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War Diaries

North Irish Horse
September 1939 To June 1946

M-3, Honey irish_badge

January 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Jan 44 North Irish Horse
2/1/44 AIN MOKRA
Capt MB Pope MC proceeded to UK on Tactical course at Oxford.
3/1/44 Col D Dawney DSO left to take up his new appointment.
5/1/44 Major AO Hutchinson posted in and appointed 2i/c.
7/1/44 Four Honey tanks transferred to 6th Armd Bde.
8/1/44 Lt GE Gardiner posted to 253 TDS.
10/1/44 Major AO Hutchinson posted to 51st RTR as 2i/c and Major EV Strickland MM cross-posted to this Regt as 2i/c.
28/1/44 Authority given for the Regt to re-organise in accordance with new War Establishment 11/154/2.

February 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Feb 44 North Irish Horse
1/2/44 AIN MOKRA
SQMS McIlherene proceeds to No. 51 WOSB for non-medical RAMC Commission.
9 – 16 Examinations for all Capts, Subs, Sgts & Cpls in Appreciation, Orders, Compass, Map Reading etc. and TOETs for Admin personnel.
10/2/44 Major General AC Richardson visits to discuss operational and tactical matters.
15/2/44 Sgt EBL Gardiner leaves Regt to appear before War Office Selection Board.
17 – 19 Lt BES King posted from RACTD.
Junior officers tour Tunisian battlefields.
23/2/44 CO leaves the Regt and proceeds on attachment to 23rd Armd Bde CMF.
First consignment of vehicles required to complete to new WE arrive.

March 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Mar 44 North Irish Horse
7/3/44 AIN MOKRA
CO returns from visit to the Italian Front.
8/3/44 First leave parties to ORs Rest Camp TUNIS.
26/3/44 Warning order for move to Italy received.
28/3/44 Major EV Strickland posted to 145 Regt RAC as CO.

April 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Apr 44 North Irish Horse
7/4/44 AIN MOKRA
Advance party for Italy embarks at BONE.
Loading of B vehicles commences at BONE.
12/4/44 Remainder of B vehicles, Stuart tanks and ARVs loaded at BONE.
15/4/44 Advance party commences to prepare Bde transit camp at AFRIGOLA.
16/4/44 First main party embark at BONE.
17/4/44 Second main party embark at ALGIERS.
18/4/44 First main party disembark at NAPLES.
19/4/44 Advance party leave transit camp for Bde concentration area.
20/4/44 Second main party disembarks at NAPLES. Vehicles unloaded at NAPLES and proceeded to Bde Concentration area by road and rail.
26/4/44 Loading of Churchills commences at BONE.
28/4/44 15 Sherman tanks collected for the Regt.
30/4/44 Rear party embarks at BONE.

