather was foul. Our role was to police the NE end of the town and prevent the natives looting and carrying away any arms.
On the 22nd Major Grant Thorold came in and said goodbye on leaving to go to the Staff College.
On the 23rd the Sqn took over 7 cars from C Sqn which made us up to strength again with five Tps.
1Tp Sgt Matheson2Tp Lt Lockett3Tp Sgt White4Tp Sgt Smith5Tp Lt Copeland.During our stay at Benghazi we were able to do a lot of much needed maintenance and have a good clean-up all round.

Colonel Smail called a meeting of notables and demanded return of loot. The 4th SAAC Regt followed by 4th Armd Bde entered during the day from the East. 14/66 Bty 4th Field Regt RA and the A/Tk Tp left the column and moved South under orders 22nd Armd Bde.
C Sqn ACs were handed over to A & B Sqns to bring them up to strength and the day was spent in organising dumps etc.

22/11/42 A Sqn.
As for yesterday. We still keep a Tp in position on the DERNA road, by now merely doing traffic duties. This was done today by 4Tp Mr Wingfield Digby.

Day spent in organising dumps etc. B3 Echelon arrived in the evening.

23/11/42 A Sqn.
At 0900 hours we moved to the position of RHQ and received orders to move South to the AGEDABIA area to join 22nd Armd Bde who had reached that area. We took over 4 cars from C Sqn who were to be temporarily left without cars, this made the Sqn up to full strength. Major Grant Thorold had yesterday left C Sqn to go to the HAIFA Staff College and C Sqn was taken over by Capt Burdon.
Sqn moved at 1400 hours complete with B2 and B2A Echelon which had arrived yesterday with Major Roberts. 35 kilometres short of AGEDABIA the Sqn halted for the night. Fresh meat for supper from the Cold Storage plant in BENGHAZI left by the enemy.

A Sqn came under orders 22nd Armd Bde and moved to AGEDABIA and 131 Bde arrived in BENGHAZI during the day and the town was handed over to them.

24/11/42 A Sqn.
Sqn moved at first light to a position 4 miles South of AGEDABIA on the main road in the area of 22nd Armd Bde Rear HQ. Orders were received that 2 patrols of the 11th Hussars were to take over from patrols of the Royals. 2Tp Mr Turner therefore moved to EL HAGINA and then moved South to the CHOR ES SUFAN. He reported no movement seen.
SHQ with 3, 4 & 5 Tps moved South down the road and joined Brigadier Roberts in the area X.0308. maintaining contact, and in some cases, regaining contact with the enemy was made extremely slow, as the main road and the sides of it were all heavily mined.

B Sqn.
The Sqn moved to RHQ who were South of the town and we were told that we were now under the 4th Armd Bde. We picked up a charging lorry from the B3 and moved on don to MAGRUN in pouring rain, arriving about 1200 hours.
At 1400 hours the Sqn Ldr attended a conference and found that the 4th Armd Bde role was to cover the southern flank of 22nd Armd Bde and the Bde was ordered to move to 4 miles South of AGEDABIA on the BELANDAH track at 0800 hours the next day, with B Sqn leading.
The Sqn stayed the night just North of the MAGRUM landing ground.

Regt came under orders 4th Armd Bde and RHQ moved to PESSANA with the Echelon and C Sqn in lorries. A Sqn operating with 22nd Armd Bde and B Sqn with 4th Armd Bde.

25/11/42 A Sqn.
SHQ moved with 22nd Bde HQ South down the road for a further 6 miles. 2Tp remained in the EL HORSEIAT area while 1Tp moved SW to the ROTUNDA EL GTAFIA area. Here he reported no movement seen, and then moved South to the area of BIR EL GEFERA.
3Tp Sgt Longmate with an artillery OP was working South on the West side of the main road and by last light had reached the area of B.7554. he had been in contact with the enemy who were holding the high ground North East of MARSA BREGA.
RHQ arrived in the area of 22nd Bde in the afternoon and B Sqn arrived there after dark.

B Sqn.
The Sqn moved off at 0800 hours down the road to AGEDABIA arriving there at 1030 hours. The Sqn pushed down the BELANDAH track with some RE’s in front in case of mines.
Having gone 2 miles down the track the Sqn Ldr’s car, which was going on just behind the RE’s, hit a mine and wrecked the front of the car. About 5 minutes later SSM Beard moved his car slightly and went up on another mine ruining his car but no damage to the crew.
The Sqn then remained there until 1600 hours when the RE’s had cleared the minefield.
At 1400 hours we reverted to 22nd Armd Bde with the rest of the Regt and at 1600 hours we moved off to join RHQ who were 33 miles along the road from AGEDABIA. When we were within about 4 miles of RHQ we found the road had been blown and we had to go round a marked detour. Just where the detour hit the road again 1Tp and 2Tp each had a car blown up by mines after the rest of the Sqn had gone through the same place. These cars blocked the gap and Sgt Matheson with the fitters lorry and the 2 car crews were left there the night and the Sqn reached RHQ at 2359 hours.

RHQ moved to area 5 miles SW of AGEDABIA and came under orders 22nd Armd Bde. B Sqn returned under command during the afternoon.RHQ moved to area B8393 – 22nd Armd Bde HQ.

26/11/42 A Sqn.
1Tp at first light 3 miles East of BIR EL GINN, where at last light Nov 25th had reported enemy who were engaged by 1st RTR.
2Tp was ordered to move SW down the wadi EL FAREGH to C.0555 and thence recce the ground NW to BIR EL SCEIBA.
5Tp Mr Williamson was to proceed South to the Wadi EL FAREGH in the area of MASCIALLI.
4Tp was to relieve 1Tp while B Sqn was to take over from 3Tp. This took some time owing to B Sqn cars becoming stuck in bogs to the North of the main road. 3Tp was in touch with the enemy and 1Tp reported in the morning that the enemy from BIR EL GINN had moved West.
Therefore on this day the enemy had moved back finally on to the AGHEILA line which actually runs MARSA BREGA southwards some 15 miles to the East of EL AGHEILA. The line in the South terminating in the area Wadi EL FAREGH.
At midday 4Tp at BIR EL GINN moved to B6276 and could observe the enemy behind positions in the MERSA BREGA area and also to the West of the marsh. In this position he was relieved by a B Sqn Tp and he moved to B6262 and observed from there the enemy preparing the BIR ES SUERA positions from 2500 yards range. 5Tp in the South reported no movement seen.
Enemy air had been extremely active and 22nd Armd Bde with 1st RTR has been dive bombed regularly 3 times a day. Me109’s had been extremely active on the main road and had inflicted casualties.
At 1500 hours after replenishing SHQ moved to BIR BU GEDARIA and met there 1Tp and 2Tp. 3Tp remained behind with RHQ to extricate a car which had been stuck in a bog since yesterday. 3Tp picked up a shot down Hurricane pilot.

