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War Diaries

3rd County of London Yeomanry
(3rd Sharpshooters)
Grant Tank

January 1944 CO Lt Col AA Cameron DSO, MC.
Jan 44 3rd County of London Yeomanry
1/1/44 Italy
Training. The commanding Officer was informed that the Regiment would be moving to a new theatre of war.
2/1/44 Training. Squadron Leaders were informed of the move and they made preliminary preparations.
3/1/44 Certain of the transport and scout cars were exchanged with 50th RTR.
4/1/44 General preparations.
5/1/44 General preparations continued.
6/1/44 The first of the tanks were handed over to 50th RTR.
7/1/44 A party under Lt Lynes took the remaining scout cars and white scout cars to 5th Canadian Armd Div.
8/1/44 General preparations for the move continued.
9/1/44 B Sqn rejoined the Regiment at 2030 and then took the tanks on to 50th RTR where they were handed over the following day.
10/1/44 Final preparations for the move on the following day.
11/1/44 At 1030 the Regiment moved to CASALBORDINO and stayed the night. The column was commanded by Major RC Bett and the order of march was RHQ, B Sqn, C Sqn, A Sqn.
12/1/44 At 0715 the Regiment moved to LUCERA and stayed the night by the station.
13/1/44 In the morning final preparations were made for handing over MT. At 1700 the Regiment left LUCERA station by train en route for TARANTO.
14/1/44 Arrived TARANTO at 1015 and proceeded on foot to transit camp 2 miles NE of TARANTO.
15/1/44 Same area. Day leave into TARANTO was started.
16-21 As above.
22/1/44 Same area, day leave continuing.
C Sqn commanded by Major Gale MC proceeded to NAPLES with elements of 4th Armd Bde HQ.
23/1/44 The regiment, less C Sqn, marched to station, order of march HQ Sqn, B Sqn, A Sqn and entrained at 1200 leaving TARANTO for NAPLES via POENZA and SALERNO at 1400. Major HM Matthews was OC train.
24/1/44 Continued train journey. Meals were supplied under Sqn arrangements at 'halts'.
25/1/44 Arrived NAPLES at 1030 and marched to Brigade Staging Area at AFRAGOLA, a village 8 miles NE of NAPLES.
26/1/44 Same area. There was a muster parade and the 2i/c Major AW Grant MC informed all ranks of the Regiment that they were going to England.
27/1/44 The Regiment, commanded by Major AW Grant MC, broke leaguer at 0900 and marched to port of embarkation. There was a long halt in the centre of NAPLES and it was 1800 before the whole Regiment had completed embarking. The ship was the MV TEGELBERG and most of the troops on board consisted of HQ 4th Armd BDE, The Greys and 3rd CLY. Capt Pearson had to remain in Italy as a rear party to collect any officers and men of the Regiment who had not rejoined us up to this time.
28/1/44 The convoy sailed from NAPLES at 1030.
29/1/44 At sea. Owing to the lack of accommodation it was impossible to start any training. The daily routine on board ship was as follows:-
Muster Parade1000
Troops below deck2130
Light out2200
30/1/44 At Sea.
31/1/44 At Sea.

February 1944 CO Lt Col AA Cameron DSO, MC.
Feb 44 3rd County of London Yeomanry
1-6 Feb At Sea.
7/2/44 Arrived at Gow.
8/2/44 Moved up Clyde and docked at St. George's dock at 1500. The Bde Comdr and Commanding Officer met the ship.
9/2/44 Day spent with Customs and sorting baggage. No-one was allowed ashore.
10/2/44 Regiment entrained for Worthing as under:-
HQ Sqn depart 0430 - arrived Worthing 2200.
A, B & C Sqns depart 1000 - arrived Worthing 0630 11 Feb 44.
The Regiment was billeted in unfurnished houses in East Worthing, Sussex. The 88th A/T Regiment had made arrangements and helped the Regiment to the full to settle down in our new surroundings.
11/2/44 A small rear party with Lt Hird i/c was left behind and the remainder of the Regiment proceeded on disembarkation leave.
12-29 Regiment was on leave.

March 1944 CO Lt Col AA Cameron DSO, MC.
Mar 44 3rd County of London Yeomanry
1-7 Mar Worthing.Regiment was on leave.
8-9 Mar The CO, Sqn Leaders and key personnel returned from leave and the new W.E was discussed and the addition of a new squadron, D was formed.
10/3/44 Orders were received from Main HQ 4th Armd Bde for the Regiment to be mobilised by 8th April 1944.
11-14 Period was spent getting the Regiment in shape after disembarkation. It was impossible to do any Regimental training owing to lack of equipment.
15/3/44 As above. Command courses commenced.
16/3/44 As above.
17/3/44 A small admin party proceeded to Kirkcudbright ranges.
18/3/44 Main admin party proceeded to Kirkcudbright, Lt Dunn MC, was i/c party.
19/3/44 Main party entrained for Kirkcudbright, Major Woods MC, was i/c party. D Sqn came into being.
20-31 [no entries]

April 1944 Missing

May 1944 CO Lt Col AA Cameron DSO, MC.
May 44 3rd County of London Yeomanry
1-6 May Worthing.Courses and training
7/5/44 Brigadier H Murray DSO, and 27 other officers from 153rd Bde (51st Highland Div) were attached to the Regiment. They arrived at 1630 and stayed for 2 days.
8/5/44 At 0900 all officers and visitors attended a discussion at Bde Cloth Model Room.The CO opened the discussion, the subject being "An Infantry Brigade Group plus one Regiment of Tanks Advancing on one Road".This discussion was continued in the evening and the following conclusions were reached:-

    1 Tp of tanks
    RA OP party
    RE Recce party
    1 Recce Scout Tp
    1 Recce Assault
    Tank Sqn Commander
    Bde LO in Scout
    Recce Sqn Commander
    Fd Battery Commander
    Inf Coy Commander
    MG Plt Commander
    2 Recce Scout Troops
    1 Tp A/Tank Guns
    Sqn Tanks less one Tp
    1 Inf Coy
    MG Plt
    Gun Grp Party
    Field Bty
    2 x 17pdrs A/Tk Guns RA
    1 Tp 6pdrs RA
    Plt REs
    Plt Carriers
    OC Main Guard
    Bn 'O' Grp
    'A' Bn less one Coy
    Bde Cmdrs Grp incl Tac Bde HQ & Tank Regt Cmdr
    OC Field Regt
    OC A/Tk Bty
    OC Field Coy
    OC MG Coy
    Recce Grps B & C Bns A/Tk Bty less 1 Tp 17pdrs & 1 Tp 6pdrs
    MG Coy less 1 Plt
    RA Recce Grp
    Field Regt less one Bty
    Two 17pdrs RA
    Tank Regt less one Sqn
    B Bn
    C Bn Main Bde HQ
    Non-essential A Ech Tpt

In the afternoon the following demonstrations were carried out in the Regimental area:-
The 38 wireless set in co-op with infantry.
Tank stowed for war carrying a section of infantry.
General examination and explanation of tanks.

