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3rd County of London Yeomanry
(3rd Sharpshooters)

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January 1946 CO Lt Col GJ Kidston, DSO, MC
Jan 46 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1/1/46 Regt in previous locations, with RHQ and HQ Sqn at LEHMKUHLEN N.717293, A Sqn at RAISDORF N.638350 and B & C Sqns at SALZAU N.728409.
Normal occupational duties continued.
Whole day holiday for Regiment.
8/1/46 Capt H Lawson posted to HQ Sqn.
9/1/46 Lt VR Lowe posted to HQ Sqn.
13/1/46 Lt CAS Miller and 2Lt MGD Hurley posted to A & B Sqns.
21/1/46 Small advance party left for prospective new Regtl area at SCHLESWIG.
22/1/46 New draft of 17 ORs posted to Regt.
23/1/46 New draft of 36 ORs posted to Regt.
31/1/46 Individual training continued during the month. Up-grading courses in Wireless and D&M

February 1946 CO Lt Col GJ Kidston, DSO, MC
Feb 46 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
Normal Routine.
2/2/46 Promotion of 68 NCOs and ORs to cover wastage due to release of personnel.
3 -10 Normal routine.
11/2/46 C Sqn first party move to SCHLESWIG.
New Comet and Chaffee tanks begin to arrive.
12/2/46 C Sqn completes move to SCHLESWIG.
13 - 15 Normal routine.
16/2/46 3/4th CLY Security Scheme No. 1 cancelled owing to changes in equipment and strength of 4th Armd Bde.
17 - 18 Normal routine.
19/2/43 First batch of Sherman tanks handed in to 171 Veh Park HAMBURG.
20/2/46 Advance party move to SCHLESWIG.
21 - 26 Normal routine.
27/2/46 First Regtl party move to SCHLESWIG (MR 2563 J/4).
28/2/46 Remainder of main body moves to SCHLESWIG.

March 1946 CO Lt Col GJ Kidston, DSO, MC
Mar 46 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
3/4th CLY under command 31 Armd Bde.
2 - 3 Normal routine.
4/3/46 1200 - OC 3/4th CLY takes over military command Landkreis SCHLESWIG from OC 8 RB.
5/3/46 Normal routine.
6/3/46 37 ORs from East Riding Yeomanry posted to 3/4th CLY.
7/3/46 Normal routine.
8/3/46 3/4th CLY Security Scheme No. 2 in operation.29 ORs from ERY posted to 3/4th CLY.
9/3/46 Lt Col TC Williamson DSO assumed command of 3/4th CLY from Lt Col GJ Kidston DSO MC.
10 - 13 Normal routine.
14/3/46 CO addressed whole Regt in gymnasium.
15 - 16 Normal routine.
17/3/46 Church parade and service in barrack chapel.
18 - 22 Normal routine.
23/3/46 Advance party leaves for new area.
24 - 25 Normal routine.
26/3/46 Regtl dance in Drury Lane Theatre SCHLESWIG.
27/3/46 Baggage train loaded ready for move.
28 - 31 Normal routine.