B Sqn.
The Sqn were ordered to take over 2 patrols from A Sqn who were going to move further down South. 2Tp was sent out to 7199 but got bogged on the way so 3Tp was sent out and he was switched to 6993 where he contacted A Sqn patrol. 5Tp was sent to area 6474 where he took over from the other A Sqn patrol.
During the day 3Tp reported slight movement round MARSA BREGA and 5Tp reported 40 MET in area 5843, 300 MET from 4371 – 4865 and movement East and West on the main road.
In the morning 1Tp was strafed on the main road as he was coming to SHQ and Tpr Hawkins and Tpr Jones ’23 were wounded. Hawkins in the head and Jones in the leg; neither of them were bad.
SHQ moved to 7485, 3Tp and 5Tp remained out all night.

RHQ moved up with 22nd Armd Bde to area B7490

27/11/42 A Sqn.
At first light SHQ with 1Tp and 2Tp moved to B.8872. 3Tp rejoined during the morning. 4Tp and 5Tp remained in their positions during the morning.
In the afternoon 5Tp moved to MM BATTAFAL. The enemy were digging-in and laying mines on the BIR ES SUERA front.

B Sqn.
4Tp went out to relieve 5Tp and 2Tp to relieve 3Tp but when he got there we were told we could bring all the patrols in as the RB's were taking over.
At 1300 hours the forward and rear link went up to see Sgt Smith and moved his position to 5777. From here he reported an Infantry line running from 4579 to 5185 also another 2 positions at 5176 and 5178. Also gun position at 5183.
At 1700 hours SHQ and the rest of the Tps were moved up to 6677 where the Sqn Ldr met them. 4Tp stayed out the night.

RHQ. 27th to Dec 3rd
During this period RHQ, A & B Sqns operated under 22nd Armd Bde, B Sqn in the BIR EL GINN area and A Sqn around the SUERA position in the South.
It was a period of static warfare and the role of the Regt was observation of the strong BREGA area.
On December 2nd, 153 Bde 51st Highland Div moved into a position East of SUERA and 152 Bde East of BREGA.
On December 3rd RHQ moved South to B7978 and came under command 7th Armd Div with B Sqn the Royals operating in the BETTAFAL area.

28/11/42 A Sqn.
SHQ moved to the area of B7872 into a position of magnificent observation. 2Tp relieved 4Tp in the area of MM BATTAFAL. Brig Roberts visited 2Tp and because of the dust of his tank, he caused some shelling from a 210mm gun; this ceased as soon as he left. The position of the 210mm gun was given as B.5858.
The Royals took over the 3Tp patrol position who therefore returned to SHQ.

B Sqn.
4Tp moved to his position at first light and 2Tp went to 6474 to cover the South of 4Tp. When the light was not good 4Tp reported an Infantry line running 4980 – 5185, 40 MET dispersed at 5383 and a Bty of guns at 5483 (confirmed by 2Tp later), one 105mm gun firing from 5183.
At 1000 hours 2 tanks started shelling 4Tp from 5278 and one M13 came out after him causing him to drop back a bit, but in 15 minutes the tank went back and he was able to go back to his position.
1300 – 5Tp and the B1 were sent back to 7578.
1400 – 2Tp again went to 5372 and found the marsh there impassable and then moved up and relieved 4Tp.
1700 – SHQ moved back to the B1 and 4Tp came in, 2Tp staying out.

29/11/42 A Sqn.
Normal patrol activity. SHQ moved up, less B1, to the BIR ES SUERA area. Shelling caused 2Tp to withdraw and find a new position. This was expected as they had been sitting within 2000 – 3000 yards of the enemy with no covered approach or withdrawal. A secondary position was found at B.6463 which gave good observation but without as much detail.
Enemy air still very active and as yet our fighters are not operating except on the line of the main road.

B Sqn.
2Tp and 5Tp moved to the same positions. The situation was the same as the day before and little movement seen all day.
SHQ remained in the same place.

30/11/42 A Sqn.
5Tp relieved 2Tp at B.6463. SHQ in the same position. General Harding visited Mr Williamson’s Tp and was fairly heavily shelled but appeared to mind not at all. He left the position by the most observed route in order that the enemy might see him go, and thereby cease shelling the patrol position. This occurred.
The Colonel visited the Sqn in the afternoon. Normal air activity, mine laying and digging of gun positions. So far the enemy has only fired with a 210mm gun from this position. MET movement from NW to SE has increased today.

B Sqn.
3Tp went out to cover the South with 5Tp already there. 5Tp had 2 OPs with him, one from 3rd RHA and one from 7th Medium Regt. The situation was the same and little movement seen.
At 1600 hours 3Tp relieved 5Tp who returned to SHQ. 3Tp remaining out all night.