9/5/44 Regimental scheme was carried out on the South Downs directed by the Comd Officer.Object:- The general handling of tank when deployed.
The visitors from 153rd Bde returned to their units in the afternoon.
10-24 Regimental training and courses were suspended. The whole of the time was spent in getting equipment of all types ready for war.
25/5/44 At 1100 hours General Sir Bernard L. Montgomery CBE DSO, inspected the Regiment together with the remainder of the Brigade, on the Manor Sports Ground, Worthing. After the inspection he addressed all ranks at the same place.
26-31 Preparation of equipment of all types for war.

June 1944 CO Lt Col AA Cameron DSO, MC.
Jun 44 3rd County of London Yeomanry
1/6/44 Worthing.
The Regiment was still billeted in Worthing. All preparations for the coming invasion were now completed and the Regiment was at 6 hours notice to move.
2/6/44 As above.
3/6/44 At 0145 orders were received from SE Command for the Regiment to collect Movement Order by 1400 hours this day. These were collected and they stated that the Regiment was to proceed to the Marshalling Area some 8 miles to the North of PORTSMOUTH.
4/6/44 Reveille was at 0430 and after an early breakfast the main party was lined up by 0800, the head of the column being at the bridge at Ham Bridge Halt. Order of march:- RHQ, D Sqn, A, B, C Sqns, Echelon. This party consisted of all tanks (less one RHQ), A1 Echelon (commanded by Lt Piggott) and elements of B Echelon. There was a small rear party of about 40 men commanded by Capt. JG Caunce MC, left behind.
The party arrived at the Marshalling Area at about 1630 where it was split up into LCT packets. The final stages of waterproofing were started.
5/6/44 Reveille 0600, breakfast 0700. Waterproofing was continued, moneys changed into Francs and in general all small jobs were done that had to be left to the last minutes. During this period no-one was allowed out of camp unless under the supervision of an officer who had to obtain a pass from the Camp Comdt. At 1800 all officers were briefed by the Commanding Officer (Lt Col AA Cameron, DSO MC). The Regiment was due to land on D+1 or D+2 coming under command 51st Highland Division and being 1st Corps reserve.
6/6/44 The Regiment left the Marshalling Area and moved down to GOSPORT to embark. The move was made in LCT packets, the packets being mixed, containing a portion of Shermans, AA tanks, Recce and Ech, also all HQs were split. The move to the 'hards' began at 0530 and each packet moved at varying intervals, the last leaving in the afternoon.
There was considerable congestion at the hards, as two embarkation points previously allotted were at the last moment used for the landing of casualties. Vehicles were embarked in LCTs Mk 4 which carried 9 vehicles of which 8 could be Shermans. When loaded the LCTs joined a much larger convoy and lay off shore from 1 to 3 hours, finally sailing sometime during the afternoon. Two LCTs had to return to the hards owing to excessive loading and these unfortunately included both B & C Sqns troops of 'Fireflys' and the COs tank. Both the CO and the Adjt overcame the peril of the sea by jumping from their LCT to another ship and there joining the 2i/c (Major AW Grant MC) on his LCT, whilst on the move.
We sailed throughout the hours of darkness and had an uneventful crossing except that one LCT containing RAF personnel was sunk, believed by an E-Boat.
7/6/44 At first light, about 0500, land was sighted and the convoy was now amid a mass of other shipping lying offshore. Moreover, we lay off the American sector, some miles to the West of 'M' & 'O' beaches which were at GRAYE-SUR-MER, and where we scheduled to land. Coasting East we were finally told to go in off MONT FLEURY LA RIVIERE, about 5 kilos West of our allotted beach. This caused some confusion, the tide being on the make but about half way up.
With the exception of one scout car and three 3-ton lorries all vehicles landed safely, the deepest wade being about 4ft 6ins. All LCTs did not beach on exactly the same part of the beach but eventually all assembled in the Assembly area at BANVILLE (9483) and de-waterproofing was completed.
Apart from one Firefly A Sqn was the only complete Sqn ashore and was detached from the Regiment for a special mission (see A Sqn Appendix).
In the evening B Sqn were ordered to report to OC 1st Gordon Highlanders who were at COLOMBIERS SUR SEULLES (9280) and then took up position in support if their two forward Coys in that area.
C Sqn were in support of the 5/7 Black Watch and took up defensive positions 935776. At nightfall they leaguered at LE FRESNE CAMILLY, 947778. At this stage we were supposed to have contacted the small advance party with Capt. Crowley MM, i/c but something had gone wrong.
8/6/44 At first light C Sqn again took up positions at 035776 and B Sqn took up battle positions North of PIERREPONT 7397 facing SSW. B Sqn and RHQ were fired on by AP and HE from the South by what eventually transpired to be Canadian Shermans.
At about 1000 the two remaining LCT loads joined the Regiment.
At 1030 reports of 30 enemy tanks caused both Sqns to take up new positions of observation. B Sqn at 912776 and C Sqn in 912714, both being in the CULLY area. At last light the Regiment (less A Sqn) harboured and replenished in area 920800.
Casualties through shelling:- Tpr Taylor - wounded.
9/6/44 B & C Sqns took up positions as in the day before and there was nothing to report. At last light the Regiment harboured in the wooded area 9278.
10/6/44 A Sqn rejoined the Regiment and in the evening we were warned that we were going to make a wide sweep to the East of the river ORNE together with 51st Highland Div. Harboured in same area.
11/6/44 In the morning preparations were made for the move but at about 1330 this was cancelled as there was a threat of a counter-attack by the Germans, on the 9th Canadian Bde front, NW of CAEN. The Regiment then moved to the wooded area just SE of VILLONS LES BUSSONS, 005755 where it remained the night. There was intermittent shell fire the whole time.
12 - 15 The Regiment remained in the same area and no counter-attack was forthcoming. In fact at this time, according to PW reports, and Tac R, it was realised that the enemy was digging in fast and intended to make a stand. Intermittent shelling was experienced the whole time. The time was devoted to maintenance and rest.
16/6/44 A range shoot was carried out in the direction of the enemy but the Germans resented this and soon afterwards the Regimental area was shelled.
17/6/44 At first light the enemy brought a sharp concentration of shell fire on the Regimental area and RHQ, who were in an orchard were forced to move back some three hundred yards towards A Sqn. This shelling continued throughout the day at odd times.
Casualties from shelling:- Cpl Greig, Tprs Legg & Gill all of RHQ, wounded.
18/6/44 Remained in same area and again at first light the area was shelled but it is thought that after this our own RA silenced the gun (or guns) that was worrying us. The weather was very bad and there was nothing to report.
19/6/44 Quiet all day. At 2115 the Comd Officer had to go to 4th Armd Bde HQ where he was informed that we were to come under command of 11th Armd Div and for a future attack and that on the following day we would be moving into the 8th Canadian Bde sector.
20/6/44 Same area until 1730 when the 27th Canadian Tank Regiment moved to our position and the Regiment then moved cross country to the woods at 954758, where it harboured and replenished for the night. On leaving the old area we were again shelled, but only a little. The new area was SE of CAMILLY.
21/6/44 Quiet day and maintenance was carried out. A 'bus service' of scout cars was run to enable tank commanders to inspect a knocked out PANTHER in a nearby village.
22/6/44 As above.
23/6/44 As above.
24/6/44 A Company of 4th KSLI visited the Regiment and exercises were carried out with the 38 wireless set. At 1800 the CO briefed all officers for the forthcoming attack on the river ORNE. For the attack we were to be in 8th Corps and reserve Bde, under command 11th Armd Div. The plan was very fluid and was to be supported by Royal Navy shelling, RAF and the RA. The role of the 4th Armd Bde was rear protection, also to clear certain villages should they be by-passed by the forward troops. The bridges at 971555 and 965555 were the objective of the Bde.
25/6/44 Same all day. At 1400 a tank recognition lecture was given, attended by all tank commanders.
26/6/44 Bad weather made air activity nil but the barrage was fired from 0730 - 0900 and included over 600 guns.
Early in the day the Bde Commander Brigadier JC Currie DSO MC, was killed by shell fire and the Commanding Officer, Lt Col AA Cameron DSO MC, commanded the Bde, this meant that the 2i/c, Major AW Grant MC, assumed command of the Regiment.
The Regiment did not move until 1515, C Sqn leading, followed by RHQ, B & A Sqns. The tracks were very congested and the weather was bad, which made movement very slow. The enemy was not encountered all day and the Regiment harboured near NORREY EN BESSIN, 9270, being shelled most of the evening and night.
27/6/44 At first light the Regiment opened leaguer and took up defensive positions in the same area. One tank of C Sqn went up on a mine and lost a track. Shelling continued all morning.
At 1140 the Regiment moved to 904675 an area West of CHEUX where it took up defensive positions that had been held by 44th RTR. This area was far too crowded and good battle positions were impossible. At 2000 Tiger tanks were reported in the area GRANVILLE SUR ODON MOUEN. At about 1700 the Regiment moved cross country to an area SE of CHEUX at 915660 and towards nightfall a tank battle developed in the woods to our right but the Regiment was not involved. At last light harboured in area 928671.
28/6/44 At first light battle positions were taken up in same area. There were numerous reports of enemy tank and SP gun movement and some were engaged but the situation at this time was somewhat confused. In the morning a tank of C Sqn (4Tp with Lt PTW Powell MM commanding) was fired at and hit. No-one saw the gun flash and after the incident was over it caused no more trouble. The tank was burned out.
At 1700 the Regiment received orders to support the HLI (15th Scottish Div) into MOUEN. Little was known of the enemy situation there but it was thought to be weak. The plan was simple and as follows:-
A barrage to the NW of the town was to come down on the woods in that area and the infantry were to advance 2 Coys up, one each side of the railway and each supported by a Sqn of tanks, C Sqn on the right and B Sqn on the left. A Sqn were in reserve to give covering fire if necessary. In the early stages C Sqns leading troop was fired on by a dug-in Mark IV which held its fire until 80 yards. In all it knocked out three tanks until engaged by Capt. Vaughan in Sqn HQ. MG fire was very heavy from the woods and made observation poor and at the time the CO of the infantry lost contact with all his Coy commanders which made it impossible to keep a coherent account of events. At last light the Regiment again harboured in area 928671. Total 'bag' for the day was:
    2 Tigers
    4 Mark IV Specials
    2 SPs
    2 Personnel carriers.
Our losses were 1 tank destroyed, 3 knocked out, 3 Honeys knocked out.