May 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
May 44 North Irish Horse
1/5/44 C.M.F.
Churchills disembarked at NAPLES and proceed to Bde Conc area by rail.
Bde comes under command of 1st Canadian Inf Div.
2/5/44 CO admitted to hospital.
Orders received for Bde to concentrate under comd 1st Canadian Corps for operational role.
3/5/44 Lt Col EV Strickland MM assumes command of the Regt from 145 RAC Regt.
6 - 8 B & C Sqns engage in field firing exercise with 2nd Canadian Inf Bde.
9/5/44 Lt JN Nicholson posted in.
13/5/44 Stuart tanks proceed to 1st Canadian Inf Div conc area at MELIZZANO.
15/5/44 Advance party and some tanks proceed to MELIZZANO.
16/5/44 Main road party departs for MELIZZANO and remainder of tanks are en-trained. Main party harbours for night at BENEVENTO, info having been received that regt is now to conc at VAIRANO.
17/5/44 Road party departs for VAIRANO but info is received en route that conc area is now MIGANO.
18/5/44 Regt is fully concentrated.
1200 – Tanks move to harbour position.
1500 – A1 Echelon proceed to harbour area.
19 – 21 Tanks in harbour awaiting orders.
22/5/44 Tanks move to conc area for operation.
23/5/44 Regt participates in full frontal attack on ADOLF HITLER LINE under comd 1st Canadian Inf Div. NIH in support of 2nd Canadian Inf Bde.
0601 – Tanks cross start line.
0740 – A Sqn having come out of wood find themselves held up by extensive minefield. On the REs have cleared a passage they are pinned down by A/Tk fire. B & C Sqns advance to first objective, PONTECORVO – ACQUINO road, in support inf infantry, but meet concentration of enemy armour and SP guns. They suffer heavy casualties but eventually eleven tanks reach the objective.
1045 – A Sqn begin to organise defensive positions in and around the wood. Position of the infantry is hazy.
Major GP Russell having been wounded, Capt CM Thomas takes comd of a composite force of 11 tanks which now remain in B & C Sqns.
1200 – Composite force now on second objective, junction of PONTECORVO road and Route 6, 740234.
1245 – Composite force have to withdraw owing to very heavy mortar and shell fire, without having been able to contact infantry. On the way back they run into a tank trap and lose 7 tanks. Remaining 4 tanks are ordered to join A Sqn as a counter-attack is anticipated.
1425 – A Sqn begins to fall back to defensive positions but counter-attack does not develop.
1650 – Enemy are seen to be evacuating their positions. All our remaining tanks return to defensive positions for the night.
The Regts total casualties during the action were:-
Officers- 4 killed and 9 wounded.
ORs- 29 killed and 33 wounded.
25/5/44 Special Order of the Day issued by 8th Army Command offering congratulations on the action. Comd 1st Cdn Inf Div requests permission for all ranks of 25th Tank Bde to wear the Maple Leaf as a mark of the appreciation of his Div for their co-operation.
26/5/44 Personnel killed on the 23rd were buried in the 2nd Cdn Inf Bde Group Cemetery.
29/5/44 Orders received for the Regt to be at one hours notice to move, as from 1200 30th May, for further operations.
30/5/44 Tanks and A1Echelon leave for new area.
The Regt is put on new establishment of two Churchill and two Sherman troops per Sqn, pending arrival of 75mm Churchills.
31/5/44 The establishment will become elastic in that one troop of Shermans will be replaced by Churchills as they become available from workshops. Personnel are in no way altered despite the loss of one troop per Sqn but surplus personnel will now be held by FDS. Officer establishment remains unchanged.