December 1942 CO: Lt Col AT Smail
Dec 42 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own)
1/12/42 A Sqn.
1Tp Sgt Trumper relieved 5Tp Mr Williamson and 4Tp took over again the MM BATTAFAL position from the Royals who have been operating in the South of Wadi FAREGH with a small column. Their movements have been extremely hampered by the attention of the enemy air, and they have had constant attacks from Stukas escorted by 109’s which then ground strafed.
At 1030 hours Brigadier Graham and the four Colonels of the Battalions in his Bde came to the Sqn with an escort Sqn of the KDG’s (Major Hellyer). This party with Major Lawson moved to the patrol position at B.6463. the Brig and his Colonels then did a recce of the ES SUERA positions for tomorrow. Another Bde of the 51st Highland Div to the MARSA BREGA position with 8th Armd Bde held in the centre, to operate as necessary North or South.
At the completion of the Bde recce, the patrol position was shelled fairly naturally, as a conference had been held on the skyline to terminate the operation. This was quickly followed by an attack by seven 109’s (called out by enemy ground troops?). this attack lasted for 20 minutes and the Bde Jeeps did not appear to be observed. Major Lawson’s AC received 40 hits in 15 separate dive attacks, no penetration. One man of the KDG wounded. Capt Wright RAMC arrived very quickly and dealt with this case.
Column of 3 tanks visited SHQ in the evening.

B Sqn.
4Tp went out to cover 3Tp. During the day 3Tp got shelled off his position and all the other he tried to get on the OPs. Apart from that there was no movement seen all day.
3Tp remained out for the night with 4Tp. SHQ in the same place.

2/12/42 A Sqn.
4Tp remained at MM BATTAFAL, 3Tp relieved 1Tp. Highland Bde started arriving from 1000 hours and with them fighter sweeps of the RAF so the period of Stukas and Me109’s ground strafing ceased.Patrols reported nothing unusual during day. Slight increased shelling by the enemy owing to the Highland Bde moving up. Three 105mm and also 1 210mm guns have been identified in the SUERA front. SHQ was strafed during the morning but no damage caused.

B Sqn.
1Tp went up to the forward position, 4Tp remaining in his half back position. The OP went up by himself.
Nothing to report all day. At 1700 hours 1Tp relieved 4Tp. SHQ in same place.

3/12/42 A Sqn.
2Tp relieved 4Tp at 0800 hours. SHQ moved 5 miles South to area B7866 and during the morning 3Tp returned to SHQ, a patrol of 3rd RTR having taken over the patrol position.
Nothing of interest to report from the southern flank during the day.

B Sqn.
1Tp went out to the forward position with the OP and 2Tp came out to cover his South. During the evening there was some movement of 100 MET South in area 4361 otherwise no movement seen.
At 1700 hours 1Tp returned to SHQ, 2Tp staying out.

4/12/42 A Sqn.
5Tp relieved 2Tp who before returning to SHQ recced forward to find a better position forward. Having travelled 5 miles West he came under shellfire and moved NE, eventually taking up a position in the area B6756 which filled in the gap between BATTAFAL and the 3rd RTR patrol. Nothing unusual to report.
Patrols are in fact observing the enemy from long range owing to the fact that the enemy hold all the high ground and to move further West entails shelling which is pointless for the moment.

B Sqn 4th – 12th
Remained watching the same area with two Tps out all day and night. Local movement of MET and men seen most days but nothing else of interest seen.

8th Armd Bde took over from 22nd Armd Bde. The role of the Regt at this period was to watch the gaps between the Brigades at BREGA and SUERA (B Sqn) and the left of the SUERA Bde (A Sqn).
B Sqn the Royals returned to their own command in the HASSELAT area.

5/12/42 A Sqn. 5th – 7th
Patrol positions were maintained at BATTAFAL and B6756, known hereafter as ‘Armoured Car Ridge’. Patrol merely as an observation scheme while 8th Armd Bde and Bde of 51st Div consolidated their positions.
Normal activity – enemy artillery closely observed and gun positions plotted.
On Dec 7th SHQ moved to B7459.

RHQ. 5th – 12th.
During this period there was little change in the situation. C Sqn relieved A Sqn in the SUERA area.
There were indications that the enemy were likely to retire in the near future.
On Dec 12th General Montgomery visited the Regt.

8/12/42 A Sqn 8th – 10th
Our own troops increased activity on the front and on the 9th A Sqn troops moved forward to B6249 and B6655 to obtain closer observation on the enemy.
Tank patrols from Sherwood Rangers and 3rd RTR did probing recce and on Dec 9th and 10th to within 800 yards of enemy positions. This caused the enemy to show their guns. Enemy positions ran accurately as shown on the captured overprint map.
On Dec 10th the enemy positions were thought to be thinning out. This rather agrees with what is reported, that the enemy do not consider themselves strong enough to hold the AGHEILA line and may therefore with draw to lengthen our communication and play for time. We ourselves are nearly ready for an attack.
On Dec 10th 5Tp reported five 88mm guns at 5255, these probably brought up on account of our tank threat.
11/12/42 A Sqn.
At 0930 hours 5Tp Mr Williamson reported that the five 88mm guns were being towed NW – a further indication that the enemy probably intend to withdraw.
C Sqn took over A Sqn patrols at 1300 hours and we went into reserve in area 8176.
12/12/42 A Sqn.
Sqn in reserve. The day was an extremely windy one. Spent in cleaning up, maintenance etc.
In the afternoon the Sqn was visited by General Montgomery who met all the officers and NCOs. Capt Poston 11th Hussars ADC accompanied him.
13/12/42 A Sqn.
Sqn was intended to be in reserve for several days, but during the night the enemy had withdrawn. By 0800 hours this had been definitely proved and 8th Bde by 0900 hours, preceded by C Sqn, were moving through gaps made in the enemy minefields in pursuit.
Sqn moved with RHQ to area 6767 and then passed through old enemy positions to join 8th Armd Bde in area 4159. C Sqn had been in contact with the enemy who appeared right away from the AGHEILA line.
The night was spent with the Regt “in toto” with 8th Bde at 4159.

B Sqn.
1Tp in the forward position and 2Tp in the half back. No movement was seen in the morning.
At 1200 hours we were told that the enemy had pushed out. We were ordered to move to 6665 to join RHQ. This we did at 1400 hours and arrived at 1530 hours where 2Tp and 3Tp rejoined.
We were then put in reserve and spent the rest of the day following RHQ through the minefield at SUERA and spent the night at 4160.

The enemy appeared to have withdrawn during the night. C Sqn working with 3rd RTR pushed forward through the SUERA position being followed by the rest of the Regt and 8th Armd Bde who leaguered in area B4159.
No enemy were seen during the day except a weak line reported by A Sqn in area B3064.