Casualties:- Killed

-Sgt Seddon B Sqn
-Tpr Davies C Sqn
-Tpr Wright AVC Sqn
-Tpr Cattle DSC Sqn
-Tpr Wood LC Sqn
-LULC Cowen ND Sqn
-Tpr Cornforth BD Sqn
-Tpr Seddon RD Sqn
-Tpr Bruce RD Sqn

Missing believed killed

-Tpr Jackson HD Sqn
-Tpr Collins AGD Sqn
-Tpr Morris JAD Sqn
-Tpr Flack BMD Sqn

Missing believed POWs

-Cpl Ley FJD Sqn
-Tpr Turner FD Sqn
-Sgt Doel FJC Sqn


-Tpr Potter C Sqn
-Tpr ParksC Sqn
-LULC O'KeefeC Sqn
-Tpr GreenhalghC Sqn
-Sgt WilliamsC Sqn
-Cpl Patey OJC Sqn
-LULC MacFarlane JC Sqn
-Tpr Todd SC Sqn
-Tpr Cresswell DD Sqn
29/6/44 Battle positions all day in area 9166. At 1800 Regiment to 916660 taking up battle positions and there were reports of Panthers in the wooded area around GRANVILLE SUR ODON and an attack was expected but did not develop.
30/6/44 At first light the Regiment returned to area 9166 and then at 1300 took up battle positions in area 8968, A Sqn right, B Sqn left and C Sqn in reserve. Regiment remained there all day.