June 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Jun 44 North Irish Horse
1/6/44 C.M.F.
C Sqn support L.EDEMONTS on to M. RADICINO RHQ move to area on outskirts of FROSINONE.
2/6/44 RHQ and echelons move to vicinity of M. RADICINO, tanks remain in present location with their infantry.
3/6/44 CO returns from hospital and takes comd of Regt.
4/6/44 Lt Col Strickland returns to 145 RAC.
25 Tank Bde comes under comd 4 (Br) Div.
5/6/44 Regt places at one hour notice to move.
6/6/44 All tanks and Light Scale transport move to area half a mile South of VALMANTONE. Information received that Regt is to be under comd 10th Inf Bde and 28th Inf Bde for first and second phases respectively of anticipated operation.
10/6/44 25 Tank Bde comes under comd of 8th Indian Div, this Regt to be affiliates to 17th Indian Inf Bde.
12/6/44 Liberty runs to ROME commence.
15/6/44 Order received to move all Sherman Troops, Recce and Light Scale transport. Major P Welch to comd composite Sqn.
16/6/44 Force as detailed moves at 0730 and harbours for the night at PASSOCORESE.
17/6/44 Proceeds to MASSA MARTANA and harbours there for the night.
18/6/44 Force arrives at BASTIA and harbours in the town. RHQ move up to and harbours in the village of PETRIGNANO during the evening. Tanks move up to the battle area.
19/6/44 0530 – two troops under comd Lt J Rogers and Lt DF Hunt support 6th Indian Lancers in an unsuccessful attempt to capture RIPA. Lt Rogers is seriously wounded and 2 ORs killed.
Troop under comd Lt RA Hubbard give supporting fire to a Coy of 1/5th RGR as they advance to PALAZZO.
0900 – Capt CM Thomas with two troops under command supports 1/5th RGR as they advance into RIPA. Many targets engaged.
Lt Hunt’s troop have a good shoot as enemy infantry withdraw from RIPA.
Two troops remain in position for rest of day firing on targets indicated by the infantry.
20/6/44 At first light Lt JB Behr’s troop support 6th Indian Lancers in advance from original axis. Advance did not progress beyond RIPA as enemy were encountered in strength.
1900 – Lt HE Irwin’s and Lt PA Garstin’s troops support 1/12th FFR while Lt Behr’s troop gives supporting fire, in an attack on two ridges South of R. GRANDE. Both infantry and tanks move on to objectives and consolidate. Tanks remain in support of infantry during the night.
21/6/44 Tanks assist infantry in mopping up operations around their areas and have very good shoots. OC 1/12th FFR decides force under his command is not large enough to capture COLOMBELLA. It is finally decided attack will not be put in until next day owing to shortage of ammo. Tanks came back one at a time for supplies. Major Welch MC and Capt Thomas are relieved by Major WM Mackean and Capt RD Norton as OC and 2i/c composite Sqn.
22/6/44 Information received that composite force is to be relieved by 3rd Hussars. Div comd decides to hold up attack until he can have support of full armoured regt.
An offensive shoot is carried out during the course of the day, 1,000 rounds of HE being expended and enemy seen to have suffered heavy casualties.
23/6/44 Further shoot carried out to soften up area for attack. The portion of Regt still at VALMANTONE leave for Bde conc area South of NARNI.
24/6/44 Composite force relieved at first light by 3rd Hussars.
25/6/44 The Sherman tanks are left at BASTIA, the remainder return to Bde conc area.
26/6/44 Regt fully concentrated in area South of NARNI, less Shermans which have been left at BASTIA under comd Capt MB Pope as it is anticipated they will be handed over when 75mm Churchills are received in the next few weeks.
27 – 30 Period of intensive maintenance.

Jul 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Jul 44 North Irish Horse
1/7/44 C.M.F.
Capt D Whelan is relieved as Adjt by Capt MB Pope.
5 – 6 Regt is visited by Vehicle Maintenance Inspection Board.
12/7/44 75mm Churchills begin to arrive and having been ‘fired in’ are taken over from 253 FDS.
14/7/44 B & C Sqns with their 75mm Churchills carry out Regtl exercise MARNI.
16/7/44 Warning order received to the effect that 25th Tank Bde is to stand-to to move as from 19th July.
18/7/44 At 0500 all A vehicles set out for Bde conc area at AREZZO on transporters.
19/7/44 0100 – LAD and light scale depart for AREZZO.0900 – RHQ leaves for conc area.
Orders received that 25th Tank Bde is to be under 4 (Br) Div. This Regt to be affiliated to 28th Inf Bde.
20/7/44 Remaining transport moves to AREZZO area. C Sqn tanks move to BUCINE.
21/7/44 RHQ move to 28th Inf Bde HQ at POGI. A & B Sqns tanks move to BUCINE.
A Sqn to 2nd Kings, B Sqn to 2nd Somerset Light Infantry, C Sqn to 2/4th Hampshires.
Orders received to relieve 11th CAR. C Sqn move West of MONTEVARCHI.
22/7/44 C Sqn support 2/4th Hants to MELETO and remain in support during the night.
23/7/44 A Sqn advance with 2nd Kings to MELETO and remain in support while C Sqn withdrew.
B Sqn is in reserve. RHQ move to Pt.281.
24/7/44 A Sqn retire slightly from MELETO and with C Sqn engage enemy targets.
25/7/44 B Sqn with 2nd SLI advance towards GAVILLE but encounter very difficult ground and harbour South of PIEVE de GAVILLE. A Sqn move to CASTELNUOVO.
26/7/44 B Sqn engage suspected enemy positions.
27/7/44 B Sqn advance to PONTE but are again held up by demolitions and impossible country.
28/7/44 C Sqn advance to PAVELLI and two troops push on to the North across a large wadi before harbouring for the night. A Sqn move to CAMPOREGGIO area.
29/7/44 A Sqn move West of PAVELLI. C Sqn’s advanced troops reach Pt.291.
30/7/44 RHQ moves to PAVELLI.
31/7/44 B Sqn attack East of SAN MARTINO with their infantry and engage Nebelwerfers and gun positions but are held up by demolitions. A Sqn follow up through SAN MARTINO and reach Pt.708. C Sqn also move up to SAN MARTINO area. RHQ moves with 28th Inf Bde HQ to FATA PALAGIO.