14/12/42 C Sqn.
1Tp on the right, 3Tp in the centre and 5Tp on the left all reported no movement all night and visibility limited to 20 yards.
at first light 2Tp started for GIOPER to relieve 5Tp who were low on petrol. Our right boundary was a track running to the bend in the road at B2150 and our left directed on GIOPER.
0920 – 3Tp reported gunfire to the NW and the wire fence across the track at 2050.
1020 – 2Tp was with 5Tp and nearly to GIOPER, wire fence was stretching to the South along the line of the road. RE’s went out with 4Tp to look for mines but it was a dummy.
1030 – 3Tp reported a tank at B1348 with 2 men getting in the turret, fog had cleared by now.
1032 – 2Tp reported GIOPER clear.
1115 – 3Tp was now at 2146 and reported one 8 wheeled AC and two large MET 1 mile to the North. 3Tp was then shelled and had to drop a bit.
1127 – 2Tp reported one of his cars had hit a mine and gone up. Tpr Oliver injured.
1129 – 4Tp reported a single vehicle going North at B1863 where it joined a Mark IV tank which was being engaged by 8th Armd Bde who were close up behind us.
1138 – 4Tp reported at B1855 about 20 Infantry on a small mound.
1139 – 4Tp reported 2 more tanks moving North and Infantry moving up to B1753.
1142 – 4Tp reported one 8 wheeler at B1853. By 1200 hours A Sqn who were on our right reported MET in area 1852.
1230 – road from bend at B2149 to GIOPER was clear and no mines. RE’s had gone down to GIOPER to extricate 2Tp who then proceeded South down the track. SHQ was with HQ 3rd RTR who were by now in action against MET and tanks in the B15 square. The engagement lasted all through the afternoon, moving gradually NW.
2Tp continued South meeting numerous mine fields all the way down the track. MO with ambulance collected Tpr Oliver who had broken a leg.
1700 – whole Sqn less B1 moved South down the track to GIOPER. 2Tp had got as far as B2112 trying to contact 4th Armd Bde who were going round the South. By 1800 hours he was with some of them but unfortunately it was only an Echelon who had no wireless.
B1 collected rations and joined us in GIOPER late that night.

A Sqn.
8th Bde advanced at first light with C Sqn observing on the whole front. Observing is not quite the correct expression as until 1000 hours a mist lay on the ground restricting visibility to only 150 yards.
A Sqn patrols were supposed to contact C Sqn patrols in the areas 3566 and 3456 thereby taking over the night recce, leaving C Sqn responsible for the South – one of their patrols to move to GIOPER, and thence South to contact Royals or KDG’s who were the AC regts with the New Zealand column which was moving round from the South to cut the main road in the BIR EL MERDUMA area. Because of the mist A Sqn patrols never contacted C Sqn’s but 2Tp Mr Turner moved North from 3566 to obtain observation on to the main road. When within 2 miles of it he started moving West.
4Tp Mr Wingfield Digby moved West from 3564 and 1Tp Sgt Trumper West from 3456. Despite the mist 8th Armd Bde continued to move “en bloc” and 1Tp, blind, moved in front of them.
2Tp ran into enemy in area of 2566 and being unable to see anything when fired on, he was forced to withdraw. 4Tp was likewise held up.
When the mist rose, 8th Armd Bde found themselves 2 miles East of the AGHEILA – GIOPER track with a wire fence halting them. Gaps were made in this and 3rd RTR passed through to the track. 1Tp was in observation at 2254 where he remained the whole day, being prevented from moving North by the enemy holding a ridge 1 mile to his NW. he gave good information throughout the day of enemy tanks and gun positions and also reported the enemy mining the track in area 1958.
Meanwhile 2Tp and 4Tp were held up by enemy manning the AGHEILA town defences. No further enemy were moving West from MARSA BREGA to AGHEILA, but the Highland Div were held up by mines and booby traps on the main road. 2Tp and 4Tp were intermittently shelled throughout the whole day; the gaps through the wire were now under fairly heavy shellfire.
C Sqn 3rd RTR were moving by bounds along the road towards AGHEILA and fought continually throughout the day with the enemy rearguard positions. 5Tp Mr Williamson was sent out to the area of 1255 to watch the western flank.
In the afternoon the Sherwood Rangers came up to the West of 3rd RTR and the Staffs Yeomanry to the East. Considerable damage was done to the enemy who remained in their positions until the tanks were literally on top of them. In the days fighting the enemy lost approx 10 M13’s and the same number of A/Tk guns and 150 prisoners.
2Tp and 4Tp joined up for the night while 1Tp maintained his position. 5Tp, ordered to withdraw somewhat, had considerable difficulty as German tanks had infiltrated South in the western flank at dusk.
SHQ spent the night with 3rd RTR in area 1656, this column having withdrawn 2 miles at last light. Any success today was probably due to the presence of the Bde so close to the enemy positions under cover of the mist. This was probably a complete surprise for the enemy for otherwise the Bde would have to advance over open country, presumably under heavy shellfire.
5Tp Mr Williamson was throughout the afternoon in a good position to see any damage done to the enemy and himself saw seven M13’s brew up. Advance SHQ spent the day with Colonel Pieman who himself went into action on several occasions.

B Sqn.
Spent the day in reserve following on behind RHQ.
At 1500 hours 5Tp was sent out as local protection to the West of RHQ and between 1500 hours and dark we sat in the middle of a lot of kit and guns which were being shelled which was not very pleasant.
Spent the night with RHQ at 2448.

7th Armd Div were directed on the MARADA track and B2149. The morning was foggy with visibility of 200 yards. In spite of this 7th Armd Div moved at dawn with A Sqn on the right and C Sqn on the left. The mist did not lift until 1000 hours by which time 7th Armd Div had reached 2 miles East of the track. The enemy could then be seen holding the line B3070 – SW – to B1753. C Sqn reported GIOPER heavily mined but clear.
In the afternoon 8th Armd Bde engaged the enemy and knocked out twelve M13 tanks. RHQ leaguered at B2149.

