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War Diaries

3rd County of London Yeomanry
(3rd Sharpshooters)

Missing:- October 1939
January to Jun 1940
July 1941
October 1941
November 1942
December 1942
April 1944
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September 1939CO:
Sep 393rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters)
1/9/39St. Johns Wood. The order to embody having been received, mobilisation notices were despatched. Owing to a previous notification by the BBC, 20 Officers and 261 men reported for duty by midnight. B and C squadrons moved in to Regents Park Barracks and A squadron into billets at Cumberland terrace. Officers were notified by telephone.
2/9/391025 hrs - Reported 26 officers and 324 men available for duty.
1700 hrs - War HQ moved to Albany Street Barracks.
3/9/39Albany Street. 1100 hrs - A state of war, between England and Germany came into existence.1125 hrs - A general air raid alarm was sounded and the PAD scheme was put into operation. The alarm lasted about 20 minutes but proved to be false and the all clear was sounded.
In Barracks
  • 26 officers
  • 363 ORs
  • discharge applied for 2 ORs
  • commissions in progress 2
  • leave 2
  • absent 2
  • hospital 1
4/9/390230 hrs - False air raid alarm.
The French War Office issued Communiqué No. 1 "On the morning of September 4th the land, sea and air force operations began".
In barracks 28 officers, 365 ORs. - signed by O Woods, Capt.
5/9/391830 hrs - In barracks 28 officers, 367 ORs.
6/9/39Air raid alarm sounded at 0650 hours and the all clear at 0900 hours.
In barracks 27 officers, 373 ORs.
7/9/39In barracks 27 officers, 375 ORs.
8/9/39In barracks 27 officers, 374 other ranks. In hospital one officer two other ranks. Sick leave three other ranks.
9/9/39The order to move to Minehead having been received at 1500 hours yesterday, two officers left for there to arrange for accommodation. In barracks 27 officers 37 other ranks.
10/9/39In barracks 25 officers, 370 other ranks. Discharge applied for one other rank Commission in process.
11/9/39In barracks 23 officers, 345 other ranks.
12/9/39In barracks 23 officers, 342 other ranks.
13/9/39Minehead. War HQ moved to Avenue hotel, Minehead. 10 officers and 275 other ranks entrained at Paddington at 1030 hours and arrived Minehead at 1630 hours. The remainder of the officers are travelling by private car. A and C squadrons were billeted at the Esplanade Hotel, RHQ at Bella Vista House, Glenmore Road, and B Squadron at the dance hall attached to Regal cinema. A rear link party of two officers and 24 other ranks remained at Albany Street.
14/9/39In billets 25 officers, 351 other ranks.
15/9/39In billets 25 officers, 350 other ranks.
16/9/39In billets 26 officers 350 other ranks. The rear link party arrived from Albany Street at 1600 hours.
17/9/39In billets 20 officers, 350 other ranks.
18/9/39In billets 26 officers, 369 other ranks. Two officers and four other ranks left at 0830 hours for Barnstaple to arrange the billets for the Regiment there, the order for the Regiment to move having been received at 1830 hours yesterday.
19/9/39In billets 28 officers, 369 other ranks. Two newly commissioned officers joined the Regiment. The billeting Officer in Barnstaple reported that the Regiment could only be billeted there in some discomfort for a considerable time.
20/9/39In billets 28 officers, 368 other ranks. The billeting officer and proceeded to Ilfracombe to arrange billets for the Regiment there.
21/9/39In billets 28 officers, 372 other ranks. The billeting officer reported that satisfactory billets could be arranged in Ilfracombe and it was decided that the Regiment should proceed there early next week.
22/9/39In billets 28 officers, 372 other ranks.
23/9/39In billets 27 officers 363 other ranks.
24/9/39In billets 27 officers, 364 other ranks.
25/9/39In billets who 27 officers, 328 other ranks. The advance party of 7 AFCs and one truck left for Ilfracombe at 0830 hours.
26/9/39Ilfracombe. The Regiment left Minehead at 1030 hours and arrived at Ilfracombe by bus in squadrons between 1230 hours and 1300 hours. Regimental HQ here was established in the Runnacleave on Hotel. A Squadron was billeted at numbers 3,8,11,14 and 15 Montpelier terrace; B Squadron at numbers ???? Coronation terrace and numbers ???? Portland Road; C squadron at No. 21, 25 27 and 31 Oxford Grove; and RHQ squadron at Nos 2, 3, 9 and 15 Oxford Park, No. 4 Oxford Grove and Cornucopia & Aurora hotels in Adelaide Terrace. Sgts are billeted at the Palmerstone on Hotel and the Regiment is messing at Southcombe Café.
27/9/39In billets 34 officers, 371 other ranks. Two officers from the reserve rejoined at the Regiment.
28/9/39In billets 34 officers, 369 other ranks.
29/9/39In billets 33 officers, 367 other ranks.