August 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Aug 44 North Irish Horse
1/8/44 C.M.F.
A Sqn shell area North of INCISA.
3/8/44 B Sqn support SLI to SAN POLO and SAN BARTOLOMO. Recce troop contact enemy at BELMONTE and have one tank knocked out by a bazooka, three ORs being wounded. RHQ move to SAN POLO.
4/8/44 RHQ were shelled in area ANTELLA, 9 ORs being wounded, 2 subsequently died from wounds.
5/8/44 RHQ moves to area LA CAMPANNUCCIA. Tanks remain in harbour but provide harassing fire for night attack by 2nd SLI on Pt.568, 8866
7/8/44 A & B Sqns come under comd 10 Inf Bde. B Sqn move North of SAN DONATO in support of DCLI. A Sqn affiliated to Beds & Herts. RHQ move to Xrds 880639 adjacent to 10th Inf Bde HQ. C Sqn remains with 28th Inf Bde supporting 2/4th Hants.
8/8/44 DCLI with B Sqn in support take Pt.558 and clear enemy out of a heavily defended monastery. Tanks remain on objective and are heavily shelled, Lt JB Behr and 3 ORs being wounded. One tank is missed at 3 yard range by a bazooka.
9/8/44 Information received that 25th Tank Bde is to be withdrawn.
10/8/44 All Sqns concentrate in area East of SAN DONATO preparatory to moving South.
12/8/44 Tanks set out for Bde conc area at SAN MARIANO near PERUGIA, staging for night at AREZZO.
13/8/44 Soft vehicles move to conc area.
14/8/44 Tanks arrive at SAN MARIANO.
14 – 20 Period of rest and intensive maintenance. Very strict security measures enforced. Commander 8th Army visits Bde and at a representative parade puts personnel ‘in the picture’, a massed frontal assault on the GOTHIC LINE in the Adriatic sector, with VENICE and VIENNA as the ultimate objectives.
20/8/44 Tanks load on transporters and move to new Bde conc area near SERRA DI CONTI.
21/8/44 Remainder of Regt moves to same area and 25th Tank Bde comes under 46th Div, NIH affiliated to 128th Inf Bde.
24/8/44 RHQ join 128 Inf Bde HQ at HIPPOLITO.
25/8/44 Tanks and Ech conc South of FRATTE ROSA.
2300 – A Sqn move with 2nd Hampshire to force crossing of R. MATAURO.
26/8/44 Progress is very difficult owing to bad roads and demolitions but tanks cross river and take MONTE FELCINO. A Sqn harbour South of BARTOLO and B & C Sqns with RHQ move to area MONTE FELCINO.
27/8/44 A Sqn unable to advance owing to road demolitions and infantry refusing to push on without tank support remain with them on MONTE ALBULLO. Main opposition mortars and shelling.
28/8/44 B Sqn with 1/4th Hampshire have for their objective MONTE GAUDIO and high features to the West. The former was occupied but tanks which reached Pt.414
0168 had to return as infantry failed to follow up. Tanks are heavily shelled and mortared, one overturns and one OR is killed and four wounded. Another tank is hit by an A/Tk gun but there are no casualties.
RHQ moves to MONTE GROSSO experiencing shell fire en route.
29/8/44 C Sqn advance as far as R. APSA and support 5th Hampshire on to COLBORDOLO. Regt reverts to comd of 25 Tank Bde for a rest and maintenance period and whole Regt concentrates in area MONTE GROSSO.
30/8/44 Reports received that GOTHIC LINE has been penetrated in the Canadian sector, so it is decided to cross R. FOGLIA and attack the Line opposite COLBORDOLO. 2nd Hampshire cross the river and consolidate. The Regt moves to area Pt.293.
31/8/44 A Sqn leave harbour to support 2nd Hampshire who had reached the area of the GOTHIC LINE South of MONTE LEVECCIE. Great difficulty is experienced with road mines and an un-located SP gun halts progress. RHQ moves to area 002731.