15/12/42 C Sqn.
At first light the whole Sqn moved South and by 0800 hours had done 15 miles. Had a short halt and then got ordered to return North through GIOPER as the enemy had shifted in the night and the way was clear to the road.
By midday we were 10 miles North of GIOPER. A recce of the track running through the salt marsh in square A96 was ordered and 3Tp left soon after to do this.
1730 – 3Tp reported they were in the middle of a minefield with one car already gone up and of the crew 1 killed and 2 injured. The other 2 cars were in the middle and the mines were very hard to see. The MO was sent for and met on the road, Sgt Lawrence directed him over very bad country and reached the area by midnight. It was not possible to get the ambulance right up to the cars because of the mines. Lt French and Tpr Whittard had to be carried for 100 yards. Tpr Blakey was buried there.

A Sqn.
As was to be expected the enemy had withdrawn during the night. SHQ moved with 3rd RTR at first light northwards along the line of the GIOPER AGHEILA track and by 0900 hours were on the main road having met little opposition – this being quickly dealt with causing casualties to the enemy.
2Tp and 4Tp were ordered from first light to move West and clear the ground through the AGHEILA town positions and then join SHQ who were situated close to the X tracks 0267, this they did. Mr turner’s Tp having carried out a successful attack against realistic but dummy A/Tk gun positions on the way.
1Tp and 5Tp were also ordered to join SHQ who, with 3rd RTR, had advanced on the line of the track fairly quickly. 3rd RTR were by this time 0930 hours advancing West down the main road towards the A/Tk ditch post 9072 and 3Tp Sgt Longmate was sent out to watch the southern flank. He moved to 9163.
1Tp was ordered to recce the tracks crossing the SEBCHA EL CHEBIRA in the square 95 and by 1300 hours had reported no possible crossing for MT.
The enemy were holding a position in the A/Tk ditch area and also the sand dunes to the North. 3rd RTR had been withdrawn and the Staffs Yeomanry were probing this position.
Advance SHQ moved to area 9266 and were shelled somewhat by our own guns as well as the enemy’s.
By 1400 hours Staffs Yeomanry were across the A/Tk ditch to the South but were then held up by heavy A/Tk gun fire. The situation remained thus for the rest of the day. Staffs Yeomanry lost 2 tanks but did damage to the enemy and took some prisoners.
1Tp took over from advance SHQ at 9266, while 3Tp had had to evacuate on AC irrevocably stuck in the bog and another in need of LAD assistance from the same cause. SHQ and 2, 4 and 5 Tps spent the night in area 0366. Today the New Zealand Div has been astride the road as far West as SI MATRATIN and must therefore be causing some disconcertion amongst the enemy.

B Sqn.
We were told to take over from A Sqn their Northern patrols but long before we could do that the enemy had again withdrawn and A Sqn had pushed on. We therefore rejoined RHQ at the fork of the AGHEILA – MARADA roads where 4Tp and 5Tp rejoined having failed to catch up A Sqn patrols.
At 1100 hours 1Tp was sent out to find a way across the bog to the SW but failed to find one and returned to SHQ at 1600 hours.

Enemy appeared to have retired during the night. 7th Armd Div was directed North West along the track with A Sqn acting as advance guard.
A light A/Tk screen was encountered at the road junction at B0267 which retired when engaged.
8th Armd Bde followed up to the line of the A/Tk ditch A9070 and harassed them for the rest of the day.

16/12/42 C Sqn.
4Tp with the RE’s under LCpl Griffiths left at first light to assist 3Tp to get their cars out. The minefield was an exceptionally well prepared one and appeared to have been laid some time ago as the diggings were invisible. The majority were double Teller mines, all booby trapped, but besides these there were charges dug very deep with remote control igniters, which evaded the detectors.
After working for 4 hours on removing the Tellers they thought a way had been cleared. Lt Lovett’s car got clear alright and the third car was almost clear with the car commander and gunner walking in front of each wheel when it detonated another charge. The car immediately burst into flames and the Driver Tpr Lenton had to come out through the visor. At the time there were only 2 cars in the Regt of the type that the driver could get through the visor, and in this case there was no possibility of exit through the turret, so he was lucky to get away with it untouched.
We all moved on in the afternoon, up with RHQ towards MARBLE ARCH.

A Sqn.
Again by first light the enemy had evacuated and the Sqn was ordered to regain contact as soon as possible. The main road was clear as far West as Kilo 29 and the Sqn moved to Kilo 39 South of the road. From that point 2Tp was directed below the escarpment that runs 4 miles South of the main road, while 4Tp travelled the line of the road with RE’s attached. 1Tp travelled in between 2Tp and 4Tp.
By 1200 hours 4Tp had reached MARBLE ARCH, having cleared mines in the road defile at 5885. 1Tp and 2Tp were on top of the escarpment and moving West. 3Tp had to be left in the bog until they could be released by the LAD. SHQ was at 5883.
At 1300 hours 4Tp was ordered to inspect the MARBLE ARCH landing ground. 5Tp therefore took over from 4Tp and worked the line of the road. The RAF had been very active today and 1Tp saw a bomber in difficulties and forced to land close to the sea, in area 4400. He was ordered to their assistance, a doctor being needed, one was obtained from the Sherwood Rangers. SHQ with 4Tp, who had ascertained that the landing ground was littered with mines, including S mines, moved towards 1Tp. Nothing had been seen of the enemy, but at 1700 hours 5Tp contacted the New Zealanders at MATRATIN and heard from them that they had had some success.
Before this 2Tp had contacted the KDG’s at MERDUMA, they did not know very much. 2Tp had a car blown up on a Teller mine and Lt Moore and LCpl Jee were slightly wounded. He was ordered to bring these men into SHQ, who by 1630 hours had reached area 4497, and the doctor had left for the bomber on the North side of the road. The rear gunner had been killed but the pilot and the other 2 members of the crew were OK.
Sqn spent the night in area 4497, less 5Tp who remained at MATRATIN. 3Tp still in the bog 50 miles back. Wounded and air crew evacuated.