June 1944 CO Lt Col AA Cameron DSO, MC.
Jun 443rd County of London Yeomanry Appendix - A Sqn
7/6/44A Sqn having landed with 18 tanks on the morning of Jun 7th were ordered to support the 5th Black Watch in an attack on a pocket of resistance at DOUVRES. Also in support were a Sqn of AVRA (Churchill tanks armed with a block-busting petard), a battery of Fd Arty and in addition the RAF and Royal navy could be called upon. Liaison was made with the Canadians who were operating in this area.
It was necessary to obtain possession of a wood West of DOUVRES as this was the only point of observation on the town. Information obtained from a Canadian Brigadier showed the wood was held by the enemy, and he categorically stated that no Canadian troops were in the wood. The attack started at 1950 and was led by 2Tp of A Sqn. The wood proved to be empty of enemy despite the information received. Canadian troops were digging in among the trees. Shots were exchanged between the Black Watch and the North Shore Regiment and casualties were received on both sides. On reaching the exit from the wood fire was opened from the radar station which consisted of 2 localities, one directly East about 400 yards and one SE 1000 yards. Two Canadian tanks moved towards the main radar station and were fired on and one tank set on fire. Sgt Barnshaw in one of the leading A Sqn tanks sustained injuries when his tank was hit by a small calibre AP shot. After some readjustment of positions 3Tp moved forward to the nearer locality and reached the wire perimeter. 2Tp and the AVRA worked forward to the main station and came under fire from larger calibre guns, probably 88mm. There was also some 50mm and possibly 75mm shooting but it was now 2130 and visibility was poor. Two AVRA advanced through the wire and immediately had their tracks blown off by mines. They discharged their petards at a gun emplacement and one was then hit by an 88mm or 75mm and blew up. The Germans then laid smoke across their own front and under cover of this we withdrew. It was then decided to allow heavy bombers to attack the position and accordingly we evacuated the wood and leaguered some distance away.
8/6/44Area was heavily shelled in the morning, Tpr Ellis wounded. Nos. 1 & 4 Tps were moved out to watch the South and Southwest corners of the wood. It was now decided to shell the place with two cruisers. At 1500 A Sqn withdrew from the wood. The force then concentrated to the West of the wood and awaited the naval bombardment. This did not materialise as the FOOs and their infantry protection had been shot up. The Black Watch then re-entered the wood supported by A Sqn - 4Tp remaining in the FDLs overnight. In the evening Centaurs tried to shell the station but their shots fell so dangerously short that they were hastily stopped.
9/6/44Rain. A Sqn rejoined the Regiment near LANTEUIL. Take over observation posn from the Greys at LE FRESNE CAMILLY overlooking valley of river MUE and facing East.

July 1944 CO Lt Col AA Cameron DSO, MC.
Jul 44 3rd County of London Yeomanry
1/7/44 A Sqn moved South to support the Royal Welch Fusiliers in the area RAURAY and B Sqn supported a Coy of RSF in a small attack SW of HAUT DU BOSQ. Opposition was slight and the objective taken. Major Phelps was wounded whilst reconnoitring and Capt. Aitken MC 2i/c took command of the Sqn. C Sqn & RHQ remained in present location.
2 - 7Jul Battle positions were selected to which the tanks would go in the event of an enemy counter-attack. Meanwhile the Regiment remained in support of 44 Bde.
8/7/44 Move to area North of LE MESNIL PATRY after being relieved by 23rd Hussars.
9/7/44 Maintenance and rest. Conference on forthcoming operation 'JUPITER'.
10/7/44 Move to concentration area at 9466 NE of MOUEN. Moved across river ODON during the afternoon and took up battle positions in support of 43 Div.
Major Gale MC, fatally wounded by shell fire and several officers wounded during periods of intermittent shelling.
A Sqn made contact with 2nd Seaforths near JUMEAUX. Enemy infantry and tanks were reported on the ridge running East from ETERVILLE to LOUVIGNY and A Sqn were ordered to establish a standing patrol on this ridge. 2Tp were sent up under artillery concentrations and engaged and put to flight enemy infantry visible among trees on the summit. Two further troops took up positions on the ridge and engaged 3 Panthers - 2 of which were knocked out without loss.
C Sqn under command of Capt. Pearson 2i/c took up a position to the West of A Sqn and inflicted heavy casualties on enemy infantry attacking ETERVILLE. At last light 4 Panthers and 1 Mark IV appeared and 2 Panthers and the Mark IV were destroyed without loss, the remaining 2 Panthers came under fire from the Royal Scots Grey and were destroyed.
B Sqn remained in reserve and the Regiment withdrew at last light to leaguer in area 9764.
Killed-Major RF Gale MC
 -Sgt King
Wounded-Capt. JC Sturrock
 -Lt CJ MacGregor
 -2Lt RA Leach
 -Lt BH Penrose
 -L/Cpl Townend
11/7/44 Same positions resumed at first light. During the morning the enemy put in a counter-attack on ETERVILLE. The attack was beaten off with heavy casualties to the infantry and A Sqn knocked out 3 Tigers, 1 Mark IV and 2 SP guns, a number of others hit and probably damaged. C Sqn under command of Capt. Murray destroyed 1 Tiger. Our loss was 1 Sherman destroyed, the crew of which escaped alive. The Regiment was under almost continual shellfire throughout the day and this continued when night leaguer was formed in the previous nights position.
Killed-SSM Brown MM
Wounded-Lt Copson MC
 -Lt Alltree
 -Lt Brodie
 -Cpl Maxwell
12/7/44 At first light B Sqn assumed A Sqn's position. Intermittent shelling during the day. A few enemy infantry with an OP shot up. At last light the Regiment was relieved by Canadian tanks and withdrew to an area North of MOUEN.
13-21 Period of rest, maintenance and reorganisation. Capt. Aitken MC promoted Major OC B Sqn. Capt. Murray promoted Major OC C Sqn. Lt Hawkins MC MM, and Lt Grimwade MC, promoted Captains. Several operation orders received, discussed and subsequently cancelled.
22/7/43 Moved to area NW of MARCELET under command 11th Armd Div.
23-28 Further operation orders received and subsequently cancelled.
29/7/44 Under command 2nd Canadian Corps. 4th CLY arrived and conferences were immediately started to discuss the composition of the 3rd/4th CLY.
30/7/44 Further conferences. Commanding Officer's parade. Lt Col AA Cameron DSO MC addressed the Regiment and informed them of the forthcoming amalgamation and the reasons for it.
31/7/44 Conferences resulting in the final composition of the new Regiment. Placed on 4 hours notice as from 1200 1st Aug 44.
Lt Col W Rankin assumed command of the newly formed Regiment 3rd/4th CLY.