September 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Sep 44 North Irish Horse
1/9/44 C.M.F.
A Sqn support 5th Hampshire onto Pt.331 and assist in clearing up enemy in area MONTE GRIDOLFO, remaining in observation for the rest of the day in area Pt.374 to Pt.331.
2/9/44 Regt comes under comd 138 Bde and concentrates in area MONTE BUSCO, having moved up through part of the unfinished GOTHIC LINE.
3/9/44 C Sqn in support of 1/4th Hampshire cross R. CONCA and attempt to make for SAN CLEMENTE, but encounter shelling and mortaring and are eventually pinned down by SP fire. A fresh plan is made and under smoke A Sqn support 6th Yorks & Lancs into SAN CLEMENTE. B Sqn advance with 2nd Hampshire to Pt.167 and remain for night in counter-attack role.
4/9/44 Plans are made for an attack on SAN SAVINO but the CO receives orders to form a Churchill firm base for 1st Armd Div to pass through. A Sqn form this base from Pt.151 to Pt.174.
5/9/44 Regt is promised at least 72hours rest and concentrates just East of SAN GIOVANI.
6 – 11 A period of rest and intensive maintenance. All ranks enjoy bathing at CATOLICA.
12/9/44 25 Tank Bde comes under comd 4 (Br) Inf Div, Canadian Corps, this Regt being again under 28 Inf Bde.
14/9/44 Regt moves to area MISANO.
15/9/44 A & C Sqns cross R. MARANO and support 2/4th Hampshire and 2nd Kings onto their objectives on the BAGLI feature. At last light C Sqn leave two troops with 2/4th Hampshire and B Sqn send up two troops to relieve A Sqn.
16/9/44 C Sqn moves to PATRIGNANO in preparation for attack on CERASOLA.
17/9/44 The plan was for B Sqn to support 2nd Kings in attack on Pt.137 whilst C Sqn and 2/4th Hampshire clear CERASOLA. Enemy on the latter were holding up the entire Div front. Lt BES King’s troop reached Pt.137 by first light but lost two tanks to a Mark IV, but the latter was soon dealt with by another B Sqn troop. C Sqn reached their objective by 0530hrs but are heavily shelled and mortared all day. They are eventually relieved at 0200hrs by the Yorkshire Dragoons.
A Sqn move to OSPELADETTO and prepare to cross R. AUSA. RHQ are heavily shelled and retire South of CORIANO.
18/9/44 A Sqn stand by to cross AUSA but infantry fail to establish a bridgehead. Eventually two troops get across before first light and join up with the infantry.
19/9/44 Regt in area POGGIO. A Sqn send two troops to relieve those still with Royal West Kents in bridgehead.
20/9/44 A Sqn troops relieved and B Sqn move to area South of AQUILINA.
21/9/44 Heavy rain and all tanks are bogged down.
22/9/44 Two troops of B Sqn cross R. MARECCHIA under smoke and make a strong point at SAN GIUSSTINA with Somerset Light Infantry.
23/9/44 B Sqn send two further troops to support 2/4th Hampshire at BORNACINO.
24/9/44 Recce tanks and one troop of A Sqn take over support of 2/4th Hampshire.
25/9/44 Support force relieved at 1930hrs.
26/9/44 Regt concentrates South of AQUILINA for rest. Ready to move C Sqn on 30th Sep under comd 25th Ind Inf Bde.
27/9/44 First leave parties depart for Regtl Rest Camp established in area PESARO. Other parties sent to Canadian Rest Camps at RICCIONI and CAPANELLE IPPODROMO.
28 – 30 Rest and leave period continues. C Sqn not called to move.