B Sqn.
Again the enemy had retired. We remained in reserve and followed on until we reached MARBLE ARCH. We were then told to send one Tp to take over from A Sqn Tp at the head of 8th Armd Bde who were moving along South of the road and parallel to it. 5Tp went off to do this.
2t and 4Tp were sent off to recce the Wadi MA??? 4Tp went South of MERDUMA and 2Tp went North.
SHQ were then instructed to contact General Freyberg at 2289 and find out what he was doing.
At about 1700 hours 2Tp reported the Wadi passable anywhere.
SHQ fetched up with the New Zealanders just as it was getting dark. 2, 4 & 5 Tps were called in to SHQ arriving about 1800 hours.
The Sqn Ldr went to see General Freyberg and was given 2 very good cigars which he and Capt Horsford kept for Christmas, but when it came to Christmas it was found that some kind person had given them away so we never knew exactly how good they were.
The Sqn stayed the night at 2289.

Information had been received that a force under General Freyberg had carried out a wide encircling movement to the South and during the night he was reported to have cut the road SW of MARBLE ARCH.
7th Armd Div was directed West as fast as possible to support him. The road and verges were heavily mined necessitating cross country movement over bad going. 7th Armd Div leaguered in area A4093. B Sqn contacted General Freyberg’s HQ.

17/12/42 C Sqn.
We continued to lead 8th Armd Bde towards NOFILIA but 4th Armd Bde were ahead of us and we made no further contact.

A Sqn.
At first light the Echelon arrived from RHQ who had spent the night close to the Sqn, one car of 5Tp had to be abandoned yesterday with steering trouble. 5Tp continued to advance on the line of the road while 1Tp travelled 4 miles West of it. Going was extremely bad and the weather highly inclement. In area 2214 5Tp was forced to stop with mechanical trouble and 4Tp took over his task.
By 1200 hours SHQ was in area 2214 and by this time 1Tp was at 0415. 3Tp rejoined SHQ. Moving close to the road had been somewhat hazardous and so far troops have been lucky in not hitting mines.
At 1300 hours 4Tp reported progress further NW to be impossible and it was decided to strike inland and the Sqn moved to area 0517 with much mountaineering. 1Tp contacted Major Rogers Sqn of the Royals and from them received fuller information – namely that the enemy were holding a rearguard position at NOFILIA, of some tanks and guns etc. they were in observation and New Zealand Columns were to the West of the enemy. This was the first information Div had had of the New Zealand columns for some time and therefore the Sqn was ordered to keep in touch with the Royals in order that information could get back.
All Tps were called in to SHQ at last light – night spent in area 0517.

B Sqn.
The Sqn remained where they were until 1300 hours when we moved to join RHQ at 2094 where we stayed the night.

7th Armd Div moved to area A2394 where they halted and it was learned that General Freyberg was engaging the enemy in the NOFILIA area.
7th Armd Div was ordered into reserve.

18/12/42 C Sqn.
The Regt went into rest on the coast in V30 area.

B Sqn.
Remained until 1335 hours when the whole Regt moved North to the sea.
2Tp went out at 0900 hours to escort the Corps Commander General Leese and rejoined us the next day by the sea.
We spent the night by the sea 32 Kilos East of NOFILIA North of the road.

Permission was obtained for 11th Hussars to the sea in area U2318 and during the afternoon the Regt moved there.

19/12/42 A Sqn 19th – 25th
During this period Sqn was with the Regt at MARSA EL IHUDIA maintaining and resting in glorious weather. On at least 3 days it was possible to bathe.
On Dec 23rd the Colonel and Major Lawson had dinner at Army HQ with the GOC. An extremely interesting and entertaining visit. Future AC policy was discussed including the necessity of ACs carrying a dual purpose gun, not smaller than 20mm. The statement was made by the GOC that he did not consider that ACs should be used for fighting and that their sole role should be information.
At dinner a discussion, cavalry versus infantry soldiers, the amateur and the professional. In both instances the GOC favoured entirely the latter; all the leading soldier of the present day being infantrymen and pre-war professional soldiers.
Capt Poston visited the Regt on 21st Dec. on Xmas Day a day of rest was observed. Rations were supplemented and Lt Rapp arrived from Cairo with a lorry load of food and drink. A fine feat considering he has come over 1000 miles and was not passed fit by the doctors for the field.
Lt Williamson was sick from 22nd Dec and on the evening of 25th Dec had to be evacuated.
This rest has done the troops a great deal of good. Washing of both bodies and of clothes was badly needed and the general relaxation had a tonic effect. Some new lorries were received. These were also badly needed. Some of this Sqn having done the campaign last winter followed by a trip to Persia and then the arduous work of the summer of 1942.

B Sqn. 19th – 25th
This period was spent in rest by the sea with the whole Regt and a very enjoyable time as well as getting quite a few necessary jobs done.
We had a very good Christmas with a Gymkhana in the morning and solid eating for the rest of the day. The latter was made possible by Lt Rapp arriving from Cairo on Christmas Eve with our Christmas food in the back of a lorry.

25/12/42 C Sqn.
Third Christmas in the desert. Lt Rapp arrived from base with a large lorry load of mail, parcels and Christmas fare with Christmas puddings, mince pies, chocolate and beer for all.
26/12/42 C Sqn.
Sqn led the Regt along the road through NOFILIA. A total of 90 miles.

A Sqn.
Regt moved at 0800 hours to NOFILIA and thence on to the desert and travelled to area Z22 where the night was spent.

B Sqn.
The whole Regt moved at 0730 hours to 0220 where we spent the night.

27/12/42 C Sqn.
Continued with journey up to 7th Armd Div. Halted 2 miles South of them.

A Sqn.
Regt moved to Y3147 arriving there soon after midday.

B Sqn.
Moved on up to Div at Y3248 where we spent the night.

28/12/42 C Sqn.
Remained in same area.