August 1944 CO Lt Col W Rankin
Aug 44 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1/8/44 In area CARPIQUET under command 30th Corps and at immediate notice to move.
2/8/44 Placed under command 8th Corps and at 4 hours notice.
3/8/44 Moved to area LA BUTTE T.7368 and placed under command 3rd British Div.
4/8/44 Maintenance.
5/8/44 Moved at 1200 to forward concentration area T.6344 NW of BENY LE BOCAGE.
6/8/44 Moved to area LA BAS T.6636.
7/8/44 A Sqn moved at first light to link up with US troops on right and later crossed the stream South of MONTISANGER in support of the Suffolk Regiment.B Sqn crossed the stream in support of the East Yorks Regt.
8/8/44 A & B Sqns remained in position. C Sqn moved to high ground 655342 to be in position to help infantry to their objective astride the main road running East of VIRE.
9/8/44 Remained in position during the day. Relieved by 11 AD.
10/8/44 Moved South of railway T.647326 and received orders to support 8th Bde in their attack down to road to TINCHEBRAY.
11/8/44 C Sqn crossed start line at 0900 in support of South Lancs Regt to their first objective Pt.272. Progress was very slow owing to the nature of the ground. Tanks equipped with hedge and bank cutting equipment used for the first time and were a success. Cross country progress being so slow a company of infantry with a troop of tanks were sent down the main road. Two tanks were hit by fire from the area of Pt.272. An SP gun was seen but as the infantry said they had troops in the immediate area it was not possible to engage it. Subsequently it was found that no infantry were in the area and the gun was engaged and knocked out. B Sqn moved at 1500 in support of East Yorks to an objective North of Pt.272. The country was almost impossible for tanks and touch with the infantry was soon lost. When the tanks were 300 yards from their objective the infantry were seen to be digging in to the left and the Troop leader dismounted to find out the reason. Whilst he was away enemy infantry crept up and damaged the leading tank with a Bazooka.Relieved by Guards Army Tank Bde at 2100.
Casualties:-     1 officer and 17 ORs wounded.
Claims:-    1 SP gun.
12/8/44 Moved to area T.919579 under command 12th Corps. Tanks carried by transporters.
13/8/44 Moved across river ORNE to area T.999555.
14/8/44 Moved at 0430 to area BOIS HALBOUT. Moved on during the day, A Sqn leading, to North of ANGOVILLE. At 1700 crossed stream to Pt.210 in support of Ox & Bucks. At 2000 A Sqn crossed river East of BONNOEIL to Pt.240 where 2 Coys of RWF had been cut off.
15/8/44 A & B Sqns advanced to high ground overlooking the main East-West road into FALAISE. Cleaned up the villages of TREPEL & PIERREPONT. A troop of A Sqn crossed the road but returned at last light.
Casualties:-    1 officer and 3 ORs wounded.
Claims:-    Approx 100 prisoners.
16/8/43 C Sqn advanced South to cut the main road into FALAISE and subsequently advanced East along the road supported by RWF to Pt.249. One Tp of tanks was detached to help in the rescue of some carrier crews who had their vehicles knocked out. Whilst doing this one tank was hit by a Bazooka and brewed up. One Tp of B Sqn positioned itself across the road and knocked out an SP gun and a lorry. At last light the Regiment was withdrawn to leaguer at U.075355.
1 OR killed    1 officer and 4 ORs wounded
Claims:- 1 Staff car, 1 SP gun, 1 lorry (ammo).
17/8/44 Maintenance in same area.
18/8/44 During the night 17/18 the infantry had made a considerable advance and had reached the area U.155296. At this point the Regiment took over the advance with the intention of cutting the enemy's last escape route through the village of PI. B Sqn led the advance and found enemy infantry mining the road - these were quickly dispersed. The leading troop was then fired on by A/Tk guns but no hits scored, and another troop was sent round to the East but was also held up by A/Tk guns. The country was too close for deployment so smoke was put down and the leading tanks moved forward and fired HE. This was successful - one gun knocked out and one abandoned - and the advance continued. A Mark IV special was seen and knocked out but shortly afterward the two leading tanks were hit by A/Tk fire. The driver of one tank succeeded in driving his badly damaged tank back out of range and was able to rescue his wounded crew. Arty fire was brought down on the suspected gun positions and another attempt was made to go forward but the leading tank was immediately hit. Many attempts were made to find a way round and A Coy 2/60 KRR was sent into the village ahead to try and locate the A/Tk guns and clear the area of the enemy. At 1800 A Sqn succeeded in finding a way round and took up position South of the village of ROUFIGNY. B Sqn were then able to go forward and sent a troop into the village to assist 2/60th whilst the remainder of the Regiment were together further North. During the day C Sqn had taken up a commanding position on high ground and accounted for several enemy vehicles attempting to escape.
Casualties:-2 officers killed and 8 ORs killed.
 4 ORs missing.7 ORs wounded.
Claims:- See joint claim 18/19th.
19/8/44 C Sqn took the lead and continued to advance to the high ground South of ROUFIGNY and overlooking the escape road through ?? A/Tk fire was soon encountered and 2 tanks knocked out. The fire came from the area of FRENAY LE BUFFARD 160624 and this was subjected to arty concentrations and was heavily smoked whilst the advance continued. In the afternoon the Regiment was withdrawn before the final objective was reached. Considerable quantities of enemy transport etc were accounted for both by the tanks and B Bty 4th RHA and a number of guns were destroyed in the village of ROUFIGNY by the 2/60th KRR.
Claims for 18th & 19th Aug:-
2 Mark IV special tanks1 Beetle Tank
2 Mark IV SP5 75mm A/Tk guns
1 Mark III SP1 50mm A/Tk gun
1 Tank (unidentified)2 Half tracked vehs
1 88mm A/Tk gun2 A/Tk guns (unidentified)
1 French SPSundry lorries and cars

Casualties:- 1 OR wounded.
20 - 21 Rest and maintenance in area South of FALAISE U.1533.
22/8/44 Moved West of TRUN U.2829
23/8/44 Rest and maintenance.
24/8/44 Started move to LE SAP but after 4 miles held up by traffic congestion. Pulled off the road and leaguered for the night.
25/8/44 Move continued to area LA BUCAILLE Q.9969.
26 - 27 Maintenance.
28/8/44 Move to area R.2781.
29/8/44 Maintenance.
30/8/44 The Regiment advanced with C Sqn leading and reached GUERNAY, mopping up operations on the way, many prisoners taken.
31/8/44 Regiment in reserve, assisting in the cleaning up of VILLERSMONT & BAZANCOURT with the assistance of the FFI and then moved to the X-roads at St. CLAIRE.