April 1946 CO Lt Col TC Williamson, DSO
Apr 46 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1/4/46 HAMM
Regiment left Schleswig for new area (HAMM B.088435) leaving a small rear party behind. Stayed the first night in transit at HANNOVER.
2/4/46 Left HANNOVER to arrive in new location in the afternoon.
3 - 4 Regiment spent the day settling in. Normal routine. Heat wave.
5 - 6 Normal routine.
7/4/46 Church parade, RC service in the town.
8 - 9 Normal routine.
10/4/46 Lt Gen GI Thomas CB DSO MC (1st Corps Commander) visited the Regt together with the Bde Cdr - Brig RMP Carver CBE DSO MC.
11/4/46 Major General ETL Gurdon CBE MC (Div Cdr) visited the Regt.
12 - 13 Normal routine.
14/4/46 RC Church parade. C of E Church parade in the barracks.
Cpl Bethel died whilst playing football against 1 Corps Ordnance.
15/4/46 Normal routine. Regimental courses started.
16/4/46 Normal routine. Major T Harte assumed command of the Regt in the absence of Lt Col Williamson who was acting as Bde Cdr.
17/4/46 The funeral of Cpl Bethel took place at 1500 hours at SOEST.
18/4/46 Normal routine.
19/4/46 Good Friday - Holiday. RC Church service at Catholic Church HAMM.
20/4/46 Holiday.
21/4/46 Holiday. Church services RC & C of E. Major G Briggs assumed command of the Regt in the absence of Major T Harte on leave.
22/4/46 Holiday.
23 - 25 Normal routine.
26/4/46 Normal routine. Regtl Curfew patrol in HAMM area.
27/4/46 Major AS Gemmell assumed command of the Regt.
28/4/46 Normal routine.
29/4/46 Normal routine. Curfew patrol in area AHLEN.
30/4/46 Lt Col TC Williamson assumed command of the Regt.

May 1946 CO Lt Col TC Williamson, DSO
May 46 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1/5/46 HAMM
Normal routine. Rugby match between Royal Horse Guards and 3/4th CLY resulted in a win for 3/4th CLY with 30 - 3 points.
2 - 7 Normal routine.
8/5/46 Normal routine. Entertainment at the Panzer Barracks:- Betty Hutton in "Incendiary Blonde".
9/5/46 Major Gemmell assumes command of the Regt during Lt Col TC Williamson absence due to a motor accident.
10/5/46 Normal routine
11/5/46 3/4th CLY Vs 2nd Gloucesters - resulting in a win for this Regt 4 - 0.
12 - 17 Normal routine with church parades on Sundays.
18/5/46 Regt played the Pioneer Coy Munster at Munster resulting in a win for this unit
19/5/46 Normal routine. RC service in the town. C of E service in the barracks.
20/5/46 Normal routine. Sharpshooters Music Club held a gramophone recital in the Barrack Church.
21/5/46 Normal routine. A German Jazz Band played at the Kurhaus Hamm.
22 - 24 Normal routine.
25 /5 46 Lt Col TC Williamson DSO assumed command of the Regt.
26 - 27 Normal routine.
28/5/46 Normal routine. Brigadier RMP Carver CBE DSO MC, visited the Regt during the morning.
29 - 31 Normal routine.

June 1946 CO Lt Col TC Williamson, DSO
Jun 46 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1/6/46 HAMM
Normal routine
2/6/46 RC Church service in HAMM, C of E services in HAMM.
3/6/46 Normal routine.
4/6/46 Normal routine. Entertainment in the Kurhaus - 'Rhapsody in Red' German Variety show.
Quiz Held in the canteen.
5/6/46 Normal routine. Soccer match Vs Royal Scots Greys at Munster Stadium.
C Sqn moved to LUNEBURG.
6/6/46 Normal routine. HQ Sqn Sports Day.
7/6/46 Normal routine.
8/6/46 Victory Parade held on the Regimental Parade Ground. Holiday.
9 - 10 Holiday.
11 - 15 Normal routine.
16/6/46 RC Service in HAMM. Cinema show in the Kurhaus at night.
17/6/46 Normal day. General knowledge quiz in the canteen.
18/6/46 Normal day. Regt sent representatives to the Greys Sports meeting at Munster. Major Warden assumed command of the Regt in the absence of Lt Col Williamson.
19/6 46 Normal day.
20/6/46 Normal day. Advance party from 5th RTR arrived.
21/6/46 Normal day.
22/6/46 Normal day. Dance held in the canteen in the evening.
23/6/46 Normal day. RC service in HAMM. Cinema show at Kurhaus at night.
24/6/46 Normal day. Cinema show Kurhaus.
25/6/46 Normal day. AWS show at the Kurhaus.
26 - 29 Normal day.
30/6/46 Normal day. RC service in Hamm - Dance held in canteen at night.


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