WW II, a British focus  


I would encourage anyone with memories of WW II to write them down for the benefit of their offspring and those who were not there to understand the times. You need not write a book. A simple paragraph or two of even one moment should be recorded. My visitors and I would of course enjoy the privilege of being able to read them on this page. Please send them to warlinks.com

Frank Ainsbury
Tom Barker
Capt. A. Barthorpe
Mr. H Booth
Mr. John Brown
Daphne Bradley
Judy Cederholm
Gregg A. Collins
Ernest Coleman
Chris Cruden
Jack Cull
William Davidson
Arthur Dench
Les Dyer
Don Gay

Harry Tenny
Rochdale Observer
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Eugene Hammond
Charles Hanaway
Barbara Henderson
Mrs. Margie Hofman
Pete House
Arthur Humphreys
Ernest Huntley
Mr. Matti Hyry
Doreen Joyce
Bombardier Richard Kirk
Mrs. Eva Knapp
Mrs Noel Leadbeater
Stuart Lonsdale
S A Logan
Sandra Matson
Gerry Martin

John Ernest Brown
Introduction, Poetry
The Great Quetta Quake
Life on a Troopship

Edwin Booth
The Beginning
June 6, 1944
The War Ends
Liz McKellar
Guy B. Moore
Terry Nelson
Tim Nelson
Mr. Pacey
Bill Pearson
George Rodgers
Richard Sands
G. H. Saunders
Eric Secker
Arthur Smith
Sgt. Ronald Tee's Poem
Dave Thomas
Rod Tallack
Seaman Walker
Guy Woolnough

Jack Durey
And So To War!
The Chateau and
     Maginot Line
Northern Front
Willenberg Stalag XXA
The Meister
Work Parties
Camp Life Continues,
    Germany Invades Russia
Health, Hygiene
    and Theatricals
The Russians Advance
A Kind of Freedom
Onwards to the Black Sea
Poland -
The Journey Continues
Last Leg to Odessa
The Voyage Home