[October 1939 Missing]

November 1939CO:
Nov 393rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters)
1/11/39In billets 32 officers, 379 other ranks.
2/11/39In billets 32 officers, 366 other ranks.
3/11/39In billets 32 officers, 377 other ranks. The order to be prepared to standby in the event of an emergency was received from Brigade HQ at 1100 hours when a conference of Commanding officers of the 22nd Heavy Armoured Brigade was held by the Brigadier in the Runnacleave Hotel, Ilfracombe. Consequent upon verbal order then received, A and B squadrons were ordered to be ready to leave at 12 hours notice. A Squadron with the necessary transport for dismounted action, and B Squadron with all available armoured cars.
4/11/39In billets 33 officers, 357 other ranks.
5/11/39In billets 26 officers, 367other ranks.
6/11/39In billets 27 officers, 363 other ranks.
7/11/39In billets 27 officers, 363 other ranks.
8/11/39In billets 32 officers, 358 other ranks.
9/11/39In billets 31 officers, 359 other ranks.
10/11/39In billets 32 officers, 374 other ranks.
11/11/39In billets 32 officers, 307 other ranks.
12/11/39In billets 32 officers, 307 other ranks.
13/11/39In billets 31 officers, 374 other ranks.
14/11/39In billets 30 officers, 375 other ranks.
15/11/39In billets 28 officers, 377 other ranks.
16/11/39In billets 28 officers, 441 other ranks. 66 reservists from the 12th Lancers were taken on establishment - see Part 2 Orders No. 65.
17/11/39In billets 29 officers, 441 other ranks.
18/11/39In billets 29 officers, 441 other ranks.
19/11/39In billets 29 officers, 441 other ranks.
20/11/39In billets 8 officers, 426 other ranks.
21/11/39In billets 8 officers, 431 other ranks.
22/11/39In billets 33 officers, 442 other ranks.
23/11/39In billets 32officers, 441 other ranks.
24/11/39In billets 33 officers, 444 other ranks.
25/11/39In billets 33 officers, 443 other ranks.
26/11/39In billets 33 officers, 443 other ranks.
27/11/39In billets 32 officers, 438 other ranks.
28/11/39In billets 32 officers, 441 other ranks.
29/11/39In billets 32 officers, 450 other ranks.
30/11/39In billets 32 officers, 451 other ranks. In spite of restriction on recruiting and the limited field from which it is permissible to recruit, eight recruits arrived from London as a result of the activities of a recruiting officer there - see part 2 orders No. 72.

December 1939 CO:
Dec 393rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters)
1/12/39In billets 32 officers, 379 other ranks.
2/12/39In billets 29 officers, 395 other ranks.
3/12/39In billets 29 officers, 395 other ranks. Operation instructions of SW Area (Instruction No. 2) and of 134th Infantry Brigade, relating to Home Defence were received from 22nd Heavy Armoured Brigade. Lt Col RK Jago was appointed OC Mobile Detachment, 22nd Heavy Armoured Brigade, with the primary responsibility of safeguarding BARNSTAPLE AIRPORT. For his appreciation of the situation see Appendix A. [not available].
4/12/39In billets 19 officers, 439 other ranks.
5/12/39In billets 19 officers, 443 other ranks. Operation Instruction No. 1 Mobile Detachment, 22nd Heavy Armoured Brigade issued, see Appendix B. [not available].
06/12/39In billets 29 officers, 465 other ranks.
07/12/39In billets 31 offices, 465 other ranks. Mobile detachments 22nd heavy Armoured Brigade was ordered into S C 35 reserve.
08/12/39In billets 32 officers, 459 other ranks.
09/12/39In billets 31 officers, 451 other ranks.
10/12/39In billets 31 officers, 451 other ranks.
11/12/39In billets 32 officers, 451 of the ranks.
12/12/39In billets 31 officers, 454 other ranks.
13/12/39In billets 31 officers, 454 other ranks.
14/12/39In billets 31 officers, 454 other ranks. The order was received for the Regiment to move to Northern Command by December 30th.
15/12/39In billets 28 officers, 448 other ranks. Lieutenant S Burton 17/12 Lancers arrived, attached to 3rd CLY for all purposes. 100 recruits enlisted under National Services Act, 1939 arrived, see Part 2 order No. 78.
16/12/39In billets 28 officers, 448 other ranks.
17/12/39In billets 28 officers, 448 other ranks.
18/12/39In billets 26 officers, 443 other ranks.
19/12/39In billets 27 officers, 442 other ranks. An advance billeting party of two officers and 10 other ranks left for Welbeck ,Nottinghamshire.
20/12/39In billets 27 officers, 408 other ranks.
21/12/39In billets 27 officers, 408 other ranks.
22/12/39In billets 27 officers, 410 other ranks.
23/12/39In billets 27 officers 410 other ranks.
24/12/39In billets 27 officers 410 other ranks.
25/12/39In billets 27 officers 410 other ranks.
26/12/39In billets 27 officers 410 other ranks.
27/12/39In billets 27 officers 400 other ranks.
28/12/39In billets 24 offices, 480 other ranks. A column of wheeled vehicles left for Whitwell at a 0900 hours. The column consisted of seven pool cars, six 30 cwt Commers, one 30 cwt Morris, four 15 cwt Morris, one 8 cwt Morris, and 16 motorcycles.
29/12/39The column of a wheeled vehicles arrived at Whitwell at 1610 hours with one damaged lorry. Owing to ice bound road' the DRs entrained at Cheltenham where the night was spent. The Regiment entrained for Whitwell at 1805 hours. 3 medium tanks, two Light Tanks and two utility tractors were entrained for Whitwell on a separate train. Eight ACs were also entrained, seven Lanchesters being consigned to the Derbyshire Yeomanry, and one Rolls to the North Irish Horse. A rear party of one officer and 22 ORs was left at Ilfracombe.
30/12/39Whitwell. The Regiment arrived at Whitwell at 0845 hrs. A Squadron was billeted at Manor Farm, B Squadron along Hodthorpe Road, C Squadron at Southgate House, RHQ Squadron at Whitwell schools and the Recruits wing at Cresswell. Officers Mess at George Inn. Mens messing under squadron arrangements.
31/12/39In billets 27 officers, 412 other ranks. For regimental progress report see Appendix C.

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