A Sqn 28th – 31st
Sqn with Regt at Y3147. Sqn had no tasks and the days were spent in training. A Jeep Tp had been formed on Xmas day under L/Sgt Martin and on the morning of the 29th this patrol went out under the command of Lt Turner who with Lt Wingfield Digby had received the Military Cross for their excellent work and valour during the past winter’s campaigning.
The task of the Jeep patrol was to ascertain if the enemy position at BUNGEN was occupied or not. This entailed a journey of 150 miles there and back. The patrol consisted of 3 Jeeps and the following, Lt Turner, Sgt Martin, Cpl Buckledee, Tprs Robinson, Crosby, Trottman and Sapper Collins. The patrol reached the area of BUNGEN by the evening of the 29th but had punctures and petrol stoppages that held them up the whole of the 30th until the evening. The whole of the 30th a Tp of KDG’s was reporting on BUNGEN, it therefore appears that there was duplication of tasks; Enemy had been in BUNGEN fort on Dec 29th.
When Mr Turner had completed his work on petrol stoppages, he got into a position of observation overlooking BUNGEN and found the Fort burning merrily with no sign of the enemy. He therefore decided to enter the place and look at the water supply and landing ground. The place was entered warily and all that could be seen were empty gun pits and equipment lying round as if the enemy had left in a hurry.
He approached the fort itself and when within 20 or 30 yards of it, two ACs suddenly appeared from behind it. He shouted “Who are you” to which came the reply in perfect English “come forward with your hand up”. Lt Turner’s Jeep and that of Cpl Buckledee could do nothing but comply and if they had not done so they must all have been killed, so close were they. The Jeep of L/Sgt Martin was further to a flank but no further than 80 yards, he therefore immediately ordered his driver, Tpr Crosby, to pull away to the right and this they did, making their escape without being fired at although they were followed by a third AC.
It afterwards transpired that the Royals had been in BUNGEN at 1600 hours and as Mr Turner was captured at 1700 hours, the enemy patrol must have been approaching the fort at the identical time that our patrol did, but from the opposite side. It was therefore a case of extreme bad luck and misfortune. Lt Turner, Cpl Buckledee, Tprs Robinson, Trottman and Sapper Collins were all captured unwounded.
L/Sgt Martin and Tpr Crosby gained contact by W/T with 4th Armd Bde and reported the matter to them, having not enough aerial to gain contact with the Sqn. 2Tp Sgt Hall was sent out to assist them but they returned unaided to SHQ at Y3147 having done extremely well.

B Sqn.Remained in same place all day.

31/12/42 C Sqn.
Sqn had orders to recce route over Wadi TAMET at Pt. 116 Y2623 thence on to BUNGEN and then if possible to the NW. BUNGEN was at the time no-mans land occasionally occupied by either side. Lt Turner of A Sqn was unfortunately captured there in a Jeep two days before. Crossed Wadi TAMET just before dark with 1Tp and 5Tp about 15 miles ahead.

