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North Irish Horse
September 1939 To June 1946

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January 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Jan 41 North Irish Horse
6/1/41 Portrush
2Lts JG Stratton, AKE Finch-Noyes and JAG Biggs joined for duty from 102 OCTU.
14/1/41 Tpr May tried by FGCM on charges under AA 15(1).
15/1/41 2Lt IL McEnnery joined for duty.
21/1/41 Sentence on Tpr May 28 days detention.
31/1/41 As a result of a recruiting campaign carried out during the month, 33 recruits were enlisted.

February 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Feb 41 North Irish Horse
8/2/41 Portrush
A Sqn inspected by General the Viscount Gort, VC KCB CBE DSO MVO MC.
20/2/41 Two Sqns of the Regt took part in a scheme with 250 Anti-Tank Battery.
21/2/41 Sgt Millar and Sgt Mahoney interviewed by Command Interview Board and approved as candidates for an OCTU.
27/2/41 Regt took part in scheme against 6th Royal Berks.
During the month, 34 new recruits enlisted in the Regt.

March 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Mar 41 North Irish Horse
11/3/41 Portrush
Regt inspected by the Inspector General of Signals.
17/3/41 2Lts PS Bolshaw and WAP Crowe joined for duty from 101 OCTU.
19/3/41 FGCM on Tpr Anderson W and Tpr Donaghy DF, under AA 6(2)(h) and 40.
24/3/41 FGCM on Anderson and Donaghy promulgated, Guilty on one charge, not-guilty on two. Sentenced to 168 hours detention.
28/3/41 2Lt JF Armitage joined for duty from 102 OCTU.
31/3/41 During the month 17 new recruits enlisted into the Regt.

April 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Apr 41 North Irish Horse
2 - 4 Portrush
61 Div exercise. All HQs in communication exercise.
8 – 9 C Sqn took part in 61 Div exercise.
16 – 18 Regt took part in 61 Div exercise.
19/4/41 A Sqn moved to BALLYKINLAR to take over Valentine tanks, and was the first Sqn of the Regt to be converted into a Sqn of an Armoured Regt.
20 - 21 Major-General Sir John Brown KCB CBE DSO TD TA visited the Regt and dined in the Mess.
22/4/41 HRH the Duke of Gloucester visited A Sqn.
23/4/41 The following NCOs attended an OCTU Interview Board:-
Sgt Templeton, Sgt Fletcher, SQMS McIlherne, Lcpl Craig, Lcpl Williams, Lcpl Cadden.
24/3/41 Lt CM LeClair MC, posted from 53rd Training Regt as Tech Adjt.
2Lt WEW Montgomery joined for duty from 101 OCTU.
29/4/41 2Lt PMB Pope joined from 102 OCTU.

May 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
May 41 North Irish Horse
2/5/41 PortrushFGC
M held on Tpr May W for AA 15(1).
8/5/41 Tpr May found guilty – detention for 56 days.
27/5/41 Tpr Wasson JA received fatal injuries when involved in a traffic accident.
30/5/41 2Lt HC Jeffrey joined from 102 OCTU.

June 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Jun 41 North Irish Horse
3/6/41 Portrush
FGCM held on Tpr Scott W for AA 8(2).
9/6/41 2Lt P Welch granted A/U/Capt.
12/6/41 Findings of FGCM on Tpr Scott, found guilty and awarded 56 days detention.
14/6/41 2Lt GS Corry posted to Regt from 101 OCTU.
23 – 27 Number of officers, NCOs & men took part in 3 Corps exercise.

July 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Jul 41 North Irish Horse
1/7/41 PortrushAdv
ance party moved to BALLYKINLAR camp, Co. down.
3/7/41 Main body of Regt moved to Ballykinlar Camp.
5/7/41 Rear party moved to Ballykinlar.
8/7/41 TEWT for all officers – Armoured Regt Working with Recce Btn.
15/7/41 TEWT for all officers – “I” Tank Regt in Attack against organised resistance.
22/7/41 Six further tanks received making a total of 24 “I” tanks Mk III.
TEWT for all officers – “I” tanks in attack against hastily organised resistance.
24/7/41 40 officers and NCOs watched a parachute demonstration at LISBURN.
26/7/41 BGS 3 Corps and Staff Officers, together with officers and Sgts of NIH watched a ramp building demo and the loading of tanks on to trains. Demo was carried out by A Sqn of this Regt at NEWCASTLE railway station.
29/7/41 TEWT for all officers – Harbouring.