September 1944 CO Lt Col W Rankin
Sep 44 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1/9/44 Moved on from the crossroads at St. CLAIR M.7642 towards the SOMME. Cleaned up several villages en route and took about 300 POW. At 1600 A Sqn attacked AIRAINNES M.8568 with A Coy KRRC. Very strong resistance and some A/Tk guns, two of which were knocked out. One tank was hit and brewed up. The Sqn withdrew at last light and the attack continued by a stronger formation of the Canadian Army.
Leaguered in area M.8773 overlooking the SOMME.
Claims:-    2 75mm A/Tk guns, approx 6 MT.
Casualties:-     1 OR killed, 1 wounded.
2/9/44 Moved across SOMME at 1230 with C Sqn leading. Contact made with the enemy North of ELEXECOURT M.9674, when C Sqn observed a troop of 88mm guns shelling across the SOMME. The gun position was overrun and many prisoners taken. The advance was continued and the village of AILLY cleaned up, 6 88mm guns having been captured.
Leaguered for the night at M.9079
Claims:-    9 88mm guns, approx 100 POW.
3/9/44 At first light took up positions on the high ground North of AILLY and later in the morning made contact with the Canadians and the Poles.
Moved on without opposition to the high ground overlooking AUXI M.9996 which was reported to be strongly held by the Germans. A Sqn shot up some MT and HDT seen moving out of AUXI to the North. Inspection made of first Flying Bomb site seen, which had been completely destroyed by the RAF.
Leaguered night at M.9896.
Claims:-    Several MT and HDT knocked out (number unknown).
4/9/44 Moved through AUXI which had fallen overnight to an infantry attack, captured one 88mm gun. Took up positions North of the town and spent the day in maintenance.
Claims:-    1 88mm gun.
5/9/44 Moved at 0715 and advanced Northwards behind 4th Armd Bde HQ, crossing the Belgian frontier South of ROUBAIX. Leaguered H.9448.
6/9/44 Moved on to the North and took up positions NW of AUDENARDE J.0958 on high ground with instructions to protect the L of C running through AUDENARDE. Contact was made with the enemy at the villages of WORTEGEM, KNOCK and NOKERE, many guns and lorries were destroyed and many prisoners taken. A Sqn pushed on to the town of CRUYHAUTEN, killing a large number of enemy infantry. Contact was made with a patrol of 11th Hussars. The town was full of enemy troops hiding in the houses and it proved impossible to deal with them without adequate infantry support. One of a large number of prisoners surrounding a tank threw a hand grenade into its turret, killing two of the crew. Later a German tank managed to position itself unseen and knocked out 2 of our tanks. Eventually the Sqn was forced to withdraw as it could no longer hold the town without further infantry support. Leaguer was made North of the AUDENARDE road and there was no contact with the enemy during the night.
Claims:- 16 75mm infantry guns
 1 88mm A/Tk gun
 20 MT, uncounted number of HDT
 400 - 500 POW
Casualties:-4 ORs killed, 6 wounded.
7/9/44 Took up position again on the high ground facing NW. C Sqn took over 200 POW from a column attempting to escape East of KNOCK. Local members of the Belgian Resistance Movement were usefully employed in escorting prisoners and in patrol work. B Sqn shot up a number of HDT and MT. In the late afternoon 6 enemy vehicles attempted to break through KNOCK but were shot up and several prisoners taken. At last light, placed under command 53 Div and ordered to move the following day to ANTWERP.
Claims:-12 MT, uncounted number HDT
 300 POW
8/9/44 Moved to ANTWERP and took up positions, A Sqn patrolling East bank of SHELDT with members of the Resistance movement. B Sqn in the dock area, C Sqn East of the city with a troop in the village of WYNEGHEM D.7696. Some shelling and mortaring but no casualties.
9 -11 Remained in position, a troop of B Sqn shelled enemy troops attempting to use ferry North of the city. Intermittent mortaring and shelling.
Claims:-    2 motor boats, 1 88mm gun and a number of MT.
12/9/44 Placed under command 15th (Scottish) Div, and moved to area South of VEERLE K.0877
13/9/44 Moved into GHEEL bridgehead and took over from the Sherwood Rangers. A Sqn in support of 46 Bde to the East of GHEEL, B Sqn in support of 227 Bde West of GHEEL and South of MOLL and C Sqn in support of 44 Bde to the North. B Sqn carried a company of infantry on their tanks and having deposited them in the area of the ESCAUT Canal North of MOLL, supported them in an attempt to cross. The bridge was found to be blown and there was heavy opposition from the far bank. The infantry dug in and at last light the tanks withdrew. A & C Sqns supported the infantry forward to the South bank of the canal against little opposition and withdrew at last light.
Claims:- Some prisoners (number unknown)
Casualties:- 1 officer wounded.
14/9/44 No contact with the enemy, spent the day in maintenance.
Casualties:-   1 OR killed, 1 officer wounded (mine).
15/9/44 C Sqn supported the infantry in an attempt to reinforce the small bridgehead across the ESCAUT. 170 rounds of HE were fired but observation was nearly impossible and no claims were made. Opposition on the far bank was heavy but the crossing of the two companies were covered by the Sqn. One tank was hit by HE and badly damaged, whilst supporting an abortive attempt later in the day.
16 -19 In reserve to 15th (Scottish ) Div.
20/9/44 Placed under command of 8th Corps and rejoined 4th Armd Bde in area of ASCH E.4949 with instructions to hold a section of the West bank of the Junction Canal and prevent any crossings by the enemy. Liaison made with US forces to the South. Major Aitken MC, Lt Hird and Tpr Trotter were killed when a scout car in which they were making a recce ran over a mine.
21 -25 Recce patrols were sent across the canal - very few contacts with the enemy who appeared to have withdrawn. Opportunity taken to carry out major items of maintenance. Received 6 new or overhauled tanks making Regimental strength up to 51.
26/9/44 Move to area of WEERT E.5896 in support of 2/60th KRRC and took over from 3 Div holding line of canal from E.679980 - 619994. Estimated strength of enemy holding East bank - 1 Bn with 14 88mm guns.
27 -30 Enemy MG and mortar positions successfully engaged. Enemy snipers and patrols active but little solid opposition. One Tp of tanks firing on fixed lines used on two occasions at night in a DF role. 88mm guns firing HE more active than usual.