Battle Casualties 11th Hussars PAO from 3/9/39
Killed in Action
Rank Name Date Remarks
Lt WVH Gape 29-4-41  
2Lt AL Jacobson 29-4-41  
Lt JW Peacock 23-10-42  
Lt PN St C Palin Evans 24-10-42  
2Lt The Viscount DAN Stuart 10-11-42  
Lt Cockbain 28-11-42 Died on Active Service
2Lt AJ Smithers 25-11-41 Died of Wounds
Capt Kellock RAMC 31-12-41 Died of Wounds
Sgt Whitehouse 26-7-40  
Tpr Baker 13-9-40  
Tpr Walsh 13-9-40  
LCpl Panchen 16-9-40  
Sgt Taber 9-12-40  
Tpr Ralstein 9-12-40  
Cpl Horton 9-12-40  
Tpr Hunt 11-12-40  
SSM Chapple 14-12-40  
Tpr Sutton 27-12-40  
Tpr Watham 28-12-40  
Sgt Holland 4-2-41  
Tpr Froggatt 4-2-41  
LCpl Sawyer 8-2-41  
Sgt Lucy 14-2-41  
Tpr Buckler 14-2-41  
Tpr Vivier 14-2-41  
Tpr Clarke 10-4-41  
Tpr Worthington 16-6-41  
Tpr Winslade 26-6-41  
Tpr Coles 7-8-41  
Cpl Grimsey 22-11-41  
LCpl Hutchins 22-11-41  
Pte Lillywhite (LAD) 22-11-41  
Tpr Howells 23-11-41  
Tpr Simpson 23-11-41  
Tpr Howells 7-1-42  
Tpr Shaw 7-1-42  
Tpr Sadd 6-10-42  
Tpr Blakey 15-12-42  
Sgt Mines 26-7-40 Died of Wounds
Tpr Muscettelli 1-7-40 Died of Wounds
TSM Bowyer 15-10-40 Died of Wounds
Tpr Pearson 14-12-40 Died of Wounds
Tpr McVey 16-12-40 Died of Wounds
Missing – Believed Killed
Tpr Jones 70 21-6-40 [Alamein Memorial –no known grave]
LCpl Hoppe 25-4-41 [Alamein Memorial –no known grave]
Tpr Metton 25-4-41 [No entry Commonwealth War Graves]
Sgt Woods 7-8-41 [No entry Commonwealth War Graves]
Tpr Manning 7-8-41 [Halfaya Sollum Cemetery]
Tpr Bambury 7-8-41 [Halfaya Sollum Cemetery]
Missing – Believed Wounded
2Lt TB Brewin 28-1-42  
Cpl Graystone 31 26-7-40  
Tpr Nightingale 26-7-40  
Tpr Gay 26-7-40  
Capt DPJ Lloyd 11-12-40  
2Lt A Reid Scott 14-12-40  
Capt HS Cayzer 23-11-41  
Lt PF Stewart 17-12-41  
Major JCAD Lawson 18-11-42  
Lt J French 15-12-42  
Lt RH Moore 16-12-42  
Tpr Musslewhite 5-7-40  
Tpr Robertson 22 10-7-40  
Tpr Chisholm 26-7-40  
Tpr Brown 70 26-7-40  
Tpr Buckett 26-7-40  
LCpl Parker 26-7-40  
LCpl Gingell 13-9-40  
Cpl Nash 15-9-40  
Tpr Wright 15-9-40  
Tpr Hill 15-9-40  
Tpr Crowther 16-9-40  
LCpl Petrie 7-10-40  
Tpr Horton 26 7-10-40  
LCpl Holdsworth 9-12-40  
Tpr Hamilton 9-12-40  
Tpr Leach 10-12-40  
SSM McMahon 11-12-40  
TSM Clarke 11-12-40  
LCpl Loxley 11-12-40  
Sgt Hay 11-12-40  
Tpr Winterbottom 11-12-40  
Cpl Tappern 14-12-40  
Sgt Galpin 14-12-40  
LCpl Ward 14-12-40  
LCpl Archer 14-12-40  
Tpr Kean 16-12-40  
Cpl Bailey 25-12-40  
Tpr Firth 58 25-12-40  
Tpr Webster 26-12-40  
Sgt Cameron 27-12-40  
Cpl Graystone 27-12-40  
LCpl Jones 11-1-41  
Sgt Whittaker 4-2-41  
Sgt Lamb 24-4-41  
Tpr Christie 24-4-41  
Tpr Hastings 24-4-41  
Cpl Early 24-4-41  
LCpl Robinson 24-4-41  
LCpl Greensides 24-4-41  
Tpr Allen 24-4-41  
Tpr Powell 24-4-41  
Cpl Murphy 24-4-41  
Tpr Riani 24-4-41  
Tpr Ferguson 24-4-41  
Tpr Eacock 24-4-41  
Sgt Hoyland 25-4-41  
Cpl Oliver 25-4-41  
Tpr Pollard 30-4-41  
Cpl Cornish 12-5-41  
Sgt Chambers 15-5-41  
Tpr Strong 15-5-41  
Tpr Fidler 15-5-41  
Tpr Shrewsbury 15-5-41  
Cpl Longmate 16-6-41  
LCpl Ramshaw 16-6-41  
Tpr Murphy 16-6-41  
Tpr Shoals 16-6-41  
Cpl Green 26-6-41  
Tpr Blake 26-6-41  
Tpr Myers 9-7-41  
Sgt Parker 24-7-41  
Tpr Wier 20-7-41  
Tpr Shaw 28-7-41  
Tpr Allen 28-7-41  
Pte Chamberlain (LAD) 22-11-41  
Tpr Clifton 23-11-41  
LCpl Hale 23-11-41  
Pte Burfitt (LAD) 23-11-41  
Sgt Merrick 22-11-41  
Tpr Cunningham 22-11-41  
Tpr Evans 33-11-41  
Tpr Evans 25-11-41  
Tpr Lenton 4-12-41  
Tpr Murphy 28 6-12-41  
Tpr Osborne 35 10-12-41  
Sgt Chambers 17-12-41  
LCpl Attwood 17-12-41  
Tpr Smith 17-12-41  
LCpl Like 1-1-42  
Sgt Hutchinson 1-1-42  
L/Sgt Slater 7-1-42  
Tpr Paske 7-1-42  
Tpr Cahill 12-1-42  
LCpl Nottingham 28-1-42  
Tpr Pinfold 2-9-42  
Sgt Lovett 2-9-42  
Tpr Cairns 2-9-42  
LCpl Firth 18-9-42  
Cpl Addis 11-10-42  
Tpr Rose 11-10-42  
Cpl Stewart 14-10-42  
LCpl Palmer 14-10-42  
Tpr Whittingham 14-10-42  
LCpl Peckett 16-10-42  
LCpl Woodhead 15-10-42  
LCpl Shuttleworth 15-10-42  
Tpr Williams 3-11-42  
Tpr Brown 5-11-42  
Tpr Cahill 10-11-42  
LCpl Horwood 17-11-42  
Tpr Brown 18-11-42  
Tpr Oakes 18-11-42  
Tpr Shoals 18-11-42  
Tpr Hawkins 26-11-42  
Tpr Oliver 14-12-42  
Tpr Stewart 14-12-42 Shell shock
Tpe Whittard 15-12-42  
LCpl Jee 16-12-42  
Lt TI Pitman 26-7-40 Confirmed
2Lt Jenson 26-7-40 Confirmed
A/Brigadier JFB Coombe DSO 4-4-41  
Capt CA Halliday 25-5-42  
Lt JB Turner 30-12-42  
TSM Howarth 21-6-40 Confirmed
Tpr Freeman 21-6-40 Confirmed
Tpr Young 21-6-40 Confirmed
Tpr Prewett 21-6-40 Confirmed
L/Sgt Kynes 26-7-40 Confirmed
Cpl Dayman 26-7-40 Confirmed
LCpl Gardiner 39 26-7-40 Confirmed
Tpr Rogers 13 26-7-40 Confirmed
Tpr Maddox 26-7-40 Confirmed
Tpr House 26-7-40 Confirmed
Tpr Stone 26-7-40 Confirmed
Tpr Kenny 26-7-40 Confirmed
Sgt Rich 28-12-40 Confirmed
LCpl Lowe 28-12-40 Confirmed
Tpr Crack 28-12-40 Confirmed
LCpl Ramsell 28-12-40 Confirmed
Tpr Brown 75 28-12-40 Confirmed
Tpr Smith 69 28-12-40 Confirmed
Cpl Salter 10-4-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Gibbons 10-4-41 Not Confirmed
LCpl Stevens 25-4-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Burns 22 25-4-41 Not Confirmed
LCpl Edwards 29-4-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Timmons 29-4-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Crowther 7-8-41 Not Confirmed
Cpl Winterbottom 7-8-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Walburn 7-8-41 Not Confirmed
LCpl Kimpton 23-11-41 Not Confirmed
Pte Linsey (LAD) 23-11-41 Not Confirmed
Sgt Howells 23-11-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Wesley 23-11-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Smith 03 23-11-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Randall 23-11-41 Not Confirmed
Tpr Wells 23-11-41 Not Confirmed
Cpl Robertson 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
LCpl Neil 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Edwards 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
LCpl Jones 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
LCpl Parrott 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Baxter 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Trp Robinson 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Carman 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Wright 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Briggs 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Vivian 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Howley 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Crampton 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
Tpr Day 23-1-42 Not Confirmed
PoWs - Repatriated
Tpr Gay 26-7-40  
Tpr Garner 30 26-7-40  
LCpl Evans 28-12-40  
Tpr Fenn 28-12-40  

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