August 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Aug 41 North Irish Horse
4/8/41 BallykinlarA
composite Sqn, commanded by Capt Ketchell, took part in Exercise SUMMIT from 4th to 10th August. This was the first exercise in which a Sqn took part with tanks, since the conversion to an Armoured Regt.
6/8/41 Tpr North FV, tried by FGCM for offence under AA 41. Finding Not-Guilty and acquitted.
8/8/41 2Lt RS Hutton and 2Lt JD Dunlop posted to 52 Training Regt RAC.
11/8/41 Lt RH Bowering RA, attached to B Sqn pending transfer to RAC.
16/8/41 Major the Lord O’Neill assumed command during the absence of the CO on leave and on duty.
19/8/41 Capt KGP Pomeroy transferred from A to HQ Sqn.
Capt CA Crofton transferred from HQ to B Sqn.
Capt Ketchell transferred from C to take command of A Sqn.
22/8/41 Capt J Rew promoted to Major wef 27/7/41.
Capt GP Russell posted from 103 OCTU and takes over appointment as Adjt.
Capt Pomeroy promoted Major wef 28/7/41.
Capt P Welch transferred from B to C Sqn.
2Lt GS Corry posted to 54th Trng Regt RAC.
24/8/41 Eight further I tanks Mk III arrived. Total number now 32.
26/8/41 Regt visited by Hon. Colonel of NIH, the Earl of Shaftesbury.
Capt AEW Gaston transferred from HQ to A Sqn.
CO resumes command on return from leave & duty.
27/8/41 Major J Rew takes over command of B Sqn.

September 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Sep 41 North Irish Horse
1/9/41 Ballykinlar
A composite Sqn commanded by Capt WH Ketchell took part in exercise GREENLAND from 1st to 6th Sep.
2Lt JG Stratton promoted acting Capt wef 1/9/41.
9/9/41 TEWT for officers at rivers Quoile and Annacloy on recce and river crossing for tanks.
18/9/41 Composite Sqn commanded by Major JA Coey took part in exercise organised by 148th Independent Bde Group.
21/9/41 Four more tanks received – total now 36.
27/9/41 Major the Lord O’Neill assumed command during absence of CO on duty.

October 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Oct 41 North Irish Horse
4/10/41 Ballykinlar
Lt PPP McCraith posted to D&M Wing AFV School, WOOL for duty as an instructor.
6/10/41 Composite Sqn under Capt Ketchell took part in exercise HARVEST from 6th to 9th Oct.
11/10/41 2Lt WR Hern posted to Regt from 103 OCTU.
22/10/41 Move of Regt from Ballykinlar to WESTBURY, Wilts, was completed, less rear party which moved on the 25th. All B vehicles travelled by road to and from the ports concerned.
28/10/41 The Regt was inspected by Major-General Sir Oliver Leese, Bt, CBE DSO, Commanding the Guards Armoured Div.

November 1941 CO: Lt Col JAL Powell
Nov 41 North Irish Horse
6/11/41 Westbury
T/Lt Col Powell relinquishes command on taking over command of 2nd Btn Recce Corps.
T/Lt Col D Dawney assumes command on posing from 2nd Btn Recce Corps.
8/11/41 Capt JE Hewitt RAMC posted to RAMC Crookham.
10/11/41 T/Capt CA Crofton reverts to War Substantive rank of Lt.
2Lt Griffith from HQ to A Sqn.
2Lt Walker from HQ to B Sqn.
2Lt Pope from B to HQ Sqn.
2Lt Batchen from Admin Tp to IC Troop HQ Sqn.
15/11/41 RHQ & HQ Sqn moved from Westbury to Rood Ashton House, Rood Ashton.
B Sqn moved from Upton Scudamore to Westbury.
21/11/41 Regt inspected by Lt-General G LeQ. Martel CB DSO MC MI Mech.E.
23/11/41 Lt MH Waters RAMC posted in as MO.
25/11/41 Regt visited by HM Queen Mary.
2Lt M Brownfield Pope posted in from 202 OCTU.
28/11/41 Major KGP Pomeroy relinquishes command of HQ Sqn and assumes appointment of 2i/c A Sqn. Reverts to W/S rank of Capt.
Capt GP Russell assumes command of HQ Sqn.
Capt JG Stratton assumes appointment of Adjt.
29/11/41 Capt WM Mackean assumes appointment of 2i/c HQ Sqn.

December 1941 CO: Lt Col D Dawney
Dec 41 North Irish Horse
1/12/41 Westbury
Regt came under command of 34 Army Tank Bde – Brig JN Tetley TD.
6/12/41 2Lt MP Williams posted in from 102 OCTU.
2Lt RBM King and 2LT AT Moore posted in from 103 OCTU.
8/12/41 T/Capt AEW Gaston attached to HQ 34 Army Tank Bde as Staff Captain.
2Lt JAG Biggs assumed appointment of 2i/c A Sqn.
12/12/41 Regt inspected by the Earl of Shaftesbury.
15/12/41 2Lt CM Thomas transferred from A to HQ Sqn and assumed appointment of Signals Officer.
18/12/41 2Lt T Zissu posted in from 61st Trng Regt and assumed appointment of Assistant Technical Adjt.
20/12/41 2Lt HV Williams and 2Lt EW Clifford posted in from 101 OCTU.
2Lt JJH Pyl and 2Lt T Templeton posted in from 102 OCTU.

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