October 1944 CO Lt Col W Rankin
Oct 44 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1 - 5 Continued in support of 2/60th KRRC. Standing patrols by day, occasionally engaging enemy on Eastern bank of canal. Enemy patrols, armed with Bazookas active at night but no damage caused.
6/10/44 RHQ, A Sqn and 2 troops of C Sqn moved to area of NEDERWEERT 6100 taking over from a Regt of 6th Guards Armd Bde. Remainder of Regiment remained in support 2/60th KRRC.
7 - 8 Handed over to units of US 7th Armd Div and concentrated North of WEERT.
9/10/44 Placed under command of 12th Corps and moved to area E.5564.
10/10/44 Moved across NIJMEGAN bridge in support of 53 Div.
11 -17 Regiment in position - no action.
18/10/44 Moved to area West of EINDOVEN to support Royals and Dutch Bde holding line of WILHELMINA Canal.
19 - 25 Remained in position - no action.
26/10/44 Advanced in support of Dutch Bde up road HILVARENBEEK - TILBURG. Light opposition until held up at stream 177297. Strong opposition by LMGs and infantry attempt to cross failed. Many enemy positions were engaged and considerable casualties inflicted. Two Recce tanks were lost - one by HE and one by 50mm A/Tk gun.
27/10/44 Handed over to 15th (S) Div and moved to concentration area East of POPPEL E.1220.
28/10/44 Moved to area E.1230 West of TILBURG. B Sqn placed in support of Dutch Bde holding southern part of ????? E.0435.
29/10/44 Moved to area E.5990 South of WEERT. Under command 8th Corps and in corps reserve to counter-attack any enemy who cross canal VAL NEDERWEERT between 95 and 89 Northings.
30 -31 Remained in position - no action.

November 1944 CO Lt Col W Rankin
Nov 44 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1 - 6 Remained in concentrated positions, area STAMPROIJ 5990. Recces made by Sqns to enable immediate action to be taken in the event of enemy attack across the NEDERWEERT canal. Regimental stand-to from 0630 to 0730 and from 1800 to 1900.
7 - 9 Stand-to cancelled except for one Sqn in the mornings from 0645 to 0730.
10/11/44 Under command 53 Div to support 160 Bde in an attack across the NEDERWEERT canal.v
11/11/44 The following units came under Regimental command:-
One Sqn 2nd Dragoons (Flails), One Sqn F&F Yeomanry (Crocs), One Sqn REs (AVRE).
12/11/44 Maintenance. Plans formulated for the forthcoming operation.
13/11/44 Approaches to canal bank recced. Safe lanes swept of mines by 53 Div and Independent Belgian Bde.
14/11/44 Plan of attack finally agreed. RHQ moved to West of STAMPROIJ area K.5990 to allow 53 Div to take over previous area.
At 1600 Regiment concentrated forward, RHQ at K.652915, B & C Sqns at K.6493. A troop each of Flails and Crocs under command of Sqn Leader of F&F Yeomanry area K.647904. A Sqn concentrated in reserve. Barrage lifted from canal banks at 2015, C Sqn moved up onto canal bank at K.661922 and K.663949 with 2 troops of Crocs in support. Deployed along canal bank, no mines encountered, opposite bank successfully engaged, but darkness prevented any claims being made. Withdrew as arranged at 2030. B Sqn moved up onto canal bank in the area ELL bridge K.654936, with one troop of Crocs in support. No mines encountered, opposite bank successfully engaged, but darkness again prevented any claims being made. One tank was bogged but recovered by an ARV before first light. The Sqn withdrew at 2300. The Crocs and Flails using ramp at K.667911 encountered very bad going and mines. One Croc and one Flail damaged on mines and two Crocs were bogged, but 2 Crocs and 2 support tanks managed to get onto the canal bank withdrawing as arranged at 2300. All Sqns returned to earlier concentration areas; all attacks went according to plan.
Claims:-   Nil
Casualties:-   Nil
15/11/44 RHQ remained at K.652915. A Sqn moved to area K.669305 in support of 5th RWF, encountering periodic shelling and spasmodic small-arms fire. 4Tp B Sqn moved to area K.654925 and 3Tp to area K.647948, both in support of 7th RWF who pushed North to railway, encountering no opposition. Contact made with 51st (H) Div. B Sqn by having an LO at 7th RWF Bn HQ, provided useful communications for the infantry. At 1600 all Sqns less Flails and Crocs, plus one Tp AVRE, concentrated area RHQ in preparation for crossing the canal.
Claims:-    NilCasualties:-   Nil
16/11/44 At 0500 crossed canal by bridge at K.667910. Owing to bad going and the fact that all searchlights were switched, A Sqn had 2 tanks bogged. All concentrated in area K.674917 by first light. ES's half-track KO'd by mine, with one casualty. Placed under command 71 Bde until arrival of Royal Scots Greys. On arrival of Greys at 0900, reverted to 160 Bde. 3Tp of A Sqn sent to assist 6th RWF to cross stream at K.6889. No enemy encountered but many mines. The rest of A Sqn moved up in support of 6th RWF who were ordered to clear PANHEEL K.695880. Very bad going, three tanks were bogged and the Sqn ordered to return to concentration area.
Casualties:-    1 OR wounded.
17/11/44 Moved to area K.6891.
18/11/44 Remained concentrated in same area.
19/11/44 At 1400 moved to concentration area E.721007
20/11/44 Moved at 0900 to area EVERLO E.767054.
21/11/44 Maintenance in same area.
22/11/44 C Sqn supported 2nd Essex, 56 Bde as far as KORTEHEIDE E.825090 during morning and were relieved by half A Sqn at approx 1200. C Sqn remained at KORTEHEIDE, whilst the A Sqn tanks supported 2nd Essex up to an area North and South of LANGEHEIDE E.8309. The remainder of A Sqn joined 2nd SWB to the North of 2nd Essex. There was no contact with the enemy. B Sqn remained in VOSBERG E.7706.
Casualties:-    1 OR wounded.
23/11/44 A Sqn in support of 2nd SWB in general area E845108. No contact was made with the enemy, but there was occasional shelling. C Sqn protected 2nd Glos left flank. Contact was made with the enemy in woods at E.8511. A brief engagement scattered the opposition. B Sqn supported 2nd Glos forward to their objective at E.8610, encountering no opposition excepting for heavy shelling at intervals. Going was bad and impeded by mines. RHQ Troop Leaders tank was damaged by an A/Tk mine, but without causing casualties. B Sqn leaguered for the night at E.849104, C Sqn leaguered at E.848111.
Casualties:-    Nil
Claims:-    Nil
24/11/44 B Sqn remained in area E.849104 in support of 2nd Glos. C & A Sqns concentrated in areas E.800092 and E.823083 respectively. RHQ remained in area E.812093. Bad going and mines held up operation.
25/11/43 Regiment remained in same areas except for B Sqn who supported 2nd Glos. The advance was slow, being held up as usual with bad weather, heavy going and mines. Slight enemy mortar and shell fire wounding one man.
Casualties:-    1 OR wounded
Claims:-    Nil
26/11/44 At first light A Sqn took over support of 2nd Glos from B Sqn, concentrating in KORTEHEIDE E.8209. B Sqn moved to area VOORRSTE-STEEC E.808131, C Sqn to E.803133 and RHQ to E.819127. The weather had improved and going became lighter as the ground dried.
27/11/44 NTR. Maintenance in same areas.
28/11/44 Regiment moved to HEEZE E.487087 at 1730, arriving at 2015. The Sqns were located as follows:-
A Sqn at 486086, B Sqn at 496106 and C Sqn at 490100.
29/11/44 Maintenance carried out by all formations. Leave parties sent off to ANTWERP and BRUSSELS.
30/11/44 RHQ moved to billets at E.497106. Leave and maintenance as before. Major H Phelps joined Regiment from England to command C Sqn , vice Major Bradbury.

