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North Irish Horse
September 1939 To June 1946

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January 1946 CO: Lt Col AWA Llewellyn Palmer DSO MC
Jan 46 North Irish Horse
B Sqn returned to Regt from VIENNA
4/1/46 Advance party left for HILDEN (GERMANY) by road. Regt to join 53(W) Div in BAOR. Handing in of vehicles commenced.
13/1/46 Regt left by train for HILDEN.
17/1/46 Regt less C Sqn arrived HILDEN. A Sqn going to FLAK KASERNE DUSSELDORF.
18/1/46 C Sqn arrived HILDEN.
25 26 HQ, B & C Sqns moved to SAGAN KASERNE WUPPERTAL.

February 1946 CO: Lt Col AWA Llewellyn Palmer DSO MC
Feb 46 North Irish Horse
Regt inspected by GOC 53 (W) Div.
28/2/46 Throughout the month personnel and vehicles from 53 Recce Regt were taken on strength.
Regt engaged on Garrison and patrol duties and preparing to take over from 69 Med Regt RA.

April 1946 CO: Lt Col R Heathcote-Amory
Apr 46 North Irish Horse
Lt Col R Heathcote-Amory takes over command of the Regt.

July 1946 CO: Lt Col R Heathcote-Amory Jul 46 North Irish Horse 7/7/46 WUPPERTAL
Disbandment of North Irish Horse officially complete.

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