October 1944 CO: Lt Col The Lord O’Neill
Oct 44 North Irish Horse
1/10/44 C.M.F.
Regt comes under comd 10th Indian Inf Div.
2/10/44 C Sqn concentrates in area POGGIO BERNI.
3/10/44 C Sqn are under comd 25th Indian Inf Bde ordered to cross RUBICONE to relieve 6th RTR and accomplish this task by evening.
4/10/44 Lt Hubbard’s troop support 1st Kings Own in abortive night attack on SAN MARTINO. A & B Sqns move to area POGGIO BERNI.
5/10/44 A Sqn is affiliated to 20th Indian Inf Bde. Lt Water’s troop with Lt Irwin’s Recce troop of Shermans ordered to support 2/3rd Royal Gurka Rifles in attack on SOGLIANO. Tanks were road bound owing to heavy rain and when the leading tank was blown up on a mine on the MONTALE – MONTEVECCIO road they were unable to proceed further. C Sqn supported 1st Kings Own in a very successful attack on SAN MARTINO.
6/10/44 The night was spent by both C & B Sqns looking for a possible crossing of R. FIUNICINO. B Sqn were lucky to find an un-blown bridge but C Sqn did not discover a possible crossing until the following night.
7/10/44 B Sqn supported 20 Ind Inf Bde in a very successful attack on MONTE FARNETO, the objective being taken before first light. Numerous counter-attacks were beaten off during the day and the tanks were very heavily shelled. Major WM Mackean MC was unfortunately hit late in the afternoon and died almost immediately. The tanks remained for the night just behind the leading infantry Coys and the supply column brought up by Capt Hern had a very unpleasant task owing to the heavy harassing fire.
8/10/44 C Sqn move off before first light to support infantry into SAN LOR??ZO and on to an objective right of RONCOFREMLO, but find the going impossible owing to very heavy rain and are soon bogged down.
9/10/44 Rain continues and whilst B Sqn remain on MONTE FARNETO in counter-attack role, C Sqn try to get out of their morass. Supply problem is difficult, rafts having to be used to float supplies across the river in some cases.
11/10/44 Two troops of A Sqn ordered to support 1st DLI to ???? tanks are road bound and having helped to clear the village of SAN ???? they find the road mined and are forced to take up positions on it. B Sqn remain on MONTE FARNETO whilst C Sqn re-organise in ROMCOFREDDO.
12 – 18 Practically all this period was spent by the majority of Trp Ldrs in looking for routes forward as the movement of tanks on the roads was disastrous.
20/10/44 Spent in Recce of R. SAVIO.
21/10/44 C Sqn moved from ROMCOFREDDO to CELLO in torrential rain just getting across the SAVIO before it rose.
22/10/44 C Sqn pushed on to BORELLO using the bed of the R. SAVIO as their route.
23/10/44 B Sqn moved to BORELLO. C Sqn come under comd 43rd Lorried Gurkha Bde.
24/10/44 43rd Lorried took ?ESS?LO followed up with great difficulty by C Sqn. B Sqn moved up the M. CAVALLO road to support the 3rd ???Whilst on a foot recce, the CO was killed and Major RSH Sidebottom wounded, by enemy shelling.
25/10/44 B Sqn were with the 3/1st PUJABS by first light, the latter having taken ??? during the night. B Sqn were unable to advance further owing to the roads being impassable. C Sqn eventually reached POLENTA after a very trying day on roads which hid at least 8 different types of mines.
Supplies were now the most difficult problem, B Sqn could only be reached by Jeeps and C Sqn were not reached for 2 days.
26 –28 Numerous recces carried out but no moves allowed.
29/10/44 Regt ordered to concentrate in CESENA.
30 – 31 Blocks of flats taken over for Regt in CESENA, echelons and RHQ move in. information received that Regt is likely to be released on 1st Nov.