December 1944 CO Lt Col W Rankin
Dec 44 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry
1 - 13 During the first few days of the moth, billeting arrangements in the area HEEZE E.4913 and LEEDE E.4808 were reviewed to ensure that the personnel of the Regiment were installed in reasonable comfort and accessibility. RHQ, HQ and B Sqns were in HEEZE and A & C Sqns in LEEDE. Maintenance and overhaul of vehicles was resumed and training programmes organised in Tank Commanding, Wireless, D&M and Gunnery. Instruction in the use of Sten gun and PIAT was given to both tank and Echelon men. Leave parties were sent to BRUSSELS and also to local villages.
14/12/44 The Regiment was inspected by Brigadier RMP Carver DSO MC, 4th Armd Bde.
15 - 17 Training and maintenance as before.
18/12/44 The Regiment was allotted the use of the ranges at LOMMEL for 17pdr fire. A & C Sqns were given its use for the following four days.
19/12/44 A & C Sqns moved to ASTEN E.6214.
20/12/44 Firing on LOMMEL ranges was cancelled and the tanks there rejoined their Sqns.
21/12/44 Maintenance and training. Leave to Brussels had proved very popular with all ranks and another party left today.
22/12/44 At 2200, an operational order was received from 4th Armd Bde, placing the Regiment on one hours notice to move on alternate days as from 23 December. - See Appendix.
23/12/44 Plans were made in conformity with the above-named order under command of either 15 (S) or 3 Divs.
24/12/44 CO and Sqn Leaders recced routes and possible operational areas. In the afternoon some 250 children of HEEZE were entertained to a party given by RHQ & Recce troops.
25/12/44 Regiment at 1 hours notice to move. The men's Christmas Dinner was consumed in the various Sqn canteens with due traditional ceremony, but as the Regiment was at short notice, conviviality was restricted.
26/12/44 At 6 hours notice. A day of rest was observed.
27/12/44 At 1 hours notice. Training and maintenance.
28/12/44 At 6 hours notice. RHQ, HQ and B Sqns joined A & C Sqns at ASTEN E.6214. In the evening A & C Sqns held a joint dance in the ASTEN cinema, the local belles being laid on by the Burgomaster.
29/12/44 At 1 hours notice. Training and maintenance.
30/12/44 At 6 hours notice. A children's party was given by A & C Sqns in the afternoon for the benefit of the young of ASTEN.
31/12/44 At 1 hours notice. Training and maintenance.

Appendix to December 1944


FROM:      4 ARMD BDE      DATE/TOO 222100A
TO:    (for action) GREYS-CLY?44 R TKS.
(for infm)       AQ-11 ARMD DIV


Originator's No.
GO 67 (.) SECRET Infm (.) increased enemy activity 8 Corps front excl 11 Armd Div sector (.) appreciated enemy may carry out diversionary op using up to two bns to contain tps in 8 Corps sector (.) GREYS and 3/4 CLY will prepared on alternate days to operate under command 3 div or 15 (S) div (.) regt at readiness will have one sqn at 1 hrs notice remainder regt at 3 hrs notice on that day (.) regt standing down will be at 6 hrs notice(.) 3/4 CLY will be at readiness 23 Dec (.) CO and sqn comds both regts will recce 3 div and 15 (S) div sectors 23 dec reporting HQ 15(S) div PANNINGEN 7780 at 1000 hrs HQ 3 div OPLOO E7236 at 1400 hrs (.) Bdys (.) first (.) between 3 and 15(S) div (.) GRUBENWORST 8914 ? level crossing 834145 thence rly to AMERIKA 7717 (.) second (.) between 15(S) div and 11 armd div (.) rly br 776932 thence rly to 670951 (.) if ordered op in div sector regt will come under command div concerned (.) codewords (.) op under 3 div BOLO (.) op under 15 (S) div TINY (.) on receipt codeword regt will send LO immediately to div concerned, net on their fwd control and be at immediate readiness to move (.) 44 R Tks will relieve INNS OF COURT about 31 dec (.) until then will be prepared op in 4 armd bde sector at 4 hrs notice except from 0800?1000 hrs daily when will be at 1 hrs notice (.) OC 2IC Sqn Coms and recce tp in comd 44 R Tks will recce 4 armd bde sector reporting Main Bde 1000 hrs 23 dec (.) all leave incl GREYS PYTHON will continue (.) any tks which cannot be manned due to leave will be sent to FD Sqn with crew of two if regt ordered to move (.) ACK by codeword FANNY BY GASLIGHT (.)

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