November 1944 CO: Lt Col AWA Llewellyn Palmer DSO MC
Nov 44 North Irish Horse
1/11/44 C.M.F.
Regt proceeds to concentrate in CESENA with the exception of A Sqn who remain at ACQUAROLA.
3/11/44 B Sqn tanks granted permission to move back so the Regt is now concentrated with the exception of a few tanks which are bogged down.
5/11/44 Memorial Service held for those who have been killed since the battle of the Hitler Line. Leave parties depart for ROME & PESARO.
7/11/44 Information received that the Regt has to supply a small force to support 12th Inf Bde. A composite Sqn is formed under Major RW Griffith MC & Bar.
Lt Col AWA Llewellyn Palmer DSO MC, arrives from 1st KDG to take command.
8/11/44 Tanks moved to area of FORLIMPOPOLI. The CO is informed that an additional eight tanks will be operating with our composite Sqn and that he has to supply a Force Commander, he decides to act himself.
9/11/44 Major Griffith advances North from FORLI Aerodrome but does not contact enemy at the southern portion of FORLI has been cleared. RHQ move into the town. Very heavy shelling all night.
10/11/44 Attack begins to clear northern portions of the town. Capt HE Irwin with two troops under command is on the right and Major Griffith with two troops on the left. Capt Irwin’s force reach their objective on the outskirts of the town, once they have crossed the river. Major Griffith has heavy street fighting on his way to the NW suburbs of the town. He is able to withdraw later in the day but Capt Irwin has to stay in position during the night as no A/Tk guns have arrived.
11/11/44 B Sqn 142nd RAC pass through Capt Irwin’s position and the latter after some hectic street fighting links up with 6th Black Watch and is eventually allowed to withdraw.
12/11/44 Sqn echelons move up to FORLI.
13/11/44 Major Griffith’s force is relieved by one under comd of Capt Bowering. The latter advances with the Royal West Kents, crossing a very deep ditch with the aid of a facine.
14/11/44 Capt Bowering’s force is withdrawn.
15 – 17 A period of intensive maintenance.
18/11/44 Regt is again affiliated to 10th Indian Inf Bde. Intention is for A & C Sqns to support 4/10th Beluch and 2/4th Gurkha Rifles in clearing up SW bank of R. MONTONE. B Sqn with 1st DCLI will exploit if possible.
19/11/44 Tanks support infantry in small advances from house to house.
22/11/44 4/10th Beluch closely supported by C Sqn clear all houses on their side of the river. A Sqn return to FORLI.
25/11/44 1st DLI succeed in getting across the river and B Sqn move from FORLI to North side of the river.
26/11/44 C Sqn engaged in shelling role from area FILETTO.
27 – 29 Infantry make local advances and tanks are not required.
30/11/44 A Sqn under Capt Bowring have a very good day. Lt Reid’s troop knock out two SPs. B Sqn closely support 1st DLI.

December 1944 CO: Lt Col AWA Llewellyn Palmer DSO MC
Dec 44 North Irish Horse
1/12/44 C.M.F.
1st Canadian Inf Div commences to relieve 10th Indian. Lt Maguire and Lt Mahony with their respective troops do some close range shooting and kill many Germans.
2/12/44 We support R.22R and WNSR in a large scale attack with its objective R. LAMONE. B Sqn lose 2 tanks to SP fire, Sgt Burns and Tprs Corbin, Stafford and Wood being killed.
3/12/44 Regt is relieved at first light by 48th RTR. Tanks return to FORLI.
4/12/44 Regt comes under comd 21st Tank Bde, 25th Tank Bde being in the process of being disbanded.
5/12/44 Regt moves South to RICCIONI for rest and refitting period.
6 – 13 Sqns prepare for CO’s inspection.
14 – 17 CO inspects Sqns.
18 – 24 A period of individual training and maintenance is carried out.
25 – 26 Holidays observed in the traditional manner.
27 – 31 A period of intensive training which though it consisted mainly of gunnery practice did not overlook the eventuality that the Regt might possibly be employed in an infantry role.

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